God help Benfica if Celtic are inspired by Estadio Nacional


Years before Celtic Quick News I was at an event with ten of the Lisbon Lions in attendance, before playing football later that evening.  They say you should never meet your heroes but ‘they’ never met the Lions.  Bobby Murdoch asked about my job and spoke about his wife’s job, showing the kind of interest in people, and pride in his own family, which was refreshing from a football legend.

Jinky was Jinky; irrepressible.  He was last to arrive and as he walked into the room looked at his team mates with a cheeky grin, “Am I in trouble again?”  Bertie Auld told me we should have signed Kenny Miller (this was years before we did) but Tommy Gemmell, who knew a thing or two about scoring a great goal, said “Every goal I’ve ever seen was a great goal”.  Tommy was a full back who scored cracking goals in two European Cup finals but his point was simple, when they hit the back of the net, they’re all great goals.  Listening to him talk made you want to go get kick a football.

That night I was absolutely buzzing, I went out and played the best game in my life.  Sharing in the achievements of the Lions had a profound effect, I knew I would play well, even before kick-off.

This morning Neil Lennon took his players to Estadio Nacional, yesterday telling a media conference, “We will train at the stadium again in the morning and let these players have a feel of what is a special piece of history for our club”.

God help Benfica tonight if the spirit of that great old stadium seeps into the pours of the Celtic players today. Let me at them!

Delighted Downfall has finally been reviewed!  Positively too, you’ll not be surprised to learn.

Orders are now open for the very first CQN Annual, get it here!

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  1. stivs


    and save the school camapaigns


    hamiltontims lack of geographical knowledge


    is it only me or is anyone else sorry i started this?

  2. Lisbon afternoon paper suggesting —






    Pereira Jardel Garay Almeida



    Matic Gaitan Perez



    Lima Cardozo Rodrigo.

  3. My only contribution today from Sabotage Times.



    ‘Despite some tweaks here and there, Jorge Jesus usually wants his teams to dominate and crush opponents. One of the major criticisms about his approach has to do with the unwillingness to compromise or slow down, even when circumstances would so require.



    Benfica tend to play in a 4x2x3x1/diamond 4x4x2, depending on the team they are playing against and whether they’re playing home or away, but they are a much more aggressive team when they play in front of their fans. In those cases, Jesus likes to deploy a 4x4x2-come-4x2x4, with both full-backs pushing high – sometimes too high.



    That hunger to go for the jugular has its drawbacks, however. The team are often found on their back foot and they don’t defend with too many men. Furthermore, the insistence on playing down the wings means that both centre-midfielders are often exposed.



    All in all, Celtic will probably have their work cut out, since Benfica will try to hammer them right from the get-go. Their initial pressure usually brings them results, but they do not excel at shutting up shop. On the other hand, Celtic proved they can defend in tight lines and break forward dangerously, something Benfica do not usually enjoy.’




  4. BMCUW



    They were wild those Ardrossan ruffians!



    Almost as bad as those Kilwinning bampots!




  5. Let the people sing on

    Stand up for the 12th man…



    A message from the Celtic Trust



    The Trust has for some months now been receiving very worrying indications of what appears to be almost a vendetta against Celtic fans in general, and the Green Brigade in particular, by Strathclyde Police/FoCus. We have raised this on at least two occasions with the Club.



    This has now come to a head and together with the unprecedented treatment we received at Tannadice (based on ‘intelligence’ from Strathclyde Police that there was an ‘arranged fight between Celtic fans and Dundee Utd fans!), we feel strongly that we need to unite and stand up to this.



    The Fans Against Criminalisation campaign will be meeting early next week to plan our response/strategy. However, in the meantime the Green Brigade have decided to boycott the next two home games beginning with the game against Inverness on Saturday. In solidarity with them, we are calling on all supporters to stand up for the 12th man at the 12th minute and chant ‘Stand up for the Green Brigade’.



    Please spread the word, bring banners, flags and whistles or just bring yourself but at the 12th minute, stand up for Celtic fans

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    Really interesting test tonight of how far this young troupe has come.



    I think Benfica’s desparation to win will put our bhoys under severe pressure early in the game.



    If they can maintain their concentration, they will get chances at the other end.



    Could be a classic European tie. 4 goals? 5 goals?



    Celtic to get a result if Sammi has another great game.



    Looking forward to it, however it plays out though.


    KEV JUNGLE 1256



    Ach,dinnae worry,bud.



    It’s me yer talikng tae. I might pull ye up,but it disnae mean I’m bothered.



    To be honest,Kev,I think you should just keep telling it the way you feel.



    Occasionally,reading back,we ALL go…ooooooooooooops,WTF.



    Hey,it’s a blog.



    Be controversial.



    Be interesting.



    Be replied to.



    It’s allowed.



    In your own image,I’m off oot,but in my case,off to my cot.



    Look after yourself,mate. I’ll be here all week,or at least in time for the kick-off!

  8. Che



    13:16 on 20 November, 2012





    and save the school camapaigns


    hamiltontims lack of geographical knowledge


    is it only me or is anyone else sorry i started this?




    I’m not being – Mary, Mary quite contrary


    but, it would be far better if you waded in with


    yer big wooden spoon far more often :o)


    Only saying like


    Hail hail





    See 1314



    A wee case of having my battle too early,but timed it right eventually.

