Give me someone with a point to prove


This ‘Dundee United period’ of our history will be remembered for years, but despite Sunday’s Cup Final win, the fondness of the memory is yet to be established.  If we drop the ball tonight, the League Cup will look like little more than the consolation prize.

It’s been a while since we’ve had to play an important game without Stefan Johansen.  Add this to the fact that we are also without our two recent recruits from United and you have the makings of an experimental midfield.  Given a choice, I’d prefer to have a player with a point to prove than someone marking time.

Billy Beane has appointed official adviser at AZ Alkmaar. Former Oakland Atheltics’ (baseball team) general manager who was the inspiration for Michael Lewis book, Moneyball, will be cutting his teeth in Dutch football. Like the Oakland A’s, Alkmaar have to figure out a way to compete against teams with greater resources.

The lesson from Moneyball is seldom understood. It’s not about buying low and selling high, or imposing some-or-other financial prudence, it’s about measuring things which are really important in the game but not yet being measured.

Moneyball tactics from three years ago are not Moneyball tactics anymore, perpetual innovation is the lesson. Good luck to AZ.

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  1. Mike in Toronto



    I love the Darwin awards. Stupidity is one of the few human traits that can be completely relied upon to show us that we’re not quite as advanced as we think we are.


    All hail the dumb asses.



    Charles Kickham


    Laughing at your mate? It serves you right chief. Lol

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    If Celtic manage to half fill the stadium tonight it will be a good achievement in today’s terms. If you were at Tannadice a week and a half ago, then Hamdump, now tonight at Parkhead – you are skint.



    This has already been acknowledged in pricing and seating arrangements.



    Trebles chasing is sometimes beyond the means of all Celtic fans.

  3. charles kickham on

    Bobby Russell



    14:06 on 18 March, 2015



    It goes without saying – I’d rather have soap in both eyes :-)

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    drambowiecelt-we need to move with the times as far as getting guys into the park as quick as we can,it’s an ole chestnut of mine.Try and make a pay at the gate for every home game or as many as practicable.Not everyone can afford a Season Ticket.HH

  5. From TBK.



    Investigations & Enforcement Technical Team





    TBK says:


    March 18, 2015 at 12:26 pm


    I have just been passed this from a friend (of a friend)…… Interestingly it confirms much of what has been mooted for so long in regard to Kings F&P status & successor company….



    Dear “(redacted for anonymity)”



    RE: RFC 2012 Plc, formerly The Rangers Football Club Plc



    Thank you for your email of “(redacted for anonymity)” which has been referred to Enforcement Technical for reply as it concerns the re-use of a company name.



    When a company goes into creditors’ voluntary or compulsory liquidation, insolvency law restricts the use of names which were previously used by the company. This restriction does not apply to companies in administration.



    Anyone who was a director of the company within the twelve months before liquidation is prohibited by section 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986 from taking part in the management of any business using a name which had been used by the company during those twelve months.



    The prohibition, which lasts for five years, extends to unincorporated sole trader and partnership businesses, and includes names which are so similar to a name used by the company in liquidation that they suggest an association with it.



    There are some limited exceptions to this general rule but if someone who is not covered by one of the exceptions breaches this prohibition they not only commit a criminal offence, but also become personally liable for any debts of a company using the name.



    One of the exceptions to the prohibition on the use of similar names is where a new business with a prohibited name acquires the whole, or substantially the whole, of the business of the company from the liquidator.



    The other exceptions are where the person has obtained permission from the court for the use of the prohibited name, or where a limited company using the similar name had used that name for the whole of the twelve months before the liquidating company went into liquidation.



    You say that “Rangers PLC went into liquidation in 2012. Both of these people [David Cunningham King and Paul Murray] served as directors up until that time”. RFC 2012 Plc (formerly known as The Rangers Football Club Plc) went into administration on 14 February 2012 and liquidation on 31 October 2012. Companies House shows that Paul Murray resigned on 23 May 2011 namely more than 12 months before the liquidation. However, David King resigned on 1 June 2012 which is within the 12 months before liquidation.



