Give me a player with a point to prove


I’m a great believer in footballers having a point to prove.  Reo Hatate is such a case.  Over the summer he spoke about how his form tailed off towards the end of last season and he planned to up his game this term, which he has.

Now, omitted from the Japan squad for their game against USA, his chance of being involved at the World Cup appears limited.  From our return to action on Saturday, Celtic have 13 games in six weeks before club football breaks and players head off to Qatar.

In that time, Reo will help his team qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  His performances in this tournament against Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk demonstrate he can operate comfortably at this elite level.  Helping Celtic reach the next stage will platform him and his teammates.

The player’s disappointment is understandable, but it would do no harm if he and Kyogo again missed out on action when Japan face Ecuador in Germany tomorrow.


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  1. MICK from earlier.


    Same as me; the auld Covey finally snuck up and booted my RS McColls bad about 3 weeks back.


    A flight to Sydney the most likely contagion event.


    Mid-lurgy, I cracked a bone in my foot after inexplicably trying to block tackle the TV unit; aya bassssaa!!




  2. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2022 7:51 AM



    The MSSM will be all over that and the Football Authorities will take strong action…….or maybe they won`t.

  3. From RTÉ News, anything reported locally or is this old news?



    JD Sports, Elite Sports and Rangers have been fined a total of more than £2million by the UK’s competition watchdog after it found they fixed the prices of replica football kits.



    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said Elite Sports and JD Sports broke the law by fixing retail prices of the Rangers-branded kits and other clothing items from September 2018 to July 2019.



    It added that Rangers “also took part in the collusion”, but only in fixing the price of specific adult home short-sleeved shirts from September to mid-November in 2018.



    The CMA added that all three worked together to stop JD Sports undercutting the retail price of the shirt on Elite’s Gers Online store.



    JD Sports has been fined £1.485m, Elite Sports fined £459,000 and Rangers fined £225,000.



    From RTÉ News, anything reported locally or is this old news?


    It was reported by STV News website an hour ago. Also now main story in Daily Record online.

  5. I’m selling Apple’s I’ve got two competitors … Three of us pay 15p an apple…


    Molly and I charge 20 p an Apple , Jim is charging 18 p…


    What should Molly And I do to help customers…


    Keep our price .


    Match Jims price.


    Charge less than Jim.


    Or bully Jim into raising his price to match ours

  6. DalriadaBhoy on 27th September 2022 7:53 am



    To the administrator and Paul.






    Actual links to extreme far right encouraging race hate against muslims.




    Raise your game ffs take it out of the gutter





    Well said DALRIADABHOY



    The social influencer wannabees on this site stand out because of their sarcastic and insulting language to anyone who has a different point of view, and the Moderator is doing nothing about it. It is a CELTIC blog after all. Not an sordid episode of INSIDE POLITICS.






    Cynical Citizen.







    I would much rather stand on a hill with these Italian’s
















    Funny thing is that in Italy people with the sort of ethno nationalist outlook that you have tend to be fascists.



    Funny thing is that in Italy people with the sort of ethno nationalist outlook that you have tend to be fascists.



    That’s a completely different kind of nationalism and you know it, unless you can name the country Italian nationalists are seekung freedom from.



    No, didn’t think so.

  9. ScullyBhoy: best of luck with your medical issues.



    Melbourne Mick & Quad: hope you recover fully and quickly.

  10. TinyTim on 26th September 2022 11:16 pm



    Scullybhoy 10.59



    Lex Baillie?






    Excellent lad.






    BTW I am sorry for raising my health issues on here (I was concerned that BELFASTJOE might think I was messing him around), and I am rather embarrassed by the messages of support. I have been dealing with these for 10 years now, and such is life. It does though restore faith in the values that I believe that Celtic fans aspire to. It is strange to witness the vitriol that now passes on this site and see how it is passed off as sarcastic wit. I would guess this is actually a relatively small community, but some egos on here seem to think they have a social media following and are setting the agenda for local and world politics, OMG get a life.



    Thanks again bhoys and I hope you have a good day.









    Joe – we can look at Thursday or Mon, Tues, Thur next week.

  11. Tom McLaughlin


    Yes I see that now, thanks. Interesting thing about this, which will no doubt be explained away, this is all about fleecing their OWN supporters, no one lese buys their gear. Does this help King come back on his white charger to clean up Dodge and put the peepul first, or was this happening on his watch?

