Give me someone with a point to prove


This ‘Dundee United period’ of our history will be remembered for years, but despite Sunday’s Cup Final win, the fondness of the memory is yet to be established.  If we drop the ball tonight, the League Cup will look like little more than the consolation prize.

It’s been a while since we’ve had to play an important game without Stefan Johansen.  Add this to the fact that we are also without our two recent recruits from United and you have the makings of an experimental midfield.  Given a choice, I’d prefer to have a player with a point to prove than someone marking time.

Billy Beane has appointed official adviser at AZ Alkmaar. Former Oakland Atheltics’ (baseball team) general manager who was the inspiration for Michael Lewis book, Moneyball, will be cutting his teeth in Dutch football. Like the Oakland A’s, Alkmaar have to figure out a way to compete against teams with greater resources.

The lesson from Moneyball is seldom understood. It’s not about buying low and selling high, or imposing some-or-other financial prudence, it’s about measuring things which are really important in the game but not yet being measured.

Moneyball tactics from three years ago are not Moneyball tactics anymore, perpetual innovation is the lesson. Good luck to AZ.

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  1. squire danaher on

    Paul 67



    Maybe an idea on matchdays to include at the end of your daily article details of any scheduled TV coverage of games



    It would save those wirhout the capacity to use a TV EPG or read a newspaper or bookie coupon comin on here asking the question.

  2. Gordon



    Matthews Denayer VVD Izzie



    Jamsie Brown Bitton






    Griffiths Stokes

  3. gamriestu



    12:59 on 18 March, 2015



    Is the game on Celtic TV tonight for us oversea-ers ?




    AUDIO ONLY! UEFA regulations.




  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Thunder Road-just a wee question after GM’s kind gesture.Would it have been a difference to you if you could pay at the gate? I think folk are put off by queueing for a ticket for 30-40 mins,then another queue to get into the park.Pay at the gate,cash or debit card at turnstiles should be happening IMO.We could start it next season, using the area covered by the banner.

  5. Geordie Munro on




    Broony would certainly burn off his booze and burger with that line up




  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    geordie munro



    12:56 on 18 March, 2015Watching the budget there on my lunch (I know I know)Who is that sitting on Terresa Mays left hand side? :-oHubba hubba csc



    Anne Widdicombe.ACGR will want a word with you btw…:)

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ciftci wouldn’t have made Sunday if eligible,as he was injured.Was told he was doubtful for tonight too.From the DU manager btw.

  8. charles kickham on

    See if humans are so developed, clever, sophisticated etc how come we still have to dance about like an eejit when we get soap in our eyes in the shower – like I just did

  9. Geordie Munro on

    Thunder road,



    I’ll be tight for time neebs.



    Best make it adjacent to turnstile. I usually go in 20 odds to 30 odds. Section 108.



    Get my email and we’ll get it sorted :)




  10. Geordie Munro on







    I need a better look. Want to make sure it wasnt just the company she was keeping. :)

  11. A heads up for those interested in having a say on Celtic matters.



    The Celtic Supporters Trust AGM






    Annual General Meeting Saturday 21nd March 2015 11.00am-12.30.





    1. Chairperson’s opening remarks.


    2. Minutes of last AGM


    3. Secretary’s Report.


    4. Treasurer’s Report


    5. Report on Trust Activities not covered by above reports


    6. Resolutions


    a. Resolution re audit


    b. Resolution re enhancing supporter representation.


    c. Any other proposed/tabled resolution.


    7. Elections to the Board of Trustees


    8. Future Strategy


    9. Trust activities for the year ahead.


    10. AOCB


    11. Dates and venue for meetings during 2014 and for AGM 2016



    Resolutions on the following will be proposed by the Board



    1. Resolution authorising a lay audit of Trust Accounts


    2. Resolution re enhancing supporter representation.(Wording to be decided)



    Members are welcome to raise any matter which is relevant and which they would like to have discussed.



    Non members are also welcome and can participate in any discussions but cannot vote on any matter requiring a vote.



    On the opening point about having a say: The CST put forward a resolution at the last AGM concerning how all supporters (not just those in the CST) could have more input into decisions affecting supporters through the role (not the person) of the Supporter Liaison Officer SLO.



    Following discussion between the CST and Celtic, the resolution was adjourned in favour of ongoing meetings with Celtic through the SLO to look at how communications could be improved .



