Giving players an excuse to fail


Hamilton Accies suffered a seven goal defeat last time out against Celtic, so tonight should be straightforward, right? You’ll not need me to remind you we beat St Mirren by seven goals only to go out of the Scottish Cup to them a week later.

Accies have kept three clean sheets in the four games since their Celtic Park nadir; whatever defensive problems we exposed, they were quickly resolved.

One thing I dislike from my manager or players is complaining about conditions before a game. No matter what Ronny Delia thinks of artificial surfaces, I was delighted when he took the issue off the table in his pre-match press conference.

In short, he told his players, the surfaces are fine, get on with it and win the game. Moaning about the surface (or size of the pitch) before a game gives players an excuse to fail, and in my experience, they often take it. If you complain about a narrow pitch, you’re likely to drop points to plumbers and roofers.

Three points please, Celtic.



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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I think Ross County like Celtic should be able to rely on Sporting Integrity.


    But that isnt the case in Scotland.


    Again i point to the totality of sevco penalties since they were formed…and im still waiting to hear a credible explanation for these stats.


    Let me get back to you on this one… i need to fly.




  2. Just back from voting for my local Sinn Féin Candidate but we have nae chance of a seat in this Constituency. There are 3 very strong Independent Candidates, one in particular mops up most of the left wing votes and while he is around there will be no Sinn Féin seat here. The Constituency here is for the most part rural & conservative with a small c.


    Anyhow not to worry, we are building a base for the future. Important thing now is 3 points tonight and another important step on the five in a row.


    Sometimes I have to pinch myself, can anyone here truthfully say before the Mon era that they ever thought they would live to see Celtic win five in a row.

  3. This is very disrespectful to Warbiola.



    THE Scottish Football Association has insisted plastic pitches are here to stay no matter how strongly figures within the game object to them.



    One of the main tasks of Cammy Watt, the SFA’s Facilities manager, is to look at the “pitch strategy” at all levels in Scotland.



    The debate over artificial surfaces intensified this week with Ronny Deila and Mark Warburton publicly disagreeing on their merits, although both believe natural grass should always be a preferred option.



    “In an ideal world, football at all levels would be played on high quality, natural grass pitches,” said Watt. “However, the reality here in Scotland is that neither the weather or the financial climate is perfect at the moment; 3G therefore has a vital role to play across the game.



    “The climate in Scotland – in both financial and weather terms – means that the commercial opportunities offered by a 3G pitch are extremely attractive to clubs at all levels of the game, from grassroots to the highest level of the professional game.With that in mind, there is clearly a place in the game for 3G.”



    The biggest criticism is that the harder surface, compared to grass, causes more injuries on players. This is something Watt disputes.



    “A number of studies have been undertaken on this subject, primarily in Scandinavia given the high number of 3G pitches in use at all levels of the game there,” he said.



    “The consistent key finding across these studies is that there is no significant difference in the number or severity of injuries sustained on 3G versus that on natural grass. In fact, one study showed that recovery times were actually slightly longer for injuries sustained on natural grass compared to that on 3G, although it should be said that the differences are negligible on both sides.



    “Developments in pitch technology means 3G pitches are only becoming safer and closer to mirroring the performance characteristics of natural grass.”



    And as always with Scottish football, money or the lack it, is behind the decision whether to stay with grass or look to the alternative.



    Watt said: “3G pitches can often introduce new revenue streams for clubs that previously did not exist.



    “It changes the level of pitch use to seven days a week, 365 days a year, instead of the traditional six hours every other Saturday during a July-May season. And perhaps even more crucially, the expenditure clubs can save by not having to pay out for external training facilities can make a significant dent in the vitally important replacement fund required to replace the 3G surface at the end of it’s lifespan – usually around seven or eight years depending on use.



    “I’ve had a number of conversations with clubs where the money they save annually on training facilities equates very closely to that which requires to be invested in their longer term pitch replacement fund – in that regard alone it can be cost neutral.”

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Celtic have no chance of stopping what was set in motion over four years ago.


    No other club stood up.


