Glasgow City Council predatory act on Celtic fans


There are a few takeaways from Saturday’s straightforward win over Airdrie in the Scottish Cup.  We are still missing penalty kicks.  Those of us who were around last time we met Valencia in 2001 have a nervous reaction at the thought of facing the same side later this month, where the outcome could again be determined from 12 yards.

It is a while since we last failed to win a domestic trophy, but on that occasion we exited the Scottish Cup on a penalty kick competition.  This remains the most likely chance anyone has of denying Celtic a trophy and should be regarded as a priority at training.  We have a month before the second leg against Valencia, let’s be prepared.

Scott Sinclair should have had a hat-trick.  His penalty miss was followed by a chance from inside the six yard box before an open goal.  This was an identikit of the chance Kris Ajer missed late in the game against Salzburg – a knee-high cross is met but the player cannot keep the ball down.  Poor technique, but this outcome is common, so it is not as bad a miss as it looks.

With the outcome settled, the North Stand assistant referee raised his flag to deny Scott, despite two Airdrie defenders playing him onsite.  There was nothing malicious in this, it was just rank bad officiating and a timely reminder that our game is not run in a sufficiently competent manner.

It feels churlish to complain after winning 3-0 but you know a similar decision is likely to cost us next time.

Oliver Burke didn’t look like a centre forward (which he is not).  Timothy Weah did.  His movement marked him out even before his cool finish.  He will do well in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council are trying to make it very difficult for most of us to get to Celtic Park in future.  They have proposed a 1 mile parking exclusion zone around the stadium.  This means the nearest you will be able to park is 1 mile away, the majority of us will have significantly farther to walk to and from the game.  If you approach the stadium from the east along London Road, this means the nearest car will be able to park at the entrance to St Peter’s Cemetery.

A few points on this:

Celtic Park is not catered for by public transport on match days in anything like the volumes required to remove thousands of people from the area.

Despite this, Glasgow City Council insist that fans must use public transport to attend Celtic Park after they remove parking facilities.

They have refused to offer any explanation as to how this could be achieved, or to facilitate additional public transport.

Forcing people to walk many miles to and from Celtic Park will only displace parking problems to a different area of the city.

It will mean people have to arrive at their parking spot up to an hour earlier and will reach their cars after the game an hour later than is currently the case – increasing the on-street parking burden for a new set of residents.

After Friday, it will be too late to object.  You have until 5pm on 25 January to email:

…advising the Council that their plans are inappropriate and will cause significant problems to you, other road users and residents.

Other stadiums in the city are served by public transport, including underground stations.  This is a predatory attack on people attending Celtic Park, please consider objecting before it is too late.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi – I sent the undernoted reply. I seem to recall that the Council was only interested in concerns of people who lived in the Council area (I don’t get the logic of that, since a large proportion of match attendees will not be from Glasgow – logic would suggest that a higher proportion of non-Glasgow residents will use cars to get to the game). So – my complaint might get binned. If any of you Glasgow Tims want to cut and paste it, feel free.





    To whom it may concern.



    I write to object strongly to your plans for implementing a 1-mile parking restriction zone around Celtic Park on match-days.



    The plan seems to serve no purpose other than to greatly inconvenience Celtic fans, and others who attend Celtic Park as spectators.



    The stated aim of aleviating problems for residents on match days caused by innapropriate parking does not stand close scruitiny. All the plan will do is move the perceived problem to other areas of the city – and potentially to areas that are more densely populated. In addition, it creates many more problems – and potentially more serious ones – than it seeks to solve.



    The Council has provided no viable alternative transport planning for fans. The advice that all fans should use public transport is nonsensical. As you must be very aware, the capacity within the existing public transport systems – service buses – is completely innadequate to cater for the existing volume of fans who do not use cars. Adding several thousand to those numbers will only exacerbate that particular problem.



    I do understand that there are plans for 1-mile exclusions at other city stadia. The major stadia – Ibrox and Hampden – as you are well aware – are served by adjacent Underground and Railway stations. Celtic Park does not have that benefit – the impact on fans attending Celtic Park is therefore much greater than will be felt at those other grounds.



