Getting your kicks from notoriety


I know thousands have planned a trip to Rome for the Lazio game next month but news that Uefa may make this a closed doors game throws an interesting spanner in the works.  Two years ago Uefa closed the Olympic Stadium for the Europa League game between Lazio and Belgian side Zulte Waregem after the home club were disciplined for multiple racist infractions.  The governing body have now charged Lazio again after an alleged similar offense in their recent home game against Rennes.

Some of the racist and anti-Semitic actions Lazio fans have been disciplined for in recent years are staggering.  For many, it is perhaps more staggering that a stadium closure has served no purpose. You and I have discussed this over the years.  The perpetrators construct a victim narrative; some nefarious force is out to get them.

Their individual reputations are not damaged while their club’s is demeaned, it does not cost them a single euro, in fact, it saves them the cost of a match ticket and gives them the satisfaction that comes from celebrated notoriety that perhaps only a Downing Street strategist could come close to.  This notoriety is not be how you get your kicks, but others are hooked on it.

If this game is played behind closed doors and you have bought a flight to Rome, there are worse places to spend a day.  Take in lots of the sights, find a safe haven to watch on TV and enjoy the city.

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  1. A really quick glance at the UEFA fines.



    30+ fireworks charges, muliple clubs,



    none of them give a fluck

  2. It was either Perry Como or Guy Mitchell?



    irony in action.



    if you thought CQN had died, take a look over at Sentinal Celts for the Jack and Victor diaries.

  3. The idea that pyrotechnics belong in football stadiums and that they are part of some sort of culture that will be tolerated or accepted by Celtic PLC is a fantasy. This isn’t some inconvenient UEFA fine. Nobody should be under any illusions as to how the PLC Board view these incidents. One Board member stated at a private meeting within the walls of Celtic Park that the behaviour of our supporters at Leipzig last year was an disgrace and an embarrassment (big pyro display at kick off). I have no doubt that the Head of Security and Safety at Celtic park is making serious and consequential recommendations to the PLC Board. They view these incidents as of the upmost seriousness and even a threat to life. I am not kidding. The SLO delivered the message that the closure of the safe standing section was being considered. He was only the messenger. If you don’t believe me, pick up the phone and ask him.

  4. SAINT STIVS on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 10:42 PM


    CQN is a well established blog that has been trading for what, sixteen years or so, at one point, not that long ago there was approx 2500 to 3500 posts a day, the evidence is there for all to see, that was one serious blog, that once serious blog numbers have dwindled to two to three hundred posts a day, there are many reasons for that, but in itself that is a serious drop in numbers, a 90% drop, one reason that the other site stared up is one of the reasons that CQN’s numbers have fallen away, it’s in it’s infancy, it may fail, it may take off, those who throw stones etc.

  5. FATHER JACK on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 10:53 PM



    all good with that FATHER JACK



    if you read sentinal celts, all that has happened is the most needy posters, with the most banal comments have went from this blog to that blog.



    so it might hit a peak of 3 thousand comments a day about talking dogs, old schools, teachers we liked or disliked, other shit.



    let them get on with it.

  6. I’ve got 5 virtual mates – one of them has two personas and a fictitious pet Rabbit with issues ( height as yet unknown) so that makes….err……. 8 contributors…….I’m off to start a special interest “Blog” on the subject of pantomime “Robber Barons and their influence on modern-day PLC’s”



    The price o’ fish these days has me really ANGRY!



    ” See yoo, see me, see ra’t PEE ell SEEEEE !”





  7. Saint Stivs


    Do you know the guys from Port Glasgow behind the Republicanartwork site,some cracking Celtic stuff on it.

  8. SAINT STIVS on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 11:01 PM


    And CQN is a bastion of what ?


    If you actually have a look at what is posted on here there will be very very little about football, but that doesn’t suit your agenda.


    I don’t post on there so it doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is this site losing it’s posters.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Lads, lads – just been having a look at our fixtures up to the break – see below – eight games at Celtic Park, only five away from home. Of the away games


    – Aberdeen and Hearts would normally be difficult but their form is iffy (perhaps if we had a light blue away top with socks depicting blood at the top, the games might be easier)


    – St Mirren not started too well (although we struggled there last year)


    – St Johnstone – similar, can be stuffy but we usually beat them


    – Ross County (God, I hope we get tickets!!!), started quite well, so could be tough



    The home games all look very winnable. I’d think at least 11 wins, but hopefully all of them. Of note is that none are away on plastic.



