Give me Cluj, Jullien time


While Celtic go through the motions in Estonia tonight, Cluj take a one-goal lead to Tel-Aviv to face Maccabi to determine who we face in the next round.  Cluj enjoyed a 1-0 home win over Dinamo Bucharest on Saturday.  Dinamo have not won a point or scored a goal in their three league games this season, so that win was little more than functionary.  The Israeli season has yet to start and Maccabi had the week off in preparation for the second leg.  Including friendlies, Maccabi have played only five games this season.

Neither team are as strong as AEK Athens, whom we met in the third round last season, but I would prefer Cluj to progress, possibly due to the fright we got the last time we were in Israel against Be’er Shiva.

With little at risk, tonight is a perfect opportunity for Christopher Jullien to make his competitive debut.  Five games across the next four weeks will go a long way to determine the outcome of our season.  We will need a solid central defensive partnership to succeed.  Christopher will need to get match fit in a short space of time.

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  1. Would much prefer we played the team from Israel.


    But both look beatable.


    For all the noise about UEFA we do get plenty of winnable games at this stage.


    Didn’t Tony Mowbrays Celtic get Arsenal whilst Oneills Celtic had to dispose of Ajax.


    I am not sure we will have to beat teams of that quality if we make the final play off round.

  2. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Hail Hail,



    Looking forward to the game tonight and have look at the new boys in competitive action.



    Hate to say but Lennon is boring me when it comes to transfer talk. Does new signings hinge on Euro CL (better players) or Europa (not so good players) or is it a case of accepting what the board give him??




  3. Are the anti immigrants still here ?



    Are the prophets of doom still here ?



    Page 5 of the last thread was like landing into follow follow.


    Pesky immigrants and scapegoaters .







    Ps . It doesn’t matter a jot who we get next round, both will be difficult games but certainly winnable. HH

  4. Paul67



    Job done with an attacking home performance, tonight is about fitness and fringe players.



    The real game is on Saturday and looking back on NFL’s comments the Celtic RB transfer saga


    is indeed, a slow process.



    The Internet is tedious, especially if you’re in the F5 brigade



    On Saturday we’re low on RB’s and CB’s and the the window is a shambles at worst, or unfinished at best.

  5. Looking forward to him start tonight



    2016/17 50 apps 25 goals


    2017/18 55 apps 18 goals


    2018/19 55 apps 17 goals



    160 apps 60 goals


    Average 1 goal every 2.7 games



    160 apps 9 trophies won


    Average 1 trophy every 17.8 games

  6. Cluj for me.You are right Paul,on a very poor domestic run.


    For Saturday,dont see any problems with Ajer,and Nir in defence.Not sure either will be under too much pressure.We know the way SJ,will line up.The hard part will be for the attackers,of which we have very good ones.3-4-3,for me.Anthony,Eddy,Griff,Jamesy,will give them a torrid time.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HEKNOWSWHOKNOWS on 30TH JULY 2019 12:58 PM


    Laptop can take HDMI connections.


    Thank you,is spec any good?

  8. Same as last season, I like to look back on the 90s 9IAR to see if there are similarities or lessons to be learned.



    Last season was 1995/96 and had similarities in that the challenger had finally got a decent team together after financial crises. The difference was that last season the challengers did not perform anywhere near as well as in 95/96 and did not get as close



    This season is 96/97 and similarly, the challengers spent some money (di Canio, Stubbs, Johnson), had loads of goals in them but ultimately the defence (inc def mid) and the pressure told.



    I think the situation is similar this year with sevco banging in the goals but ultimately don’t have a great defence



    in 96/97, we lost all 4 games against Rangers and that lost us the title (5 point gap in the end but about 10 I think after they beat us at home)



    The Ibrox game in September is massive in my opinion, as is the requirement for us to be direct and batter the lower teams away. We need to be ahead in the league by the end of Sep such that the expected early run for them is de-railed

  9. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Bada, what I would say is the Barras would have beat the price and specification back in the day,:)

  10. mullet and co 2 on

    Going into the next round we should have at least 1 right back available. We are in the best nic we have been in for any qualification programme I remember.



    In the past we either had no centre backs or no centre forward.



    A first team right back coming in for QR3 and then a striker for QR4 would be quite good. Strikers always make a difference for us in these games. New ones especially.



