Gilmour bitterness towards Lawwell evident


If you were in any doubt about what we’re up against when it comes to developing Scottish football, former St Mirren chairman, Stewart Gilmour’s incoherent rant in one of today’s newspapers, that Peter Lawwell is running Scottish football, paints a clear picture for you.

Peter Lawwell’s club, your club, PAYS for Scottish football. Fans of this club pour millions into the bank accounts of others from Dingwall to Kilmarnock. Those same clubs earn TV money and trackside advertising to viewers who tune in to see that very same club play football.

Each SPFL and SFA member club has only one vote, and Peter Lawwell is out-voted and frustrated on many issues. What he brings to the table is experience of the game, business, commercial contracts, risk and strategy that no one else in our game has ever enjoyed.

He will be the person who brings evidence-based insight into the value of our game’s commercial properties. This is not because Peter Lawwell is some unassailable guru, he simply has experience of running a business which is greater in depth and scope than anyone else in the history of Scottish football. The fair-minded acknowledge this and are thankful for it.

If your skillset is more suited to a bowling club committee than a business turning over tens of millions of pounds, and you have an unfortunate attitude towards Celtic representatives, all this might rub you up the wrong way.

You may think the last person you want illuminating Scottish football is some educated ******. Believe me, these attitudes persist in our game.

Gilmour, you will remember, was in charge of St Mirren when Charles Green (then the darling of Ibrox), was invited to New St Mirren Park for a Celtic game. They all wanted a piece of Peter then, but there was no courtesy offered from the Celtic contingent on the day.

This is a call to arms by those who want to encourage clubs to obstruct Celtic in every way possible. Peter Lawwell is their bogeyman. They are still sore that they didn’t turnover Celtic (and the rest of Scottish football) in 2012, and they blame Peter for not getting what they wanted.

Now there is a fresh reality to worry about: Celtic making their own way in the world, with the consent of Scottish football. Others will find their place in the game, while one club would wither on the vine without Celtic to feed off.


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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    They don’t like us and never will



    We have and shall overcome because of the Faith of Our Fathers☘️☘️

  2. Howdy, anyone know if any CSC buses will be passing through Belfast for the Dons game on the 1st and be willing to sell 2 seats (travel only) and what the rough cost would be? Only a query at this point… Cheers

  3. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Afternoon KevJ, hope you are well?



    My recollection re Judas was that he did sign for us, and we could have enforced it, but chose not to for whatever reason. I also wondered how the dead team managed to make the tax issue of £150k go away?



    If the old board was still in charge today, do you really think we would be in a better position ala stadium, financial position and going for 10IAR with our nearest and dearest rivals a mere parody/ tribute act of a long lost dead soul (?) Did they ever have a soul?



    Love him or hate him, Fergus did deliver what he said on the tin (other than a youth academy) and moved on, ( with a large bunnet of cash) leaving us on a sounder footing both financially and on the park. He also introduced the wonderful Celtic Charity Fund, which has now evolved into the Celtic Foundation.



    I do not think that Fergus was faultless and I am not a big supporter of plc ( who I think played us all along on Res12 etc), but I shudder with fright and terror imaging the old board in charge today, playing out of The Toxic Avenger Stadium in Cambuslang. :-)







  4. Gilmour: filthy old anachronistic goat-pumping devotchka with an inbred hatred of all things Tim.



    Lifted his skirts and begged for Murray’s attention for a decade. Wanted his club to be synonymous with the ‘Rangers’ ethos. Now he’s like every other lame Hun dinosaur with the boolin’ club mentality – howling at the moon from the wilderness as streamlined corporate-savvy Tim raptors like PL run the park.



    How’s that working out for ya?

  5. We cant make our own way in the world soon enough for me, get out of this set up and the people who are out of their depth pretending they have something to offer.

  6. As I recall, St Mirren (Gilmour?) were critical of our fans’ songs at their ground. They maintained a silence on those prohibited songs regularly churned out by Rangers/Sevco.



    They were enraged by a foul (rightly in my opinion) given against them perhaps because the resulting free kick was scored by Naka. They had no comment when Victor was sent of for a tackle which won the ball.



    No sympathy for St Mirren, who were once a team that I admired.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I heard that rant from Gilmour last night. Although with Kenny MacIntyre in charge of the show it shouldn’t have been a surprise.


    Les Gray of Hamilton was also on and came across as far more fair-minded and sensible.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “while one club would wither on the vine without Celtic to feed off.”




    Hmmmm – now who COULD that be…..?????

  9. George Graham puppet—-operated gilmour strings.


    Desmond White and Robert Kelly at least they said what most thought!!!!!!

  10. KevJ




    I believe you are incorrect with regards the le Merde signing.




    Celtic Athletic Football Club did have a signature from le Merde on a contract and UEFA and\or FIFA (I cannot remember) backed the clubs position on this when the club questioned the signing of la merde to la merde. The club then bottled it when they could have restricted the wee bumwipe skid mark for playing for the duration of the contract he signed with la merde club long since dead now.





  11. St.Mirren voted the brand new club should start in Division 3 the same as all, with the exception of Kilmarnock.



    His tenure at St.Mirren (and where they are) has been an unmitigated disaster, and he’s deflecting to his default position of card carrying Sevconian.



    I blame Peter Lawwell CSC

  12. It is no secret that many involved in Scottish football ( past and present) resent the progress of Celtic.



    TD67’s usual sign off seems an appropriate response to them.




  13. I sarted listening to the goat feller rant on broken shortbread. I had to switch off as the mason of Paisley’s turned himself blue with bells of orange.



