Glasgow City Council predatory act on Celtic fans


There are a few takeaways from Saturday’s straightforward win over Airdrie in the Scottish Cup.  We are still missing penalty kicks.  Those of us who were around last time we met Valencia in 2001 have a nervous reaction at the thought of facing the same side later this month, where the outcome could again be determined from 12 yards.

It is a while since we last failed to win a domestic trophy, but on that occasion we exited the Scottish Cup on a penalty kick competition.  This remains the most likely chance anyone has of denying Celtic a trophy and should be regarded as a priority at training.  We have a month before the second leg against Valencia, let’s be prepared.

Scott Sinclair should have had a hat-trick.  His penalty miss was followed by a chance from inside the six yard box before an open goal.  This was an identikit of the chance Kris Ajer missed late in the game against Salzburg – a knee-high cross is met but the player cannot keep the ball down.  Poor technique, but this outcome is common, so it is not as bad a miss as it looks.

With the outcome settled, the North Stand assistant referee raised his flag to deny Scott, despite two Airdrie defenders playing him onsite.  There was nothing malicious in this, it was just rank bad officiating and a timely reminder that our game is not run in a sufficiently competent manner.

It feels churlish to complain after winning 3-0 but you know a similar decision is likely to cost us next time.

Oliver Burke didn’t look like a centre forward (which he is not).  Timothy Weah did.  His movement marked him out even before his cool finish.  He will do well in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council are trying to make it very difficult for most of us to get to Celtic Park in future.  They have proposed a 1 mile parking exclusion zone around the stadium.  This means the nearest you will be able to park is 1 mile away, the majority of us will have significantly farther to walk to and from the game.  If you approach the stadium from the east along London Road, this means the nearest car will be able to park at the entrance to St Peter’s Cemetery.

A few points on this:

Celtic Park is not catered for by public transport on match days in anything like the volumes required to remove thousands of people from the area.

Despite this, Glasgow City Council insist that fans must use public transport to attend Celtic Park after they remove parking facilities.

They have refused to offer any explanation as to how this could be achieved, or to facilitate additional public transport.

Forcing people to walk many miles to and from Celtic Park will only displace parking problems to a different area of the city.

It will mean people have to arrive at their parking spot up to an hour earlier and will reach their cars after the game an hour later than is currently the case – increasing the on-street parking burden for a new set of residents.

After Friday, it will be too late to object.  You have until 5pm on 25 January to email:

…advising the Council that their plans are inappropriate and will cause significant problems to you, other road users and residents.

Other stadiums in the city are served by public transport, including underground stations.  This is a predatory attack on people attending Celtic Park, please consider objecting before it is too late.

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  1. Angeg G- i won a competition to go to the American Music Awards at The Shrine in LA in ’99,was like being a rock star for 5 days,Business Class flights, limo at the airport. Stayed in a suite,hotel was 2 minutes walk from the Viper Room.Went the Red Rock bar on Hollywood Boulevard i think,and had a Sunday Brunch in House of Blues,HH

  2. TT, ‘GG,


    Up here in Cape Cod, they adore TB 12, the same as we did Blessed Martin.


    They are also suggesting that the name be changed from “Super Bowl” to “The New England Invitational”



  3. Macjay



    Sorry if I missed the reply



    ‘re Derry? Can you expand? Ta









    From wits earlier,2 fine posts.



    WHAT IS THE STARS on 21ST JANUARY 2019 11:39 AM



    WHAT IS THE STARS on 21ST JANUARY 2019 11:55 AM


    An Tearmann



    100 years ago today….followed by the shooting of 2 RIC constables at Soloheadbeg which started the War of Independence.



    The following is an extract from Seamus Robinsons ( Brigade O/C that day) statement to the Military History Bureau.It describes a meeting that he and fellow Tipperary men Sean Tracey and Dan Breen had in Dublin with Michael Collins shortly afterwards.


    Mick seemed to be keeping his eyes peeled watching everyone in the street without moving his head. His glance would come back to us. He greeted us with: “Well, everything is fixed-up; be ready to go in a day or two”. “To go where?” I asked’. “To the States” he said. “Why”. “Well, isn’t it the usual thing to do after ” “We don’t want to go to the States or anywhere else”. “Well”, said Mick “a great many people seem to think it is the only thing to do”. I began to be afraid that G.H.Q. had begun to give way to Sinn Féin pacifism, and with a little acerbity I said: “Look here, to kill a couple of policemen for the country’s sake and leave it at that by running away would be so wanton as to approximate too closely to murder.” “Then what do you propose to do” “right it out of course”. Mick Collins, without having shown the slightest emotion during this short interview, now suddenly closed his notebook with a snap saying as he strode off with the faintest of faint smiles on his lips but with a big laugh in his eyes: “That’s all right with me”.



