Glasgow City Council predatory act on Celtic fans


There are a few takeaways from Saturday’s straightforward win over Airdrie in the Scottish Cup.  We are still missing penalty kicks.  Those of us who were around last time we met Valencia in 2001 have a nervous reaction at the thought of facing the same side later this month, where the outcome could again be determined from 12 yards.

It is a while since we last failed to win a domestic trophy, but on that occasion we exited the Scottish Cup on a penalty kick competition.  This remains the most likely chance anyone has of denying Celtic a trophy and should be regarded as a priority at training.  We have a month before the second leg against Valencia, let’s be prepared.

Scott Sinclair should have had a hat-trick.  His penalty miss was followed by a chance from inside the six yard box before an open goal.  This was an identikit of the chance Kris Ajer missed late in the game against Salzburg – a knee-high cross is met but the player cannot keep the ball down.  Poor technique, but this outcome is common, so it is not as bad a miss as it looks.

With the outcome settled, the North Stand assistant referee raised his flag to deny Scott, despite two Airdrie defenders playing him onsite.  There was nothing malicious in this, it was just rank bad officiating and a timely reminder that our game is not run in a sufficiently competent manner.

It feels churlish to complain after winning 3-0 but you know a similar decision is likely to cost us next time.

Oliver Burke didn’t look like a centre forward (which he is not).  Timothy Weah did.  His movement marked him out even before his cool finish.  He will do well in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council are trying to make it very difficult for most of us to get to Celtic Park in future.  They have proposed a 1 mile parking exclusion zone around the stadium.  This means the nearest you will be able to park is 1 mile away, the majority of us will have significantly farther to walk to and from the game.  If you approach the stadium from the east along London Road, this means the nearest car will be able to park at the entrance to St Peter’s Cemetery.

A few points on this:

Celtic Park is not catered for by public transport on match days in anything like the volumes required to remove thousands of people from the area.

Despite this, Glasgow City Council insist that fans must use public transport to attend Celtic Park after they remove parking facilities.

They have refused to offer any explanation as to how this could be achieved, or to facilitate additional public transport.

Forcing people to walk many miles to and from Celtic Park will only displace parking problems to a different area of the city.

It will mean people have to arrive at their parking spot up to an hour earlier and will reach their cars after the game an hour later than is currently the case – increasing the on-street parking burden for a new set of residents.

After Friday, it will be too late to object.  You have until 5pm on 25 January to email:

…advising the Council that their plans are inappropriate and will cause significant problems to you, other road users and residents.

Other stadiums in the city are served by public transport, including underground stations.  This is a predatory attack on people attending Celtic Park, please consider objecting before it is too late.

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  1. traditionalist88 on




    Not a fan of unattributed quotes, can we find out who said that and if they are qualified to put words in Jocks mouth?



    The bit about the sight of the Irish tricolour is highly contentious, particularly. For obvious reasons.



    Fair enough if the chanting was ‘IRA IRA IRA’, no one is defending that, and that is not actually a ‘rebel song’ so much as a crass windup.

  2. TBB


    Good to see you on here again ( even if it is only to chastise Jobo`s tardiness).



    Too many posters offering opinion as fact simply to support their negative comments.The site,( JMO, of course!) , requires more of the insight offered by those like yourself , SFTB and others.


    Hope all is well. It would be good to meet up for a pint some day.




  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Unattributed ?



    Perhaps if you had read the article .







    The Scotsman, Monday, August 14, 1972



    Now, the Old Firm need wholehearted support



    John Rafferty reporting

  4. traditionalist88 on




    When it appeared on here it was unattributed.



    Nice of him to use his journalistic licence to insinuate that Stein had a problem with the Irish tricolour.



    More enlightening is the weight you are giving this journalists words.



    Not like the media to have an agenda, is it?!

  5. I was at that game at Annfield in 1972. The reports above are correct about the chanting of “IRA”.



    There is a TV programme called “It was alright in the Seventies”. When we look back we can see how wrong it was to use racist/sexist/homophobic language and images etc. No place for it this century just as there is no place for IRA chanting now at Celtic games.



    There are many way to celebrate our club’s origin, history, culture and current contribution to our and various other societies. What is the point of reaching a peace accord if you only refer back to the armed struggle? How does that promote the ongoing development of a better future for the upcoming generation?



    Are we a 21st century club inclusive to all or are some of us stuck in 1916 just like many are stuck in 1690?

  6. MACJAY1


    As far as I can see, Jock did not mention the Irish flag.



    Overall, though, I have no interest in Irish flags, Scottish flags,Union Flags etc


    I do, though, like Palestinian and Catalonian flags.




  7. traditionalist88 on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 22ND JANUARY 2019 9:55 AM



    As I commented yesterday we have sung from the same genre of song since the club was formed.



    Its probably unrealistic to expect 60,000+ to reach unanimous agreement on what is right/wrong/relevant/irrelevant now.



    The same debate used to go in the letters pages of the Celtic View when Fergus produced his ‘Bhoys against bigotry’ campaign and will probably still be happening 20 years from now.



    Songs that tell stories are always relevant, I suppose the question is are the rebs relevant for football grounds? And if they are not sectarian/bigoted and people want to sing them, then that is their right, and some on here will have to suck it up and spare us the mock horror.




  8. Talking of relevance. What about : Whistling Rufus ( Celtic). Z-Cars ( Everton ), Bubbles ( West Ham ) and Blue Moon at Crewe to mention just a few?