    Forcing thousands of people to park – probably in another residential area – and walk a mile or more to the ground on match day will mean that people have to arrive an hour or so earlier than was previously the case, and will mean long walks, late on dark nights to more dispersed areas for fans.



    I would be very concerned at the increased risk this put fans at – imagine a young female supporter having to walk on her own to a car parked a mile away at 11:00pm after a midweek match – this is the reality of the impact of your proposed changes on individuals. Currently, most fans can be in their cars about 5-10 minutes after leaving the ground – there is safety in numbers.



    The plan will also cause issues associated with segregation in ‘high-risk’ games – more dispersed parking means that it would be virtually impossible to maintain segregation in the environs of the ground.



    I strongly urge the Council to reconsider this very ill-conceived plan.



    Kind regards – BGFC






  2. SAINT STIVS on 21ST JANUARY 2019 1:44 PM


    I am scared to get on public transport now, there might be plebs and low rent “cooncil” types on it , signing songs and other such besmirching activities.



    Its not safe out there, its a no go zone.





    Tongue in cheek I know, but that is exactly the argument many use to justify car use.


    If I had a chauffeur like WITS , I wouldn’t use public transport either. ???????

  3. Stairheedrammy on

    Madmitch- go to the games with your pals and start singing- I’m sure that you are convincing enough to get the rest of us to join in. You can take your own loudhailer and drum if that helps.

  4. I sent this to GCC regarding the car parking scheme and got a pre-prepared reply a few weeks later.



    I subsequently got an e-mail asking me if I would like to attend in person to make my complaint, which I will.



    Dear Sirs,



    This must the most poorly thought out scheme since the OBAF Act.



    Given the lack of public transport to Celtic Park, how do you expect the fans like myself who have driven to the stadium, from well outside of Glasgow for over thirty years to get there?



    The people of Glasgow who need to drive will be in no better position than we are.



    Dalmarnock railway station is the closest to Celtic Park has a capacity of circa 250 on the platform, infrequent trains to Glasgow Central, no toilets, no shops, no wheelchair access. The bus services will never cope with an additional 5000 or more people who would normally park near to Celtic Park.


    How exactly are we meant to get there?



    If there are restrictions within one mile of the stadium, how will the people who live on the edge of that radius be affected as there will be a couple of thousand cars looking for additional parking spaces?



    What about mobility impaired fans who will never be able to walk a mile or more likely a mile and half to the stadium?



    What plans do you have to increase the levels of public transport to and from the stadium to the city centre on match days so that we can look at utilising public transport as the current capacity is woefully insufficient? In fact, is it not the case that Glasgow city council have stated that they have no plans to add additional transport to and from the stadium as it would cause more congestion!



    Even the introduction of a car park, chargeable of match days would be a simple thing to do, there is plenty of dead space on Springfield Road which for minimum outlay could be converted to a match day car park even raising revenue for the council.



    This legislation will lead only to hardship for many supporters with limited mobility and inconvenience thousands of tax payers in Glasgow who do nothing more than follow their football team.



    To dress this up as a safety issue at this stage is beyond belief, if that was really the case why not implement it before the Commonwealth Games?



    The local residents are already selling parking in their driveways for events at Celtic Park and at the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome, this will only lead to more cowboy parking schemes in the area, on top of the existing ones.



    This idea should be scrapped or at least postponed until there is a viable public transport option for the thousands that will be inconvenienced or have to stop supporting their team altogether as they are unable to walk the distances that will be involved when taking a car, which for many is their only option.



    The notion expressed by one councillor that “Maybe they could support a more LOCAL” team sums up the complete stupidity of this scheme.



    I would wish to be informed of the date and place of the hearing so I can be present to be heard in support of my objection.









    Fill yer boots!



  5. Access to Celtic Park



    I normally park in Reidvale Street which is beside Belgrove station. That is a 1.5 mile walk to the ground (so outside the 1 mile restriction). Getting away is easier as it is further from the ground which suits me as I stay until the final whistle each game so I don’t “beat the rush” at the end of the game.



    It is not a problem for me (yet) but a long way for some people to walk.