    A road map for RFC to dump debt, reform and carry on as before, was created and followed, by the SFA, Government, local and national, with the United assistance of the media.



    Every pothole on the way was filled, to ensure a smooth run.



    At the very beginning, I stated repeatedly on here that Celtic had only two honourable options.



    Options that would not make them willing or unwilling accomplices in the corruption.



    They were, to close the doors, or to gain acceptance to another league. Neither likely or acceptable.



    To demand that Celtic ” say” something might make us feel better, but would achieve absolutely nothing, except the sneers of those who orchestrated the situation.



    Their justification will arrive when they survey a packed Celtic Park when they come to call.

  5. JJHS



    alas Ronny is the man wi the maybes decisions to make,i mean taking time out to announce our team whilst opining against Zen Warbiolas philosophies on glitterizing le merd must be stressful.As one of their fans made me laugh last night on radio when insisting his noo tekneeks wur far oot rerr.


    hope your good :-)



  6. Corkcelt



    But for poor run post Real Madrid disappointment in ’80 and losing out on the last day in ’83; we would have had a memorable 5 in a row from 79 to 83 with a strong Aberdeen/D Utd and still strong huns in 79 up against us.



    Definitely my salad days (albeit deep fried salad and an MB bar for afters)



    PS should have voted Labour….



    Team sheet news latest………….W̶e̶e̶ ̶J̶a̶m̶e̶s̶i̶e̶ Wee GMS




    That’s better I’ll be watching carefully.



  8. Counting the second round of votes



    Winner needs 104 to win. Ifantino had 88 last time round.

  9. It’s Friday….




    It’s……2hrs 30min till we next see the champions play :))





  10. Hail Hail CQNERS



    I’m looking for some help in locating a good pub to watch match tonight.



    I’m in Liverpool by the docks.



    Any suggestions.




  11. BMCUW 2.03



    Re the latest John James blog this is sitting in Comments moderation but I expect it to be published.



    “There is a favourite song at Celtic Park “I Just Can’t Get Enough” and the tune needs to change to “We Have Had Enough” in terms of any attempt to return to the bad old days of Old Firm and Old Firm think.



    When PL senses that the mood music has changed so too will his thinking.



    If he thinks the entry of an incorrigible TRFC governed by an unreconstructed SFA is in the best interests of Celtic that is the direction he will go.



    The more supporters that tell him they do not share his view the more likely he will see Celtic’s best interests lie in correction and reconstruction.

  12. Thank goodness Infantino won the election.



    Would probably have behave like a child if he hadn’t.








    This is a final call for all remaining contenders to send an email to and join in thre fun. Gate closes at 6pm sharp.



    Fantastic that 108 have entered so far and delighted that 103 have sent in their first pick. So it’s a wee shout out for the following – Thoms Sellick, Sponsored by Cheetah, Norfolk Enchants, Cosy Corner Bhoy and Graffitionthewall. Once those 5 make their choices I can then exclusively reveal where all the votes have gone. Failure to send in your pick before 7.45 means that you won’t be able to choose Hamilton. Or Celtic ;-)

  14. Gianni Infantino,the gentleman who helped Big Billy during the CL Draw a couple of years ago,is the new FIFA President

  15. I was reading the other night about the Lisbon Lions and their ‘boot deal’ with Adidas. The deal was only agreed the day before the big match, and some of the Bhoys boots had to have the famous three white stripes ‘painted’ onto their footwear.



    If you look closely at the picture you can see Neily Mochan’s handiwork.



    Champions of Europe

  16. Liverpool – Liffey Bar, 43 Renshaw St, L1 2SF (Tel: 0151 707 9811) (Liverpool Emerald CSC)



    Liverpool – St Michael’s Irish Centre, 6 Boundary Ln, Everton, L6 5JG (Tel: 0151 263 1808) (Packie Bonner CSC)

  17. THETIMREAPER on 26TH FEBRUARY 2016 12:35 PM












    To an extent I agree, but you can’t ignore what’s in front of us. Malmo was an absolute disaster and many others, Molde etc were dreadful. You can’t blame the MSM for that.



