Glory, cash, coefficient points and joy left on the table


Celtic and Leipzig were evenly matched in the first half.  Celtic had more good chances, Daizen Maeda and especially Kyogo Furuhashi should have done better with headers, while Matt O’Riley and Greg Taylor hit the woodwork.  Leipzig issued a warning of what was to come by forcing Joe Hart into two excellent saves and having their own ‘should have done much better with a header’ moment.

After a blistering start by Celtic, Leipzig settled into a long period of sustained possession.  This was broken when Kyogo brilliantly took a forward ball on his chest while being double marked, retained the ball and forced a Celtic throw-in.  It took Celtic up field for the first time in 10 minutes and allowed them their best period in the game.

With Celtic in possession, Leipzig often offered a soft press, attempting to block progress near the centre circle.  Celtic seemed to be deploying two pressing styles; Maeda, who pressed constantly, often chasing three opponents in a triangle, while his team-mates were less keen to plough forward.  It looked untutored and was ineffective.

For the second successive home game in this competition we rued missed chances at halftime and some of us shared concerns about our remaining energy levels for the 45 minutes to come.  Leipzig took control in the second period and could have scored three before Timo Werner eventually gave them the lead on 75 minutes.

The arrival of reinforcements in the form of Aaron Mooy, David Turnbull and Giorgos Giakoumakis 10 minutes earlier brought an energy that by then had left Reo Hatate, Sead Haksabanovic and Kyogo, but the new midfield offered no more effective cover to the defence.

Cameron Carter-Vickers was outstanding.  Greg Taylor and Josip Juranovic were also excellent, the latter beat two men and carried the ball half the length of the field to setup an excellent chance that Kyogo was unable to convert.  Moritz Jenz and Hart also did their part, but the oncoming tide was relentless.

A lot of football success is about confidence.  Early in the first half, Hatate lost possession three times in succession.  He is a player who is always looking for the ball while under pressure, holds it and tries to make an incisive pass.  This run of misfires seemed to rob him of a forward gear, which those around him could not compensate for.

The overwhelming sensations are of disappointment and frustration.  After many years of drawing incredibly difficult groups in European football, we are out of the Champions League and effectively out of Europe before Christmas, four games into a group that offered lots of promise.  Glory, cash, coefficient points and no small amount of joy was left on the table.

You know the script, recover quickly and prepare for Saturday.


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  1. Pingback: Glory, Cash, Coefficient Points And Joy Left On The Table - Celtic News

  2. Meada is possibly one of the worst players I’ve witnessed at celtic park.he can’t finish.cant go by a man.his crossing is abysmal.he has no finesse.all he’s good at is closing down.thats it

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    We don’t have enough players with confidence and composure to compete effectively at this level.



    I stress the word ‘enough’ – there were several outstanding performances last night.



    I’d also point out ‘physicality’. Leipzig were stronger and more powerful to man.



    Confidence and composure will hopefully come with time. Unfortunately, there’s not much that done about ‘physicality’.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    The CL is the highest level in football. Errors get punished, weaknesses exposed.


    Two top quality goals, although a bit guilty of ball-watching on both.


    We face qualities we don’t see week-to-week. Experience at that level will make us better.


    It’s just a pity we had those two years in the comp in 16-17 and 17-18 and instead of building on it and becoming a CL regular we retreated back into old firmery, with predictable consequences.


    Now we are starting all over again from square one, again with predictable outcomes.


    Confident it will get better. But it won’t happen overnight.

  5. In both games against Leipzig we were witihout two of our best three players. That probably made a difference and the result last night was predictable, and very predictable at half time.


    Like Brugge/Bruges we need a few consecutive seasons of CL football before we can get results. So we must keep good players like O”Riley and continue to strengthen.

  6. Leipzig seemed to have a player free on the left in the build up to their goals. Is this due to the way our full backs are told to play?

  7. I asked earlier (ernie) but saw no response so I`ll ask again.


    If Angeball is not working, how came we are creating so many good chances?



    I would like to be educated on this by those who feel Angeball should be used more selectively.

