Gibraltar echoes a caution for Belfast


I was cautioned yesterday on my assumption that Linfield would be fodder for the Celtic machine next month. The words, “You mean they’re no Lincoln Red Imps?” was the retort. Red Imps occupy a minor detail in the story of last season; a curiosity at the beginning of the Brendan Rodgers regime, bound to become a quiz question of the future.

Linfield will reach the second qualifying round of the Champions League and will be despatched by Celtic, but the jeopardy of a reversal in Belfast is a real possibility. While none of us begrudge Red Imps their moment of glory, the prospect of waiting a week to put right an indifferent early season performance would cause consternation.

Be ready for it, Celtic. Your opponents will be.


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    Replies left-and there they remain!-on previous thread.




  2. If and until Linfield actually qualify neither UEFA nor Celtic will say anything – doing so would be disrespectful to La Fiorita

  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Far too many to mention.


    In a personal sense, i have sat in the High Court and watched a close friend get 10 yrs, for something i know for a fact he didnt do.


    When the Judge sentenced him…..6 coppers on the other side of the court, stood up and applauded, i kid you not.


    Luckily, we managed to prove that he wasnt guilty…..he did two yrs though before he got out.


    He quickly left the country.


    This is rife.




  4. Be ready for it, Celtic. Your opponents will be.


    Paul, surely you meant Aye Ready with an Irish accent.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    Time and circumstance.



    Linfield made the quarter Finals of the European Cup in 1967.They were beaten 3 -2 by CSKA Red Flag .It took Inter 3 games to beat CSKA in the semis.





    Bloody hell,mate. I’ve seen some stitch-ups in my time-even been on the receiving end of a few attempts-but…



    I take it the judge was out of the old school of Appalling Vista?

  7. Moon howling at its finest………..



    Our Gers blogger James Black sticks his neck on the line with this bold prediction. BYJAMES BLACK


    12:14, 21 JUN 2017



    Remember last season when we all got a bit caught up with the ‘Going For 55′ stuff and believed Mark Warburton, Joey Barton, Niko Kranjcar and Joe Garner were going to take Rangers to their first title since 2011?



    With hindsight, that was probably a bit ridiculous but, at the risk of looking ridiculous next year, I really think Rangers can win the title this season.




    It’s maybe just blind optimism but, after 25 years of going through this same thing every summer, you get used to expecting to win titles and lift cups and this season is no different.



    Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha says his team could sign 11 new players this summer


    I expect Rangers to win the league. They might not win it, and if they don’t I’m sure I’ll have this screenshotted and sent to me, but they have a much better chance than they did 12 months ago.



    Even though every tweet from Rangers’ official account announcing new signings was instantly met with several Celtic fans responding “who?” like some sort of online Parliament of owls, some of the new faces in the door look to be massive improvements on last season.



    Bruno Alves comes to Scotland with a fantastic pedigree, winning titles in Portugal, Russia and Turkey, and is still a part of the Portuguese national side, while on the way out is Rob Kiernan who played for Ireland’s U21s and once went on loan to Accrington Stanley.



    Alfredo Morelos comes from Finland highly-rated and with a fantastic goal-scoring record and Ryan Jack has captained Aberdeen to their “most successful spell since Fergie”. Mexican duo Eduardo Herrera and Carlos Pena also come with big reputations and should comfortably cope with the demands of Scottish football.



    The manager seems to have used his initial few months in charge well; getting to know his squad’s strengths and weaknesses; identifying targets; bringing youth players in the first team before launching into an early spending spree before next weeks’ UEFA Europa League qualifier against Progres Niederkorn of Luxembourg.



    There are still plenty players at Ibrox who we’ll likely see moved on but with Philippe Senderos and Garner already gone and Harry Forrester and Rob Kiernan set to be next to go there could still be even more additions to the squad before the transfer window shuts.



    There’s still the big elephant in the room of the league champions but there’s just no way they’ll have the same kind of season they did last year.



    Great achievement but I don’t see their unbeaten run extending too far into the new season. If some of their players are as good as is claimed the Celtic board will find it hard to turn down the inevitable ‘megabucks’ bids that will come in and players will move on.



    Having only seen two friendlies so far, it’s hard to have any real idea how good this team might be but if Pedro Caixinha’s signings can hit the ground running with their new team mates, it might just be an early springboard to a successful season.



    After all, who would’ve said after losing to Lincoln Red Imps that Celtic would not lose a domestic game all season?





    Aw,thanks. Good to see you’re still around,bud. Give you a call on Friday,mid-afternoon,if you’re available for a catch-up.



    I’m not normally around at that time but got an appt at the dox at fourish.



    Hope yer fine and dandy,get saving for a wee dayooooot in early October.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    That judge, who obviously shall remain nameless.


    Was the latest in a long line, family business you see. I believe they also have their own private ‘facilities’, if you get my drift.




    There are to my knowledge, hundreds of prisoners in Scotland, not in jail because the police actually caught them committing a crime. Most of this doesnt require what you would call ‘evidence’. It basically amounts to, ‘You are a bad yin’, there’s 10 yrs for you.


    The Miscarriage of Justice Organisation has good cause indeed.






  10. Jimmynotpaul on



    I noticed you posting about Sutton Bank yesterday.