    If you consider that someone is taking part in the management of a business with a prohibited name and that none of the exceptions apply, you can report it via the Insolvency Service’s complaint system at:



    I trust this assists.



    Yours sincerely



    “(redacted for anonymity)”



    Investigations & Enforcement Technical Team …………………….




    TBK says:


    March 18, 2015 at 12:45 pm


    I thought that last para most interesting…………”If you consider that someone is taking part in the management of a business with a prohibited name and that none of the exceptions apply, you can report it via the Insolvency Service’s complaint system at:”



    perhaps the Insolvency Service should look at what exactly David Cunningham King’s involvement in this successor club/company is via Bill McMurdos claims ……. :mrgreen:

  6. TBK says:


    March 18, 2015 at 1:08 pm



    Hows that change in Directorship dossier coming along? In particular King ……or indeed Murrays F&P status in terms of 10.2 (j)



    “Scottish Football Association – Articles of Association



    10.2 The Official Return shall include details of all officials, office-bearers, secretary, directors or members of the board of management or committee of such member, Team Staff, with their full designation, profession, business or occupation and full service address, and also, subject to the provisions of Article 13, full details of the interest of such member or any official, office-bearer, secretary, director or member of the board of management or committee of such member and of its or his associates as defined in Article 13.5 in any other member. The Board must be satisfied that any such person is fit and proper to hold such position within Association Football. The Board hereby reserves its discretion as to whether or not such a person is fit and proper, as aforesaid, after due consideration of all relevant facts which the Board has in its possession and knowledge, including the undernoted list which is acknowledged to be illustrative and not exhaustive:-……..



    (j) he has been a director of a club in membership of any National Association within the 5-year period preceding such club having undergone an insolvency event…”






    10.8 In the event of a Change of Control of any club, the board of directors or the board of management or committee (as the case may be) of such club immediately prior to the Change of Control shall prepare and deliver to the Scottish FA (in such form as the Scottish FA shall prescribe from time to time) at the time of or prior to the Change of Control a certificate signed by an authorised signatory of the outgoing board of directors or the board of management or committee (as the case may be) of such club confirming that they have conducted an investigation into the provenance of the person(s) who is/are prepared to take Control of the club, having regard to the factors listed in Article 10.2, together with such other factors as they (acting reasonably) think fit. In the event that the Board is not satisfied that any such person(s) is or are fit and proper to hold a position within Association Football and determines that the outgoing board of directors or the board of management or committee (as the case may be) of the relevant club which prepared the certificate referred to in this Article 10.8 did not act with due care and attention in doing so, the club shall be deemed to be in breach of these Articles and the Judicial Panel will have jurisdiction to deal with any such breach and to impose sanctions in relation to it as prescribed within the Judicial Panel Protocol.”



    TBK says:


    March 18, 2015 at 1:16 pm


    senior says:


    March 18, 2015 at 1:04 pm



    Yes, Insolvency Service could move to have King arrested/ imprisoned or fined regardless if the company is listed or not.



    King and Murray still need approval of SFA in terms of the Articles of Association ….. see 10.2 (j)



    IMO, neither pass this.

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    Back page Glasgow Evening Times……………”Gers season starts now”



    GodLoveThem CSC

  8. squire



    It’s a bit lightweight, but if Utd sit back as much as they did in the cup final could be worthwhile



    My preference would be Hendo CAM with Stokes and Commons in the wider positions




  9. Tom McLaughlin





    12:22 on



    18 March, 2015





    Burnley78 –



    I remember in the late 60s, Celtic and Hearts fought out a thrilling 3-3 draw in a Scottish Cup quarter-final tie at Tynecastle.



    Celtic won the replay 3-1 on the Wednesday in front of 72,000 cash-paying supporters.



    *hate tae be pedantic Tom but it was 1966 and Wispy lobbed the Faither for their goal.



    On the same night Falkirk beat the deid team 3-2 at Brockville tae enhance our Champions prospect.



    As for 72k…aye right, couldnae swing a cat in the Celtic end that night.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on




    14:12 on 18 March, 2015Back page Glasgow Evening Times……………”Gers season starts now”GodLoveThem CSC


    Seriously ?

