Gloriously difficult sincerity


Ruud Gullit is now telling us what a wonder-kid Karamoko Dembele is! The portents on this one are not good. The best thing for Karamoko right now would be to be left alone to develop his talent for three years. Comments from international stars is the last thing the boy needs.

I suspect the unprecedented frenzy which greeted his substitute appearance at Cappielow caught his mentors off guard. The decision to play him was made on football grounds; he’d earned the right to be there so was given the chance. That’s fair enough, you can’t hold a player back, no matter what his age. If he’s not challenged you right inhibiting his development, but the best thing for Karamoko would be a long stretch of anonymity.

I can’t get overexcited at Joey Barton charged with betting on 44 football games against SFA rules during his first few months in Scotland. While the same rule applies in England, Newco don’t play in England, so offenses there have been less prevalent, and therefore the rule is less prominent. A cursory punishment would be appropriate.

The media coverage of Barton this morning gives a fascinating slant on what is already a hoary old story. Joey, we are told, may be able to work his way back into his manger’s plans if he is sufficiently sincere when they meet early next week. Joey, of course, is always sincere.

You’ll seldom encounter people with the most alarming thought processes and in any way doubt their sincerity.

If anything, Joey’s persona could do with a little less frankness. Not for the first time, the Newco management will be measuring the wrong metric when trying to assess Barton.

They’re stuck with him, in all his gloriously difficult sincerity.


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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    South of Tunis , thanks for the tipabout that version of I’m your Puppet.



    I’m yout puppet could be the theme tune of any head honcho of the SFA or the SPFL in their dealings with both clubs which have played out of Ibrox plus it could apply to our media also.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy birthday BSR


    One of the best bhoys from lower EK





    Ya old chancer

  3. Jimmy from last blog. If a poster quoting someone or some statement and they put sic after it.


    They are stating that they are quoting exactly what was said or written if there are errors in substance, grammar or spelling etc it is not down to the poster.

  4. An Teach Solais on

    From previous article, Big Jimmy (?) was asking about the use of the word “sic”. From Latin for “thus” as in sic transit gloria mundi – thus passes the glory of the world, Used to denote a wrong spelling, wrong grammar or something factually incorrect in a piece to which the writer is replying eg when objecting to a newspaper article describing Newco as “R..gers” I might show disapproval by putting (sic) after the quote. Hope this is correct. HH

  5. My. Friends in Celtic,



    I have learned two things this morning:-


    1) The official Celtic Insurance Broker partner is Laurie Ross. According to the Celtic website they are offering free breakdown cover for every purchase up to the 31st October 2016. They also make a £10 donation to the Celtic Foundation for every purchase.


    When did this occur ? I have had car insurance with Lawrie Ross for donkeys years and have never heard of this.



    2) Misuse of the great seal of Scotland is a treasonable offence. Where’s the Green Man when you need him, I thought the great seal of Scotland was the Grey Seal.



    Indeed, everyday is a school day.






    How about the 1967 song by Sandie Shaw ( she who always sang barefooted , apparently to give the song some SOLE perhaps ? Lol…oh forget it).


    The song was “Puppet on a String”, which won Eurovision.


    How about, Disney cartoon ” Pinocchio” ?, he sang , ” I got no strings to hold me down etc”


    Or Frank Sinatra, ” STRINGers in the night ” ?

  7. “The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.”



    Poor Joey.


    I think maybe the Gambling Commission should take a look at the ibrox club.


    Is this not the third player in their short history to breach betting rules?



    They have a duty of care to ensure that betting is operated in a fair and transparent manner. If rangers are consistently breaking the rules then maybe the GC should pay them a visit.



    Also there is the same age gap between Leigh Griffiths and Kieran Tierney as our two Dembele’s. Get him in the team!..(joke)

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The back-flipping in the media re Barton is truly astounding – even by their own low standards.


    What was it McLaughlin called it yesterday – “an ill-fated move”?


    Hmmmm – was this not the signing that was going to put Scottish football “back on the map”? The signing that would have people all over the world watching us? Was he not also the “best player in the English Championship”? Clearly much better than, say, Moussa Dembele!

  9. blantyretim..



    I’m glad I was first,not for any glory hunting,just to stop someone claiming glory for a silly first post.

  10. Big Jimmy



    (Sic) is used to affirm that the words that it refers to are correctly stated or repeated as they were originally used even if they were misspelt or nonsense.



    For example, I may quote an article which says that “Dalgleish (sic) scored a goal”. The (sic) shows that it was not I who was responsible for the misspelling.

  11. Happy birthday BSR!!



    On King Kenny…. He was my 1st Celtic hero, I was 8 when he left.


    I had 2 posters on my wall. 1 was a massive Kenny one and the other was a tiny wee Danny McGrain one. I think the Danny one was free with the. KK one. My Dad bought me it at the wee shop/hut that used to be at the Rangers end at Paradise.


    I knew my Dad loved Kenny as a player but he didn’t seem to have the same affection for him as others.


    Anyway when KK signed for Liverpool the big poster was ripped down and Danny”s was there til I left mum and dads



    HH Fidel McGrain

  12. Just for perspective, Martin Odegaard made his first team debut for Stromsgodset in the Norwegian top division at the age of 15. Playing against grown men. You’ll remember the furore…?

  13. Moussa currently in 2nd place in Golden Boy voting, about 140 votes behind the Milan keeper. Considering it’s an Italian Publication running the poll, that is an amazing performance.



  14. 1989, Scotland’s under 15s playing the final against 29 year old Iranians ? Those Iranians were supposed to be under 15 ?


