Give me a player with a point to prove


I’m a great believer in footballers having a point to prove.  Reo Hatate is such a case.  Over the summer he spoke about how his form tailed off towards the end of last season and he planned to up his game this term, which he has.

Now, omitted from the Japan squad for their game against USA, his chance of being involved at the World Cup appears limited.  From our return to action on Saturday, Celtic have 13 games in six weeks before club football breaks and players head off to Qatar.

In that time, Reo will help his team qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  His performances in this tournament against Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk demonstrate he can operate comfortably at this elite level.  Helping Celtic reach the next stage will platform him and his teammates.

The player’s disappointment is understandable, but it would do no harm if he and Kyogo again missed out on action when Japan face Ecuador in Germany tomorrow.


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  1. If they refuse to cooperate under the terms agreed for football coverage with 11 other clubs, then not 1 penny piece should be paid to them.

  2. HOT SMOKED on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 3:51 PM


    KINGLUBO on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 3:43 PM


    I think MM SHOULD listen to those who slag him because it suggests that, unlike myself, they read his posts.




    I only slagged madmitch because everything is initialled.


    It is classic attention seeking.


    It’s a pity because he always gives his opinion and I would like to read what he has to say, ,not start guessing games over initials.

  3. JIMBO67



    That would be correct Bertie probably made enough money in England to buy a car.



    My friends father was on his way to a game when Bertie stopped and gave him a lift .

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the the Scotland-Ireland game at the weekend, tough, physical encounter with goalmouth thrills aplenty. Congrats to Scotland with so many current and ex Celtic players in action but Ireland unlucky not to get a share of the spoils.



    What was this booing of the Irish anthem all about? When Scotland played at the Aviva on last couple of occasions supporters of both teams mingled freely without a problem. A Scottish journalist remarked that Scottish fans boo the anthems of all visiting teams, news to me as I thought this only happened with English football supporters.

  5. ROCK TREE BHOY on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 5:03 PM


    Personally I really like this place, the diversity amongst the different posters is fascinating, some have strong views and are more than willing to defend them, and of course there is always CELTIC, who we all support.




    The mud slinging can get out of hand at times, and the pile ons are a definite blot on the landscape, very very juvenile. The Flouncers…. personally I prefer the guys that just walk away and dont come back (like JHB) as opposed to those who come on and condemn everything about the place before announcing they are quitting.



    More than happy to defend CQN from its critics, it’s an excellent Celtic blog, always interesting.






    Pseudo intellectual observational pish /drivel



    You never post about should try



    Always a shallow observation on this or that,how rounds a circle,how square is a square,this poster or that,nothing on Celtic,



    Still waiting in your last full of shite observation to be answered below and I wasn’t the only one asking👇






    I think it’s obvious who has hijacked MadMitch’s user name, he really really doesn’t like him,



    Its well out of order, a definite punch below the belt,



    some people just take life too seriously

  6. Tim Horton




    Aye Bertie always said he took a pay cut to come back to Celtic. Rather glad he did !






  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    My neighbour was at the game and he said the Scotland fans also booed during the singing of the fields and a section booed James McLean as well.

  8. no kilts in the jungle on



    This is what happens to Sinn Fein when they jump onto the same page as krankie.






    The new Italy PM lady is pro family, anti woke, pro Italian people first, not the fake immigrants sent by the WEF, as we all witnessed last week in Leicester, as is happening every day in Ireland, and if krankie had the power the same would be seen on Scotland`s streets as well.



    LabParty, Tory’s, L/Dems, Greens, SNP, and sadly, Sinn Fein are now on the same page as FF/FG when it comes to sucking up to EU warmongering dictators, all of these parties are unelectable in the eyes of honest folk.



    A worrying issue is the amount of so called Celtic supporters who stood and continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Scottish National team supporters who booed the Irish national anthem at Hampden park on Saturday and have effectively covered up this, racism, total disrespect of Ireland and its good people.





    ERNIE LYNCH is absolutely correct about cults, I`d add that the cult is now not calling out this blatant anti Irish abuse.



    Has krankie engaged in grandstanding for an hour on the odious BBC Scotland today slamming Scotland supporters?



    Of course she hasn`t there’s only one team that krankie hates, and that team doesn’t play in blue.



    The country is a shambles, its a shambles because Celtic supporters have voted in vast numbers in 2 General Elections, 2017, 2019, for those who have made it a shambles, in fact shambles is putting it very mildly indeed.



    Celtic supporters queued up to vote for the establishment coup against Jeremy Corbyn in the 2 GE`s mentioned above.