    On the odd occasion when I have been running late, I could not get my normal space but tried to go to deserted streets with open spaces west of Belgrove (Melbourne St., Wellpark St. and Armour St.) only to find them subject to parking meter charges or to be double yellow-lined. 100% empty they were. My only option was to park in a domestic street.



    In addition, there are fairly large plots of waste land around those streets which could hold several hundred cars.



    Fergus had a train/bus scheme which was a very effective way to transport people from Belgrove to the ground many years ago. Otherwise, there is very little public transport near to Celtic Park. It would be easy to put on a shuttle bus from that area to CP, probably less than 10 minutes to the north/west part of the ground.



    Until improved public transport is arranged, I would oppose the restrictions.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    Mad Mitch



    There are times when the singing of rebel songs seems to increase and regardless of what any of us thinks of them musically or in terms of relevancy, they are not bigoted and not sectarian so you may have to suck it up.



    The mock horror is pointless as I’m sure you’re not one of the young brigade either and know the situation when it comes to the genre of songs that we have chanted since the day the club was formed.



    As others have said, you are also free to sing something else, if you wish!




  7. I think, along with the team sheet, an hour beforehand, the GB should submit their song sheet for the afternoon, allowing it to be marked and reviewed and sent back with suitable edits such as ‘Abide with me” and anything with a 1950s retro vibe that the old codgers can tap their feet and swing to.

  8. Any sign of the independent report into the crush at the first game against Sevco, seems to be taking a while, I have not seen the Police report anywhere either.

  9. …………… sent and what a wonderfully cathartic and Timmed-Up, life-enhancing experience that was!



    I’m sure Mr Waddell who is in receipt, will relish every word of my bhoyant note!







  10. Just a thought……..



    I wonder if Parking Prevention Officers have to declare their fitba’ allegiances in advance of any major “strategy” work………..?????




  11. P67



    ‘Failed transfer policy, ‘Failed’ same club stance, Heated driveways, Scott McKenna, Sevco going bust, ‘Outspent by skint club’ Celtic in perpetual slump whilst top of the league, and winning trebles, unhappy manager, unhappy captain, poor stewarding, poor catering , poor pitch , dressing room split, poor training ground , poor players , poor light system, poor sound system, poor parking, cold pies, cold bovril, cold seats, Douglas Park Team Buses, Blue Season Tickets.



    Same Ole Celtic Supporters Always Moaning CSC



    p.s. Get The Chequebook Out Mr Lawwell CSC

  12. My only argument with the GB is to ask why, when they are so adamant that they died, use the name Rangers in their songs. Surely it should be replaced with Sevco? :))) Por cierto

  13. traditionalist88 on

    POR CIERTO on 21ST JANUARY 2019 3:08 PM



    Tbf I think most refer to ‘the Rangers’, which is how they appeared on the SPFL website9I know) following their birth in 2012, after which they seemed to get the nickname ‘Rangers’ (remarkably convenient, of course),




  14. glendalystonsils on




    We used to sing……bring on the Hearts, the Hibs, ‘the Rangers’



    Clairvoyant CSC

  15. I just sent off a quick one ( see below ) because this is typical of how football supporters are treated in Scotland by the authorities, whose attitude is that of ” The middle class need cars for shopping, taking their children to school and for holidays……..who do the working class think they are having cars ??



    Dear Sir or Madam,



    I would like to express my profound dissatisfaction with the proposed car parking measures which are being suggested for football supporters in Glasgow. I would urge the council to find the appropriate space, much nearer the Celtic stadium, which would allow spectators to leave their cars within walking distance. The Celtic football club generates income for the city and it is in the city´s interest to cater for the needs of those who invest every week in this great city



    Many thanks

  16. traditionalist88 on




    True, we did try and warn them!




  17. I think it’s about time that the Hotel , Superstore Museum ,with plenty of parking spaces gets built,and that’s a start,and see if that piece of land between Springfield Rd and London Rd near the Emirates,can be used for parking,it’s just laying there doing nothing,and is there not Derelict land in the Old Barrowfield Housing Scheme,im sure if this was happening in Edinburgh,the old Railway lines that run under London Rd near the stadium ,it would have been up and running yrs ago,But Glasgow City Council a bunch of wasters,

  18. mike in toronto on

    If Almore would get the finger out and bulld that cafe he keeps talking about, he would need lots of parking … which could, of course, be used for a slight charge on game days … problem solved.




