Getting the job done tomorrow will take all of us


Much of the team picks itself tomorrow.  Hart, Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Taylor, McGregor, Jota and Kyogo.  Ange Postecoglou has to decide whether to play Abada or Maeda on the wing, and who from O’Riley, Hatate and Turnbull will miss out.

I expect O’Riley and Hatate to get the nod.  If Abada also starts, that would mean, from the side that won this fixture in February, the only change would be Kyogo for Giakoumakis.

Whomever we start with, we know to expect a game in parts; one line-up for the first hour or so, with a significantly changed look for the remainder of the game.

Newco are likely to go with the team that won in Eindhoven, with the exception of injured Tom Lawrence.  By my measure, they will have three who have never been to Celtic Park before, as well as the keeper, who only played there once, for Hearts.  A partisan +59,000 support in attendance can ensure they feel a long way from home.

How the game is officiated is a worry.  The decision Newco got while tied at 0-0 with Ross County last week may inhibit the chances of a similar act tomorrow.  Better to have them get away with such a glaring one when the stakes are lower.

No matter how good you think Celtic are playing right now, Newco are in the Champions League group stage because they know how to get the job done.  We are facing a Champions League team and will need a rocking Celtic Park to get the job done.

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  1. An Tearmann


    That is the first article by Phil that I treat seriously in a few years. He constantly prophesied doom for them because of short term cash requirements when any investor could see that Celtic had a market capitalization of about £130m when their nominal valuation was about £40m. It always have sense for their directors to support them as success could lead them to a comparable valuation to that Celtic.


    However, dependence on loans cannot be indefinite and FFP, properly applied by UEFA and not from within Scotland, will reign them in financially for this year but CL qualification will substantially clear their balance sheet especially if they can repeat it next year



    We need to be perennial winners of the league with automatic CL qualification and leave them to battle through the qualifiers every second or third year.

  2. blogs and plc run by sleekits on

    AN TEARMANN on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2022 10:29 PM


    Phils up,on ffp








    Same pish from him since 2012 and nothing about fraudulently priced Old Firm tickets since 2016?


    Phil is iffy.


    Celtic blogs are iffy and their run by iffy folk.


    Season ticket holders have been tricked then lie about it.


    Where do you go from that?

  3. Blog’s and plc….



    If you don’t recognise you’re self…it’s gotta be time for you to fuck off down into yer 49 :-))

  4. Well done to the SFA, for flagging up the huns financial issues to UEFA……




    What’s that skippy

  5. Good to see the self ordained ‘fair minded ‘ guys on here,defending the referee…..until about 2.30 pm on here tomorrow

  6. It follows an 11-hour meeting between unions and council leaders that was hosted by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh on Thursday.


    The unions had rejected an increased pay offer earlier this week.


    Cosla said at the time it was disappointed that the unions had turned down a deal that was at the “absolute extremes” of affordability, while Ms Sturgeon warned there was no “bottomless pit” of money to pay for an improved offer.



    I suppose only a single hand is required for a hand-brake u-turn ?

  7. SAINT STIVS on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2022 8:13 PM


    That USA based consortium looking at getting into the Sevco , anything in that that would spook them into not spending monies




    Got it in one!





    Tom. No need to apologise. I’m on another continent and duck in and out at various times. Sometimes in the middle of the night when my bladder cries out for relief from a harsh diuretic.


    On the 12 men in blue jerseys, I believe we can more than match them in skill, if we are allowed to play to an interpretation of the rules which applies in all other leagues, except ours.


    We will soon know.

  9. Listened to the start of the Clyde Clyde phone in.


    Kenny Miller will be one disappointed Hun later.


    And he has a column, literally, on the BBC Scotland Sport.


    Nothing like balanced viewpoints. As I said. Nothing.

  10. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Back posting now after a hectic coupla weeks watching grandkids.


    Their parents off on a jolly, and here’s us old yins ran off our feet.


    The princess said “ Mick we never stopped !


    “ That’s alright darling, that’s what big Ange wants “ 😂


    So our big test now tonight against the BB , Bumptious Braggarts,


    Bilious Bigots, Blowhard Bullies ? take your pick.


    I’m very confident, unusually, but at the back of my mind that


    niggling little nag, the MIB 😡


    An honest performance we’ll trounce them but, but, but.


    at the end of the day if we suffer a loss we know we are definitely


    on the up, and we have the squad to retrieve lost points over the




    Looks as though the blog is in a good place at the moment, not


    as much nonsense being posted, the moderator? if so 👏




    Not seen you on any time I’ve had a quick look in, hope alls good


    up there in the Costa Del Brighton, are you going to watch the


    gemme in the Jock Stein ?


    Our club is sold out , never had so many phoning to see if i was


    travelling down to rebel town, looking for a lift.


    Maybe I should start running a CSC bus, that would be a first shirly


    a bus running from one town to another to watch a gemme on


    telly ? 😗


    H.H. Mick

  11. Morning all , looking a bit miserable out there .


    Taking my daughter to her first Glasgow derby today


    Hoping she’s a lucky omen for us



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