    I understand this process has begun and hopefully it will result in an arrangement that will be seen to be giving all the support an input on matters affecting them.



    So come along on Saturday before the game and listen or speak on matters that concern you.



    The bar in the Celtic Supporters Club will no doubt be open for business thereafter :)

  12. mike in toronto on

    charles kickham @ 13:27



    Jung would say that it is part of a collective sacred ritual designed to appease the gods of soap and showers, so as to ensure that your eyes stay soap free next shower.



    Much like the ritual dance I do before every Celtic game to appease the Big Man to ensure a Celtic victory. After which I also sacrifice a ceremonial sausage roll (again, simply to appease the Big Man).



    Ritual is very important.




  13. Forgot SJ was out



    Going to be very tough tonight



    I’d say 2-1 to the good ghuys



    We got a couple of options – KC in the now SJ role and play Forrest and Stokes?



    Or KC on the right and play Hendo in SJ role?

  14. I hope to be at CQN Corner from about 7.10 tonight so if anyone wants to pay cash to enter Last Man Standing 4 I’ll be happy to accept. And not too late to join in, just drop an email to and be part of the fun – as well as helping Wee Shay.

  15. The Good Ship Celtica on

    Good afternoon,



    Ticket available this evening due to prior engagement. Needs to be picked up from Sandyhills area between 6 and 7pm. No charge. First come, first served.





    Sailing On….

  16. mike in toronto on

    Charles …



    ps …. forgot to ask…. since you just did this, and are posting, do you have your computer in the shower?

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I may be on my own here but I’m dreading hearing team news with Forrest and Commons in the team, absolutely dreading it. If it happens I see us being overran in the midfield as there ball winning and tackling skills are pretty much nil. I’ve nothing against either player who on their day can be fantastic for us, just not in the same starting 11. Either Henderson or McGregor for me with either KC or JF, but definitely not both.

  18. We’ll probably start with Forrest, Commons and Stokes which is fine by me.



    Ronny doesn’t really fancy Wakaso, Tonev, Boeriggter or McGregor. I agree with him on the whole.



    Wakaso has some shot on him though

  19. Drambowiecelt on

    Bada 13.14 Now yer talking… gates would swell. it’s mental we can pay


    for everything under the sun ,but trying to get to a gemmme, is like a military action


    Ghengis would be proud of.Pay at the gate for those who want to go and see the Tic off the cuff,


    but can’t afford the ole season ticket, Is the Biz.





  20. ScottishLeaf



    Great stats which justify the need tonight to be even more behind our team. A really curious reversal of the trend for most of the 20th century when the cup games pulled in the bigger crowds.






    Ha ha. Yes sure. Main Stand upper. Stamping my feet on the old wooden floor with every throw in we win.



    Anyone who has ever sat next to me at a celtic game knows I am never for moaning about much other than folk who sit and moan.

  21. charles kickham



    13:27 on 18 March, 2015


    See if humans are so developed, clever, sophisticated etc how come we still have to dance about like an eejit when we get soap in our eyes in the shower – like I just did




    Because evolution doesn’t combat stupidity. Just the other day I poked myself in the eye with the leg of my glasses.

  22. charles kickham on

    mike in toronto



    13:37 on 18 March, 2015



    As long as it’s for greater good and the gods are happy with my sacrificial red eye – no waterproof computer at work just one good eye and my mobile :-)

  23. Folk on here last night saying they got a wee sausage for the Zombs game, and that was a champs league night?


    Or maybe it’s different cos they’re lower league. Haha. Oh me.

  24. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    I’d like to see Wackaso get a start playing in front of Izzy. They could interchange which would be helpful.




  25. charles kickham on




    13:50 on 18 March, 2015



    I’ve a mate that does that – and I laugh – so it must all be karma

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    mullet and co 2



    12:42 on 18 March, 2015


    Paul Hollywood always has something to prove.





    Agreed. However he will knead some dough to do it.

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The game on Celtic TV tonight is available on audio only, to all subscribers.


    Delayed visual at a later time.

  28. mike in toronto on

    Charles K …. okay then ….



    given the time over here, today’s game is at 3:45 in the afternoon … I have to close my door before I do my ceremonial dance …. my assistant doesn’t need to see me doing my ceremonial dance …. hopping on one leg (the left one, of course) while I eat my sausage roll and sing ‘The Celtic Song’…..



