Giving players an excuse to fail


Hamilton Accies suffered a seven goal defeat last time out against Celtic, so tonight should be straightforward, right? You’ll not need me to remind you we beat St Mirren by seven goals only to go out of the Scottish Cup to them a week later.

Accies have kept three clean sheets in the four games since their Celtic Park nadir; whatever defensive problems we exposed, they were quickly resolved.

One thing I dislike from my manager or players is complaining about conditions before a game. No matter what Ronny Delia thinks of artificial surfaces, I was delighted when he took the issue off the table in his pre-match press conference.

In short, he told his players, the surfaces are fine, get on with it and win the game. Moaning about the surface (or size of the pitch) before a game gives players an excuse to fail, and in my experience, they often take it. If you complain about a narrow pitch, you’re likely to drop points to plumbers and roofers.

Three points please, Celtic.



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  1. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    The real question of the day is why are you posting an hour earlier than usual ?



    Are you



    * On holiday



    * Early lunch break



    * Skiving



    * needing a new watch


    Which might have been halfway amusing if I’d said he put them forward a month early.



    Told yeez that was a long nightshift…

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Now that the fans have told the manager who he should pick, via a poll on this blog, I hope that he ignores it and picks the team that he thinks should play.



    Whoever dreamt up the idea a poll, should give him/her self a shake.



    We have a manager. Let him do his job, without pernicious sniping from people who should know better.



    Even if he was of a mind to play the three newish boys from the start, he is now professionally bound to do otherwise.



    This is just another indication that what was once an influential Celtic blog has become what it was set up to counter, i.e., tabloid rubbish.


    Did PAUL67 announce a new article today?



    Just asking,I didnae see it reading back.



    I’d go to the old article,but it’s kinda pleasant at the moment.






    If you complain in advance about your opponents narrowing the pitch-only to find out that the dastardly swine have shortened it instead!-do you look like you are a victim of the phantom Fenian flan-flinger?

  6. Election day here in the Republic, enjoying a break from the debates and politicians today.



    I saw in the news there that ‘Tom Murphy’ just got 18 months for Tax Evasion, funny how the sentencing just happened to be on election day. Just the luck of the draw I suppose.



    Roll on the fitba later on.

  7. Paul67 and all –



    The deadline for entering the latest (and biggest ever!) LAST MAN STANDING competition closes at 6.00pm (Celtic Park Time) tonight. We only lauched LMS7 last Sunday and yet we now have 106 entries. Given that we then email everyone the rules, the payment details and the first fixtures, and then deal with the replies, queries, jokes, it’s been a busy wee week! But happy to deal with even more for just anoterh 6 hours before then staring to relax and look forward to being entertained by The Champions.



    IF you’d like to join just drop a simple “Can I be in the clique please” email to . I’ll try to respond within the hour with all the details you need, culminating in you then sending in your first pick.



    Whilst the rules are often remarked on as being a bit lomg winded this is really down to the various ‘what if’ scenarios that might happen but seldom do (postponed games, abandonments, duplicate picks, etc). In essence the competition is very simple – pick a team and if it wins you’re through to the next round.



    The estimated jackpot is now likely to exceed £1,200. And this means that Wee Shay (more below) will have benefited to the same amount.



    Thanks to all that have supported us so far and thanks in advance to those that are just about to.



    Apologies for the long winded post.



    Jobo and CRC









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    The dream for Shay’s family is for him to be able to eat, talk and perhaps walk.



    His Doctors put it simply



    “Gaining full head control plays the most important role in helping provide a child with functional mobility. Without head control the child cannot sit independently. Without sitting the child can’t crawl; without crawling the child can’t stand, and without standing the child can’t walk. This is the natural progression that all healthy children go through automatically”




    But it is not simple, it is hard work and a lot of work requires to be put in by the Shay’s parents each day ( up to 2-3 hours of exercising with Shay at a time) in between each treatment.



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    Without your help, it would be safe to say that this dream would not be possible.



    You are part of this dream.



    Thank you



    CRC and Jobo

  8. Good Afternoon!



    The wee bit of fun deciding the world’s favourite liquidation lie continues here:



    Meanwhile, I did a couple of other short pieces yesterday about Willie Collum, and the SFA’s choice for the next FIFA President:







    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  9. lennon's passion on

    How could a poll on a football blog influence any manager.Wish all the cries of Ronny out would influence the suits.