    WHAT IS THE STARS on 21ST JANUARY 2019 11:57 AM


    right if out*** ….should be fight it out

  4. Let the Peoplle Sing…unless I don’t agree wae the addons…brexit has a lot to answer for ;-))

  5. Jebus….ffs….looks like the fight might move from the Dáil….again….only advantages who?

  6. Saragossosea @ 12:12


    Brady was imperious last night. Like Bobby Murdoch at his best.


    He completely dominated the first half and his Q4 and OT drives were a masterclass.


    He is not well liked, especially down here with Jets fans.


    I really admire his talent and his dedication to his sport through diet and exercise.


    A fine example to any aspiring youngster in any sport.

  7. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He is one of only two players in NFL history to have won five Super Bowls, and he is the only player to have won them all with a single franchise. Wikipedia

  8. ‘GG,



    Henrik, after his first few games, woulda been hounded out of Parkhead on here.




  9. GG


    while Belichik and Brady may be the best coach quarterback combination of all time the cheating leaves a bad taste.


    Martin and Henrik were sporting examples.

  10. Deflategate.


    Significant that Brady scored more points in 2nd half after the balls were reinflated.


    I assume the refs are inspected the Patriots’ balls before during and after plays.


    “Cough please?”

  11. ‘GG, F-A-T,


    A friend of mine who is a Dolphins fan thinks it’s Bellichick at it from years ago. Have supported Eagles from the ‘70s but if they are out then the Pats. Great year last year. Rest of the family are Pats.


    Obviously nothing else happened in the rest of the world today as all we had on the news channels was the Pats.


    However, doesn’t compare with nights at Parkhead – Vojvojina, Man U., Red Star etc.



  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If it’s Tontines version or a proven liar like Macjays version supported by a wiki anything it’s no contest.


    Derry and the BBC I just ask myself have the British Govt and Loyalists any history in lying about and creating false flag events, then ask myself who has the most to gain from such an attack and apply Occam’s razor, it’s no rocket surgery. Invisible terrorist cells can be anyone, the only way I’ll believe the British on this is if those arrested confess, even then I’d suspect ther orders came from London as has previously happened.

  13. Think we should embrace the changes to parking and encourage more cycling options to Celtic Park. Obviously the old and infirm should be catered for at all costs but a healthy walk wouldn’t do the rest of ye’s any harm.


    Dismayed to read so many of us losing faith in the Celtic Way. Our transfer policy is not up for grabs by short sighted assimilated Tims.


    We defeated Rangers and buried them liquidated. Der Hun has now a new face of old, nothing more or less.


    Fidem servate.



    Ave Ave

  14. Good morning CQN from a freezing Garngad


    Tontine Tim brilliant posts/story’s of your past, I could read/listen to your tales of your youth (auld yin)? all day. Superb.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  15. Henry Joy on 22nd January 2019 5:03 am



    Fidem servate. Who does he play for just now? Is he a right back?

  16. I don’t see any health benefits of walking from Celtic Park, back into town in the freezing wind and the rain.



    It is a rather pleasant walk when the weather is fine, not so in the winter time though, or when it’s raining.

  17. traditionalist88 on

    TRADITIONALIST88 on 21ST JANUARY 2019 11:46 AM



    Rumour that we are signing Dominic Iorfa on pre-contract, Wolves CB, on the Celtic Star website






    I posted that news on here last night before Celtic Star…wonder where he got it from!



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!





    Sorry didnt see your post, looks like its a goer anyway.




  18. traditionalist88 on



    Bada Bing



    Deadline day late bid to get Dedryk Boyata before summer aside, we’re not buying a CB with



    Bitton, Ajer, Hendry, Lustig, Simunovic, Benkovic and Boyata all ready to play there





    Bitton is not a CB and is not match fit in any case.


    Hendry is leaving the club and the sooner the better.


    Lustig is a RB with barely enough left in the tank to cover his own position.


    Simunovic does not have the body of a professional athlete or a body capable of enduring the demands of professional football.



    Worrying when we’re already making excuses for probable inaction.




  19. traditionalist88 on

    TONTINE TIM on 21ST JANUARY 2019 8:17 PM


    Several years ago I wrote an article for one of the sites titled “Let the People Sing”. Now that this contentious subject rears its ugly head once again here again is my take on it.



    Like most of my generation I sang rebel songs with gusto although there was nae reference tae the reigning monarch or her son in the Merry Ploughboy and Roamin in the Gloamin wisnae popular at the time, but the “Bells of Hell etc” got laldy.



