Getting your kicks from notoriety


I know thousands have planned a trip to Rome for the Lazio game next month but news that Uefa may make this a closed doors game throws an interesting spanner in the works.  Two years ago Uefa closed the Olympic Stadium for the Europa League game between Lazio and Belgian side Zulte Waregem after the home club were disciplined for multiple racist infractions.  The governing body have now charged Lazio again after an alleged similar offense in their recent home game against Rennes.

Some of the racist and anti-Semitic actions Lazio fans have been disciplined for in recent years are staggering.  For many, it is perhaps more staggering that a stadium closure has served no purpose. You and I have discussed this over the years.  The perpetrators construct a victim narrative; some nefarious force is out to get them.

Their individual reputations are not damaged while their club’s is demeaned, it does not cost them a single euro, in fact, it saves them the cost of a match ticket and gives them the satisfaction that comes from celebrated notoriety that perhaps only a Downing Street strategist could come close to.  This notoriety is not be how you get your kicks, but others are hooked on it.

If this game is played behind closed doors and you have bought a flight to Rome, there are worse places to spend a day.  Take in lots of the sights, find a safe haven to watch on TV and enjoy the city.

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  1. Ex Easterhouse punters should be banned… oh, haud oan… wait a minute… only joking… 😂😂

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Happy birthday Marspapa from me and the bhoy :-))






  3. South Of Tunis on

    Getting your kicks – fitba in Rome .






    Big cheese Lazio Ultra was murdered in the summer –shot in the head – Mafia business / drug business / far right factionalism business .



    Lazio will fight UEFA – their defence will be when the forces of law and order do SFA what can we do ?

  4. Cheers guys.



    It was yesterday, had a good day with the family all together, we had just come home from holiday.



    My garage door, front door and walls in the house were plastered with all my handsomist😂 photos (all blown up) , all my best side (s) and poses….. 😂😂😂😂 Thanks to the Shadow my modesty and street cred r ootrawindae.



    Seems the Shadows present is in danger of being ruined by Uefa.



    Flying to Standstead then onto Rome for 2 days hotel bed and breakfast and the game





    Im hoping for a wee bit of luck for a change…..


    Fingers crossed.



    60 is the 40 BTW 👍😀

  5. JAMES1955








    Im sure I saw you throwing your sword 🗡️into the big metal drum in front of Frankie Vauchan….. It wiz yu wint it 🤣

  6. MARSPAPA on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 10:43 AM



    Sadly I’m at work, catch up soon… Ps don’t spend all your birthday money in the one pub. 😂👍



    Belated congratulations mhate hope you get to enjoy the Olympic stadium in Roma !!

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Lazio ?



    For the umpteenth time they’ve issued a statement condemning the behaviour of some of those present at the recent Europa League game v Rennes . . They have also ( for the umpteenth time ) requested that those responsible stop behaving as they do ..



    interesting addition – they have stated that if they are sanctioned by UEFA they intend to identify and sue those responsible for the relevant behaviour through the civil courts . That ‘ll be fun – given the nature of the legal system in Italy most of the relevant people will be old men before a conclusion is reached .



    Doubt there will be a significant number of far right Lazio nutters at the game in Glasgow – If there are some of them will be English far right nutters linked with West Ham . They are affiliated !!



    Belated Hoooooopy birthday to you my friend.


    Give my regards to the shadow & the boys.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hope anyone traveling enjoys Rome.



    Try the Trattoria Ponentino over in Trastevere (Piazza del Drago).



    Great food.



    Hail hail






    Was the Livingston debacle down to European hangover or aversion to the artificial pitch? Or is player and manager performance under scrutiny? I look at the data (naturally).






    Thanks again CBN.



    One suggestion, those with plastic pitches tend to be teams in the lower bracket, Killie a notable exception in Steve Clarke time.



    Would it be a fairer comparison to include away results against say, bottom 6 proper grass teams against artificial pitch teams?



    Otherwise you’re comparing results away to Aberdeen, Hearts, and other top 6 teams whose name escapes me with away results to lesser teams, which would tend to skew the results?

  12. The Lazio ultras regularly boycott home games, they’ve done it for whole seasons at a time and for the derby to protest against the police, local authorities but mainly the owner. And boycotts often include all the fans so a shut ground for a a tournament that they aren’t that interested in won’t put them out that much.



    It would be a shame for our fans not to experience even a part-full Olimpico, it’s a great old style ground with a good atmosphere when it gets going.