    They had better moustaches and chest hair than Burt Reynolds in his heyday ( or should that be hairday ? )



  15. BIG JIMMY on 6TH OCTOBER 2016 12:04 PM



    “BEAT BHOY, thank you my memory isn’t too bad I suppose although, forgetfulness appears to kick in whenever it’s my turn to buy a round if drinks, for some strange reason ?




    Funny that !




    As for spelling mistakes on here, I remember at school one day the teacher asked me ” Big Jimmy, where’s your GRAMMER” ?




    I replied, ” AT THE BINGO” !”






    My pal asked, “Miss, how do you spell ichael?”



    You mean Michael!



    “naw, ah’ve already wrote (sic) the ‘m’ !”

  16. Lionsroar67



    The article you linked to from the BEEB in last thread was not accurate in relation to the words spoken by the gentleman who aired his concerns. His words were mis-represented, taken out of context and slanted by the BEEB journalist to provide a negative story with regards Celtic Football Club. The article was not written out of any concern for the gentleman in question concerns or for concerns about young Dembele.



    His words were, if you listen to the link on the same article, focused on Ladbrokes for the giving odds on a 13 year old, the advisors and parents of young kids, and all clubs, not just Celtic alone, and in fact I do not think he mentioned Celtic once.



    I have my own concerns about the hype surrounding the young lad getting a game at that age at that level. However I know the lad when playing at Park Villa was spoken of as being 5 years ahead of every other boy in his age group. Parents of other kids raved about him including my brother. My brother was delighted when the kid signed for Celtic. If he was 5 years ahead at 9 then at 13 it will only be his physicality and maturity that will possibly be to his disadvantage when playing at the level Celtic introduced him at this week.



    Celtic did not hype this up. They did not go to any lengths to advertise his inclusion other than on the team sheet. I didn’t see, one or two tweets apart, much more mention of him from the club other than that they would normally have for all players. They did write an article on the website but it was an article trying to manage expectations of the fans and the media with regards the lad and his abilities. I believe they have done nothing wrong on this occasion but they are between a rock and a hard place.



    The boy needs tested and played at a level above that at which his age defines because he is too good for his age level but the expectations of the fans and the media need to be railed in. There is a responsibility on all of us, the club, the media etc. to allow this young boy the education in football his talent deserves without the media circus his inclusion created the other evening. I can only imagine the actual circus of media reporters who will now be deployed to every under 20’s game in future ‘Just In Case’. Dembele’s inclusion needs to be managed responsibly with all interested parties having a full and frank discussion taking into account the boys views with regards future appearances at whatever level is deemed necessary to bring him through and nurture his natural abilities to both his advantage and hopefully our clubs advantage in the future.



    He is a child with skills beyond his years. Much like musical or mathematical child prodigy’s who attend University’s and get degrees at early ages. The nature of football however brings added focus and attention. Especially so at Celtic playing in Scotland.



    As you see with the BEEB article not all the focus is positive and will be Level fived to a negative slant were possible. The BEEB on this occasion like many more before them have taken the opportunity to have a pop without regard for young Dembele. They’re intentions are not for the best interests of the boy but in the best interest of negative press towards our club.



    I therefore do not agree that the club deserved the criticism.




  17. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Big Jimmy from earlier.



    The names of those songs you posted are all appropriate for Scottish football.



    The Saudi team who beat Scotland youths in1989 , according to one paper, were staying at Stirling during the tournament.



    One dancing in Stirling had tried to knock some of the Saudi players back but they produced ID showing they were over 18 even though they were playing in an under 16 tournament.



    Brian O’Neill was Scotland’s stand out player who for whatever reason , didn’t fulfil his potential with us.

  18. Seems like I’ve sparked a wee educational debate all down to the fact that VFR commented on my early morning weather report from “Eats Kilbride”…..



    More importantly, very best wishes to ole Gazeboite and original Big Coat wearer, BSR. Have an extremely Hoopy Birthday.

  19. JOBO on 6th October 2016 12:57 pm



    You inspire pedagogy at every turn!



    FAC the Act




  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jobo, we moved to East Kilbride fourteen years ago and has worked out very well for my family.



    My initial concerns about moving here have been unfounded .



    Its a good place to bring up a young family with the added advantage of seeing Celtic Park each day on the way to Cathkin and on match day , being a twenty minute drive to the stadium.



    Its a pity its not as quick on the way back. Lol

  21. Raymond Shannon61 on

    Big Jimmy. I watched the penalty shoot out at Glasgow Airport going to Croatia the game finished 2-2 Saudi Arabia was more like Under 21 to Scotland under 16. HH

  22. Dallas Dallas – i actually thought of the SAUDI team and all their follicles from 89 when oor boys didn’t even have bum-fluff, when MIBs up here started using shaving foam on the pitch. Dunno why,just did.


    That sounds mad, i better have lunch! lol



    Anyway DD, get back to your wee housing calcs and get them LL’s paid! :-0 [^]

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Greetings to the Great Custodian of the Sacred Shawl on this auspicious day.

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Football protegies (sic), are a different category from artistic or academic counterparts, as it is not only their ability that has to be nurtured, but their physical development.



    A large percentage of boy wonder players develop chronic conditions during their prime years, due, I be.ieve to being pushed on too soon.



    Willie Henderson was one, Michael Owen another.



    It is not only the games against older players that are risky, but the intensity of the training to read his that level.



    Whatever the motive for leapfrogging the levels between U13 to U 20 was, I think it was misguided.

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