Give me a player with a point to prove


I’m a great believer in footballers having a point to prove.  Reo Hatate is such a case.  Over the summer he spoke about how his form tailed off towards the end of last season and he planned to up his game this term, which he has.

Now, omitted from the Japan squad for their game against USA, his chance of being involved at the World Cup appears limited.  From our return to action on Saturday, Celtic have 13 games in six weeks before club football breaks and players head off to Qatar.

In that time, Reo will help his team qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  His performances in this tournament against Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk demonstrate he can operate comfortably at this elite level.  Helping Celtic reach the next stage will platform him and his teammates.

The player’s disappointment is understandable, but it would do no harm if he and Kyogo again missed out on action when Japan face Ecuador in Germany tomorrow.


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  1. Sorry to hear that, Joe. CT scan wasn’t too unpleasant, so on to Wednesday isotope etc.



    I am on lunch tomorrow 1 – 1:45, but if that doesnt suit we can look at Thursday – I go to Mass in the wee chapel at the front of SMUCB 12:00 – 12:45.

  2. Scullybhoy…got it from reliable source…neither hell or heaven want you…seems your gonna be immortal ;-))







  3. Paul asserts: ‘I’m a great believer in footballers having a point to prove.’



    That’s a romantic myth or else we’d have seen superb performances from Olli Ntcham, Chris Jullien and – yes, he’s still hiding here somewhere – the lesser-spotted James McCarthy. All of these guys should have been busting a gut to show and prove they are/were worthy of wearing the hoops.



    Sheez; the shameful six who were given a chance to shine for the St Mirren stumble game shoulda been able to prove Paulo’s theory – if it was even a thing.



    Give me a skilled yet humble player who’s keen to repay his employer over one with a resentful chip on his shoulder any day!

  4. Visitors coming.AGAIN,but a wee chance for me to take a wee,well earned rest from the crap and nonsense on here.We now have an unholy trinity,between,Ernie,Mad Arse,and Skittles,with an occasional,hand clap from Petec and a couple of others in their appreciation society.


    Sad times on here indeed.


    Good luck to the good guys.Up The Nats.

  5. TIMMY7_NOTED on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 10:44 PM



    That’s a troll


    A shoit bag


    Wait for name change.


    Still a shoitbag.



    Wouldn’t waste typing energy good Celt a racist shoitbag of a troll




  6. Scullybbhoy 11.10



    Centenary Title day



    Best o luck with the course your on.i hope and pray you get thro it






    I agree Lex Baillie and the Dundee game.It has been said that there were over 70,000 at Celtic Park that day.


    ●I know its late.●Celtic goalie made one appearance,played in an Irish cup final and on the losing side in an all Ireland senior football final.

  8. Centenary title day was mental for me. I was temporarily blinded in a work accident and went to the game with two mates and about 30% vision., dealing with the crowd that day frightened the shite out of me.



    I’ve always been a huge admirer of the bravery blind people show every day after that experience.

  9. 9.35



    You should really stick to sending tenners to the unelectable member for lavvy Central,it will satisfy your racist intent.


    Shows how shallow and just plane stupid you are posting that picture. Keep hiding we see you.


    Did you play banjo troll bhoy


  10. TIMMY7_NOTED on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 11:37 PM


    Centenary title day was mental for me. I was temporarily blinded in a work accident and went to the game with two mates and about 30% vision., dealing with the crowd that day frightened the shite out of me.



    I’ve always been a huge admirer of the bravery blind people show every day after that experience.




    It was a busy and memorable indeed and I experienced every second of that whole day.i was in the process of moving to London,I was up and down a lot that season.


    I flew up early fri after a busy week,dinner with ma mammy and an evening of chat,catching up on news.


    The following morning it was breakfast at The Albany Hotel as I knew the bars and food Beveridge manager,I met another friend who came into the hotel bar which was getting busy..


    Now at that time,and for much of the next 5 years if I went to a game I always tried to get in as early as poss and leave last if friend whose uncle was home from Canada and met him before the 2 went into the main stand.i went round to Celtic end,the turnstiles the radio said would be open early.


    I walked round to where I would normally stand and watched like a time lapse film the crowd fill up,fill up more,and then onto the crush,packed in dangerous stuff.


    The game v dunfermline I remember the banner mostly,due to a beer or two after,wishing a happy birthday,a good touch.


    I stayed til the place was nigh on empty,soaking in the brilliant experience the day as the last chants echoed around the old ground.its something with the changes over the next 10 years I was glad I did.


    Back to The Albany with my mate til 7 then taxi for heraghtys,elcho,kind man,Victoria bar,Neeson,and ending up at the Queens Park Bar before crossing the road to Claddagh club for some rebelry with the Sons of Donegal a mental and memorable Celtic day ,the flight down early Monday was fragile stuff.🤣



    Hail Hail




    Club on we and more cel

  11. Ernie 10.12



    In your poll is there a constituent part which wants to cede,seperate,make local decisions for local people,get youz bluey reds t.f :-) ?