    – See more at:




    No you cannot but we can ask questions of what they made of it.



    Did they offer some of the reasons that TET has subsequently offered in favour of some balance or did they sense the mood of disappointed supporters who were not convinced by RD’S appointment and not only played on it but exacerbated it?



    No event in life has any meaning other than that which we each individually attribute to it and if enough apply that meaning, or are induced to, because we are not able or not prepared to do our own thinking, the reality of a Celtic manager continually under seige is created.



    No other Celtic manager has had to jump the hurdles placed in front of RD. So the question is who put them there and why?



    It certainly was never to help Celtic.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Thanks for your response.



    All the mood music in this scenario pointed to the Great Salvation.




    The SFA/SPFL.


    Fabric of Society. The Scottish Government.


    The Media. All of them


    HMRC… Have no desire to put RFC out of business.



    UEFA could and should have intervened, but didn’t.



    Not one official or influential voice was raised for integrity.



    Therefore, Celtic’s options were limited.



    The fans, though. That is where any power lay.

  19. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Was in lidl there and saw the daily ranger on the display



    Picture of Gascoigne with Johnny mad dog adair



    The jist seemed to be that the drunken geordie moron posed with the terrorist without realising who he was .



    Any celtic supporter who buys this rag really needs to have a right good look at themselves

  20. TTT



    You also didn’t fall into the trap of blaming the Celtic board either, we were even expected to believe by some experts that Celtic voted Sevco in.



    Most Celtic fans at the time were resigned to Newco starting in the lowest division, who we didn’t know was that the SFA and SMSM would remain corrupt.

  21. Things you hear –



    Guy # 1 ..



    “Who won the election ?”



    Guy # 2.



    “The Swiss ******* who supports Inter .”



    Liveand direct CSC – Sciacca.

  22. So FIFA appoint a guy who talks of improving governance, transparency making the salary information available of their executives and more money going back to game I think 50% instead of 18%, we have the FA leader Dyke saying it was corrupt, and we have our own SFA that is up to its neck in avoidance of questions about their practices involving transparency and governance who voted for Mr Infantino, how does that connect with what they do and what they say?

  23. “And the winner is…?”



    Drum roll…



    Gianni Infantino.



    A Swiss-Italian lawyer with ‘mani pulite’.(??)



    Good luck Gianni you’ll need it!



    4-0 the Hoops tonight.




  24. S o T @555



    It could be worse.



    He could be a Rubentus fan.



    Or the ‘gobbi bastardi’ as the old codger calls them.







  25. Tallybhoy. @ 6.05.



    Buona sera.



    You got any idea re the origin of gobbi .?.



    I asked the codger – he said the nickname originated way back and came from a strip which laced up the back and bulged ( like a hunch) in the wind .The nickname then fell out of usage but reappeared when somebody decided it was a perfect description for a club hunchbacked by shame .



    I also asked a Rube fan – he said it came from a religious figure with a hunchback who was associated with Turin .



    Any ideas ?



    Auguri !

  26. I just called BT about adding broadband to a friend’s line rental account.



    “Does your friend like football?” the man from BT asks.



    “Well, he’s won one European Cup medal and scored in two Finals” I was able to say. Enjoyed saying it too!



    Tommy Gemmell now has Sky.



    He has a laptop.



    He’s got BT Broadband and the full BT Sports Package from next Friday.



    He’s got access to Celtic TV – I need some advice on how we get the pics from Celtic TV from his laptop to his TV.



    All this has been sorted by CQN’ers, so well done!



    Tommy is over the moon! He wants to pass on his thanks to everyone on CQN – ‘a blog like no other’, is how he described it.



    His prediction for this evening?



    3-0 to Celtic.

  27. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    SFA President McRae was the man given the honour of opening the envelope to read out the name of the new FIFA supremo.



    However, Fifa’s 209 nations gathered in Zurich were left stunned as the event unfolded…



    “Hawd the bus !!!” said the bold Alan as he started to open the envelope…



    “Thur’s nae stamp oan this lettur !?!. We’ll hiv tae start again !!!”

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