Glut of strikers but budget remains intact


We seem to have a lot of forwards.  Stokes, Pukki, Balde, new recruit Fridjonsson, and on-loan, Atajic and Watt, while Georgios may yet stay beyond the summer.  That’s six under contract for the Champions League qualifiers, not counting Sweden’s ‘next Henrik Larsson’, who is likely to move on soon.

Quantity is one thing but cost is just as important, only Samaras and Pukki are likely to be on wages competitive with some of the richer leagues in Europe, so the actual spend on forwards is likely to be considerably less than on defence or midfield.  The manager is likely to be operating within budget for this area of the team.

What we’re missing is an on-form striker who is capable of embarrassing St Johnstone and Inverness’s finest with their goals-to-games ratio, not to mention our own free-wheeling creative-mid.  Gone are the days Celtic strikers stats are dismissed as a mere by-product of the sheer volume of chances they are presented with.  Without a class act up front, the squad is unbalanced.

There was a note of disappointment in Neil Lennon’s voice when he spoke of missing a potential signing last week. I’m almost certain we’ll sign a striker this week but if he’s more of a hunch than a certified target we’re wasting our money.  Hunch signings are fine but you can only give space to so many in any one season.  We’ve made our low-cost gambles up front, and there is never a time for a high-cost uncertified gamble.

Celtic have a bit of money burning a hole in their pocket earning 15% interest from the Co-op Bank at the moment.  The desire to spend it, from chief exec, to manager, to scouts and all other influencers will be practically unstoppable, which is why I’m so sure we’ll sign someone.  Time will tell if we experience buyers regret.

Reminder to everyone who booked tickets for the CQteN St Patrick’s Day Dinner that they have to be paid by 31 January.  Let me know if you can’t find details, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    I watched the highlights of the Hibs v Celtic match on B.B.C. the other night. What a travesty of fairness and accuracy that was. For the first half , when Celtic were well on top and clearly the better team, they showed every Hibs attack and the only Celtic attack they showed was Kris Commons’ goal. What a shameless lot they are. Nothing changes. No wonder we are paranoid.

  2. ernie lynch



    12:05 on 28 January, 2014





    12:01 on 28 January, 2014



    Perhaps we should restrict our scouting to players born within a 30 mile radius of CP.



    It would certainly cut down on mileage.





    Now there’s a thought.

  3. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    11:33 on 28 January, 2014,



    Is your house up for sale? ;-)



    I’ve read most posts about LG, some for and some against.



    Just my opinion, I think he will be a good signing, we all have baggage but unlike the young LG we are not in the limelight.



    Hopefully he will be well mentored if he signs.



    Still would like to see Mc Cormick in the hoops as he will be a star.



    As someone posted earlier we need to bring in the best Scottish talent available as the goalposts are getting moved by uefa

  4. Was John Hartson a risk? Yup, Dodgy knee and by his own admission stated in his own book he had done some bad things which I wont say out of respect, why? because the guy became a true Celtic great who give 100% for the cause, if LG does half as good he’ll do for me !! HH

  5. HT ‘ 11.58,



    “What if you were as critical of the events surrounding Mark Walters’ debut as you are opposed to Celtic signing LG.



    Are you still a hypocrite?”





    Yes, as forgiveness is fundamental and an essential part of life. Have you forgiven individuals in the jungle who participated in such acts. No doubt they still support and attend Parkhead.



    As you like to indulge in a hypothetical add on to a tweet, here is another hypothetical scenario for you.



    Would Nelson Mandala forgive ?




  6. eddieinkirkmichael on



    11:54 on



    Forgiveness, now there’s a word eh?


    Should we now all make friends with Diouf?


    What about forgiving the SFA?


    How about sleekit sally for demanding to know the names?


    What about the hun hoards that spat out anti Irish racist bile at the League cup finale?



    You rightly mention our own racist past and then the efforts of some of our support to eradicate this from our supporters. And that should be where everyone comes from on this issue, these things were once acceptable in society, that was a very long time ago. No one in this day and age is in any doubt to how others uld react to a racist outburst. Society has matured and grown up since then and for someone to think, even for a nano second, that being racist was a legitimate put down to a fairly innocuous comment should worry even the most forgiving Celtic supporters. That some on here try to play dowissue should worry most. If this guy was signing for the huns we would be in meltdown with our condemnation.


    Neil Lennon isn’t a saint, neither is he an oracle of all wisdom and knowledge. He is a better judge of a player than me or you but he is no better judge of someone’s character than wee Aggie at the newspaper shop.