  8. We have the extra day’s rest and no travelling so I expect to see a fresh Celtic on Saturday.



    No reason why we can’t go on an extended unbeaten run now that European football will soon draw to its close.



    Europe has been as sobering as it has been disappointing.

  9. Pretty good summary



    I think we also need to acknowledge that not only are the players better at this level, so are the coaches. From watching all four games the Leipzig we faced are a much better team than the one the Huns beat over two legs.



    Rose is a very good coach with the sort of experience and record that would put him out of our reach

  10. HOT SMOKED on 12TH OCTOBER 2022 12:28 PM


    I asked earlier (ernie) but saw no response so I`ll ask again.



    If Angeball is not working, how came we are creating so many good chances?




    I would like to be educated on this by those who feel Angeball should be used more selectively.






    Because we’re conceding more chances than we’re creating against better sides than us.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Another breathtaking night in Parkhead where Ange Postecoglu kept the Celtic name up there with Jock Stein in a tenure which has already eclipsed big names.



    You can’t unpost what you’ve posted about the first game on CQN, and Leipzig outclassed us in Glasgow. Outclassed, a metaphor for, they have better players. We are a bigger club, have a bigger stadium, bigger support, bigger expectation, bigger pitch, better manager and we are better looking.



    Astonishing levels of performance from every single player on the pitch saw Celtic ‘nearly score’ not a failure in the team you saw, they all raised it, way above the SPL limits, but we still came up short All players performed way above the fees ‘we paid’ . The clamour for tickets make the cynic sick and the supporter on the waiting list.



    Red Bull, Red Bull, looked clearly like wee team , wee team in the Parkhead tunnel and Celtic are that colossus club in Europe. Hart, Juranovic, CCV , Jenz and Taylor were immense forming a conventional back line and sometimes forward line. In midfield O’Riley and Hatate were superb, Kyogo threatened but the goals wouldn’t come from him, or the less fancied Daizen, who otherwise had another blinder if just annoying the opposition.



    James ( fit as a butcher’s dug) Forrest prepares to earn his wad in a manner he’s done since he was a wee bhoy, O’Riley had a great game, as did Rod Stewart . Joe Hart continues to make a mockery of his transfer fee and luckily we have Giakoumakis who scores for fun, probably verse Hibs at the weekend.



    Parkhead the extra man was again superb, pushed into pot 4 by time and television, we’re lucky we can still just rebel against it, in the Europa



    MOM Reo Hatate

  12. HOT SMOKED on 12TH OCTOBER 2022 12:28 PM



    It also begs the question, if we can only score 2 in 4 games playing ultra attacking football how many would we score if we played more defensively?

  13. “The overwhelming sensations are of disappointment and frustration.”



    At full time I personally felt a bit of that but more so I felt proud of and entertained by the team. That’s all I look for – the team to give their all and having a right go.



    I still think 4 points and 3rd place could yet happen – unlikely but stranger things have happened.



    Regardless here’s hoping that there is enough frustration felt by the players that they double down their efforts to win the league again and have another go next year.




  14. Paul 67,


    I agree with your summary Here are my thoughts.



    Getting beaten by a good Bundesliga team is no disgrace, but we must reflect :-



    Do we have regrets. Yes, we did not take our chances.


    Did we underachieve. Yes. Could / should have done better.


    Are our tactics wrong. No. Angeball is our style.


    Can all our players perform Angeball. Debatable.


    Are our players fit / strong enough. Continuous improvement.


    Can we do better. Without doubt.


    Do we lack confidence in Europe. Possibly..


    Are some players too nice. Perhaps.


    Should we give up on European football No, no no.


    Is Ange the right person. Absolutely.


    Should Ange own responsibility. Of course, but coaches are definitely not exempt from criticism.


    Can and will we improve. Of course.


    Why is Parkhead not the fortress it was. Too much self indulgence by some our support.


    Can we make Parkhead a fortress again : No doubt, with rousing Celtic songs.


    Are we a knowledgeable support. Yes


    Are we a patient support. Not always.


    Should we give unconditional support. On the night.Yes


    Is the future promising. Of course.


    Will the journey continue. Of course.


