Glasgow arms race failure, thanking Sir David


KR Reykjavík recorded a 0-2 win in the Icelandic Cup on Sunday and have one more league game, against bottom club Thor on Thursday, before facing Celtic on Champions League duty a week today.

Celtic have a game this evening against LSK Linz before facing a famous name from our past, Dukla Prague, on Friday.  While the world will be coming through a World Cup climb down Celtic will be facing a committed team in the mid-Atlantic.  There is no room for complacency.

Next week’s qualifier has all the potential to cause a fright.  Ronny Deila will by now know all about Gordon Strachan’s competitive start at Celtic, which cast a shadow he never completely shook off, so it is absolutely critical the manager gets us playing the way he wants us tonight.

Ross McCormack’s route from Murray Park reject at 19 eight years ago to a player Fulham have just bid £11m for is worthy of consideration.  It’s easy for us to point to how Rangers ruined young talented footballers but the stark truth is that for well over a decade Celtic had vastly better youth talent that Rangers but failed to graduate anything like as many as we should have.

McCormack had to go to Motherwell, a club well experienced at nurturing talent, to build his career, but he would have fared no better at Celtic.  Having no space for youth is one of the many unhealthy consequences of having two massive clubs engaged in a football arms race.  Our game was destined to destroy talent.

Fortunately, the man who loaned his name to Murray Park ensured that arms race would end in spectacular fashion, when he sold his club’s assets and liabilities to a liquidation specialist for £1.  In a perverse sort of way, Scottish football should thank him.

Thank you to everyone who supported CQN’s efforts for Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookie Jar Foundation, especially the reader who paid an incredible £530 for the signed European Cup canvas.  You are all a credit to our club.

Best wishes to Argentina tomorrow, I hope the overcome Netherlands for the memory of the first worldwide football hero they gave the game, Alfredo Di Stefano.

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  1. Looks like the team are trying this high tempo stuff but players aren’t on the same wavelength sometimes.

  2. Brown’s injury creates an opportunity for McGregor, Henderson, Biton, etc to make their case for a regular slot.

  3. whitedoghunch on



    I’ll mail you a few for different times of the day/cost etc and no disrespect but for the most disregard any advice on Barcelona oter than mine

  4. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Great pass by Griffiths to release Matthews, his cross over the bar by Pukki.

  5. Nice move down the right there, LG and AM overlapping, ball in is too quick for Atajic to direct goalwards. Nice stuff though.

  6. Great pass again by griffiths.



    Apart from the two passes he looks to be struggling with the defensive side of the game tonight.



    Biton has dropped out the game again.



    Henderson looks strong and confident.



    Pukki has been at the pies, has an arse like an unfit hooper!

  7. Istanbulcelt on

    Liam Henderson, some player, always looking for the ball, passes and moves to give an option. Fantastic to watch!

  8. H-T 1-1



    Not much understanding between the Celtic players. Struggling to keep possession. Biton and Henderson are our best players. LG blowing hot and cold. Findlay very unsure of himself.

  9. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    Eldiegobhoy you are welcome, if their accomodation doesnt provide breakfast tell them to go to the cafe top floor of the el corte ingles on the square for toast and coffee with great view of city.

  10. lionroars67



    More power to your arm Fhriend and all power to your keyboard.



    HH jamesgang

  11. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    I will defer to whitedoghunches superior knowledge of barcelona!!!

  12. South Of Tunis on

    Jimmy Saville .



    He was a professional cyclist ( as well as other things )



    He used his cycling career used to earn him paying gigs at things like Cycling Clubs Annual Dinner Dances etc. Some people would boycott if Saville was in attendance ——– their reasons –Saville was a gangster and a perv ..

  13. Hard to make anything out of first half. Torrential rain making it very difficult for everyone. A few defensive errors and lost the ball a few times trying to play it out of defence. Its great to see the team retaining possession Barcelona style but you need players with the skill level to do it. Pukki is trying hard and seems to have bought in big time to Ronny’s philosophy less so Griffiths. I can see Pukki becoming teachers pet and Griffiths more of a bench role.

  14. proudbhoy



    11:09 on 8 July, 2014


    If use have any spare prayers today keep the missis in your thoughts.. Back in that hospital for 3rd time in 5 months.. Hopefully the docs get to the problem and sort it.



    Been a rough time for her, rarely moans thou, brave wee trooper.




    Not been on CQN since this morning and playing catch up.



    Proudbhoy thoughts and prayers for your wee trooper.



  15. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    To be fair to Griffiths, he’s playing on the right hand side.


    He’s an out and out striker.

  16. paolosboots



    Thanks again. As their old dad is footing the bill for the trip they’ll ensure nothing is left out!



    They have quite seamlessly slipped into their mum’s role of spending my money:o)

  17. antipodean red on




    Any thoughts on Bodega Biarritz just off the Place Real?




  18. Hopefully Tony Watt will start 2nd half. He is obviously fit or he wouldn’t be on the bench. Surprising that two and a half games gone without him getting on. Good to see Biton playing and he is doing OK. Very difficult day to judge anyone or anything.

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