Glut of strikers but budget remains intact


We seem to have a lot of forwards.  Stokes, Pukki, Balde, new recruit Fridjonsson, and on-loan, Atajic and Watt, while Georgios may yet stay beyond the summer.  That’s six under contract for the Champions League qualifiers, not counting Sweden’s ‘next Henrik Larsson’, who is likely to move on soon.

Quantity is one thing but cost is just as important, only Samaras and Pukki are likely to be on wages competitive with some of the richer leagues in Europe, so the actual spend on forwards is likely to be considerably less than on defence or midfield.  The manager is likely to be operating within budget for this area of the team.

What we’re missing is an on-form striker who is capable of embarrassing St Johnstone and Inverness’s finest with their goals-to-games ratio, not to mention our own free-wheeling creative-mid.  Gone are the days Celtic strikers stats are dismissed as a mere by-product of the sheer volume of chances they are presented with.  Without a class act up front, the squad is unbalanced.

There was a note of disappointment in Neil Lennon’s voice when he spoke of missing a potential signing last week. I’m almost certain we’ll sign a striker this week but if he’s more of a hunch than a certified target we’re wasting our money.  Hunch signings are fine but you can only give space to so many in any one season.  We’ve made our low-cost gambles up front, and there is never a time for a high-cost uncertified gamble.

Celtic have a bit of money burning a hole in their pocket earning 15% interest from the Co-op Bank at the moment.  The desire to spend it, from chief exec, to manager, to scouts and all other influencers will be practically unstoppable, which is why I’m so sure we’ll sign someone.  Time will tell if we experience buyers regret.

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  1. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    I’d just like to say (TD67 stylee!) to all you NSA and GCHQ guys watching me download the latest Angry Birds to my iPhone – GIRFUY!



    Was bad enough when the CID used to take foties of us coming out of political meetings in the 80s…

  2. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    St Patricks day 1956




    09:38 on 28 January, 2014







    08:43 on 28 January, 2014



    I am hopeful that Johansen will be the attacking midfielder we yearn, but I am hopeful for every player we sign. Hope we sign a striker.



    Hope CSC




    That’s more like it! I vote SPD 1956 for the CQN Chaplain position.



    I assume we have a CQN Chaplain…?

  3. St Patricks day 1956 on

    natknow – supporting wee oscar



    09:43 on 28 January, 2014


    St Patricks day 1956



    09:38 on 28 January, 2014






    08:43 on 28 January, 2014



    I am hopeful that Johansen will be the attacking midfielder we yearn, but I am hopeful for every player we sign. Hope we sign a striker.



    Hope CSC



    That’s more like it! I vote SPD 1956 for the CQN Chaplain position.



    I assume we have a CQN Chaplain…?






    God bless you my son.

  4. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar




    09:40 on 28 January, 2014







    “It’s been saddening to read some of the condemnation from the pious holier-than-thous who sadly masquerade as fellow Celtic supporters.



    A daft boy who nobody knows save for what they’ve seen of him on a football pitch or – UN-FECKIN-BELIEVABLY – read in TABLOIDS! Yet judgement is scathing.”






    See, this is one of the main reasons that I don’t tend to spend as much time on here as I have in the past.



    Someone text me last night and said that he thought that CQN had become a ‘cesspit’ and that’s why he rarely posts anymore. I spoke to another CQNer last week who said that it was the lack of tolerance from other posters that had led to him spending long absences from the blog.



    To talk about guys who express concern about a prospective Celtic signing, because they’re concerned that Celtic as an institution should be avoiding racists, as “holier than thou” and that we “masquarade as Celtic supporters” is as idiotic a comment as I’ve seen on these pages in a long while.



    You then make the ridiculous point that we have based our judgements on Griffiths from what we have read in the press.



    I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought a paper and I’ve certainly read nothing of the boy in the press.



    The reason that I know about his racist tweet was because I saw it with my own eyes. The rest of the stuff concerning him I would describe as ‘baggage’ and it can be addressed with the hope that his behaviour will change with age and maturity.



    I mean no harm to the guy personally I just think that Celtic should be steering well clear.



    By the way the irony that you refer to those of us questioning this possible transfer as ‘pious and holier than thou’ whilst then calling us ‘judgemental’ is not lost on me anyway.



    Finally, you then suggest that you would sign the guy almost as a ‘get it up ye’ to those Celtic supporters who are opposed to it going ahead.






    What a fantastically, brilliant transfer policy that would be!





    I agree HT – there is a general lack of tolerance and that’s one of the main reasons people fall out on the blog. Hope the tone of my posts yesterday didn;t come across as intolerant. On the contrary – even though I may disagree with you about LG, I hope you keep on posting. Debate is necessary. But it needs to be conducted in a civil manner.





    I feel yer pain,mate. But think of the hangover you’ll avoid.



    Yer company have yer best interests at heart…

  6. As I said yesterday, I’m not ecstatic at the prospect of Leigh Griffiths. If you’re still flummoxed at there being any reason to sign him look at the number of Scots in the squad.