  19. For all those suggesting car parks around Celtic park


    they have no intention of putting any more spaces in vicinity of ground



    See reply i got back in AUGUST












    Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above named Traffic Regulation Order.



    I can advise that it is not proposed to affect the industrial areas which includes Nuneaton Street, other than formalising the coach parking, which already occurs.



    Currently there are very few parking, waiting or loading restrictions in the area covered by the proposal. This means that the Council have no enforcement powers with regard to vehicles causing obstructions, such as parking on corners, blocking footway crossings, people’s driveways and parking on footways. The proposed scheme would be enforced by the Council’s parking attendants.



    The Council are not proposing any alternative parking areas. The Council wish to discourage vehicles into the area when games are on to reduce congestion. Providing car parking would be contrary to this and would be detrimental to the aim of dissuading travel by private car to stadia and event spaces in Glasgow.



    Furthermore, my Officers have met with SPT, Scotrail and bus operators to establish the current levels of service and discuss possible improvements to public transport. Bus operators have noted that no real improvement can be made due to the volume of traffic in the area both prior to and after a game. They would be happy to review this but only when there is less traffic in the area.



    Having considered the above, should you wish to withdraw your objection I would be pleased if you would inform me by 22 August 2018 by writing to Christine Francis, Divisional Manager, Technical Services, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX or e-mailing



    If you do not wish to withdraw your objection then there is no requirement for you to write to us again.



    Your objection will be considered and included within the final report which will inform the decision. Once a decision has been taken in regards to these proposals I shall write to you again and advise of the outcome.



    Yours sincerely

  20. A couple of great letters to the cooncil,BGFC,yours should be a petition we could all sign,HH

  21. Busy At The Moment, So No Comment. Just Thought Some Might Be Interested…






    TRUST STATEMENT – 21st January 2019



    Re. INCIDENT AT CELTIC PARK 19TH January 2019



    Following on from Saturday’s Scottish Cup tie at Celtic Park, we wish to address the incident which occurred on the corner of London Road and Kinloch Street prior to the start of the match.



    Airdrie Supporters Trust had organised six family buses to take over 300 supporters, almost a third of which were under 16s, in a convenient and safe manner to the game. Arrangements were made for these and any other supporters buses going to be parked on Springfield Road with Celtic Football Club.



    On arrival at the game, the fans disembarked and walked onto London Road when they were stopped from proceeding along Kinloch Street by Police in attendance. No explanation was given for this happening. We were held here for around 15-20 minutes during which time a very unsavoury atmosphere built up with large numbers of Celtic fans passing through the area as well as those who had been drinking in a nearby pub.



    There was a sudden build-up of opposition supporters on the corner of Kinloch Street who proceeded to throw glass bottles, stones, coins and various other objects at the gathered Airdrie supporters. With virtually nowhere to move to a number of Airdrie supporters were struck by these objects. Most seriously of all a 75-year-old fan was struck on the head by one of the bottles and required a lengthy spell of treatment from Paramedics. On top of those struck by the objects, a large number of the children and females in attendance were left in an extremely distressed state.



    We feel that the handling of this event was very poorly managed, and left six family busloads of supporters in a very vulnerable situation. With this in mind we will be asking to discuss the matter with the members of the Airdrieonians FC board with a view to following up the incident with Celtic FC and the SFA.



    Airdrie Supporters Trust

  22. Just sent this off to the council



    Dear Sirs,



    I feel compelled write and express my concerns regarding the proposed 1 mile parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park.




    It has been clear for some time that the lack of public transport to and from Celtic Park has forced many fans to rely on their own, or friends, cars as their only viable means of gaining access to Celtic Park on match days. The nearest railway station is Dalmarnock which has a very limited capacity, infrequent trains and is not entirely suitable for wheelchair users.





