Gilmour, black and white and blue all over


St Mirren chairman, Stewart Gilmour, last week suggested the SPL’s 11-1 protected voting rule, which in the past enabled Celtic and Rangers to block changes against their interests, was a reason for him to oppose Scottish football’s league reorganisation plan.

Today, with Rangers consigned to history, Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell, proposed a change in voting rules, replacing the requirement to have an 11-1 majority with a 9-3 majority, which Aberdeen chairman, Stuart Milne, called a “major concession”.

This was not linked to the league reorganisation vote, but Stewart Gilmour voted against this change, despite using this voting rule as an excuse for his reluctance to allow reorganisation.  So we now know St Mirren’s objection is nothing to do with voting rules, the brought Aberdeen’s Milne to say on his way out of Hampden, “You need to ask what [St Mirren’s] agenda is”.

After the SFL’s chef exec, David Longmuir, came under pressure from First Division clubs for opposing reorganisation plans, Newco Rangers’ chief executive, Charles Green, was a guest of Gilmour’s at St Mirren’s recent game against Celtic.  Green has been a vocal opponent of the league reconstruction proposals and right on cue, Newco released a statement offering support to Gilmour and Ross County, the other objectors.

For those who like their irony straight from the mouths of the stupid, Newco even suggested St Mirren and Ross County “should not be singled out for criticism. They stood up for what they and their fans believe”.  Just like all those clubs who were criticised bitterly by Newco for voting as their fans wanted a year ago.

Milne added, “St Mirren FC have really got to pose themselves the question qhy are they prepared to put Scottish football in jeopardy for their own selfish interests, which they have been unable to do today.”

Some people have a belief that there will now be an invitation-only SPL II with Newco being invited.  I can tell you with absolute certainty this will not happen.  There will be no Newco in the second tier of Scottish football next season.

Instead what has happened is attitudes have hardened against such moves.  It would not be at all surprising if 10 SPL clubs declined tickets for their visits to St Mirren Park next season – the anger is that serious.  The status quo will be maintained, St Mirren have lost enormous goodwill above and below them, First Division clubs have failed to secure a significant boost in income and the SPL will get on with business.

All of which brings us back to Stuart Milne’s question, what is St Mirren’s real agenda?  I know fine well what it is, but they have not damaged Celtic, they have not assisted Newco in any way and the poor St Mirren fans will inherit the collateral damage.
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  1. The Boy Jinky on

    One day im on sky sports… next day im on the top tier of the podium with the gold and silver gongs.



    What does tomorrow hold for me

  2. Snake Plissken on

    Were St Mirren fans actually against this reconstruction?



    Did anyone poll them?



    Were the St Mirren fans in the Chick Young sense?



    The only thing that has come out of this for sure is a resentment against St Mirren and Ross County which will manifest itself in term of people travelling to watch these teams in the numbers they once did.

  3. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    Paul care to expand on what it is?



    All of which brings us back to Stuart Milne’s question, what is St Mirren’s real agenda? I know fine well what it is, but they have not damaged Celtic, they have not assisted Newco in any way and the poor St Mirren fans will inherit the collateral damage.

  4. TBJ


    Another podium!


    We are in the presence of greatness, we are not worthy


    We are indeed not worthy

  5. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    ‘All of which brings us back to Stuart Milne’s question, what is St Mirren’s real agenda? I know fine well what it is, but they have not damaged Celtic, they have not assisted Newco in any way and the poor St Mirren fans will inherit the collateral damage.’



    Paul – If it’s not to aid Newco, then is there any reason why you can’t say what the real reason is or can you?

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The fact that Gilmour will not give reasons for his no vote makes all the other clubs except Ross County point the finger at him.However, you must also wonder what was Ross Counties motivation for there no vote? We know that Scottish football has been corupt for many years and is still being manipulated by self interest of course it is often hard to see what that self interest is as in the case of Gilmour and St.Mirren.H.H.

  7. The Boy Jinky on

    Che che what can I say ;)



    Thatchers deed and f the sfa




    Oh im glad I wasnt off on the sick as seems like half the blooming world spotted me on telly pmsl

  8. Stringer Bell on




    For the avoidance of doubt, can you spell out what you think st mirrens agenda is, as you see it.