  7. Bmcw



    Oh they are there, have been there from ever, it’s the I told you so brigade as I said, I know a few and have told them too, they are just the kind of people who no matter what Celtic do you just can’t please them they are Celtic supporters don’t get me wrong, but diff. From me, as I said, they just don’t get it, get it? ;)

  8. Is Leigh Griffiths the answer? Is part of the reason we are looking at the likes of him and Snodgrass the rules on homegrown players that will come in over the next couple of years? Can’t remember the full details but we are probably a little light on Scots players at the moment.

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Hamiltontim. Pot and black spring to mind when I read your post saying ( what a ridiculous transfer strategy that would be ).Also the fact you dont spend as much time on CQN as you used to because folk dont agree and argue is that not what a blog is for ?I have many opinions on Celtic that the majority on CQN probably wouldnt agree with but im entitled to my points of view as others are to theres.I think you need to have a wee bit of forgiveness in your heart.H.H.

  10. BMCUW,



    “I feel yer pain,mate. But think of the hangover you’ll avoid.”



    Hmmmm mush as id like to think that will be the case, i doubt it.


    As i’ll be watching the game with the SingTims and then out afterwards. Usually ends up messy!



    Silver linings and all that :-)






  11. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar



    09:40 on 28 January, 2014



    Do you maybe wonder if you’re not a bit judgmental and sanctimonious?

  12. Im no asking for anything that is outwith our financial capabilities,…but


    I really hope, that we can get Robert Snodgrass; it probably wont be in this window, but if we could get him in summer, he would be great in the CL.


    LG, no doubt is a good player, and I can see where NL is coming from, NL thinks he can make him even better…and I think he will.


    LG, will score plenty in scoddish fitba….so I say lets give the lad a chance.


    We all make crass errors and mistakes,…even me:)


    And if it disnae work out, we can all come on here and give him pelters….:)




  13. Morning all from your disaffected lefty, not quite lapsed Catholic, ‘yes’ voting , soft Republican fellow blogger.



    First hour at work will be spent in a meeting with the disturbingly lovely Kelly for company. My contributions will be , as they are here, vapid, inane and largely ignored. Beats the actual work I suppose.



    Reading the blog I find myself increasingly torn on the possibility of signing Leigh Griffiths. The ‘baggage’ he brings is considerable and in one specific instance anathema to me personally. I am also not sure that he is quite what we are looking for – IMO poacher who scores scrappy goals that come off his shins or the back of his head or simply because he is stood four yards from the goal line when the keeper fumbles. The great Henrik scored a helluva lot of such goals. Griffiths from what I have seen of him scores great goals and goals running in on the keeper on a quick break. We score great goals – Pukki’s on Sunday a classic from open play – but we do not generally play on the break. Were it not for the ‘baggage’ I’d say he was worth a punt but that baggage – distasteful as it is – could rebound badly in the toxic atmosphere he would be coming into. Good luck to him either way but I won’t be losing sleep if he doesn’t come.



    Train coming into station soon. Have a good day Bhoys and Ghirls. And to any lurking Rangers fans , trolls and MSM interlopers – good morning




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  14. HamiltonTim



    Don’t know you or where you live – though I might be able to guess! – but if you EVER stop posting I will track you down with keyboard under my arm and force you back on!!!



    CQN is all about thoughtful – tho sometimes opposing – Celtic thinking and your posts are v much part of how I think it should be.



    And for the record the jury is def out (no dig intended) as to whether LG is +ve addition at CL level. And I share your reservations about character. Do not saying ‘no’ on either front, but would for major development on both scores if he signs for us.



    HH jamesgang

  15. SPD1956


    I’m not sure about him being an attacking mid-fielder- he seemed to slot comfortably into a Paul Lambert type role in the few minutes we saw him .Another Lambert would be ok though.

  16. I don’t believe for a minute that Pukki was Lenny’s first choice target in the summer. Nor do I believe that Griffiths is anywhere close to having been the first choice target for this window.



    These guys are unfortunately a reflection of how Scottish football is currently perceived. We’ve been fortunate enough to succeed in getting a few crackers (Wanyama, Forster and VvD) but our hit rate with strikers is poor (Hooper, …..), presumably because the good strikers are getting offered more money to move to other leagues or are prepared to hold off for what they see as the possibility of winning a future move to a league which they perceive as being more lucrative or having more glamour.

  17. The UEFA home grown player rule is that 8 of your 25 man squad must have been trained for 3 successive years, between the ages of 15 & 21, with a club in the same national association.


    The current Celtic first team squad has 3 players who meet this criteria, Brown, Mulgrew & Forrest, with the likes of fringe players/youngsters like Fisher, McGeouch, Watt, Twarddzik, Henderson etc making up the numbers.


    We currently have a first team squad of 20 for European competition (21 come next season as Fisher will have been with us for 3 years), supplemented by the youngsters, so it makes sense to get a few more home grown players into our squad as well as developing the best of our own.

  18. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Dharma Bam \o/ stands up for Neil Lennon




    10:10 on 28 January, 2014




    Joe Filippi’s Haircut and erbie lynch



    Classic pot stirring and mickey taking by the both of you!



    At least that part of CQN still works!