    I don’t like Peter Lawwell the bonus collector as a football guy and i hope he now has little to do with the running of the football side of things but for balancing sheets to profiteer and collect his bonus’s. He is good at what he does (when it’s not picking cheap managers and tasking them to build a team from fairy dust) and his big toe likely has more reasoned knowledge of football finance (albeit if it affects his bonus he squirms) than Gilmour’s full set of bowls, the collection of wee shining badges on his blazer and the number of times in his life he has had his nuckles squeezed with some didgitary pokery added together and multiplied by 1690.



    Once a hun always a hun I suppose.




  14. We have many enemies in this country, they would rather the whole thing sank than us do well. We seem to be making steps away from the game here and that is excellent.



    Anyone but Celtic right enough,



    Great article Paul.




  15. “Now there is a fresh reality to worry about: Celtic making their own way in the world, with the consent of Scottish football.”



    I am very interested in your perspective with regards the above statement within your article Paul67. would you care to share any knowledge you have with regards our club making it’s own way in the world, with the consent of Scottish football?



    Or are we making our own way in the world within the restrictions of Scottish football, with their consent as has always been the case?




  16. Anna Poole QC……smart lassie….Paul McBride QC shared chambers with her ….






    An interesting closing argument ,Consumer Law…..I like it ,maybe the punter will win big……Coral to Appeal??



    We will find out after lunch…. But more likely the morra…






    These transitive verbs can be tricky things…



    Smiley wiggy thing.

  17. I have just listened to Gilmore on sport sound last night on the podcast.



    I am 100% certain the PL part of the interview was staged, talked about in advance of the show. McIntyre didn’t take long to get to it and if you listen his questions invite the answer. He knows what’s coming. McIntyre is a terrible broadcaster, if in doubt listen to his ‘interviews’ with Barry Ferguson and billy Davies.



    The real question isn’t around what he said, – more about why he said it and why now.



    Personally, I will ignore Gomour. The Hamilton guy spoke much more sense

  18. I grew up in Paisley withAlex Ferguson’s St Mirren as my local favourite and Celtic as my team in the ‘big league’.



    As a naive child I couldn’t work out why so many of the BB officers who supported St Mirren were SO keen for rangers to beat Celtic in the big games.






    HH jamesgang

  19. mike in toronto on

    Jamesgang… my cousin recently sent me a photo… he was st. mirrens mascot at Swalex’s last game before he got fired … I always meant to to ask him if got the hairdryer treatment, but my cousin has gone baldy, so it seemed a cruel…

  20. Stringer Bell- As soon as i listened last night,i thought it had Level 5’s mucky mitts all over it,Gilmour happy to be a Patsy,to bemoan the loss of his beloved Oldco,then giving PL both barrels.Les Gray from Hamilton was much more informed ,and honest,about meetings that both had attended.HH

  21. Gilmour is an Orc and a third rate Orc at that, qualified to be a teaboy over at the Big House and spends his days dreaming of Glibby giving him the call, failing that he answers Jabbas call to “give it to ra Tims” on the radio..



    What a sad sad existence..



    Here we go 10 in a row tell all the Orcs you know..



    It’s incredible how terrified the establishment is now from a successful Celtic team…

  22. As well as the interview last night by Macintyre, we had Sky in the shape of Luke Shanley explaining how retrospective punishments for simulation works here, he showed Boerigter, Walker of hearts and curiously Leigh Griffiths who was booked at the time of the incident and therefore nothing to do with retrospective punishment, they showed it though why? He was also the interviewer put in his place twice by BR when after the 5.1 game he said to BR Leigh who, BR shot him down twice and told him dont be disrespectful.


    The media hates us, is jealous of us, detests the succes Celtic has, it cannot stomach any praise we get from visitors from Europe both from teams and fans, the sooner we leave here if at all possible would not be a day soon, and, the media here can paw over what is left and try and find a market for that product. It has been Sky BBc STV and the rags they all take a boot daily.

  23. Can you imagine the media coverage when we get to 9 in a row? They will probably shut football down for a year,and start a new competition with a new name…….




    The media hates us, is jealous of us, detests the succes Celtic has, it cannot stomach any praise we get from visitors from Europe both from teams and fans.





    Dontcha just love it?



    C’mon now Brendan, sign another big name!



    The press and the huns and hunlovers are not only sick as pigs………………..they look like pigs!!!!



    It’s the lack of sleep for worrying about what we will do next.

  25. TonyDonnelly@1;11


























    Couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I heard that rant from Gilmour last night. Although with Kenny MacIntyre in charge of the show it shouldn’t have been a surprise.



    Les Gray of Hamilton was also on and came across as far more fair-minded and sensible.






    That the same suited gent who dived on the Astro when wee Jay scored goal of season. Class


    The same team who blood Scottish youth in senior teams to everyone’s benefit.


    The same club who act as a good community club, live within their limited means and just about manage to stay in the top flight.



    I.e. What St Mirren should be!!!!



    HH jamesgang

  27. PL gets a lot right. But it astounds me, how many things he and Celtic get wrong. Want to use your iphone to get into the ground? Sorry, you must print your ticket at home before you arrive or you can stand in an hour long queue when you get to CP. Tough to do when you are travelling and don’t pack your printer.



    Want to go from the ticket office to the superstore? Nope, you must retreat all the way to the street and reapproach or climb a hill. Want to go from one stand to the next to say hello to your friends? No can do. if you leave you can’t get back in.



    and don’t get me started on the crap food. CP is 20 years behind the times.

  28. Have polis Scotland concluded their investigation into the racist abuse Virgil suffered at St Mirren Park? Any word on the outcome? Any dawn raids? Anybody lifted?

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