Glut of strikers but budget remains intact


We seem to have a lot of forwards.  Stokes, Pukki, Balde, new recruit Fridjonsson, and on-loan, Atajic and Watt, while Georgios may yet stay beyond the summer.  That’s six under contract for the Champions League qualifiers, not counting Sweden’s ‘next Henrik Larsson’, who is likely to move on soon.

Quantity is one thing but cost is just as important, only Samaras and Pukki are likely to be on wages competitive with some of the richer leagues in Europe, so the actual spend on forwards is likely to be considerably less than on defence or midfield.  The manager is likely to be operating within budget for this area of the team.

What we’re missing is an on-form striker who is capable of embarrassing St Johnstone and Inverness’s finest with their goals-to-games ratio, not to mention our own free-wheeling creative-mid.  Gone are the days Celtic strikers stats are dismissed as a mere by-product of the sheer volume of chances they are presented with.  Without a class act up front, the squad is unbalanced.

There was a note of disappointment in Neil Lennon’s voice when he spoke of missing a potential signing last week. I’m almost certain we’ll sign a striker this week but if he’s more of a hunch than a certified target we’re wasting our money.  Hunch signings are fine but you can only give space to so many in any one season.  We’ve made our low-cost gambles up front, and there is never a time for a high-cost uncertified gamble.

Celtic have a bit of money burning a hole in their pocket earning 15% interest from the Co-op Bank at the moment.  The desire to spend it, from chief exec, to manager, to scouts and all other influencers will be practically unstoppable, which is why I’m so sure we’ll sign someone.  Time will tell if we experience buyers regret.

Reminder to everyone who booked tickets for the CQteN St Patrick’s Day Dinner that they have to be paid by 31 January.  Let me know if you can’t find details, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the green man



    12:50 on 27 January, 2014



    Has PL actually confirmed interest in Griffiths, or are we believing meeja shoite again…!!!!??

  2. Paul67



    Yeah seems that way goin by recent interview..



    Whats your thoughts on him coming to us and do u think that will be us finished looking at strikers ?



    For another 6months anyway

  3. Now that is funny…..haggling over LG, WTF is going on, someone is at it surely








  4. Griffiths – – Deffo an eye for goal but his character is questionable is it not?? Id rather go for May of St Johnstone any time but there again I’d play Balde and Pukki for at least five games and forget all about being undefeated all season. Nice record to hold but I’d be experimenting now, you just never know until you try. We have a plethora of “good strikers” yet we never give them a chance. Try them all until the end of season, if that’s no good then buy in the summer. But, what do I know,eh???



  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    12:48 on


    27 January, 2014





    tomtheleedstim has a man crush on Samaras….






    Me too !!!!!






  6. 67 Heaven



    Actually no….I read about our audacious swoop/haggle for LG, on this blog….so there:)




  7. you may find the structure of Celtics offer was rejected – I would say the player is keen but do Wolves need a holding midfielder.


    If I was Wolves it would be a cash only transaction.

  8. LG is by most accounts a bit of a nutter, am I wrong in thinking that during his tenure as a player NFL was considered by many to be similar.our esteemed manager is now a highly rated CLmanager and i’m quite sure he has the savvy to ensure LG behaves both off and on the field of play H.H.

  9. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Although i take it with a pinch of salt I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Bobby murdochs curled up winklepicker. Excellent have a read if you havent already seen it



    Does Leigh Griffiths fit the bill about buying young and selling on to make a profit


    and in that case does, Pukki, Sammi, Bangura etc fit that mould



    Paul 67


    I have been reading off blog that you are impressed by Scott Brown this season. Can i ask which game(s) he impressed?



    Anyone else think we have had enough hunch signings for a wee while?


    Surely those mineral rights might merit signing a center forward?

  10. tomtheleedstim on

    Don’t like Griffiths but it’s hard to argue with the stats;



    Griffiths moved to Molineux in 2011 but, after two successful loan spells with Hibernian, has only enjoyed a run in the Wolves team this campaign.



    The Scotland international has netted 13 times in 32 appearances, starting the season brightly for the League One side before falling out of favour.



    Reports on Monday credited English Premier League sides Aston Villa and Swansea City with an interest in the player, who has won four caps for his country.



    Griffiths started his career at Livingston, making his debut as a 16-year-old.



    He scored 24 goals in 52 appearances for the Lions before being snapped up by league rivals Dundee, where he went on to score 29 in 56 games.



    Wolverhampton Wanderers then came calling for his services in 2011 but he was soon out on loan at Hibernian, scoring 39 goals in 78 appearances across two seasons.

  11. South Of Tunis on

    Signing a striker.



    Received an e mail from my wee 57 year old brother.



    Telling me of popping in to see our in his mid 90s father. He was ranting re the rumored signing of Leigh Griffiths ( seemingly not nearly good enough )



    Brother said he couldnt resist reminding my father of his comments re the signing of Scott McDonald ——–



    ” he will score against the likes of St Mirren and Kilmarnock but he is never going to score against the A C Milans of this world ”



    Brother got a ” dont you be cheeky son ” in response .

  12. Bhoys and Ghirls,



    A 0-4 score-line is always a great result, slightly flattered us but hey who cares.