  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    It’s a typo



    Supposed to read: “Jersey season starts now” referring to Jersey Royal new potatoes which of course, are now coming into season.



    As I recall, Charles Green once had a plan for a potato crop at Ayebrokes. Doubt it’s related though.

  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Squire Danaher…



    I despair of anyone who has watched this Celtic unit and thinks we can function with all 3 of Commons, Stokes and Forrest as starters



    great shout, 100% agree

  13. Glasgow Dave



    some may be catching on, but not all.



    I listened to some deluded fool on the phone-in last week, debating the merits of whether another season in the championship would be better than promotion.



    His opinion was it would be better to be promoted ” cos ah onnestli fink wur no that far behind sellik”




    I got to thinking what would an aggregate score would be between sevco and Inter. I opted for 10- 0 or thereabouts!



    Green tinted specs maybe? Not at all.



    I had a look at their squad and thought to myself that not one of their side would get near the Celtic 11. Then I added to the list and quickly came up with 16 Celtic players who would keep ALL of their squad out our side, then went further and actually got to 25 Celtic players who I would genuinely have in my team in front of any Sevcoite.



    I am sure many on here will add a few more that I have no doubt forgotten, but would anyone on here, in all honestly, have just 1 of them in front of any of these;



















    Jason D














    Liam H






















    That is how far behind us they are……………

  14. The key to tonight’s formation for me is the midfield axis of Brown and Bitton. We should be tampering with this, and I would also like to see Henderson start.



    Sin a bfhuil agam a ra.



    Árd Macha

  15. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Is it Dundee United or Barcelona we’re playing tonight ? The anxiety on here regarding the midfield would suggest the latter.







    Commons double ..



    Guidetti and Forrest :)



    It’s the DU cloggers I’m more concerned about .. Almost guaranteed they’ll get a player sent off.

  16. mike in toronto on

    Rock Tree Bhoy



    I think you will find considerable support for your/SD’s position … add in LG up front, and it means that we are basically playing a 4-2-4 system…. for several seasons, our midfield has been getting overrun by lesser teams playing a 4-5-1 system ….. we get by usually, because our players are better…. but, we do make it unnecessarily difficult for ourselves sometimes.



    Win the midfield … win the war.

  17. @squire danaher



    I would of course prefer GMS, Armstrong or Johansen play. But those three are who we have got.



    The only other option is starting both Guidetti & Griffiths.



    I like Henderson but I think he’s going to be more suited in the CM postions

  18. mike in toronto on

    twists … not a popular opinion on here, but I think there was a time when LW was better than Izzy. LW has gone off the boil … but, in fairness to the sevco players, it must be hard to come in and give your all, when year after year, you are swimming in *** ….



    we can all say that they are pros and get paid to play, and there is some truth to that, but they (with a few exceptions) are humans, and that crap is eventually going to wear anyone down.



    They were never as great a squad as they would have had us believe, but neither are they as bad as they seem currently.

  19. Geordie Munro



    Wont get home until 5 then im back out to catch my bus about half an hour later.



    Will you be able to get my email off Paul?



    IF you can, leave me a message and i will reply when im home.



    Hopefully you will be able to read it by then!

  20. squire danaher on

    mike in toronto 14:29 – absolutely



    timaloy29 14:29







    Broon Biton


    Forrest Henderson Commons


    Griffiths or Guidetti

  21. Wish I could go tonight. Flipping exams.



    Going to be a difficult game, we’re going to miss Johansen.



    United will see this as their last big hurrah, so I can see it getting a bit physical. We’ll have to be careful.



    Hopefully the better pitch should allow us to play a better passing game and open them up a bit if they decide to sit deep again.



    Hoping to see Stokes start, thought he was great on Sunday.

  22. Mike and Charles:



    Ritual is extremely important, which explains why I am NOT wearing


    my green shirt to work today . . . it has not helped the last two midweek games!



    I will still of course devour the half time pie, just in case.