  12. Quad



    Yes it’s strange, nobody else I was with over weekend at pub


    club, and in a car with, had anything ???


    Noticed the Geelong celebrations today at their parade through


    the town, loads of tricolours on display, visited a great wee Celtic


    supporters club over the bay there a couple of years ago.




    Thank you mhate, hope alls good with you and professor, and


    rest of family of course.


    H H. Mick




    ‘Seeking freedom from’ in the same way that UKIP and the Brexiteers were seeking freedom from the EU.



    That’s going well isn’t it?

  14. Red Tory — check.


    Different kind of nationalism — check.


    Running down progressive politics — check.



    Nat worldview in 3 easy pieces.


    At some point the penny will drop.


    Nationalism is always identity politics / find a grievance politics / find a victim politics.



    The find a victim part will come when the big fail cannot be excused away.


    Not good.



    Yes it’s strange, nobody else I was with over weekend at pub, club, and in a car with, had anything ???



    Viruses such as Covid, Influenza and Colds can be caught from surfaces like tables, bartops, doors etc. where the trace has been left by anyone in the room or general vicinity and doesn’t necessarily have to be from someone who was in your company.



    If none of your company/contacts have the virus, that’s down to pot luck and you were the unlucky one.



    Get well soon and here’s hoping for a good result on Saturday to pick you up.

  16. Civic nationalism, also known as liberal nationalism, is a form of nationalism identified by political philosophers who believe in an inclusive form of nationalism that adheres to traditional liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, individual rights and has no ethnocentrism.

  17. Lionroars 67,



    You have taken my quote about more in common with Liverpool out of context. ( But you already know that )



    I stated ” Sometimes I feel I have more in common with the people of Liverpool ”



    This was a reply to AT and a reference to some in Scotland who are Tories and huns. It was a considered reaction to recent events.



    To reiterate i do not have much in common with Scottish huns and Tories. Do you ?



    Hail hail to you and all Celtic supporters.

  18. Excellent read, informative and educational



    Civic vs. ethnic nationalism in Britain: lessons from the UK … › politicsandpolicy › civic-vs-eth…


    20 Sept 2019 — In short, the civic nationalist believes that everyone who adheres to and values the institutions and civic value of the nation belongs to the …

  19. It might be 20 years too late but I am starting to warm to BQ.



    As deputy governors of the BoE go he is head and shoulders above CB — who was talking tripe on the Today programme this morning with his Maggie luv / edited highlights of her 11 year train wreck.



    Interested to find out what structural adjustments he is looking for?


    And will it go beyond the usual targets — the sick / the poor / the under employed?

  20. As long as Labour have a Shadow Cabinet like the ones now ,they are no different from the Tories,as for independence in Scotland we need a Scottish Labour Party cutting ties with English Labour and putting Scotland first and if it means in bed with the SNP so be it .

  21. GP


    You claimed a great love of pubs, a great community institution you referred to it especially when Celtic is playing



    It appears i caused you great offense, by referring to a post of yours as resembling “guff” you said below



    It would be impolite and demeaning to state you talk ” guff”



    We have frequented different pubs GP, in my lifetime to take offense at being told you talk guff, would send the pubs I have visited into hysterics, modern term is a snowflake I believe, I will keep it polite so as not to offend

  22. and national mourning is closed today, you peasants and serfs can go back to wearing your normal cheap dark clothing.

  23. TB10 @ 9.53



    Comments like that show that you cannot deal with reality.


    No different from the Tories — you are having a laugh.



    Starting with what variety of Tory is KS supposed to be the same as?



    You don’t win the war by running away.


    You need to fight the Tories — in all their various shades — and their right wing mentalist bag of ideas where you find them.



    Not retreat North and hope for the best.


    That was tried at Culloden and it didn’t end well.

  24. Oor nationalism is good.



    “Very odd”



    That’s what Jeremy Corbyn thinks of the decision to sing the national anthem at the Labour Party conference this weekend




    I want Keir Starmer to empathise with working people’s problems, not triangulate off Mail & Telegraph opinion polls on what mythical middle England want. He should go for the rent controls and non-eviction of the Scottish Govt. We’re surrounded by Union Jacks – Mick Lynch



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