    From what I could see watching in the pub the Celtic away support were a credit. Are the GB still going to away games, if not they don’t seem to be missed.



    What is noticeable now is a trend that we experience very poor home supports. At numerous games we witness rows of empty seats. Could it be that Celtic ( the champions ) have no great attraction to many, and home supporters are voting with their feet.



    Yes I know TV, timing etc. play a part but surly that is not the whole story.



    In contrast, a short time ago Easter Rd was packed for a night game against an inexperienced Hearts, again live on the TV.



    A perceived or realistic lack of competition is not Celtic’s fault; we can only play whose in front of us. But slightly disturbing nevertheless.



    Let us hope that there is no smoke without fire and that a viable exit strategy is indeed on the cards for the longer term.



    IMO and I apologise for repeating, the status quo can not be sustained indefinitely waiting for a dysfunctional team to provide competition.



    In the short term we must remain focused on consistently winning, with style if possible, developing our younger players and projects and preparing for the CL qualifiers. Personally I welcome the clean sheet stats mounting up.



    HH, always in Celtic.

  13. From ScotFans4Change



    The following is our 5 point agenda. Changes we would like to see at the SFA.



    No more silence, let the fans be heard.





    Campbell Ogilivie (SFA President) – Out



    Stewart Regan (SFA Chief Executive) – Out



    Sandy Bryson (SFA Head of Registrations) – Out



    For the SFA to be run without fear or favour with total transparency regarding the governance of our game.



    A Registration service, a Disciplinary Service, A Licensing Service & A Refereeing service fit for purpose.



    We want change that will improve the state of our game.



    How much do you want change?


    What are you going to do about it?




  14. Another aspect of LG is that he fits the criteria for a home-trained (or is it home-grown) player for the CL squad.



    It’s something that does need to be remembered when signing players these days.

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wouldn’t be too keen on Griffiths. He scored a few at Hibs, but they pretty much played a game which revolved around him. Also scored a lot from outside the box. We need someone who can make runs INTO the box and get on the end of things. Questionable work-rate, which we won’t get off with in Europe. And his character – would Jock Stein have signed him?


    Derek Riordan keeps springing to mind somehow…..

  16. proudbhoy, I think he represents something similar to Stokes. Will score a lot of SPFL goals but a stretch in Europe.



    tamrabam, ah, looking for a specific. Difficult after Scott had a below-par performance yesterday. Still think this has been his best season.

  17. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    can someone give me detals about this proposed exit plan that is being mentioned



    is it pie in the sky or jam ramorra?

  18. Afternoon all,



    Leigh Griffiths is a step forward for me….. a striker with a proven scoring record!.


    He’s a young lad with plenty of potential, sure he’s not that ‘star’ striker I would hope for but he does score goals.


    Sutton and Hartson apart, our great goal scorers have always came from lower leagues or teams with less stature than ourselves and very rarely do they come as the finished article.



    If he’s Lenny’s choice give the lad a break and see where we go.




  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the green man



    13:00 on 27 January, 2014



    I know, THEY are all listening to the meeja shoite….hahahahahahaha

  20. The Honest Cover-up on

    Don’t understand the negativity towards Leigh Griffiths. I know he has had his off field problems and I am slightly wary of that but on the park he fits the bill for the striker we need to score goals in the SPL.


    People need to rememeber that without Kris Commons being in the form of his life we would not be coasting games this season.


    Son of Tunis mentioned Scott McDonald and I see no reason which LG couldn’t do the same job for us. He could bang in 20 a season in the league and might even do a job in the Champions League. Look at his free kicks!


    Griffiths has one quality our other recent striker signings don’t. He score goals!


    Pukki and Balde had a poor scoring record before they came here and they will have an even worse record when they leave.


    I’d be happy to see Griffiths here.

  21. BoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooM



    67th………………………. post



    its a sign……………………………………




  22. From ScotsFans4Change twitter.



    If you want to be the point of contact for your club send us a DM.



    Less than 2 weeks till next round of Scottish Cup.




  23. henrik, I like those podcasts a lot. However Tommy Sheridan’s remarks about Celtic were very odd. This is a guy who denied being a Celtic supporter for years. Tommy is entertaining but I wouldn’t believe a word that emerges from his mouth.

  24. Paul…………………………………………67






    don’t tell them we have money to burn..



    they’v just knocked back a BID




  25. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    13:16 on 27 January, 2014



    Both blocked in UK….,!

  26. LG will score goals and could be a good player, but managing him as a person will be a challenge for NL.



    £1-1.5m wouldn’t really be a gamble on him – he will score in the SPL or whatever it’s called these days. Wouldn’t mind the signing but wouldn’t imagine it would be a signing with Europe in mind.



    He’s not the all round striker we need, nor is he a penalty box player. Stokes, Pukki and LG are all similar both in the style of play and probably in terms of quality.

  27. 67Heaven



    5 or 6 million pound player , what a piece of nonsense that was eh


    Now it seems we are haggling over LG….talk about spin.


    Seems its ok to wind your own fans up now.


    However….its the transfer window, something exciting might happen, because big peter knows what he is doing… although.he does like to gamble with other peoples money.




  28. I regret to inform supporters on CQN that I have decided to abandon my petition PE01491.



    A link will be posted later this afternoon giving full details.




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