    Is there a lack of belief. Yes, I think so.


    Do we belong. Yes, but some need convincing.


    Do we need new players. Always.


    Do we need new coaches. Perhaps.


    Do bad teams qualify for the CL. No.



    We never stop. Yes.


    Will we be there on Saturday. Yes.


    HH to all

  15. We were 4th top scorers in the Europa group stages last season, this season only three teams have scored less and two of them have only played 3 games.

  16. On reading back, let me elaborate on a point I made earlier.



    I was seated 15 rows up behind the goals Celtic were attacking in the second half. When Giakoumakis was pulled back inside the 6-yard box, the referee gave a Leipzig goal-kick. As the keeper placed the ball, the referee – about 20 yards from goal – raised his arm and indicated to the keeper that he should wait, which he did. The referee had a finger to his ear, clearly listening to the var official. This lasted no more than 10 seconds before the referee told the keeper to carry on.



    Check over. No penalty.



    I’m not saying the var decision was right or wrong. My point is, contrary to several comments on CQN since the incident, it certainly WAS var checked.

  17. Bsoup



    on another day …


    today i have a sense of humour pypass, am working from home and her indoors is in


    so today, not funny :(



    Going out for walk,would you prefer I drop the ‘View’ to Culturlann or your place of work……I may not be able to do same tomorrow.

  19. HOT SMOKED on 12TH OCTOBER 2022 12:28 PM


    I asked earlier (ernie) but saw no response so I`ll ask again.





    If Angeball is not working, how came we are creating so many good chances?







    The outcome of a football match, in common with other sports, is determined by the number of goals scored, not by the number of ‘chances’ (whatever that might actually mean) that occur.



    But perhaps the physical demands on the players required by Angeball and the speed and intensity involved actively suppress the composure needed in front of goal in order t score consistently.



    Bottom line: it aint working.



    And I’m not saying this only after the event. I did suggest from the off that it would happen.

  20. Pep Guardiola revealed he did not want to risk Erling Haaland in Manchester City’s Champions League draw at FC Copenhagen because the striker was “so, so tired”.



    The prolific Haaland was named on the bench and watched as City, reduced to 10 men after the sending off of Sergio Gomez, played out a goalless stalemate in the Danish capital on Tuesday.



    It was assumed Haaland, who has scored 20 goals in just 13 appearances, was simply being held back ahead of Sunday’s Premier League trip to Liverpool, but Guardiola hinted there could have been more to his selection decision.



    The City manager said of the 22-year-old: “He finished the game against Southampton so, so tired and didn’t recover well.



    “Yesterday was not good, today (he was) a little better but not perfect so we decide not to take the risk.”



    Guardiola felt Haaland was not the only player to be feeling the effects of their recent exertions.



    He said: “I thought about energy levels. Many players didn’t start because they are really exhausted with fatigue and some niggles.



    “Phil (Foden) has also some problems and Bernardo (Silva) was so tired yesterday, he told us. The players I played felt better.”




    Source :







    Even the guys on top of the world are struggling with the demands of the modern game.



    ‘Angeball’ was good enough to wrest the SPL from the hot favourites last season, while entertaining us into the bargain.



    Ange is new to the CL.



    Patience is required. Keep building.

  21. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Why on earth are we out on our feet after an hour of these games?? This is a constant theme. Accepting that CL opponents may have better players, there is no reason why we can’t at least be as fit as them.



    As regards the performance, our Japanese trio were all disappointing. I had no confidence pre game with that midfield. I couldn’t see any protection for the defence. I thought it was pretty obvious that without a defensive mid, maybe two, we would struggle against that side. As things turned out, MOR was doing it on his own. Hatate passing was poor. His, and others’ tackling really was bad also.



    If we can’t do the basics in terms of tackling, having a proper shape and maintaining fitness levels we will be repeatedly beaten in Europe. No one for a second thinks we have a right to get to the knockout stages but we can at least give ourselves the odd CL glory night if we cut out the weaknesses before we start.

  22. glendalystonsils on

    I’m not sure that Abada couldn’t have tried to persevere in running off his knock . I recall Jinky being regularly kicked black and blue and still coming back for more .