    Sat, 19th Oct – Ross County – Home


    Sun, 27th Oct – Aberdeen – Away


    Wed, 30th Oct – St Mirren – Home


    Sun, 10th Nov – Motherwell – Home


    Sat, 23rd Nov – Livingston – Home


    Sun, 1st Dec – Ross County – Away


    Wed, 4th Dec – Hamilton – Home


    Sun, 8th Dec – St Johnstone – Away


    Sun, 15th Dec – Hibernian – Home


    Wed, 18th Dec Heart of Midlothian – Away


    Sat, 21st Dec – Aberdeen – Home


    Thu, 26th Dec – St Mirren – Away


    Sun, 29th Dec – Rangers – Home






  10. if UEFA declare the match a no go, think twice about visiting, Lazio, Italy, unless you are a fascist. You will only feed their fascism behind closed doors. Shame on PAUL67 for suggesting otherwise.

  11. Good morning CQN from a cold and very dark Garngad



    Yesterday morning was a better and more entertaining read back.😂



    Celtic concentrate on stopping the corrupt SFA and thier cabal of referee cheats that only exist for the zombies.


    Never mind putting sanctions on the standing section.



    Green Brigade please stop the sparklers.






    D. :)

  12. Big George – let’s see where we stand after December 29th, even then titles are not won in December/January.



    Although I think the Huns have got slightly better, I think most teams (us Apart) have went backwards. Throw in strange decisions, corrupt referees and 5 home games, 3 away games and probably about 5-6 penalty kicks, £14 million running debt (bigger advantage) than all the other clubs outside us, take away all that and they would easily be a bottom 6 club.


    Scottish football is as corrupt as ever.






    D. :)

  13. Good morning, friends and Happy International Fixtures Day ;-). Incessant rainfall continues in ole EK so it’s the Big Coat for the 3 and a bit mile hike to work ;-)

  14. Dreich an’ damp in Corcaigh…………….long drive to the hiberno “Manhattan”.



    This Dear Green Place takes a lot of rain.




  15. My friends in Celtic,



    Last night I visited the incredibly popular enchanted forest in Pitlochry. A magnificent light show set in a spooky forest.


    GlasgGlow set in Glasgow’s Botanic gardens is a similar themed show.



    My point is, demand for light, colour, ” smoke” and sound displays are at an all time high and are only going to increase in popularity. They are not going to go away.



    If we want rid of pyro displays we need to offer a credible alternative.


    This is where the authorities and support of numerous clubs in varied countries should focus on.



    In the long run, we all know deep down the clock cannot be turned back.



    Hail Hail to all.





    IT was a scottish moderator.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Had to check that out.







    As a measure of the club’s historical links to the Catholic church, in the 1950’s, the then manager was Jimmy McGrory who was a devout Catholic took up an invitation to play Lazio in 1950 in a match to mark their anniversary. One benefit of this would be the ability to visit the Vatican and see the Holy Father the Pope himself in a mass service. Back in those days this was unprecedented for a group of working class folk to get such an opportunity so easily, and the honour was gratefully received. Celtic coach Jimmy Hogan, was a strongly practicing Roman Catholic told the Scottish Catholic Observer newspaper:


    “We were a matter of only a few yards from the Pope. When the Celtic team was announced, he looked at us directly and blessed us all.”



    The Pope in his sermon even mentioned Celtic, stating on the occasion in front of the 80,000 audience that the “Glasgow Celtic from Scotland were with us today”.



    Fan’s favourite Charlie Tully wrote lovingly on this experience in his biography, and is a measure of the respect he had for the Pope and the club for giving him such an opportunity.



    One joke that passed around in Glasgow after this was that with Charlie Tully’s popularity, it was such that when Celtic were in Rome and granted a Papal Visit, that when Charlie got his picture taken with the Pope the joke was to ask the question “Who is that fella standing beside Charlie Tully?” – The joke being that Charlie was more well known than the Pope himself.

  18. It was funny seeing Colleen Rooney do the old Fergus McCann trick on Mrs Vardy. That’s the thing about snakes, they usually aren’t the brightest. Never buy the Sun.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    A long drive should not daunt you… at least when you get the Bentley.