    We had our own version of “Hello Hello which include the Bisley boys” “follow follow” with the line “it was green white and gold with the Pope on the fold” and “we will hang john Knox on the barren rocks as well as “should we go tae derry’s walls, ibrox park and the orange halls up tae wur knees in orange blood we’ll follow on.



    Once Calum Kennedy or mibbees Andy Stewart, funny how nobody wants tae lay claim tae recording this dirge, released follow follow in opposition tae Glen Daly’s “For it’s a Grand old Team” then we dropped that particular song.



    Rebel songs have been sung since club patron Michael Davitt laid the first sod, a divot of Donegal shamrocks in the centre circle, in the company of the Celtic directors many of whom were either members of or sympathetic to the Irish Land League along with Ulster born John Ferguson de facto leader of the Irish nationalists in Glasgow and spokesman for the Highland Land League and a hearty version of “God Save Ireland” was sung.



    I had been coming hame regularly between 1989 and 2001 and attended games with one of the local CSCs. I had noticed that at certain games, usually away ones, the rebs were fairly belted out and during this period “Aiden McAnespie” was a great favourite.



    Now myself I’m 2nd generation Scottish on my da’s side but often thought that the generations after us would soften toward the oul country, not so it seems, and when I asked about this was informed there were certain grounds in the country where our support lay it on thick, swinecatle, brockville and starks park come tae mine although I do believe we like the latter now lol.



    As for that squirrel about Jock going intae the crowd at annfield IMHO it wisnae about the rebs, don’t forget that Sligo born Sean was his right hand mhan, it was the add ons the urinated him off.



    This was the opening LC game of the 1972/73 season and that day I was in at Boagheid listening tae the calvinists abusing “Harry Harry, Lou Macari and Kevin Barry” as well as Jinky and the Mother of my Saviour.



    Now I know that 2 wrongs don’t make a right but sectarian chanting was on the increase in the best wee bigoted country in the world.



    We had also started to get invited tae more testimonials down south while deidco were poisonous, don’t forget this was just after they had wrecked Barca spray painting over churches and holy relics in the city, incidentally aerosols could not be bought in Spain at the time so their usual deflecting fell on deaf ears.



    Our side that day included 11 ben afflecks and Kenny, however apart fae Jock and Jimmy Steele on the bench we had previously cheered on the faither, big tam, wispy and wee ten thirty of the Lions side among others. Jock didnae want us tarred with the same brush as deidco and their embra brithers.



    I don’t sing rebs anymore, cannae remember the last time I listened tae them either, I’ll put that down tae an age thing but it’s part of our clubs heritage so as I said a few years back and as the p.a. at Parkheid keeps playing. “Let the People Sing”. That’s people BTW not peepul lol.





    Excellent post.



    I see you got a response from Macjay.



    He regularly posts the one about Stein going into the crowd but has never told us what song(s) caused the problem that day or the fact that he was manager for a long time and didn’t seem to mind the songs every other week.



    And also likes to ignore the fact that the Lions listened to the rebel songs on buses to and from matches. Pretty sure Stein enjoyed a few of them too.



    Something clearly got to him that day at Annfield but it wasn’t the sight of a tricolour or a rebel song as such.




  20. The conveniently filmed spectaculars in the north are really handy to keep everyone spooked. They are usually timed to combine with something historic or commemorative………


    We can be reasonably sure that the main casualty is the truth, with all headlines sensationally hitting their targets.

  21. FEARS have been raised for Cardiff City’s new signing Emiliano Sala after reports he was on a plane missing over the Channel Islands.



    At least two people are thought to be on board the Piper Malibu plane which lost contact near the Casquets lighthouse yesterday.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    If you`re genuinely interested , read Celtic WIKI quoting Jock


    and the article underneath , a quote from which I have provided .








    TONTINE TIM on 21ST JANUARY 2019 6:48 PM





    As for that squirrel about Jock going intae the crowd at annfield IMHO it wisnae about the rebs, don’t forget that Sligo born Sean was his right hand mhan, it was the add ons the urinated him off.








    This you call a squirrel .





    We`ll have to disagree .




    ” The cause of Jock Stein’s anger at Stirling was the sight of an Irish tricolour and the chanting, with handclapping, of “IRA.” The Ulster situation is beginning to show in football with one side chanting “UDA” and the other reply­ing with “IRA.” Sadly, those involved are very young. “

  23. From Fan-a-tic`s post @2:25:


    ` “But I told him: ‘The facts are right there. Why don’t you believe them?’ I now know that he just sees those facts differently.”



    If her father accepted that the Patriots had cheated, Karkera realized, it would mean accepting an uncomfortable conclusion about his own ethics — that he supports a team that cheats.” `



    An interesting article which, even though I suspect most won`t want to, allows us to understand why the Huns still believe their team exists.






    Their belief doen`t make it true !!

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