    Celtic supporters have twice voted for establishment policy to remove God from schools and replace him with shows of filth, to 5 year olds!



    Celtic supporters, SF, SNP, LP, CON, LIB, GRE, are now viewed as the willing useful idiots by those of us who have retained our honest eyes.

  9. AN TEARMANN on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:12 PM


    And yet more brinnans on







    All unionist.nowt about Celtic







    Here’s one for you.



    Of all the Scottish Celtic fans who’ve ever lived, how many were what the cult would call ‘unionists’ ie wanted Scotland to remain as part of the UK?



    It’s something I often wonder about when reading all the posts showing how fascinated posters are about the history of the club and the support.

  10. glendalystonsils on



    Good evening all from the Victoria Bar. I hope ye are all hale and hearty.



    We’re not just hale ………we’re hale , hale !

  11. what have long passed on voters got to do with peoples leanings today ?



    that Maley was a royalist matters not a jot.



    equally for all the Irish home rulers on the original commitee



    not the millions of deceased who voted Labour in Scotland for what most of us would probably say was right at that time and progressed the poor irish and highlanders to better lifes for most, economic parity just 70-80 years after they had it in USA, or Canada, or Oz and NZ.



    If i tell those under 40 in the my family, its better in than out, they laugh and say aye but your comfortable, you lived through the good times, your aff yir heid if you think we will vote any other way.



    you site there thinking Ernie Charlie Nic Lynch.



    I was able to post this today despite the government banning catholics from the interent,

  12. SAINT STIVS on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:46 PM


    what have long passed on voters got to do with peoples leanings today ?







    The overwhelming majority were unionists who would have looked upon Scottish independence, and those who advocated it, with contempt and derision.



    I wonder what they would think of the likes of you.

  13. ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:53 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:46 PM





    what have long passed on voters got to do with peoples leanings today ?
















    The overwhelming majority were unionists who would have looked upon Scottish independence, and those who advocated it, with contempt and derision





    I wonder what they would think of the likes of you.






    Lets try, my ENGLISH grandfather, from cumbria, a real war hero, told me as a young fella, Labour voter all his days, told me it is incredile that scotland is not a nation on its own, it doesnt need westminster, and neither does the north of england. Died in the 80s.



    My granny, who brought me up, Orange tradition , all were unionists so voted tory, regardless of it never getting them above “upper working class”. Stopped voting once thatcher came in, told me that herself.



    Other granny and granda, Labour catholic voters.



    My father, labour while in england living, very clever individual, well travelled, lived in london then germany for best part of 40 years. Once back in Scotland voted SNP.



    People change their minds, no longer follow exclusively what thier fore-bears did.



    Many of my generation and below hardly attend mass beyond family events, it is just not as important anymore.



    Your copy and paste of the Ferry piece was more tedious and boring than me commenting on the census.



    And you didnt pick out any thoughts



    oh well

  14. I wonder what my grandfather and father would think of today’s Labour party



    The party they joined and fought for, clause 4, socialism, NHS free at the point of use



    Very odd Brit nat flag shagging god save the king says Jeremy corbyn




    As the camera pans around the hall, what happened to diversity and inclusion, Dianne abbot asks the question




    Bosses preferred over unions


    Keir Starmer opened the Labour Party conference in Liverpool with a rendition of god save the king, rather than supporting striking Liverpool dockers





  15. And the funny thing is those Scottish Celtic fans who regarded Scottish independence and its advocates with contempt and loathing would have been in favour of Irish independence/reunification.



    And would have had enough grasp of politics to understand that there was no contradiction in their stance.



    The current generation could learn a lot from them.

  16. GM/Vauxhall promised Scotland players a new car each if they qualified for the 1974 World Cup Finals, never for 1 minute expecting to have to deliver them.


    Scotland done the unthinkable after beating Czechoslovakia 2-1 to qualify for the first time since the ‘50s


    GM/Valhalla duly stumped up brand new Vauxhall Ventura’s for the squad. The players were obviously delighted with their new cars…….until they read the small print. The cars were theirs for 1 year then they were to hand them back. The handing back bit was NEVER mentioned until after they qualified.


    I remember it happening and thought it hilarious at the time….even if the players didn’t

  17. England v Germany is absolutely dire. Two teams with nothing to play for and nothing to lose but pride, and as neither team has any pride, it’s a hard watch.



    Ernie. Your team is crap.

  18. BRRB



    As I have told you before I’m ‘The thief of Bad Gags’. :)



    If you still out and about, the big yin is in ‘spoons in Shawlands enjoying a pot or two.

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