    Erbie going bananas again? ;-)


    FWIW,I agree with HAMILTON TIM in principle. Had I been on last night I would have said so then.



    Celtic Park is not a place for misanthropes,racists,or even the plain feckless.



    In the case of Leigh Griffiths I am heartened that he spends so much time with his kids which suggests he may not be as feckless as it would otherwise appear. On the question of the racist tweet,well,I have been known to make the occasional regrettable comment. Usually when my usual calm reason has failed!



    (So not my fault then? Hmmm…)



    Celtic has always had room for the maverick,non-conforming type. Daft-boayishness as it is known. Indeed,we usually champion the type over others. Racism is another thing entirely.



    However,he has apologised for that remark,sincerely IMO. If the club believe it to be out of character,then fine. Sign him. If on the other hand they merely hope that is the case,then don’t.



    If he canny handle a wind-up from Hearts fans,he’ll never handle the huns. Or the MSM,who will be on his case before the ink is dry.

  20. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    One thing seems almost certain – if LG is signed then he won’t get an easy ride. He will become a target for the press and other supporters in thesame way Aidan and Lenny himself were.



    And the excuse will be the same – “he brought it on himself”.

  21. Leigh Griffiths maybe exactly what we need away from home in Europe. He has pace can score goals from 40yrds and does not have to wait for players to join him, unlike Sammy who waits for the whole world to join him, although he can do the channels as well por cierto

  22. bring in snodgrass and griffiths, hunt big lazy bones and


    give ledley a new contract. along with johansen i think that


    would be a pretty successful window.



    perhaps our neil is going on the premise that hooper scored about the same ratio in the same league as griffiths.



    we do need some flair and a player that makes people want to go along to a game…


    everyone wants a modern day lubo…finding him is another thing.



    I will be disappointed if LG is our only incomer by friday.



    so ideally we have




















    thro in



















    + snodgrass and griffiths and thats the strongest a celtic team has looked


    since the halcyon days of larsson, sutton et al strutting their stuff. chock


    full of internationals.

  23. LG looks too light-weight to me. Didnt make much of an impact playing for Scotland .


    But he’s not much of a financial risk -lets see how it goes.








    In that case,I admire your restraint!



    A broad church open to all disnae include wanting us to lose. That’s not a Celtic supporter-that’s an eejit wi an agenda.

  25. Por Cierto


    10:20 on 28 January, 2014



    I agree. What I saw of Griffiths at Hibs was a player who plays better up front on his own in a counter attacking team. I think he may struggle in SPFL games at CP where teams tend to pack their defence but away games and European games are where he may shine.

  26. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    I only managed to see the highlights of the game at the weekend.



    How was our new mid?





    Have a fun time in the company of the delectable Kelly.



    Remember the saying about faint hearts and Bengal Tigers!

  28. I was tellin my brother I went for my routine check up yesterday and everything going fine until he stuck his index finger up my rectum, my brother said that I should seriously think of changing my dentist.

  29. Just in to say….



    Ghood luck to LG if he is signed by Celtic.


    Although, I’m still not convinced that signing a striker will automatically increase the goals for column. I think, even though four goals were scored on Sunday, that the set-up of the side is not right and, the managers reluctance to get rid of players who, if an offer came in, would be off the premises at the drop of a hat. I’m talking about – Joe(the ghost) and, Sammi(seven games in – seven years). If anybody ootside of, NL and some ‘happy-clappers’ were remotely interested in these two players, then they would have been punted by now. My sources have been telling me for quite some time now that, JL and Broony account for £3 million in wages from the club ? Value for money ? Hmmm?


    What I think we need is a, schemer in the midfield. Will the Norwegian ghuy be the answer ? I would like a player like – Eremenko – Lubo – or a dream-card signing like, the best player ‘ever’ imo, to have played in the EPL – WGS !!! Now we’re talkin.


    Oh, and, how about the club coming out and making a gesture to the fans by saying – “We said that we had the funds – your money £6 mill – to spend on the team in terms of, recruiting a new striker. Well, as these types of players will not be coming to the club in the immediate future, what we as a club have decided to do is – reduce further, the amount of £6 mill from SB’s for next season, just to let the fans know that – we – at Celtic Park are – all – on the same page.” Too far ? Who knows ?


    Oh, Celtic…could you please hurry-up and get the standing area built ?


    Hail Hail – Take Care Tims – Off oot.

  30. on the Griffiths debate I acknowledge the fact the guy is a good enough player, no doubt about that.But, so too was Riordan and look at the baggage that idiot brought to us. Do we want more of that, don’t think so. I am not for one minute suggesting Griffiths baggage is that bad but any baggage for me reflects badly on CELTIC F C and that we must avoid. Can you imagine the Scottish meeja raking around for bad material to slag us, ‘cos be sure that’s what will happen.


    So, I’d go for Stevie May of St Johnstone and forget Griffiths.




  31. I was explaining to my wife that when you die you are reincarnated, and come back as different creature, and she said she would want to come back as a cow, I said,”your obviously not listening”


    Coincidentally my wee Bengali mate has just sauntered into the pub.



    He thinks The Prophet may have slightly out-dated views on alcohol and tobacco. And bacon!