God help Benfica if Celtic are inspired by Estadio Nacional


Years before Celtic Quick News I was at an event with ten of the Lisbon Lions in attendance, before playing football later that evening.  They say you should never meet your heroes but ‘they’ never met the Lions.  Bobby Murdoch asked about my job and spoke about his wife’s job, showing the kind of interest in people, and pride in his own family, which was refreshing from a football legend.

Jinky was Jinky; irrepressible.  He was last to arrive and as he walked into the room looked at his team mates with a cheeky grin, “Am I in trouble again?”  Bertie Auld told me we should have signed Kenny Miller (this was years before we did) but Tommy Gemmell, who knew a thing or two about scoring a great goal, said “Every goal I’ve ever seen was a great goal”.  Tommy was a full back who scored cracking goals in two European Cup finals but his point was simple, when they hit the back of the net, they’re all great goals.  Listening to him talk made you want to go get kick a football.

That night I was absolutely buzzing, I went out and played the best game in my life.  Sharing in the achievements of the Lions had a profound effect, I knew I would play well, even before kick-off.

This morning Neil Lennon took his players to Estadio Nacional, yesterday telling a media conference, “We will train at the stadium again in the morning and let these players have a feel of what is a special piece of history for our club”.

God help Benfica tonight if the spirit of that great old stadium seeps into the pours of the Celtic players today. Let me at them!

Delighted Downfall has finally been reviewed!  Positively too, you’ll not be surprised to learn.

Orders are now open for the very first CQN Annual, get it here!

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  1. Ma Team fur this WAN..






    Lustig Matthews



    Efe Wilson



    Brown Kayal Mulgrew Sammi



    Tony, Lassad



    Ye read THAT right!



    Nae … Ledley .. Nae Commons.





    Canny wait..


    Gettin’ that Feelin’

  2. Thanks for the Pubs Guys, will go will the Marquis of Granby as its the closest


    to my hotel.







  3. 161. Side-letters, of course, had not been registered with the football authorities, the


    SFA and SPL. The spirit of their rules was that the whole contract terms should be


    registered. Suspiciously, no evidence was led as to who decided that the benefits in


    terms of the side-letters should not be registered. Non-registration of side-letters was


    40 incompatible with both authorities’ policing and disciplinary powers. For example


    any fines imposed on players would customarily reflect the disclosed wage. Nondisclosure


    would thwart the authorities’ powers.

  4. There’s a lot of conjecture that it was ole Duane Allman that did most of the intricate fancy plucking *careful how you read that to yourself* on the album Layla.



    DerekandtheDominoes CSC

  5. Valley Exile, TomtheleedsTim,



    I dont have time to sift thru yon 145 pages, too much footie today….


    I just peaked a sneak at the page 145 and noticed an old word for my wages!


    Emoluments………… hope i havent spoiled yer bedtime reading!!!!


    See cut and paste below……..



    “These are the two chief tenets derived from the case law I have relied on, and they


    have guided me in my reasoning to arrive at the end result that the trust payments are


    to be construed as ‘emoluments’ for the purposes of the tax legislation.”

  6. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    The guy that set the Clyde up as Celtic bar has long since left the pub although I think he still has a vested interest in it,I know he now works/runs another bar in the centre of Bradford called The City Vaults which sits adjacent to Waterstones,the two pubs are a ten minute walk between each another with the Clyde on Thornton Rd,if you have the time check them both because big Sean and his buddies will be watching the game,I think wee Julie still runs the Clyde for Sean and that consortium who own some other bars in the centre (the ginger goose too which is inbetween the other two pubs) so those bhoys could be in any of those three pubs.

  7. Shift finished and very excited about this evenings entertainment. Up to my hotel room..shower & shave. Go to the nearest bar in Ellon the Bridge bar, strangely frequented by zombies of all shapes and sizes. Was in there for the “shame game”. God they hate us, at the final whistle all hell broke lose, nearly as much fun as being at the game! At that time they did not know I was one of other side(no colours worn and kept myself to myself). Now as most of our CL away games have been on a Tuesday that’s been my port of call, but this time with my lucky away t-shirt on..Celtic FC since 1888.. Only the Barca game has let it down, but never over 90 mins, so it stays on! Will go and see the two diddy teams slug it out first. Must try to curb the drinking till the main picture starts, then hopefully a few beers and goals to enjoy. Last 16 would be nice..go Lennys Lions..and my lucky t-shirt. H H.

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