God help Benfica if Celtic are inspired by Estadio Nacional


Years before Celtic Quick News I was at an event with ten of the Lisbon Lions in attendance, before playing football later that evening.  They say you should never meet your heroes but ‘they’ never met the Lions.  Bobby Murdoch asked about my job and spoke about his wife’s job, showing the kind of interest in people, and pride in his own family, which was refreshing from a football legend.

Jinky was Jinky; irrepressible.  He was last to arrive and as he walked into the room looked at his team mates with a cheeky grin, “Am I in trouble again?”  Bertie Auld told me we should have signed Kenny Miller (this was years before we did) but Tommy Gemmell, who knew a thing or two about scoring a great goal, said “Every goal I’ve ever seen was a great goal”.  Tommy was a full back who scored cracking goals in two European Cup finals but his point was simple, when they hit the back of the net, they’re all great goals.  Listening to him talk made you want to go get kick a football.

That night I was absolutely buzzing, I went out and played the best game in my life.  Sharing in the achievements of the Lions had a profound effect, I knew I would play well, even before kick-off.

This morning Neil Lennon took his players to Estadio Nacional, yesterday telling a media conference, “We will train at the stadium again in the morning and let these players have a feel of what is a special piece of history for our club”.

God help Benfica tonight if the spirit of that great old stadium seeps into the pours of the Celtic players today. Let me at them!

Delighted Downfall has finally been reviewed!  Positively too, you’ll not be surprised to learn.

Orders are now open for the very first CQN Annual, get it here!

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    Still chastened by that moment thirty-odd years ago in the Jungle-Haw,pal. Gonnae shut it,yer ruinin’ The Soldiers Song fer the restius!



    Don’t sing,don’t dance. Nae rhythm,me.

  2. Philbhoy @ 13.40
















  3. BMCUW,



    I thank you for your advice & accept it in the spirit that it was offered.



    Get in there, Celtic !

  4. if we win tonight it would be neil’s 100th win as celtic boss in 139 games



    by any standard that’s an incredible record

  5. everalwayscfc – I like your suggestion, but heads down, thumbs up doesn’t really capture the frenetic energy of podium chasing.



    A good old fashioned game of British Bulldog would do it.



    Back in the 70’s and 80’s going to school carried a very real risk of losing an eye, but we were the better for it. Not like namby pamby schools these days with their asbestos-free blackboard chalk and their rules against setting fire to tramps.



    Political correctness gone mad. (thumbsup)



    13:14 on


    20 November, 2012





    Your lead article is,as ever,a bitia belter.



    Showin’ aff,mind-we didnae a’ get the chance tae play wi wur heroes.



    Though I’ve still got a a perra studmarks fae Big Roy,and I would have to marry you if I showed you where they were.





    I remember big Roy used to come down for a game with us ‘big boys’ even though he was 2 or 3 years younger. I also remember I was useless and he p****d me off by knocking me over just for the hell of it.


    I forgave him later though :)





    Pour le moment,mon ami.




  8. Philvis, brilliant.



    Bsr, brillianter



    Obfanti, that reminds me, I’m pretty sure that the win v barca puts us ahead of thon deed team on cl points gained….and in much fewer games.

  9. Paul67 et al



    Never really got to meet any of the Lions, but got to share their company many many times over many seasons. Interestingly enough I did get the chance to say a couple of words to Bobby Murdoch back in the day. If I remember rightly, it was at a Reserve League Cup Final, at, of all places, Brockville, maybe 1972. Good crowd and certainly we won something that night. These were the days when the reserve matches themselves were well worth seeing. The great man had been injured, and had been getting back to fitness. Controlled the game from the centre circle. At the final whistle we storm on to the pitch to congratulate our heroes. In the melee I just managed to clap the great man on the shoulder with the immortal words: “Well played Bobby!”



    “Well played Bobby!”

  10. Good day to you all.



    Are we any closer to knowing who of the three doubts won’t be making it tonight?

  11. Let the people sing on




    We once again put the motion to the board at the AGM that we need a better structure of communication between the board and the fans and once again it got shot down even tho we had the majority of hands in the vote. I made it clear to the board when I passed the motion that they need to realise that we are not like any other club and we are not like any other group of fans



    The boy jinky



    I agree completely, we will always support the team however the Trust are in complete support of the Green Brigades stance as the intimidation and persecution these bhoys have been putting up with has reached an unacceptable level

  12. Same back 4 as Saturday.


    Mulgrew (Ledley) in front of Adam on the left.


    Brown (Commons) in front of Lustig on the right.


    Victor and Beram in the middle.


    Sammi and Tony up front.




  13. Philvisreturns I agree with you..as for the tramp setting on fire I thought we were reducing the homeless figures but they wouldn’t buy that..on that note sir I doff my cap to you and bid you good day! I really should try and do some work today..hh (thumbsup)

  14. Tonite is going to be very difficult the team will need to be at their very best,,,a point from this game will be good…3 points is stuff dreams are made of….something tells me this is the decider fo 2nd place,…soree thats the way i see it…..this game is massive…go to it celtic

  15. Am I being greedy by looking for a draw in Moscow and a cheeky wee 2-1 win in Lisbon for the Hoops with maybe our no. 67 getting the winner.


    There has after all been a certain fantasy like quality to this CL campaign

  16. HT


    From something I read earlier, yes, I think so. I believe it was a post quoting Mjalby.



  17. Let the people sing on

    Jungle Jim



    They said they have went over this ground before an that they don’t feel it would bring anything to the board. We are continually working on forging a better relationship with the board as they are making decisions about our great club before they discuss with it with the fans






    Where you watching the game tonight bud?



    Barca Greg (Iv had a name change)

  18. JJ



    If that’s the case then he’d be a huge loss, his work rate in the Barcelona game was incredible.



    Just seen on SSN that we’ve played Benfica three times in Lisbon.



    We’ve lost all 3, conceding 7 and scoring none.



    Right, with that in mind I’m going for


    Benfica 2 Celtic 2……

  19. bournesouprecipe



    Benfica are a very different side to Barcelona much more direct with little lateral movement



    HaHa! He said it. He said it!



    There was plenty of lateral movement on display this morning when someone wearing an XXXL 125th anniversary top decided to run for a bus – an error of judgement that had momentous consequences for the surrounding air.



    We can win tonight, but only if Paul67 corrects ‘pours’ to ‘pores’. Otherwise, it’ll be raining goals on our porous defence.

  20. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!


    Nothing mate. Rumours of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.

  21. Hi Guys



    I am on my own in London this week and I know that there have been


    several Pubs mention here in the Big Smoke that show the games,can


    anyone give me some ideas as I would like to watch the game with some


    other Fans as the options I have would be me on my lonesome.



    Cheers in advance




  22. LTPS


    Maybe I am missing something but ” better communication” MUST bring something to the Board. A more harmonious support for a start. Anyway, thanks for the info.




  23. HT I would take any draw tonight. Lets hope Barca beat Spartak and that gives the Bhoys a lift before they take to the field tonight, then who knows what might happen.



    Nervous as hell here mate.



    Wee Oscar The Celtic Warrior Y.N.W.A.




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