  9. Snake


    The 2 I work with we’re against it, they both said they would not buy a season book as it was unclear who they would be playing against “half way through the season”


    A bit like just now you mean?




    Sevco deserve them.

  10. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    What must it be like to be a St Sevco supporter knowing that your club is the bitch of a defunct 4th tier outfit run by a racist con man?

  11. Paul67


    Check Dundee Utd’s statement. Who is the person he refers to taking money out of the game as a salary whilst the Thomson family invested millions.



    I’m with you on no invite for The Rangers should they live that long to join any higher tier.



    I really do hope The Rangers go under.

  12. Paul67



    “I known fine well what it is”




    Two choices ……. You tell us ………. We set up an independent commission.



    15 April 2013


    Today saw Scottish Football miss a massive opportunity to move the game forward. The package that was voted on was a balanced package with many items that would have breathed new life into the game. The proposals would have attracted new sponsors and advertisers and, more importantly, encouraged more fans to attend the exciting and vibrant spectacle we are producing on the park, as was witnessed in the two William Hill Scottish Cup semi finals at the weekend.



I have stated publicly before that the proposals that were presented were not perfect, but that there were enough positive changes in the package for the overall good of the game. Merging two league bodies was a massive step forward, an all through distribution model supported other full time clubs in Scotland, and the introduction of play offs and a pyramid system, would have rewarded ambition at all levels of the senior game. The restructuring proposals also brought more meaningful games during the season with clubs always having something to play for.



At Dundee United we were not happy with a number of issues in the proposals, but we preferred instead to look at the undoubted benefits of the overall package for the game as a whole. It has taken years for clubs to agree a way forward and many individuals and groups have given up a considerable amount of their own time to bring the proposals forward. In doing so, they gained the support of the vast majority of SPL clubs and most of the Division One clubs. Indeed, approximately 90% of full time clubs in Scotland supported the proposals and all SPL clubs were given ample opportunity to express any concerns during the many months of consultation.



In an attempt to overcome some late concerns, concessions were made on the day with regard to voting of 11-1, but these were not even allowed to be amended; never mind voted on!



Despite all of this, two clubs today decided to vote in a certain way and my belief now is that it will be many years before other proposals backed by so many will reach the table again.



    As a family who have rightly or wrongly injected £5.6 million into one club, and not an individual who is taking huge amounts out of the game in salary, it’s now time for football supporters throughout Scotland to ask questions.




I personally believed that the proposals were a major step forward, one league body would have been progress and brought sponsors and advertisers to a new and exciting product, the new league structure would have brought excitement and meaningful games and a financial distribution model that would support all clubs in Scotland and in particular all full time clubs.



There are no other proposals on the table and none are likely in the near future.



It is now time to concentrate on all that is positive on the park. Many Scottish clubs, including Dundee United, have a vibrant youth policy and we have also seen many exciting games throughout the season, especially in recent weeks. Our own club still has much to play for this season and the outlook for next season excites me.



I now propose to work even harder at Dundee United and build a better club for our supporters. We have an exciting new manager in Jackie McNamara and I believe we have a bright future ahead of us.

  14. Cannot for the life of me think what Chuckles angle is. I am sure the St Mirren vote today was heavily influenced by Chuck but what’s in it for St Mirren.


    What could he have promised them?


    One thing I’m sure about is that their will be big moves for SPL 2 by invitation only and big pressures placed to fast track Sevco.



    If that happens it truly will be Armageddon !

  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Correction to my earlier post.



    Sevco aren’t defunct, that was the oldco.



    Sevco are merely moribund.

  16. It wouldn’t be something to do with a groundshare deal if Whyte prises IPox away from Chuckles ?

  17. Paul


    Any reason why you can’t spell it out?


    Legal reasons?


    Is he being bribed/blackmailed?

  18. The Comfortable Collective on




    If St. Sevco lose their next 5 games and Dundee win their next 5, St. Sevco will be relegated.



    If only.

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