    It certainly didn’t help the cause , with one substitution having to be made so early .


    One fewer option for Ange when we hit that 60 minute wall .

  23. Dexter P. Bampot on

    We NEED-



    Another top central midfielder to play with/instead of CMG


    Another striker






    Another RB to challenge JJ



    We should SELL/LOAN/MUTUALLY CONSENT- Ideguchi, McCarthy, Turnbull, Mooy, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh

  24. how many lessons do we have to take in Europe before we realise we do not have the quality of player to compete at champions league level.

  25. Dexter P. Bampot on

    RC on 12TH OCTOBER 2022 1:27 PM


    how many lessons do we have to take in Europe before we realise we do not have the quality of player to compete at champions league level.





    100% correct. We don’t have and never will in the footballing environment in which we operate.


    But, we can still look to have the odd scalp in CL if we can cut out basic mistakes which perenially haunt us and if we can be as fit as possible and if we can play a system which isn’t just about attack

  26. We’re away to Livi soon. We all know what lies in store when we get there.



    Imagine for a second they play the game in an all attack fashion, leaving vast space behind them.



    Would you be fearful or rubbing your hands together at the prospect ?

  27. Proud of the way we ‘had a go’ last night.



    The team which ultimately won in Lisbon enjoyed ?? 5 years of learning in Europe before it achieved its ‘big breakthrough’.



    Hopefully it won’t take that amount of time in this era.



    We need belief that we belong. 63/4 and 65/6 helped the Lions believe. A decent run post Xmas in Europa would help this young team believe.



    For me a good win v Shakhtar ( not easy ) and whatever it takes in the dead rubber ( for them hopefully ) in Madrid in final game are still big results to go for.



    I must admit I am an old guy enjoying huge pride and pleasure from the way Celtic are playing and indeed trying to play.



    I am a wee bit frustrated but largely agree mostly with Greenpinata post earlier.



    I struggle to recall many seasons ever where I really looked forward to my ‘fix’ of Celtic each week.



    That said knuckling down these next 3 domestic games is critical.

  28. Because of his achievements last season, Ange has plenty of goodwill in the tank. He has lost two consecutive home CL Group matches, just adding to the previous five under Rodgers. Different managers, different players, same results. Zero points from a possible 21. It could be argued that Celtic at home, in the Champions League = Einstein’s definition of insanity.



    Both Brendan and Ange are pretty uncompromising when it comes to playing styles, irrespective of the opposition, but, as P67 says, glory, cash, coefficient points and joy, are all left on the table.



    We got the group we wanted. Real Madrid for the glamour and two other sides and we could split and drop into the Europa after Christmas. Maybe even get second place. The optimism appears to have been misplaced. Shakhtar win a point v Real (very nearly three), Maccabi Haifa see off Juventus, and Club Brugge are already sitting on 9/9. Shock results are available.



    I don’t use the term Angeball or this we-never-stop stuff. That’s just for marketing/merchandising purposes. Fluff really.



    There are only two types of football for Celtic to play: winning football or losing football.

  29. 35 goal attempts we’ve had in 4 UCL games. 2 goals scored



    I’m celebrating the progress shown by the first sentence.



    I’m as frustrated as the next man about the 2nd one.



    Trust the process. Unconvinced the conservative, park the bus and hope for the best is a great alternative.




  30. I may be wrong, but did Ange not say at the very beginning of our European campaign that we should not expect too much this year?


    A lot of great experience has been gained by us all, and we will be better prepared next year after we’ve won the league again surely2.



    Great thing is experience




  31. Jimdom



    Rangers adopt a similar attitude.



    The result being everything.



    So did Athletico Madrid.

  32. JIMDOM on 12TH OCTOBER 2022 1:51 PM



    ‘I don’t use the term Angeball or this we-never-stop stuff. That’s just for marketing/merchandising purposes. Fluff really.







    There are only two types of football for Celtic to play: winning football or losing football.’









    Any type of football that Celtic play that can’t accommodate a player of Rogic’s ability has to be questioned.



    Particularly if it isn’t producing wins.



    Which it isn’t.

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