Do to Scotland what you did to Celtic


I don’t want to see a single Scotland player forced to miss the Croatia game as a result of Billy Gilmour’s positive test, announced today.  I did not want to see 13 Celtic players forced to miss two games, two weeks training sessions and isolate at home, following Christopher Jullien’s positive test in January.  I did not want to see Ryan Christie miss Celtic games after Stuart Armstrong’s positive result in October, but the latter two happened.

The disruption caused to Celtic’s season was immeasurable and, when 13 players as well as coaching staff were forced to isolate, the result of predatory Track and Trace action.  Billy Gilmour did not travel to Wembley alone, he did not have his own dressing room at the stadium, he did not eat alone, he did not socialise alone.  The government officials who hammered Celtic will look the other way today.

Ms Sturgeon, if  you are that concerned with public health, do to Scotland what you did to Celtic.  We all know there is zero chance of that happening.


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  1. Little chance of Scotland players and background staff being forced to isolate.



    What we need is more large gatherings of supporters which won’t spread the virus as they’ll all be vaccinated by their St. Andrew’s flags and saltires.

  2. squire danaher on




    I assume from your rousing comments that when Scotland announce only Gilmour has been affected that Messrs Desmond, Lawwell and McKay will go to war with the SFA.



    I look forward to it.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    No chance of anything happening but after the game tomorrow(?) Surely the board will ask for an explanation or do the usual and say nothing

  4. JAMES FORREST on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:15 PM



    In contrast, I feel your response is more to reflective to your description.

  5. Paul The Spark on

    Regardless of your political leanings . This has got nothing to do with the Scottish government. The national team are based in Middlesbrough and we have to follow the rules set out by Public Health England.

  6. It’s clear that Celtic were held to a different set of rules than others at the time and again now Scotland squad are held to a different criteria.

  7. Will our Club complain to the SFA/ Scottish Government of course they wont and that is precisely why they will take the Piss and double standards over the 2 scenarios of Celtic and Scotland.



    D :)

  8. squire danaher on

    BIGBHOY on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:30 PM



    That is clearly what the leader article attempts to argue.



    So what will Celtic say or do about it?

  9. Unless the Club speak out and ask the questions, you and I are simply pissing in the wind, Paul.

  10. Scotland has been a matriarchy for a few years now Paul……Our First Lady will keep mum on this one…..


    Remember Ange wants pro Celtic, not anti others. We are not perfect ourselves and never will be.

  11. Martim1980 at 12.18



    Agree entirely. James Forrest acts like he wants to be barred from this blog so he can claim a kind of blogger’s martyrdom.


    Did Paul 67 pinch his sweeties when they were kids?



    Hail! Hail!




  12. Paul the Spark,


    Celtic were in Dubai and subject to local rules which were Iirc less than we had in Scotland at the time. Didn’t stop the Scottish media going all gung-ho on Celtic and it’s players.



    James Forres, you’re out of order son, IMHO naturally.

  13. Question (genuine): who has final jurisdiction on consequences re Billy Gilmour situation? Announcement quotes Public Health England have been consulted but game is set to be played in Scotland. Who decides who has to isolate?

  14. MARTIM1980 on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:18 PM


    JAMES FORREST on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:15 PM



    “In contrast, I feel your response is more to reflective to your description.”



    If James were capable of saying in 100 words what he usually stretches into several thousand I might agree with you :)



    Paul is merely calling out the complete inconsistency in the application of the “rules”. James has probably done a similar article though I’ve likely fallen asleep before he got to the point so I don’t recall.




  15. squire danaher on

    QUADBHOY on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:53 PM



    Paul is merely calling out the complete inconsistency in the application of the “rules”.






    No he’s not and you know fine well he’s not.

  16. If Wee Jimmy Krankie was ‘concerned with public health’ she would have imposed a ban on Scotland supporters travelling to London.



    God only knows what devastation to public health the various gathering of the clans (especially the anti-English, racist mobs in London) will have had.

  17. SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:56 PM



    A blind man can see the blatant difference in how the rules are applied.