  9. In ither news………….



    iShortie despatches wee Chic (or Dick) to interview John McGinn about how he feels about not having to play on diseased Celtic Park……………this will run and run.




  10. Scullybhoy- correct, not sure why some guys are on Twitter etc,leaves them open to that type of abuse from Muppets.

  11. traditionalist88 on

    Emiliano Sala was Cardiffs record signing and was speaking a couple of days ago about how he couldn’t wait to get started etc. Very sad. Hope for a good outcome.





    PS .PS.PS.



    IT was not an IRISH FLAG.IT was green white and gold.



    HE did it to steal the headlines from willie waddell who had announced he would be making a statement in monday’s RAGS re the bitterness and hatred spewing out of you know who at the time.



    Headlines were duly stolen.good on “the big miner frae burnbank”




    PS IRISH FLAG is GREEN ,WHITE AND there!!!! not the only one with a long memory.TONTO.

  13. THANKS to your phenomenal support, standard match tickets for the first leg of the UEFA Europa League tie against Valencia have now sold-out.



    This game is worth around £3 mill,go and get a CB ffs

  14. I do not post often although read most days, as I do most “Celtic” web sites. I would like to ask the posters on this site, what their opinion is on another Celtic web site ” 67 Hail Hail” ? I find that a good number of their articles seem to be anti Celtic rather than pro Celtic or am I being “paranoid”

  15. Traditionalist88 @ 8.44



    Thanks for letting CQN know Mikael Lustig is a RB, Nir Bitton isn’t a CB, and Jack Hendry is leaving, (the sooner the better) and Jozo Simunovic doesn’t have the body of a professional athlete (forensic)



    The names I’ve mentioned all have one thing in common, they’ve all played CB for Celtic, nothing more nothing less. BR has already suggested publicly we wouldn’t sign a CB in this window and my list suggests he reckons like most rational Celtic fans that we’re well covered given how we’re well known for ‘screwing up’ every single transfer window anyway, and arguably have a more pressing need for a RB.



    At least you left out Dedryk ‘bombscare’ ‘ liability ‘ yada yada yada Boyata?



    Get The Chequebook Out Celtic CSC

  16. traditionalist88 on




    You’re welcome, thanks for acknowledging the fact that none are suitable short or long term to play to the standard required of a centre half at Celtic, which makes your initial post all the more pointless.



    The above mentioned names are not suitable cover for the aforementioned reasons.



    Getting the excuses in early for not strengthening the defence.



    And then revert to type and blame the big bad MSM.



    All very predictable BSR.

  17. traditionalist88 on

    And when the chips are down who heres with Boyata? Because his mind is elsewhere. But needs must right now.



    The list of alternatives tells us that.




  18. John Anthony



    I feel the same about posts on CQN but I accept that that is because the CONSTANTLY negative post annoy me so I remember them more.


    It`s the way we ( humankind ) are . We are never going to see a headline the says 1200 pupils at a school behaved OK today but one stabbing would make headline news.


    Also, I feel that some think that to criticise indicates a more informed judgement.


    ie HappyClappers are easily pleased but Mineshafters are forensic an their analysis.




  19. Valencia have asked for less than 300 tickets for their Europa League clash in Glasgow.



    Celtic face the La Liga club in the last 32 after Brendan Rodgers ’ side qualified from their group of Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig and Rosenborg.



    But unlike the Hoops, Valencia won’t be backed by a massive following for their trip to Scotland.



    They have announced they have requested just 282 tickets for the Parkhead showdown, which will be held on February 14.

  20. As I mentioned here on Saturday, I went to see a Celtic Select V Arbroath .I also go to see Arbroath occasionally when Celtic do not have a Home game and last week I went to see St Roch`s V Bon Accord in the West of Scotland Junior Cup.


    I enjoy my visits to Gayfield ( Arbroath ) and thoroughly enjoyed my nostalgic trip to see The Rock. My point is that much as those Junior players gave it their all , it was obvious that Arbroath and the Celtic Select were a class above. Celtic are several classes above Arbroath and the Select.


    Maybe some should consider that when telling us how rubbish some of our players are. Some professionals are better than others but I am of the view that one cannot be a rubbish footballer AND be highly paid for it .




  21. 282 ? ? Very precise !



    VALENcia; VALENtine`s Day? A good omen for the Love of our Lives?




  22. Valencia ticket price at £35 for a season ticket holder I thought was steep. Rampant profiteering. But still it sells out and thats what the counter of the beans bonus will be paid out on.




    Excuses Excuses Excuses from Brendan Rodgers – would you say that to his face?



    They may well unsuitable but as the man says, they are our unsuitables all training at Lennoxtown getting paid fantasy football wages.



    Most of those I mentioned will play CB for Celtic in the second half of the season, whether you or Joe Season Ticket like it or not. There is ample evidence to suggest we’ll wait till summer for a CB of ‘sufficient quality’ by which time we’ll have had a clear-out, and the need potentially for an entire new back line.



    If we sign another CB or a RB of ‘sufficient quality’ in this window it’ll be because our offer was best around deadline day.



    Get the Cheque Book Out Celtic CSC

  24. traditionalist88 on







    Excuses Excuses Excuses from Brendan Rodgers – would you say that to his face?



    They may well unsuitable but as the man says, they are our unsuitables all training at Lennoxtown getting paid fantasy football wages.





    I’m not talking to BR, I’m talking to you.



    Oh well, the unsuitables are our unsuitables! Thats alright then.



    Not sure why you omitted Marvin Compper in that case.




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