    My understanding is that there are no plans to improve the existing public transport services before this legislation is implemented. I would like to see any details that the Council have that explains the mechanisms they see as being both suitable and sustainable for the public to gain access to the stadium both at weekends and for midweek matches. Could you please provide me with details of the research you have completed to come to the conclusions that led to this proposal. My hope is that you will have followed a path of due diligence and look forward to my hopes being confirmed.




    Further to the relief you feel that restricting parking close to the stadium will have on the local community can you please confirm that you have considered the impact the 1 mile exclusion zone will have on those areas parked cars have been forced to move.





    As mentioned above there is no viable means of public transport available around Celtic Park, so I am left with the assumption that you believe that fans with cars will walk the remaining distance between their newly located vehicle and the stadium. Can you confirm the impact this will have to both existing pedestrian and road traffic, due the increase volume of people making their way to the stadium by foot. Can you also confirm how fans of opposing teams will be segregated and how this will impact the cost of policing a football match.




    Can you please also provide detailed analysis of how you have taken the needs of those mobility impaired fans who currently rely on their own, or their friends, cars for transport.







  23. Chairbhoy


    If that is an accurate account, it is dreadful.


    We will soon no more about it. The MSSM will not let such an opportunity go unexploited.

  24. Fool Time Whistle on

    This alleged song debate is less a chat about songs & much more a chat about what Celtic is, in my opinion.



    Others started a thread last night (Big Packy, 31003 etc) and I just threw in my tuppence worth.



    I can only draw a line for me on what it all means to me personally& therefore also what it doesn’t mean.



    I’m older so my line has moved with my age but not that much in reality.



    We’ll all have different lines, some that remain the same no matter what age we are.



    Saw a welcome to CQN too from someone….



    Not only has my line changed as I got older so has my blog name….the old ones don’t matter.



    I had some trauma in my life & hit a wall of depression that sat on me for years.



    I stepped away from this place when it stopped being a positive thing in my life, but I recognise that more as a symptom of how I was at that time – as much as anything else. I always lurked though.



    We all change over time, some more than others, but the chat about Celtic past & present underlines that changeness for me.



    I got my first CQN badge from Pablophanque back in 2006 I think, before he moved from Dumfries (via Holland?) to Ireland.


    We moved house recently & I think the moving crew were airport baggage handlers on a day off.


    Almost nothing escaped damage or loss – so I’m still searching through boxes for things that I had kept for years.



    My good friend The Barcamole was kindness & humanity personified when I was in need & I miss him, as do many others, especially Marspapa. HH Franny.



    I also miss BMCUWP who I also consider a good friend. Saw Mick in August & he still showed the signs of the illness that hospitalised him last year.



    There are many others who have gone from here – Aw Naw & his wee brother MagsMcGill, Kojo & Hamilton Tim – but maybe they are lurking as I type. People come & go on here just like life.



    I still see some on here who are willing to apologise later for any offence caused or taken during some interraction, and that for me is some of the glue that keeps it ticking along.



    I disagree vehemently with some on here on a variety of subjects, but now I just step round most topics that tend to inflame & go and hug someone in my family.


    Embramike said it best – this is a football blog for Celtic & Celtic supporters. We can disagree about so much about Celtic without needing other stuff to inflame things.



    Proudest day this season so far?



    Opening league game against Livingston where my grandson was the mascot – picture of him with the team & Danny McGrain on my wall in front of me.



    HH to all & hope you’re having agreat day

  25. Re the incident on Saturday, after the cruch fiasco,i think we are being set up by the police here.

  26. Bada Bing @ 4.36






    ” but will only make more signings if “real, genuine quality” is available.”



    Given that he’s already said this is a notoriously difficult window and he’s now talking in a future tense, suggests there are no such players on the immediate horizon and it’s deadline day at best with whoever doesn’t get a better offer.



    IMHO he’s preparing the support for more disappointment.

  27. Glasgow City Council are just another example of the sleekit,sniggering Scottish society’s determination to make life difficult for Timmy.


    Same as it ever was.

  28. Cracking stuff Fool Time Whistle….



    Great sentiment. A big mad bus of lunatics, with various outlooks on life, brought together through a collective love of the tic….



    Sure it’s just a laugh at the end of the day



    Fr Dougal csc

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