  18. spikeysauldman on

    Paul The Spark



    So I’m guessing that Celtic were hammered by Public Health Dubia ?

  19. TERRYMAC on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:43 PM



    QUADBHOY on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:53 PM



    Agreed, hypocracy a common trait in said posts……🤣😂

  20. squire danaher on

    GREENPINATA on 21ST JUNE 2021 1:06 PM


    SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:56 PM



    A blind man can see the blatant difference in how the rules are applied.









    First thing is we don’t know whose rules are being applied on basis the Scotland Squad have not been residing in Scotland.



    As I said earlier. If Gilmour is the only Scottish absentee then the SFA are at it and your assertion is correct.



    My 12:56 point to which you have responded was that Quadbhoy was suggesting Paul was ‘merely calling out the complete inconsistency in the application of the “rules”’.



    Everyone who has read this site over the past 7-10 years knows what the blog’s political agenda is. It’s Paul’s blog and he can say what he likes.



    But it gets a bit tiresome when he interprets the root cause of every factor of life’s adversities which adversely affect Celtic is the fault of the Scottish Government.



    So for the purposes of the argument.



    If Gilmour is the only absentee tomorrow, then what are Lawwell and McKay going to do in a practical and meaningful sense, as opposed to them having Paul Brennan set squirrels running blaming the Scottish Government?

  21. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 21ST JUNE 2021 1:08 PM


    Paul The Spark




    So I’m guessing that Celtic were hammered by Public Health Dubia ?





  22. If that’s a new low for this blog, some other bloggers still have to rise significantly to get to that level.

  23. “JAMES FORREST on 21ST JUNE 2021 12:15 PM


    What a nasty, spiteful little article.


    Reads like something from the other side of the city.


    A new low.”



    I agree that a new low has been reached but it wasn`t in Paul`s article.

  24. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Emphatically agree.



    The karma of this moment and watching the Mother of the Nation squirm in response will be something to behold.

  25. Yet another instance of the SNP Government ignoring anyone or thing who are not Celtic. After the disgrace of thousands going to London going unreported, we now have a situation where Celtic were heavily punished, although they had been given permission to travel to Dubai by said government. That plus the punishment for Bolingoli going awol, although the club were unaware of his doing so.

  26. As Gilmour will have been in a “bubble” for last couple of weeks, how did he get it?


    And if he tested positive, whoever he rooms with surely has to go into quarantine? Not to mention the physio(s) who will massage him every day etc etc

  27. Andy Patons Mullet on

    If we lived in a fair and equal society one could speculate that the politicians in place were, and are, learning as they go. In which case an apology should be forthcoming to Celtic with the addendum that the measures imposed (incorrectly) detrimentally effected their ability to perform at the competitive level…



    That not one player in the protective bubble has also been effected by Gilmours positive test under the same “strict rules”” applied to Celtic (as the general reading of things go) is more than questionable and only raises the suspicion that decisions made were purely to curry favour with one part of the city/population for an upcoming election at the time.



    We [Celtic] have allowed ourselves to become too soft a target for reasons best known to our own boardroom and hopefully the fresh broom of Dom Mckay and Ange will have some sort of kickback started or at least questioning of decisions.

  28. squire danaher on




    So what are Celtic going to do about it???

  29. SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST JUNE 2021 1:18 PM



    Please don’t mistake my gut feeling on this. I have bought into the Scotland scene ( Even the boogie )



    I am looking forward to the game tomorrow and don’t want to see Scotland penalised by players missing games.



    Billy Gilmore will be gutted, and so will many of us looking forward to the game.



    I’m all for minimising the fall out, but there is a mega difference in treatment between Scotland and Celtic.


    On this occasion, if that makes me a hypocrite so be it.



    Come on Scotland.



    HH to you

  30. I could post a lot of things on here about the Scottish government but I’d go to jail for it.

  31. As most FANS at Hampden for tomorrow will have been in London i think they should lock them out.




    Surely the question is: what are the SNP Government going to do about it? They seem to be quite happy at punishing Celtic, while ignoring breaches by just about everyone else. Have they decided that the Celtic support’s support can be taken for granted or is too negligible to be worried about?

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