Giving players an excuse to fail


Hamilton Accies suffered a seven goal defeat last time out against Celtic, so tonight should be straightforward, right? You’ll not need me to remind you we beat St Mirren by seven goals only to go out of the Scottish Cup to them a week later.

Accies have kept three clean sheets in the four games since their Celtic Park nadir; whatever defensive problems we exposed, they were quickly resolved.

One thing I dislike from my manager or players is complaining about conditions before a game. No matter what Ronny Delia thinks of artificial surfaces, I was delighted when he took the issue off the table in his pre-match press conference.

In short, he told his players, the surfaces are fine, get on with it and win the game. Moaning about the surface (or size of the pitch) before a game gives players an excuse to fail, and in my experience, they often take it. If you complain about a narrow pitch, you’re likely to drop points to plumbers and roofers.

Three points please, Celtic.



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  1. Here are the results of the first ballot:



    Prince Ali bin al-Hussein – 27


    Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa – 85


    Jerome Champagne – 7


    Gianni Infantino – 88



    I can see Infantino picking up Champagne’s votes

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 26th February 2016 3:13 pm



    I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to think about it very carefully,



    What have Sevco done that constitutes cheating?

  3. mike in toronto on

    BMCUWP ….



    The Godfather …. now you are talking my language … I had this image in my head of the aberdeen fans arranging to have a sheeps head put in a bed or two …. made me laugh!



    wonder what the tims could do?



    Had been hoping for a trip over, but sadly, not looking good….

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    If PL and the board want to sacrifice their principles and sell their ar***, they can carry on, thats all i expect of them anyway.


    That does not mean to say that anybody else will sacrifice their principles, certainly not.


    If PL wants to sell his soul for money, thats his affair, but why the feck he thinks he can force his stupidity on others, i dont know.


    But i will say this….he is barking up the wrong tree, and has been for a long time.


    Nero fiddling while Rome burns.




  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    You know that is not even worthy of a proper response.


    Read the Hun JJ’s latest…and while you are it it, check the sevco penalty stats.


    I expect better from you.




  6. BMCUW.



    Somebody called Mark Warburton was doing big cheese / high risk/ high volume foreign exchange trading in the early 2000s.

  7. mike in toronto on

    realized that my assistant booked an appointment for me for this afternoon! better be finished before kick off, or there’ll be no bonus for her this year!

  8. Just under 2½ hours left to register for the new Last Man Standing competition and still no sign of KevJ’s email ;-)

  9. I’m too impatient to wait for an answer but I’m not sure they’ve actually done anything you wouldn’t have expected.



    Who has cheated is the SFA. They broke and twisted rules.



    That being the case Celtic’s protestations would therefore have been against their own governing body.



    Has any other team ever come out individually and accused their own football body of being corrupt? (genuine question – I’d love an example of this)



    To me it was incumbent on all clubs to take this forward for it to stand any chance of gaining traction. Should Celtic have taken a lead? Perhaps but there’s no reason why it should be them over any other team.



    So now we reach a point where Sevco are legitimately going to be back in the top tier. Here’s a wee contradiction to that though – that’s on the basis that their original application was based on merit which it wasn’t.



    That’s in fact one of the incompetencies of the SFA again. If all teams that were in a position to do so had been invited to apply for the spot and each case judged on it’s relative merit you could argue that despite being a brand new team the projected financial benefits etc meant they were the best pick. Now had that happened I’d accept an argument that it was fixed but as I say there was a believable case to fast track them in. As it stands it was clearly a corrupted decision.



    I think there’s more complications to come in this saga and frankly the SFA have brought it on themselves, and they needn’t have done so.

  10. What is the Stars on

    Hi Lads



    Been told Picadilly Jim worth a few bob each way tonight Dundalk 7.00


    25/1 in places

  11. FRANNYB67 on 26TH FEBRUARY 2016 2:26 PM


    Craig Thomson the MIB tonight God help us.HH



    Cue,him stopping the game for no good reason as often as he can.It ensures we don’t have any flow to our play,add some cheap free kicks round the box for the Accies………we know the drill by now with him.MacLean is his natural successor ……….under heavy competition it has to be said….

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Im sorry bud….all that is wasted on me.


    Its just excuses.


    I see it in very simple terms…..If anybody knowingly allows cheating and refuses to confront it, then they are equally responsible for the cheating.


    Now you can try to pick that apart if you like….but you wont succeed.


    Its clear as day, and no amount of nonsense will change the reality.


    You allow cheating, and you are jointly responsible for it….I refer to the board of course.




  13. BMCUWP,



    Regarding this JJ fella, still think he’s a Tim and he doesn’t say anything that has not been said by many a Tim on many Tim site this one including this one. Those thoughts he presents have been out there for years., not a shot at the messenger btw






  14. I saw an article about loveable gazza singing along to ‘Simply the best’ and the question was asked as to why R#####s supporters sang this song. I might be wrong but is it not because it was the slogan used by the sectarian murder gang the UFF?