  10. What is the Stars on




    He should have paid his taxes like the rest of us good republicans


    But I agree its no coincidence that it happens today.


    The Govt are scared of a big Sinn Fein vote and will use everything to scare people away.


    No coincidence either that they announced yesterday they were seeking the extradition from Spain of another brave freedom fighter for child sex charges.They have know about it for years and have know his whereabouts also.


    Anyway my prediction is Sinn Fein will do well but there is only so far they can go with the Army running the show.


    Mary Lou will lead a Sinn Fein Newco breakaway party sooner or later when she gets fed up taking orders from the butterflies in balaclavas

  11. Afternoon Timland from a spring like hun free mountain valley


    Mr Pastry


    It’s the expectation that is the problem, I’m still on the Ronny bus as I believe once the kids are established we will see the fruits.


    I agree with you when you say to play the kids in the cups, been advocating that for years, but the support in general won’t wear it, they even expect us to win pre season games and bitch and moan when we don’t, quite sad really.



  12. “If you complain about a narrow pitch, you’re likely to drop points to plumbers and roofers.”








  13. The Exiled Tim –



    If there was an acceptance by the support that doubles and trebles aren’t that important then I’d agree, use the cups for the fringe players – we all know what’s happened in that regard darn sarf.



    But cup ties are one-off games and I actually think there’s less of a risk playing just 1 or 2 new guys in league games. We all know that you can lose a handful of games and still have a good chance of winning the league. There’s no such safety net in the cups.



    JUst realised that ‘we all know’ a few things ;-)

  14. Whilst there will no doubt be a clamour for Allan, Christie & Roberts to start tonight I don’t think they will and understand why the manager would want to keep change to a minimum. Of the three mentioned Allan deserves a start. He’s waited long enough (6 months) and with both Armstorong and Johansen both struggling this season he is surely deserving of a run in the team ahead of those two.

  15. The draw in full


    Europa League round of 16 draw


    Posted at




    Shakhtar Donetsk v Anderlecht


    FC Basel v Sevilla


    Villarreal v Bayer Leverkusen


    Athletic Bilbao v Valencia


    Liverpool v Manchester United


    Sparta Prague v Lazio


    Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham


    Fenerbahce v Braga

  16. World Football has found a new Christopher Columbus,a true pioneer. Hard to argue with his track record,1 season in charge of the mighty Brentford,and 8 months in charge of a lower league Scottish team.

  17. Whilste waiting for a coffee this morning i caught a glimpse of the back page of The Daily Record. I dont think it was today’s copy. Anyway, back page was stating that Collum won’t be reffing any big games for his own good. The Record have fair gone to town with him. A message no doubt to any of the other MIB’s who think about giving decisions that benefit us.

  18. Jobo


    I honestly believe the media are driving our expectations, many will say they are not, but I reckon they have got into the sub conscious minds of the support.


    This season it’s been about europe, they have been banging on about we must do better or we are regressing etc.



  19. WITs,



    I agree with your analysis. To be honest I haven’t watched any of the media coverage of the election. I don’t buy newspapers and I have given up on the television news/debates.



    Apparently there is a good chance of two SF, TDs here in Louth. Gerry Adams and Imelda Munster.



    Long live the Separation of Powers.



    To be honest I am fed up with the William Martin Murphyesque media commentary,



    Off to Drogheda,I hope to dodge all canvassers!!

  20. TET



    To an extent I agree, but you can’t ignore what’s in front of us. Malmo was an absolute disaster and many others, Molde etc were dreadful. You can’t blame the MSM for that.

  21. traditionalist88 on

    Some interesting ties in the Europa League.



    We know which tie will get the attention but Dortmund v Spurs the real pick of the bunch




  22. Just like to add to what Paul says – playing the same selection, regardless of poor performances, also gives players excuses to fail.



    If we get the “usual’ team out tonight – do we deduce that although performances have been poor, Ronny has decided that this is his ‘first eleven’ and is determined to persevere – how many would agree with him?



    Ronny says that players must not be afraid to make mistakes – but would he not be showing fear in case he makes mistakes by picking almost the same eleven starters every match?

  23. We could always wait to see what team is selected, then support that team during the match regardless of it’s composition.



    You know…something crazy like that…

  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    I think the recent pattern is this.


    First half, we huff and puff…HT 0-0


    Second half….we go at Hamilton, pummel them….FT 0-2


    LG and GMS.





    Cmon the Celts:)




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