Goal shyness hampers Celtic


Overall I was pleased with many aspects of Celtic’s play yesterday.  We dominated large parts of the game and got in and around the Hearts penalty area often enough to score the proverbial barrel load.

Hearts scored a good goal.  The flick from Beattie and run from Skacel were both exquisite, although a deflection off the blameless Kelvin Wilson was crucial.  Enough has been said about the second Hearts goal already.  Defensively we were good.

Midfield also played well, to a point, forcing Hearts into retreat for all but the opening 20 minutes of the second half.  Ki Sung-Yueng should have scored twice but he’s never been a player for back post headers and I was more surprised he found himself in that position than he missed both opportunities.  He is a player who continues to impress.

The question we should turn our attention to is why Celtic didn’t score more goals?

It is probably not an exaggeration to suggest Emilio Izaguirre is the best left back at the club in 30 years.  Skilful and intelligent in possession, Celtic look composed when he is on the field, but he’s being kept out of the team by a free transfer from Aberdeen because Charlie Mulgrew is manufacturing the most crucial item in the game – goals.

I’m close to advocating ‘Give the ball to Charlie’ tactics.  He has the ability to fire in remarkably dangerous crosses and has an instinctive awareness that the purpose of the game is to score goals.  Kris Commons shares this awareness but Kris has had a wretched season and is still rescuing his game from injury and early season loss of form.

In these circumstances, Neil Lennon cannot afford to play Izaguirre if it involves dropping Mulgew as this would severely hamper Celtic’s ability to put the ball in the net.  If the manager wants to use Emilio, particularly in Europe next season when retaining possession will be crucial, Charlie has to play left midfield.

Scoring goals is the primary responsibility of the strikers.  None of Celtic’s current crop are impressing at the moment, but we need to look further upstream first.

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  1. Big Nan on 16 April, 2012 at 16:48 said:


    I didn’t miss out anything you said, I copied and pasted the whole paragraph. I don’t know which chum you refer to, I picked up on what you said rather than what anyone else said.


    As I said previously I wasn’t having a go at you, just disagreeing.


    On the whole you made perfect sense, I simply disagreed that we were outplayed and that you had said as much. I pasted the whole paragraph with so as not to take your comment out of context, you did indeed say we were still in it.


    No offence was meant in any way, any caused apologies offered.

  2. The Legend Johnny Doyle on




    Alex Thompson is on Channel 4 News tomorrow showing the effect the Huns have had on their business’ Job losses etc.




  3. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. ScotsPatfan



    Hiya.. Pally..



    Mebbe, Next Year ..fir the Guid Ole.. “Pats”






    Heck, Ma Dodgers are burnin up their League..



    Whita Team..!






    So ye don’t like ma Suggestion?



    Skippy, is no yer cuppa?



    Well.. That’s That. then..



    Ah jis thought that we needed a Chinge of Pace ..


    in oor Striking Dept..



    We need a Moaner and Complainer and a Greetin Faced


    wee Nynaff..



    Although, oor Striking staff has. a Moaner and a Complainer, already…



    we could Sure use ..



    A Greetin’ Faced.. Hippy.. wee Son of a Gun.. tae Round it oot..





    yer pal…who likes ye mair and mairer.

  4. Lustig played a decent game yesterday ,some decent ball s put through by him ,but nobody there ,still makings of a good right back

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    TinyTim on 16 April, 2012 at 16:14 said:


    Sir – I said the same thing on here 3 weeks ago – You are 100% correct


    Like you I think Neil Lennon has the ability to be a great Manager – but his temprement is costing us games due to his actions with Referees – they are out to get him (yes because of who he manages) but also because of his actions


    He is not doing himself or his team any favours


    For clarity he is very rarely wrong – he just handles the situation wrongly



    67 ECW

  6. hamiltontim i said to my son during the game that we had no width.


    Lustig started making runs late on 1st half and into 2nd which helped but we didnt get really going down both flanks until we made the subs.


    Lustig looks as though he is good cover for Mathews but thouight Neil would have took off big KW and put Charlie CH and Izzie LB

  7. wonder what the big breaking news is on sportsound at 6.10



    i think it will be something along the lines of refs being too scared to ref Celftic games anymore – or some such nonsense

  8. Allyhuntersgloves on

    Paul, I haven’t posted in months, prefer to lurk these days, however your comment in the blog needs a reply……… The blameless Kelvin Wilson ! WHAT……..