    My old uncle lives in Scarborough, about 15 years ago travelling down to see him, up Sutton Bank approximately 50 metres from the top the clutch burnt out. I was not a passenger on this occasion.


    Nightmare, handbrake alone wouldn’t have prevented car from rolling back down, so driver had to keep their foot on the brake as well as handbrake on until Green Flag arrived.


    The best part, seriously, as this happened the song on the radio was Travis. Why does it always rain on me.


    Hail Hail.





    I refuse to mock the afflicted.



    But bugger me backwards,it’s awfy difficult when you see stuff like that



    Reminds me of my mate Ritchie telling me on a visit back home just after Green had bought the basketcase of assets-



    Charlie’s got yeezaw on the run,wur back and there’s no stopping us.



    I told him exactly what Charlie was doing,bought him a pint and asked him to tell me the same in six months when I was next home.



    Neither him nor the rest of my mates discuss football with me now.






    As John Cleese said,it’s not the despair. I can cope with despair. It’s the hope that kills you.





    It was a nightmare,mate. I was lucky as it was around March or so,not too many caravans,but it was certainly my clutch that got me there.



    Fortunately a hired vehicle as mine was in for a service. Every six weeks in those days. I got away with it.



    But,aye. Never again!



    Hope everything is on the up for you,T,and that you can manage out at the weekend to honour wur pal.



    Take care,chin up,and




  13. Jimmynotpaul on



    In the assumption you are taking about C.


    I’m go to Gairloch on Friday for 8 days, we’ve rented a cottage, so won’t be there at the weekend. My son Paddy is going to be there though. However I will be at the wedding, which luckily for me,the evening reception is very close to where I live.


    Hail Hail





    I envy you both,and for both occasions I just cannot be there.



    I’m a trifle annoyed about it. They’re a tremendous couple,love them to bits.



    I would wish them every happiness,but strangely I doubt I need to. They already have it.



    I’ll mail you shortly re the first time I met them together-which was a bliddy surprise,if a very pleasant one!



    Enjoy the Gairloch,and for sure enjoy the wedding.




  15. O.G.Rafferty on

    Ah, the world record holding team from Belfast, whose supporters’ flags proclaimed them as LiNField the last time I saw them.


    I’d expect that seasonal blood rush to translate as a kick-the-Fenian-in-the-Hoops approach to football.


    They will have little more to offer and we should observe the sons of Ulster marching towards the exit door by the end of the first game.


    Thump them Celtic

  16. BMCUWP



    I hope you get on OK at the Doc’s.



    I’ve got a desk and a mug at mine!



    I’m hoping to make Saturday pre nup hoot.

  17. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 21ST JUNE 2017 12:51 PM


    Time and circumstance.




    Linfield made the quarter Finals of the European Cup in 1967.They were beaten 3 -2 by CSKA Red Flag .It took Inter 3 games to beat CSKA in the semis.




    I remember watching those games between Inter and CSKA Sofia (it may have been extended highlights) CSKA played beautiful passing football but could not score for love nor money. Created lots of chances but couldn’t put the ball in the net. Another interesting aspect about 1967 is that Slabia Sofia played in the semi final of the Cup Winners Cup. Glasgow and Sofia had a team in the semi final of each competition.







    The stupidest,most idiotic,most gullible,moronic creatures on this planet.


    This is not because he actually thinks they will win it,its because he thinks it is their right to win it.


    This Moron is a poster on Munter Media.The majority of the other Munters think he is a twat.


    How bad would you really need to be?.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    Would cause consternation……?



    My ould Ma used to give me syrup of figs for that!

  20. A big hail hail and thank you to the taxi drivers participating in the traditional day out for Glasgow children with additional needs.



    Also many thanks to the police and many others for their support and entertainment.



    A truly wonderful tradition in its 72nd year.



    HH to all concerned.

  21. JimmynotPaul Enjoy your Gairloch wedding, Highland weddings are not for the fainthearted, get practising your Strip the Willow and Eightsome Reel – should be Olympic events!!! H H Hebcelt

  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    This close season malarkey is nae fun.


    And i doubt we will see a signing for a while yet:(


    And this amazing heatwave, seems to have avoided Glesga, whit a surprise:)




  23. Jimmynotpaul on



    Apologies. My post was not very clear.


    I’m going on holiday to Gairloch on Friday, so I will miss H.Ts stag do.


    However I will be back in time for his wedding to the lovely Minx.


    So no highland wedding, just relaxing and hoping to see some wildlife.


    Hail Hail

  24. Jimmynotpaul on

    The Green Man.


    That post is a bit negative about Glesga is it not?


    It could be construed as personal abuse. I expect it to be deleted in due course. :-)))


    Hail Hail

  25. Ach well do the Strip the Willow and Eightsome Reel at C and H’s wedding dance – sorted H H Hebcelt

  26. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Last night, i cracked loads of gags


    A bit of light-hearted banter hurts nobody.


    Although, i didnt check to see how many were deleted:)









    Minor thing,but necessary. Not quite on first name terms with them yet.




  28. South Of Tunis on




    Yes -The Deady Bears played Slavia Sofia in the 67 ECWC semis.



    Remember going to a Very Poor 0-0 v Aberdeen on a Wednesday night and on the way home having to walk through hordes of Deady Bears at Bridgeton X who were celebrating a Deady Bear win in Sofia.

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