Give me a player with a point to prove


I’m a great believer in footballers having a point to prove.  Reo Hatate is such a case.  Over the summer he spoke about how his form tailed off towards the end of last season and he planned to up his game this term, which he has.

Now, omitted from the Japan squad for their game against USA, his chance of being involved at the World Cup appears limited.  From our return to action on Saturday, Celtic have 13 games in six weeks before club football breaks and players head off to Qatar.

In that time, Reo will help his team qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  His performances in this tournament against Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk demonstrate he can operate comfortably at this elite level.  Helping Celtic reach the next stage will platform him and his teammates.

The player’s disappointment is understandable, but it would do no harm if he and Kyogo again missed out on action when Japan face Ecuador in Germany tomorrow.


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  1. just off the top of my head, one further example



    Uncle Pat was the first Catholic treasurer for the Port Glasgow town council,


    Stood as labour candidate, in 49 or 50, I have been researching the British Newpaper archive about our family name in the Port Glasgow and have come across maybe 60 or so articles, reporting council meetings.



    Everything about him was Labour Socialist, justice, improvement, new houses, the new schemes, public works, all under his watch.



    He emigrated to Kearney NJ in 56. Family tragedy forcing him to make the break for a better life for the kids.


    In his case was a letter from the UK Labour party executive with the opening



    “Dear COMRADE Pat”



    I often wonder, what if they had opened his case at immigration.



    Anyways, Pat came home every 2-3 years, a regular invite to the Directors box, he was involved in organising the 66 hosting of Celtic on their tour (a travel agent by the way, him and Fergus were business associates).


    Great friends with Neil Lennons dad through all this as well, his last visit seen him going to lurgan to see them. He said meeting the Kennedys was ok, knowing Jock was the greatest of honours.



    Anyways, in his later years I took him to celtic games when home, often getting him tickets for away games, long drives to Perth, Dundee, Montrose one time, big long deep chats, he had never lost a port accent, but sometimes dropped in an americanism, “lets get a soda”, lol.



    Anyways, in later years, this committed socialist, even when in America, talked politics,


    He said new era is coming, people in Scotland need to be pragmatic, Ireland will join together sometime,



    Oh the empires days are over.

  2. so, thats what they thought of me, and i think if they were all still here they would think the same as me.



    so there.

  3. Celtic Injury doubts for mwell



    Carter vickers


    Daizen Maeda


    Saed Haksabanovic






  4. Hello Joe?



    Are we on for tomorrow? I have been in the hospital, so I am looking at this blog now.

  5. Sead Haksabanovic has suffered injury on international duty and was subbed off after just 30 minutes in Montenegro’s clash with Finland this evening.



    The attacker, 23, started for his country in their Nations League fixture this evening and had looked decent early doors. However his promise quickly turned to disappointment when he was challenged robustly. The medics darted onto the pitch as he lay crumpled but he was unable to continue and was brought off and replaced by Driton Camaj.

  6. ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:28 PM



    AN TEARMANN on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:12 PM



    And yet more brinnans on



    All unionist.nowt about Celtic



    Here’s one for you.



    Of all the Scottish Celtic fans who’ve ever lived, how many were what the cult would call ‘unionists’ ie wanted Scotland to remain as part of the UK?



    It’s something I often wonder about when reading all the posts showing how fascinated posters are about the history of the club and the support.






    Ernie you really have to stop these wee assumptions that your selective about



    Your kult marketing party,ie that flegwaving unionism


    Is unelectable in Scotland.


    All those Celrtic fans never in their lives where unionist.


    No union,your party will? :-)


    You need Scotland to vote for your unelectable marketing pish


    You won’t get it.



    The Celtic constituency en masse do not vote for a shower of murdoch shaped socialism(mss)



    They never have or ever will be unionists



    Your flegsuckers,currently marketing its next betrayal,shiteon,betrayal of our poorest


    Need the union before your marketing.



    No Scotland No Power in your union



    The amnesia conference is quite comical.


    Ps,did trollteam not read the Ford report? Lol disnae look like it.

  7. AN Tearmann , you ask a lotto Questions , you were asked before how many refugees you have taken in , of course no answer, we all know zero!! Biggest fraud on here by a mile , now give us a laff 😂😂and mumble something back fraud boy 👦

  8. An Tearmann on 26th September 2022 9:31 pm



    Celtic Injury doubts for mwell


    Carter vickers


    Daizen Maeda


    Saed Haksabanovic






    GG and L Abada?



    Not long in, car trouble…clutch went LAST week.Long story.Have to get the car to mechanic at Distillery Street complex in the morning,so I don’t want to promise tonight that I will make Culturlann tomorrow.Maybe Thursday,but will keep in touch.



  10. AN TEARMANN on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 10:01 PM




    Latest yougov poll has labour at 45% and the Tories at 28%.



    Sleep tight.

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