    Out of the transfers we have done and the players we remain linked with I think it’s highly possible we will sign a centre back too. I’m thinking Pavlovic and a right back from the Swiss league maybe.



    Cifuentes has a whiff of Arzani transfer reaction about it. I think we will purchase the player but there is an agreement in his contract re Man City.



    A 4th striker would need to be either older or extremely young. As long as he can head the ball and hold it I’m not fussed.

  11. ` Forrest and McGregor rested tonight.`


    Good to hear….even better if they haven`t even travelled to Estonia .



  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    He knows- thanks for replies,basic computer stuff, and HDMI link for Fire Safety training (plug….)

  13. Por Cierto


    Excellent news.Thank you.


    ( Although I might not think the news is so excellent if we lose 6-0 !!)



  14. Coneybhoy on 30th July 2019 1:04 pm




    You’re giving der Hun way too much credit. They’re weaker this season.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on 30th July 2019 12:45 pm








    Can someone tell this daftie,if this laptop has an HDMI port? Any thoughts/suggestions welcome, ta.




    I haven’t commented on CQN in years but read the comments most days. Not liking people making mistakes when buying PCs prompts me to provide a little advice to a fellow Celt.


    Take what you want from this but I would say keep away from any PC that has a Celeron processor. Good for very minor document production. In this day and age the very minimum you should be looking at are an i5 (intel) processor and 4gb of memory. if you can afford a pc with an i7 and 8gb memory then get that. Also, try get a pc with an SSD (Solid Sate Drive) instead of an old style hard drive (HDD)…you will not regret it.


    In short, get as high a spec PC as you can afford.



    Hope this helps.



    Hail Hail

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dublinbhoy- thanks very much for reply,your advice will keep this numpty on the right track HH

  17. So far, I’m liking how Lenny is going about his business when he was appointed there were a series of scurrilous posts made. Bit by bit Lenny is shutting up the naysayers, Obviously he is always just one poor performance or poor result away from being demonised but that is the way it has always been, we are Glasgow Celtic, best Supporters in the World.


    Anyway good call Lenny to let Cal Mac & James at home. Good to see Julien start, would love to see Maryan Shved in as well, not sure if it’s too early for our new right back & don’t know this years plan for Luca but I’ll guess, Bain, Boli, Julien.Bitton,Ajer, Brooney,N’tcham, Christie,Shved, Mikey & The Griff, Sinclair my wild card.

  18. I know the MSSM have had Sevco having a wonderful Close Season but I will be surprised if they take three points from their opening League game. Very surprised


    .I fully expect them to go through against Progres Niederkorn but I think they will find Killie a very different prospect. My prediction: Killie 0 No Progess Needthecorn 0.




  19. With little at risk, tonight is a perfect opportunity for Christopher Jullien to make his competitive debut



    why would it be a risk if the game was tighter , he is our second highest priced signing and would be physically fit being a top professional so are we talking about a mental or attitude issue getting these players up to speed.

  20. PS hope we don’t sell Kouassi.. punt ntcham he is not interested. Even Keep Hendry…or sell him no loans.. Keep SS… if we only get £2M for him seems stupid where could we buy a player as good as him for that money?

  21. Henry Joy 1.42pm



    Just lunchtime musings based on pre season results; first few league games will be the proof of the pudding.



    as someone mentioned earlier, the rest of the pack look poor this year (Killie back in bottom 6 i think, Hearts/Hibs average , Aberdeen sliding,)



    the bit i forgot to say was ; were Rangers fans running scared of us in 96/97? I don’t think they were and we had a miles better team 96/97 than sevco have now (i was in England by then so not qualified to confirm)



    says a lot about their mindset (arrogant whether they are good or bad), and ours (struggle to enjoy success as we are scared of losing it). A load of historical, cultural and political reasons for it but i really do think it is still there unfortunately

  22. IniquitousIV on

    TURKEYBHOY 10:13 last thread.



    To clarify – I ignored the media, and compared the leaked minutes of our targets with Paul 67’s headlines. You mentioned that we have been consistently outbid by Championship sides. This is exactly my point. So why are spinning our wheels in that market?



    Aribo was listed in the minutes as a potential target, and I clearly stated there was no record of any bid from us. We did attempt to get Harper, Sawyers, Stacey and Smith and struck out each time. I am not counting Connell as his cost was nominal.



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