  23. Vizz Handy hints



    To avoid those unfortunate bath time moments when


    you get soap in your eyes.


    I have removed the capability by removing the


    soap from my bath times..









    charles kickham


    13:27 on


    18 March, 2015


    See if humans are so developed, clever, sophisticated etc how come we still have to dance about like an eejit when we get soap in our eyes in the shower – like I just did

  24. twists n turns



    They certainly are in a bad way, and the above post from McMurdo could have been written by Phil.



    I suspect Hearts would inprove none, by taking any of them, let alone us.


    and there are few other teams in the first division that wouldn’t touch them.


    I don’t watch them, but sit with 3 good sevco ST holders and even they are scathing.



    To be fair to them they just laugh at everything that happens now, and are as totally anaesthetize to the whoe debacle.



    The only guy they ever mention as having some talent is Templeton, and they would also get rid of Elbows, quicker than any tim.




  25. mike in toronto on

    tobagostreet … since you are having a pie, you couldn’t manage to scrounge up a sausage roll, and have it sent to my office, could you? Just to be safe….

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Comments seem a bit slow today so here’s one I should have made a lot earlier,



    When we played deidco in the league cupe semi, had the shoe been on the other foot and it was us in the grubber and them in fine fettle, do you think they would have eased off at 2 nil?



    Absolutely no chance, they would have piled it on and scored as many as they could, they would have gone flat out to humiliate,



    unfortunately we dont have that killer instinct, teams that win trebles usually do, think Ronnie is trying to instill it, but right now we are nowhere near as ruthless as we should be, imo.

  27. Paul67 et al



    The Ides of March have come, and gone, and Caeser lives. A star of heaven comes back to earth and lights up Loch Ness. The Aurora Borealis turns the sky over Lewis gold and the sky over the Slemish Mountain green, on St Patrick’s Day. And the only time we will be eclipsed will not be tonight, but on Friday morning, after which the sun will shine again. This is no ordinary week, this is a special week, this is an Astral Week!

  28. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I like Joe Hanson as a player and of course he will be missed but we are not a one man team someone else will come in and it is up to who ever that is to grab the chance that is what our squad is all about.We are at home against Dundee Utd. when did we last lose at home to Utd. ? when is the last time we lost two games in a row at home? I will go for a narrow Celtic victory. H.H.

  29. !!Bada Bing!!


    13:14 on


    18 March, 2015


    Thunder Road-just a wee question after GM’s kind gesture.Would it have been a difference to you if you could pay at the gate? I think folk are put off by queueing for a ticket for 30-40 mins,then another queue to get into the park.Pay at the gate,cash or debit card at turnstiles should be happening IMO.We could start it next season, using the area covered by the banner.



    Been saying that for ages mate.Disgraceful when you are trying to get people out to the game.These days of computerised turnstyles,it should be no problem.The sheer effort of getting a ticket puts way to many off.

  30. Rock Tree Bhoy



    I thought the very same at the time, the huns would still be scoring if the roles were reversed.



    I dont think we inflicted enough pain, and i hope we never meet them again -)))

  31. Thomthethim/Ard Macha.



    Was reading back this morning and enjoyed your chat bout Doon Well.Class wee place,well i am kinda biased :-).My aunt was reared there and my own folks were born but a mile and a half away from it



    Head up the path to the rock were 25 O’Donnell chiefs were inaugerated from Eighneachan in 1200 to Niall Garbh in 1603.


    Red Hugh ODonnell was inaugerated there on 3rd May 1592.Cahir Rua O’Dogherty a gaelic cheiftain was defeated by Sir Arthur Chichester in 1608, with the onset of ‘planting’




    head out to the Mass Rock,which has a path out to it,which during penal times Mass was said under threat of death to all attending.




    after all that praying and picture taking, head to the Lagoon for a bite to eat.wean friendly and a good bite to eat :-)





    Enjoy and Hail hail




  32. Geordie Munro on




    Have you seen the state of the turnstile queues some nights?



    Some canny touch a card against a pad never mind chip and pin.



    The idea has legs bit would have to be a designated area, not every turnstile