    Fortunately, I have learned that God is a tim (or, the Gods are tims) … so I find that, more often than not, he is/they are pleased with my offering, and reward me with a bounty of trophies … but I am a bit concerned about today as the god(s) seem to be less attentive for Wednesday games (although that seems to be the case more so when we are playing in the Champions League) …..



    my only concern is that I dont have a sausage roll for today …. wonder if they will like an offering of grilled chicken with couscous instead.

  29. Could it be that some over Govan way are catching on ?




    Bill McMurdo




    March 18, 2015




    Last night’s dismal 2-2 draw with Alloa has left Rangers fans in no doubt that the fix of problems on the pitch is far from being a quick one.



    Rangers were abysmal and if there is a McCall Factor that provides impetus and a forward thrust to this team, it has yet to kick in.



    Off the field, matters are even worse.



    Rangers forums abound with fans voicing their concerns that the new regime behind the scenes at Ibrox has not started any better than the new football manager.



    And they are right to be concerned.



    My understanding is that the cash situation at Ibrox is critical.



    The word is that HMRC have not been paid for last month and there is not enough cash to pay wages at the end of this month.



    Sports Direct will only advance money from the £5m facility if due diligence is satisfied. That will be a problem considering the short time scale. Besides which, it would be extremely embarrassing if the new board were to be seen going cap in hand to their opponent in the boardroom war.



    If the directors cannot pay their bills and they are aware that no further cash is forthcoming then they are trading insolvently. Should liquidation follow, these directors are financially liable.



    Not much of a prize for the incoming board members.



    The new board appear to have counted on full houses at Ibrox . Even if that had happened there would have been a £200k deficit per month. Last night’s attendance (Rangers v Alloa) was 28,000. Many of these seats would not be paid for on the night. The monthly deficit is therefore much greater than £200k eg £300-£400k.



    On top of this, four major staff are now on gardening leave – Ally McCoist £700k pa, Kenny McDowell £220k Derek Llambias £150k Barry leach £140K A total of £1,210,000.



    With the product on the park hardly likely to inspire any kind of bounce effect, things look gloomy for the new regime.



    We also still await the announcement of the new Nomad. Every day that goes by brings the threat of delisting much nearer.



    My information is that at least one person has turned down the CEO job due to the dire state of funds.



    You also have to wonder why the print media are not giving the incomers the same level of scrutiny as previous boards. Perhaps for them it’s job done and they have the board they wanted.



    It’s all very well saying give the new lot time. The fact is, they got the gig because they told fans things were desperate. So if that is the case, why haven’t they hit the ground running with a raft of clearly laid out plans, strategies and objectives?



    The irony here is that, having stoked the unease and suspicions of the fan base, this new regime must now endure the consequences of such trained on them. It is very easy to see that as every day goes by, the supporters are becoming increasingly worried and disconcerted at an apparent lack of forward progress. Dave King’s return to South Africa has not helped.



    Sniping at the new board is to be expected from those who opposed them to begin with. But already these have been joined by people who were prepared to give Kingco a chance. The momentum is growing and unless it is halted, even ardent King supporters might turn.



    The solution is very simple. Dave King and his cohorts must dig deep to find the finances required to turn things around.



    The clock is ticking and this time Rangers’ very existence is at stake.

  30. charles kickham on

    mike in toronto



    14:02 on 18 March, 2015



    Better get sorted pronto mate – I don’t want you ending up a scapegoat if things don’t go according to plan – some people on here have long memories :-)

  31. charles kickham


    13:27 on


    18 March, 2015


    See if humans are so developed, clever, sophisticated etc how come we still have to dance about like an eejit when we get soap in our eyes in the shower – like I just did




    Support the Southsiders…..then you`ll have no need to shower. Or dance.

  32. squire danaher on




    13:35 on 18 March, 2015


    Forgot SJ was out



    Going to be very tough tonight



    I’d say 2-1 to the good ghuys



    We got a couple of options – KC in the now SJ role and play Forrest and Stokes?









    13:38 on 18 March, 2015


    We’ll probably start with Forrest, Commons and Stokes which is fine by me.






    Might be fine by you but not me and prob not Efe and Izzy.



    With no Johansen we have to go Henderson as direct replacement.



    I despair of anyone who has watched this Celtic unit and thinks we can function with all 3 of Commons, Stokes and Forrest as starters.