    As Paul says it’s a great city for a two day trip with a game of football in a bar and a few beers

  13. Flight and accommodation booked, but as Paul67 says, ” There could be worse places to be.”


    Actually, a good punishment would be to supply tickets to the away club only.


    Financially, the club that has not stamped out the fascism would suffer as the relatively small amount of away supporters would not cover the costs of opening a big stadium.


    On a side note, I see we are about to be fined again because of the use of flares by the boys of the immature brigade.


    I suffer from a rather serious lung illness, which it appears will have long term consequences (hopefully, very long term! ) for me.


    Last year at the away game in Leipzig, I had to move twice, within the confined away section, to avoid the effects of the flares.


    The second time leaving me coughing up phlegm and generally feeling sick and sucking an inhaler for feckn ages.


    Whilst I know the perpetrators would not intend to harm a fellow Celtic fan, there really is no excuse now.


    Indeed were they not extremely harmful to people like myself and were not causing the club we love to lose money, I would be all in favour of them.


    But that is not the case. Give it a rest lads, please ?

  14. MARSPAPA on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 11.36AM







    I’m in the crowd somewhere. At 12 I had outgrown the home made bow an arra, crossbow and sling (lethal with staples). Good boy after that 😂.


    Drummy ya Bass.


    Skelbo Path facing Bishop Loch School near the bus terminii.

  15. Hi Paul:



    As I was reading through your piece, I too thought you were about to draw the parallel with our flares issue!



    Green Brigade, WTF is it about, lads? Do you not want us playing in Europe? Great TIFO’s, great drumming and atmosphere and colour…so why do you have to make prickes of yourselves with the flares? For reasons of saftey, health as in the post from MADRARUA down at the bottom of the thread, and because doing keeps getting the club fined, and will eventually lead to stadium closure so that you won’t be ABLE to do all the things you’re great at on European nights.



    Grow up, guys.



    Celtic – get the polis to bring their sniffer dogs to the Green Brigade turnstiles, then they won’t get in: such measures are hated by Celtic fans but boys…the club is bigger for us than you. Don’t forget it.

  16. Happy Birthday Marspapa


    Hope you enjoy









    Worked based in camus place for a year


    Some area of the drum!! Noo flattened.







    PAUL67 the adverts are gettin mental


    Any tips



  17. An Tearmann



    Someone posted a sequence of button pressing using Chrome (I think) that prevents all ads to the CQN site only.



    And it works.



    Mibbe if one of the techie ghuys sees this they will repost.



    I’m thinking Jobo or Embramike might be the go too’s!

  18. JAMES1955



    LOL, Pak ya bass, I was a fearty / coward still the same till this day.



    Played football St Benedicts, St Leonards until I had a fallout with the PE teacher.




    Also played for Glass cell, trained in St Clares



    You maybe remember a gang member Cas and a guy called Tam Bolan might be a bit young for you.



    The project and a group called scheme. Happy days left in 74, just about the right time.



    The 41 and the 211 some great memories.

  19. FRANNYB67



    When did she stay there , I was there 59 till 74


    Went to the Benny then the Lenny lol.



    I stayed at the top facing Westwood school, now John Wheatley college, my cousin stayed at the start, the square on the righthand side



    Small world indeed.





    Was there 1960 to 1970. It was a fantastic place for us kids. Up the country road to Drumpellier and on the oarie boats. No Health & Safety tosh then 😊. My area flattened now as well. Primary and Secondary schools gone as well. Yet that old ancient school in Dennistoun we had to use as an annexe for a year is still standing…. lol. 41 & 22 orange and green buses. 22 for Hampden.


    211 Glasgow Green bus and the Parkheid one the brother would take me to see the Boys. Think that was 230 something. Shame to see all the old places gone now. Just the memories now. Cowboys and Indians was as violent as I got. Of course those home made weapons were no hauf dangerous. Never gave it a thought in those days. The folly of youth.


    My lips are sealed regarding…. ⚽☘️

  21. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “…Great TIFO’s, great drumming and atmosphere and colour…”





    ehh, naw



    the drummin is a major pain in the teets, and the head obviously



    if they would only shut the fekin thing up when they start singing the song that the drummer boy is there to start



    then we might be able to hear them singing



    but as well as not wanting us to be allowed to play in europe



    they dont even want us to hear their singing



    whats the point in that?



    just wee boys doing what wee boys do



    and thats making as much noise as possible

  22. lets all do the huddle ? on




    and i love the pyro – think it looks magic



    just isnt going to do us any favours with uefa as we can all see

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