    If we are stupid enough to sign this guy, when he pulls on the hoops I’ll continue to support my team. However spare me the fake “where is your forgiveness shoite”, our forgiveness is selective and we all know it if we’re being honest.

  7. For any of the guys saying NO to signing Griffiths, what are your real reasons ?



    Do you think he’s not good enough ?


    Do you think his character isn’t good enough for Celtic ?


    Do you think we should be spending daft money on Finbogasson (if he even wants to come ? )


    Do you think we should be signing players from bigger clubs than Wolves ?



    Just interested and not wanting to start a rammy



    I think he will be a good signing.. he’s thick as mince normally but is actually quite a quick minded, intelligent footballer when he gets on the park.. some of his goals have been very smart in sensing what is going on and keepers positions etc.. he scores goals… he works hard.. He has potential to improve and not carrying 10 Hibs players on his back should see him become an even better player.. I think he won the football writers player of the year (That’s not really an endorsement as they know a collective F all !!)



    Give the guy a chance.. if he doesn’t get 3 hat tricks in his first 45 mins then feel free to come on and slate me and all the other guys who would happily have him in the Hoops.




  8. ernie lynch



    12:06 on 28 January, 2014


    The Battered Bunnet



    12:04 on 28 January, 2014



    Aye, very good.



    As I said the skill of a scout is to spot undeveloped talent.



    Signing fully developed talent isn’t the way to go for a Club like Celtic.





    Like what Jock Stein did when he signed Willie Wallace? Hmmmmmmm interesting.

  9. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Geordie Munro.


    I tried to erase this years euro campaign from my memory.

  10. GourockEmeraldBhoy "Supporting Wee Oscar the Warrior" on

    My tuppence on the lee debate, not what I envisaged after Neil’s comments regarding strikers coming in but willing to cut the boy (not bhoy yet) some slack and hope he does well if he comes.



    Crappy days / kick off times indeed for our next 4 games, can,t make tomorrow’s due to work.




  11. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    We were discussing hypocrisy. Let’s get back to that please.



    In that scenario would the person be a hypocrite?

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    eddieinkirkmichael. It goes further than forgive your enemy if you are a Christian it is love your enemy.An extremely hard thing to do.However,we can but try.H.H.

  13. shieldmuir celtic



    12:14 on 28 January, 2014


    I watched the highlights of the Hibs v Celtic match on B.B.C. the other night. What a travesty of fairness and accuracy that was. For the first half , when Celtic were well on top and clearly the better team, they showed every Hibs attack and the only Celtic attack they showed was Kris Commons’ goal. What a shameless lot they are. Nothing changes. No wonder we are paranoid.





    Hahaha, I did notice that myself, i was pizzing myself laughing imagining the time that the Hun Fromm the Bbc took to edit and clip out all the Celtic attacks, so funny.

  14. GourockEmeraldBhoy "Supporting Wee Oscar the Warrior" on

    Anybody got a picture of the beanie hats from paddy ( I think )







  15. traditionalist88 on




    Wolves made the bid public knowledge, Lennon free to discuss as he sees fit after that if thats how they want to play it




  16. eddieinkirkmichael @12.21 hrs,



    Generally agree with most of your comments, however,



    “these things were once acceptable in society, that was a very long time ago”





    IMO, racism and these things was never acceptable in society as our history should tell you.


    Apartheid was also tolerated, but was always wrong.




  17. Robcfc,



    as i said last friday my own thoughts on Griffiths are, that i dont think he (or Stevie May for that matter) will give us any real benefit for the CL.



    We all know that he is more than good enough for the SPFL from his time at Hibs, so nothing to prove there. I just think that he is not of high enough calibre to give us that extra something for the CL.



    As I also said, if he signs i will be delighted if he proves that I know hee-haw about his abilities and also he will recieve my full support regardless, once he pulls on the Hooped jersey.



    As for the almost mythical £5/6m signing, like all signings there is no guarantee that a large price tag will provide what we need. So I dont see the need to have to go and pay that for a player either.



    Likewise, Wolves are a big club who tried to compete in the EPL and couldnt do so, but just coz they are in Div 1 down there doesnt mean we must buy from so-called “bigger” clubs, as ther are plenty clubs in higher divisions than them who I wouldnt calss as being bigger.






  18. Yeah after watching the u-tube of LG goals I think we should give Wolves the £1000000 and get him on board.


    I also am impressed with the way he celebrates his goals usually right in front of the opposition fans . The boys got attitude.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    geordie munro



    11:57 on 28 January, 2014



    Aye, right…..