    Glad you liked the Enchanted Forest. I am meeting up with my Daughters to visit on the last weekend. Staying a couple of nights, a wee birthday treat for me. Looking forward to it. I said multiple times that I would take them when they were wee girls. Finally it’s happening, they are 25 and 22 now lol.



  20. South Of Tunis on

    LAZIO ?



    Back in the 1920s there were 3 teams in Roma . One of them was Lazio – typically the team of choice for – “Burrini “- – agricultural workers from wee towns in the Region of Lazio and some of the non industrial proletariat of Roma . Mussolini wanted there to be only 1 team in Roma -AS Roma — Lazio resisted and refused to be part of something they regarded as being for the establishment /the middle classes / rootless cosmopolitans and up their own arses city slickers . . The other two Clubs said OK Benito and that resulted in the creation of AS ROMA . . The die was cast – AS Roma-The Establishment / Lazio -Anti Establishment



    it’s lazy thinking to state that all Lazio Supporters are far right – many are /many aren’t . It’s equally lazy to think that all Roma fans are left wing etc . The politics of Italian football is a complicated business .



    I shuddered when I saw the draw – the game in Roma has the potential to be a hooligan fest . Mad mental Ultras and bog standard no political affiliation we like violence hooligans . . Not just Lazio” fans ” but AS Roma nut jobs too .. Take care – I’ll be going (assuming the stadium isn’t closed to those over 14 ).

  21. Jeepers SOT. you p aint a scary picture, maybe a closed door fixture mightn’t be too bad after all.



    Macjay, Don;t wish to start a Trump Barney but genuinely interested in whether you still support the guy.




    Ditto, we have tried to get tickets for years.



    You will not be disappointed. I was driving so could not enjoy the mulled wine and cider on offer round the fire pits. We were dressed for monsoon conditions and expected organisers to be like members of the coast guard, however not one drop of rain the whole night.




    I would love to go at the weekend and enjoy the ambience of Pitlochry. Your daughters will love it and imagination will run wild, especially if they are / were into Harry Potter.



    HH , Cosmos the theme.

  23. The world is going mad, we have a cocaine epidemic in football and society in general, eco fascism is trendy, extremism is rampant , pc is totally out of control and devoid of reality and our political elite are morally and ability bankrupt



    And we worry about a few pyros.


    Nero fiddles while Rome burns indeed.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 10:06 AM



    As with all politicos , my support is conditional .



    His statement on the American lady who fled was not advisable or politically smart.


    In fact , dumb.



    ANY socialist who sees the significant reduction in unemployment would surely have to acknowledge that he has had some successes.





    Mind you , have you seen the ” Squad ” .


    Dear me. More dangerous than the Donald.




    However , possible global recession is a far more important consideration right now than personality politics.

  25. LAZIO –



    Very much doubt that they are in the Top 5 for attendance in modern Italy . I’ve never met a Lazio fan anywhere other than Lazio / Roma . That said – I got 3 tickets for Seville from a Lazio fan I met while he / I were watching Porto beat Lazio(in the other semi ) on the tele in a bar in Rome .. Took my name /address / didn’t want the money / wouldn’t even accept the postage money . Sent me a letter -with a wee note -” Beat those cheating diving B’s for me. Buona Fortuna” . Life’s rich tapestries !

  26. Just had a look at the BBC website about the rugby world cup Scotland v Japan. If the game is cancelled because of weather Scotland are out. Andrew Cotter BBC correspondant.”everyone wants to see Japan go through’? Very nice Andrew GIRFUY, this is one guy who wants to see my countrys team go through. Typical BBC

  27. prestonpans bhoys on

    Wondered what made Gammon of the DR write his critical Andrea Agnell article on the Celtic auto possibility of getting into the CL , was it because no mention of the Huns?

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FESS19 on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 10:38 AM



    Loved the Russia game and result.


    Surely a change of venue ?





    No longer fit for unbiased purpose.


    Alas , poor Lord Reith.

  29. ” GREENPINATA on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 10:22 AM



    `The world is going mad` ,”



    I have heard that view expressed all my life. Possibly no need for the word `going` !

  30. Things you learn –



    Just seen Trump on the tele –



    ” The Kurds didn’t help us in World War 2 , they didn’t help us in Normandy ” .



    Hey Ho – time for a swim in the still warm sea .

  31. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 10TH OCTOBER 2019 10:55 AM





    Not smart.


    Doubtful relevance.

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