  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 26th February 2016 3:27 pm



    A ref gives them a dubious penalty – Sevco haven’t cheated.



    See above.



    “You got into the SFL by cheating!”


    “Eh we submitted an application”



    Now before we go on, I’m not naive – I know how much backroom dealing would have been done. However you’d need the proof of that before challenging it. Whereas we can all read the SFA rules and see that they didn’t follow them but I think they were perfectly aware that no club would come out an accuse them of corruption.



    So in summary – even if clubs wanted to accuse Sevco of cheating I think Sevco could probably demonstrate their applications etc were above board. The SFA on the other hand can’t but were probably pretty safe in the knowledge that nobody would accuse their own association of corruption,



    Ultimately the whole thing still stinks but it stank 4 years ago and imo that’s when protests should have been made. The horse has totally bolted. To raise it now would look fearful.



    I may change my mind about this whole narrative by the time I get home. I flip-flop on this issue a lot.

  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 26th February 2016 3:46 pm



    Hypothetically what if every other club voted to let them in and we hadn’t. That’s democracy. What do we do then?



    Should we have withdrawn from the league set-up?

  17. Can anyone tell me the songs played on the tannoy at full time after the last game against oldco


    one was ” when will see you again” by the Three degrees, what were the others ?

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    You are a terrible hair splitter:)


    And i beg to differ.


    Im not a math genius….but id be willing to bet that the totality of sevco pens since they were formed, probably statistically impossible, and at the very least, highly suspicious.


    Now…would i be straying beyond the realms of credibility by suggesting there may possibly be some collusion there?


    Not unless Warbs and the sevco geniuses want to give us a radical new method of mathematics:)




  19. saltires en sevilla on

    Off the sauce for Lent



    Just arrived in a wee bar in Eastern Bohemia and the first song “North Men South Men” followed by “the Wild Rover” “Star of The Couny Down” my gggrandparent were married in Gilford, Down!!



    A long way from home and my resolve is dwindling by the second…



    Watching game on Ctv later



    C’mon the Celts!!!

  20. WEEMINGER @ 3.37.



    ” Has any other team ——-? “..



    In the corrupt cesspit that is Italian football it would easier to cite those who havent accused the FIGC of being corrupt.

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Id just ask what is the point of football if it isnt fair?


    Confront the SFA and the referees forcefully whatever the consequences…or sell our ars** for money,…which do you prefer?




  22. South Of Tunis on 26th February 2016 4:05 pm



    I thought of you the second I wrote that.



    What I mean though is actually challenge them properly report them to UEFA or whatever?



    The famous cases were police led I thought.

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 26th February 2016 4:06 pm



    While it’s probably totally unclear (because I waffle). I’m not actually in disagreement with you.



    It’s just that it’s different suspecting something even when circumstantially it’s clear and actually proving that. I think it’s hard to prove actual cheating carried out by the club rather than associated helpers.



    Actually the long road might be the way to kill them. Get rid of all the minions and then they have to operate on a level playing field. That would kill them.

  24. Greensideup-GBWO on 26th February 2016 4:11 pm



    It won’t and one reason is nothing screams ‘disrepute charge’ more than calling your governing body corrupt.



    We’ve somehow got a point with football where fear more than anything seems the motivation behind decisions.

  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Such a pleasant opportunity might never present itself again. Have a drink 0:-)




  26. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Id rather stand up…than bend over.


    Id rather stand on principle with my head held high.


    Whats right is right….we cannot have cheating in football, end of.


    And if we cannot get a level playing field…there really is no point


    There is nothing to fear.


    Bring it on….Stand up…or fall down, its a simple choice.


    PL doesn not represent me.




  27. Craig Gordon



    Keiran Tierney






    Mikel (maybes Janko)






























    Hopefully a sound victory for the chaps in those famous green and white hoops,solid shift ahead,go to work:-)




  28. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    TGM said:


    ” And if we cannot get a level playing field…there really is no point -”



    Is it possible to have a level playing field? Do Ross County have the same chance as Celtic of doing well over the next decade?




  29. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    An Tearmann


    I was going to ask you if that was the Official line – up until I saw ( maybes Janko) !! I just could not imagine Ronny posting such a selection 0:-)))




  30. SCULLYBHOY on 26TH FEBRUARY 2016 3:51 PM



    From what I’ve heard it was another hun ditty that thems sing that came from the murderous bassas.



    I won’t say on here what it is. HH




    Yes – many of the big cases were police led but once the processes started individuals and Clubs queued up to throw mud at the FIGC ( and each other ) An Italian speciality – Yes – we are corrupt – but so are you. I’d struggle to find an example of anybody squealing to UEFA.Being at the top of the tree , they are seen as being the most corrupt of all..The Italian media have been very amused to learn that Infantino is perceived to have “clean hands “They think he is Platini’s bagman.

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