  10. Philvis,


    You are normally the more intelligent,human & humourous face of the CQN Thatcherite Faction.


    Your 12.47 post is closer to what we expect from the Mynah Bird & his grovelling Glove Puppet.



    You are better than that.

  11. There will never be an equitable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem until the day that there an equal number of pro Israeli and pro Palestinian voters in the USA.


    Then, and only then will an American President of any political stamp, be able to act as an honest broker in the situation without having to calculate future votes.



    Israel or Palestine. Take your pick. There are no good guys,anywhere with guns. Simplistic but true.





    There wisnae a player in Kilwinning good enough to get the ball off me,but in Ardrossan they kicked seven shades of …. out me to make sure I never got near it.



    Bit of a problem for a wee eight year old.

  13. Marrakesh Express on

    Andy Gray on talksport..when asked by Keys about the great achievement in 67 he went straight to another subject. To be fair to talksport they covered Lisbon well, with Keys and Murdo Mcleod waxing lyrical. You just knew that Gray was spewing though and showed that it still hurts the huns all these years later.


    Then again, it was the start of their demise.

  14. Just dropped back in to say…..





    Let the people sing



    13:19 on 20 November, 2012



    Stand up for the 12th man…



    A message from the Celtic Trust




    It’s the fholk from your group who should


    be running ‘OUR’ club. imo


    Only saying like…


    Off oot this time.


    Adios Timland.



  15. Let the people sing



    I will be at the matches as dont want to boycott the team.i love



    But i think the 12th minute stand up for the GB is a good idea …. Although will need communicating to the non internet bampots

  16. Benfica are a very different side to Barcelona much more direct with little lateral movement, and plenty of arrogance, although they trooped off content with a draw at the ole gazebo.



    We are a better team now than the side that played in the first game, and I’d never write off a Celtic side whose focus has been sub consciously on this competition.



    A Celtic side that can defend, and score on the break who’d have thunk it.




  17. see Benfica have joined Spartak Moscow in mouthing off on us before a ball is even kicked; don’t these teams ever learn? at least some of the Barca squad only spat the dummy out after we’d beaten them!



    I still think we’ll lose narrowly tonight but as ever by kick off time (and with a few pints in me!) i’ll be confident of a win!

  18. The Battered Bunnet



    I’ve been in Lisbon since the end of last week . Lots of chat —



    The general view .–



    Benfica were badly weakened by summer sales. .



    The manager is obsessed by formation and will play square pegs in round holes in preference to changing the formation .



    All out attack , with the fullbacks regularly playing in front of the wingers , leaves them very vulnerable to counter attack .



    Benfica have lost twice this season [ Spartak / Barca ]



    Benfica haven;t fired / haven’t clicked .



    The players don’t like the Manager .



    The supporters don’t like the Manager.



    Benfica should be able to beat Celtic

  19. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    If we win tonight do you think Neil will take the bhoys to the Estadio Nacional the day before we play ICT?

  20. ernie lynch – Israel is proof that terrorism can work.



    It’s no surprise that others try to emulate the method.



    Sure, we know violence can get results.



    At least you recognise that Hamas are terrorists. To listen to some people on the left you’d think Hamas was a type of food dip. (thumbsup)





    That is why I believe we should really leave this subject alone at the moment.



    By all means,use CQN to highlight it-as many good causes have been highlighted-but this one is another which can cause schisms,IMO.



    Let’s all leave it till after the game,even though,personally,I think the loss of life is more important than a mere football match.



    But on this site,on this day,it might not be. For just that wee moment or two.




    On a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE day,surely we can have a wee day dedicated to Celtic,instead of reacting to prople that you can react to any day of the decade?

  22. glasgowdave @ 13.15



    No wonder we beat barca that night – we had 2 wanyama’s on the pitch accoring to that photo.



    Mind you, barca had 2 mascherano’s and still couldn’t stop tony watt

  23. Philvisreturns….or how about sponsored by a game of heads down thumbs up like we played @ school..winner gets podium the loser Imodium..(bumsup)

  24. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Geordie Munro



    Sorry, just managing in and out of the blog as i’m working!




  25. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Tomtheleedstim- very well, thanks!



    Enjoying armageddon, and looking forward to watching some cricket in 2013.

  26. Kilbowie Kelt – You are normally the more intelligent,human & humourous face of the CQN Thatcherite Faction.



    Thank you. I do get a lot of positive comedic feedback about my face, particularly when I attempt facial hair.



    Your 12.47 post is closer to what we expect from the Mynah Bird & his grovelling Glove Puppet.



    I think it would difficult for a Mynah Bird to operate a glove puppet, they don’t have hands you know. If I were to advise a Mynah Bird on the best act to take into show-business, I’d suggest ventriloquism or going on the X Factor.



    Louis Walsh would probably put the Mynah Bird into a boy band called something random, such as “Something Random”. The Mynah Bird would be “the tough one” who wears leather jackets to prove how tough he is, but is secretly gay.



    You are better than that.



    That is kind of you to say, I have a history of disagreements with birds, including a stand-up fight with a peacock when my primary school class visited Blair Drummond Safari Park.



    So I would like to stress that I am not now, and never have been, a Mynah Bird.



    I would deny being a groveling glove puppet but I am a married man and you know how that goes. (thumbsup)

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