    Paul, Kelvin Wilson is the worse Centre Back i have seen since Gary Gillespie, he is rank rotten. He was involved in both Hearts goals yesterday (not to mention his first few minutes pass back). The ball came to him in the air for the first goal and he headed it straight in front of him into the path of 3 onrushing Hearts players leaving us with a 5 on 4 from which they scored. The second goal, they passed the ball through him.



    He has little positional sense and the pace we were told he has, seems to judged against Big Dan. I am sorry but as much as I had hoped Kelvin Wilson was going to be the future of Celtics defence, I know a dud when I see one and he is a dud

  9. P67



    blameless Wilson…eh….



    his poor header gave the ball to Hearts in a dangerous position…

  10. Ok lets see what shortbried are saying then- SFA setting up its own league to rival the SPL

  11. Kojo….



    In his pomp,I would take Skippy ahead of the over-rated Hooper…



    However,I fear that the Girnin’ Marsupial has lost a yard in pace,since he last graced the Hoops…



    Mind you,Stokes is not exactly quick..



    Hmmmm…..Thinking !

  12. Kojo @ 17.35



    Have to disagree with you concerning Mr.Ki. This lad is a quality player and has shown great improvement this season in particular the way he has adapted to the hurly burly of the SPL. showing a cool head when the tackles start flying in all around him, not forgetting he is still only 22 years of age. Definitely not for sale.


    In Kayal and Wanyama we have the guys to get stuck in.



    You are correct about Izzy, not ready for combat yet. Definitely not the player who won all the accolades last season. Needs to build up the old confidence during pre-season.

  13. sportsound breaking news is……………………..


    SFA looking to set up a new national league in place of the SPL/SFL



    rationalisation of cheating

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Shortbread bluster is SFA considering setting up new league ,replacing SFL and SPL.

  15. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on 16 April, 2012 at 18:09 said:


    ”Halfwit pretending she is a Celtic fan on Snyde!!”



    I suspect she’s a Celtic fan.



    But there’s a bovine element among the support who don’t have the wit to think for themselves, never mind question the mindset that dominates the agenda in Scottish football.

  16. My dear,dear,dear,friend..The Singing Detective @ 17.43



    Hiya,Palomine.. ???



    Always a Pleasure…



    So. .Ye liked Spence..in “Bad Day at Black Rock.”?






    Lee Marvin wiz cast as a Heavy… who wiz oan the Bevy!



    that is whit did Him in..in the End…


    He wiz too Drunk, besides being A Punk… and Foolishly thought that Beating up a Wan Airmed Man.. wiz… A SLAM DUNK!



    Ye liked May Team selection, didya..?





    But, we canny be too harsh oan Neil..






    He did win the Big Yin..





    And ,as ye know..


    Winning the League ,is the Supreme Accomplishment..



    Fur.. that is the KEY tae Euro RIches..



    The Cup.. is An Embellishment..



    But,it Winning It… Disnae Pay the Rent nor Feed the Babies..



    Noo…. Winning the League.. Diz THAT…wi a Few Bob Left over !





    yer pal…who thinks ye are the Greatest..



    Still Laughin’ and Happy as an Apple Investor!

  17. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    The usual Kiddie on Celtic fans queuing up to attack Lenny on Snyde!!!






    Remind me again why we allow Keevins and co inside Parkhead again???



    Hail hail

  18. Hamiltontim, i remember mentioned when he signed he was a RB but could also play CB,LB and yes midfield lol honestly remember it quoted on ere as dont read any MSM. Just need last few games eh and have a big party

  19. 67 european cup winners



    Neil is a babe in comparison to the conduct of some EPL managers.


    I presume you’ve watched the many outbursts of a certain Alex Ferguson.

  20. the glorious balance sheet on

    The SFA have a cheek.



    How can a body, presided over by a man who benefited from illegal tax dodging “loans”, and whose refereeing fraternity is beset by allegations of cronyism and bullying, seriously think they have any right to make an even bigger backside of the league structure in Scotland?



    Scottish football is a complete and utter joke.

  21. jim spence‏@bbcjimspence



    The SFA is considering setting up a Scottish national league to replace the SPL and the SFL. full story on Sportsound 810 mw 6.10pm



    What’s the betting 3 leagues of 14 = 2 years in wilderness?

  22. charles kickham on

    ibleedgreenandwhite1 on 16 April, 2012 at 18:16 said:



    Remind me again why we allow Keevins and co inside Parkhead again???



    Remind me again – why do you listen to it and keep him in a job

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