    All I can see there is 👇





    Not to worry,am sure you’ll have it.putting a poll stat out means nowt.You being a Labour man should know to be weary of polls esp after 92.


    Sleep in a couple of hours in the global Village.



    Ps mandy was on r4 commending keevy on his “new” Labour approach.hero worship for the iraqi murderer too.oh how the amnesia flows where it comes from or goes nobody knows.




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  13. Media all putting the boot into the Italian girl just elected, she must be a girl of the people and not the hidden puppeteers.


    Anyone who refuses to burn down cities and beat up old people because of skin colour, is from the good side of things.


    Take the knee for God, not the medias latest fad.


    If the media push an issue then its for sinister reasons.


    Anyone who refuses to spin the medias yarns is a good person.


    So well done to the Italian girl. 🟩⬜🟥👏🏻🍀🙏🏻





    Any so called Celtic supporter who is influenced by media on any issue is the weakest link at Celtic.

  14. HahahahahahaHahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



    Any Celtic supporter who is influenced by(send 50p to an unelctable attention seeking racist prick) on any issue is the weakest link at Celtic.



    Oh and not kevj I would take everyone of those refugees before you.your life is empty if that’s all you can post……yawn yawn mention krankie a few times,or be like Tam,and keep phoning and sending your 50p to the candidate for lavvy Central.gullible as….

  15. SCULLYBHOY on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022 9:56 PM



    Best wishes with the treatment Scullybhoy we need all the good guys, love the Celtic chat you do and will keep checking in on your progress



    Paul67/moderator your housekeeping is sadly lacking, your house has been invaded by parasitic trolls, faceless nonentities hiding behind keyboards talking tough, what we do know is the following



    They don’t attend Celtic park


    They never meet up with CQN folk or other Celtic fans


    They are supporters of call it out, but never attend meetings or protest events


    They support Mick lynch and the RMT,but never man up on the picket line


    They hate Scotland, anti Scots is the common political denominator, everything Scottish is bad


    They are the bravest most courageous of all keyboard warriors


    Paul67 it has been muted that you yourself could be masquerading to boost clicks, surely not



    Time for some serious house cleaning, CQN should be synomous with the best of Celtic, in the past CQN at times did reflect the values and ethos of Brother Walfrid, willie maley, Jock stein, a club inclusive and open to all, sadly some guests have overstayed their welcome and are begining to stench

  16. An Tearmann , dont get so angry man , come on fraud boy , How many refugees have you taken in , same as krankie or more

  17. Tony Benn Quotes




    “Every generation must fight the same battles again and again. There’s no final victory and there’s no final defeat” – Tony Benn




    The new Italian prime minister is Italy’s first far-right leader since Mussolini himself. Meloni’s party comes out of Mussolini’s fascist movement and she pushes ‘great replacement’ BS.



    Will the Starmer purge cult, let Jeremy stand as a Labour MP ?



    Inspirational sppeches



  18. Good morning cqn from a dark but dry at the moment Garngad



    Hope all are well and have a good day.



    Bring on The Murderwell.



    D :)

  19. Lionroars 67,



    Who on here talks Scotland down ? It would be impolite and demeaning to state you talk ” guff” .Subsequently I would never do that.



    On the contrary I see many talking the country up. It is nor anti Scotland to want the best and point out failure in the Scottish administration. It is not anti Scottish to want better.


    Surely we both want better ? We simply have different viewpoints on how to get there.



    I imagine the posters you talk about are Labour Party supporters ( like myself). Long term posters i may add.


    You would have more credibility if you also called out the cybremats equally.



    It is completely disingenuous to state posters who do not share your political opinions hate Scotland.



    It should be remembered that Celtic is a broad church and diversity has always been a strength of CQN.




  20. GREENPINATA on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:00 AM



    No need to defend yourself you were never mentioned, never attacked personally



    Any secret identities



    Guilty conscience maybe



    I thought you had more in common with the people of Liverpool ?

  21. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well ! what do you know ? after the last two years dodging


    the dreaded lurgy it’s finally caught up with me, the irony being


    there is no youth soccer now when I’m surrounded by kids and




    So isolation now for 5 days, which takes me nicely up to the


    bhoys game against Murderwell, now how will I fill my days hmm ?


    Suggestions welcomed.




    Was at the game that day and the crowd estimate was very


    conservative as far as lm concerned.


    Seen you mentioned The Sons of Donegal, wonder if you knew


    Jim Gallagher who was linked to my family through marriage and


    I believe was instrumental in running their supporters bus etc.


    H.H. Mick

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