Going out of business chasing unrealistic dreams


With the Billy McNeill statue unveiling, the Celtic Foundation Bucket Collection and our own defeat on Saturday I missed out on the goings-on in the Championship until watching Sportscene last night. I’m not sure if Hibernian are good enough to win the league but the habit of scoring last minute goals, and the exploitative attitude which was on show against Queen of the South, is a strong portent.

Hard on the heels of this penny dropping The Herald this morning asked us to consider increasing the capacity of the Premiership to allow an un-promoted Newco to play top flight football next season. There will be a strong blog on this later, but the thought occurred to me:

Rangers died chasing this:

While Newco are going the same way chasing this:

What times we live in.  Catch up this afternoon.

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  1. Bada Bing 9.23am



    Paul McStay was also a mainstay during the Huns 9@row so does that make him a bad player going by your post

  2. Paul67



    I haven’t given them a moment’s thought.


    Two things are searing in my head though.



    The shambles in our first team.


    But above all else whether our custodians will be party to our interests vis-a-vis the cheats.



    The latter is fundamental to my support next season.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    Chasing wee Anne Budge is all very well but what happens if you catch her!…..-:))

  4. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    So Sevco miss their ‘masonic’ penalty against Falkirk, and support for Bro. Collum starts.



    His UEFA status is in no small manner due to mentor Bro. Dallas and Bro. Callum’s sycophantic attitude to him, not his ability.



    Read Paul Larkin’s take on this in “Anyone but Celtic” with interest. As an ex referee, I fund it all rather appalling. And it’s driven from the SFA.



    How can you not be suspicious of an influence where you are pledged to help your brethren under a veil of secrecy with barbaric threats of retribution should you break the code.



    I certainly have outgrown childish thoughts of ‘gang huts’ and ‘blood brothers’ and certainly never threaten my peers with “throat cut, tongue torn out at the root and buried at low tide mark”.



    How is this infiltration tolerated in the 21st Century ? Root and branch reform is required but difficult to see turkeys voting for Xmas. Bah humbug !

  5. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on 21st December 2015 10:15 am



    PL isn’t paying himself anything.





    Oooops-forgot to include the relevant quote-




    One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.

  7. South of Tunis



    I am not saying Peter was the best but he was far better than some remember, plus as a young bhoy (late teens) Peter moved into our scheme when he got married to Lorraine, neighbours with the lassie I was nicking about with, she told her neighbour that I was struggling for tickets for pittodrie and Peter duly obliged, I never spoke to him as an 18yr old I was a bit starstruck, can’t remember the Easter road goal but always remember him scoring at the broomloan road end and dropping to his knees and saying a wee prayer……the Chapehall bhoy lived the dream

  8. Good morning CQN



    The Ronny out debate. Not convinced either way.



    We do not play a rigid 4231 system IMO, we play a 2431 system, both full backs used as wide players with both left and right midfielders tucking in to support the lone striker.



    Kris can barely wait for kick off to move in off the right and Wee Jamsie is supposed to cut in from the left onto his better right foot. The full backs provide width in forward areas. This exposes both our flanks behind our fbs and then exposes our central defence when a cb is pulled wide to cover when we lose the ball in forward areas and the opposition swiftly heads for the acres of empty space.



    Motherwell are merely the latest mob to use quick wide men to exploit this glaringly obvious deficiency in our system. The two holding midfielders either have contain a natural defensive midfielders,( big Vic), or have abundant pace to cover gaps which apart from Broonie, none have.



    At CP we invariably play in the last third against a 9 man defence happy to allow us to have ball in front of them, so unless we produce a piece of magic and/or score an early goal or two the dye is cast for our usual turgid Paradise experience. Only Rogic and KC have the required guile to produce something out of little and both lack pace and are inconsistent in application. Jamsie has pace but little guile or application. Armstrong and/or Allan I believe, should be given an extended run as the central forward going midfielder, to see if either of them is the answer. We need a central midfielder who can carry the ball and make a pass, give one of them the opportunity.



    The enigmatic Stefan. He is an energetic, defensive, pressing, forward midfielder. He is very effective when leading the pressing game and his lead in retrieving the ball is excellent, especially for Broonie, I believe. Use him as a forward sweeper or not at all. He is great at charging about disrupting opposition, can tackle, can pass, can run and can score. The only problem is the rest of the team need to accept his role and take his lead. I don’t think he needs to play every game.



    This is where I feel Ronny fails too consistently. He does not appear to factor in the opposition’s personnel and tactics into his game strategy!



    Broonie and Chas work as defensive two because Chas’ frailties mean he has neither the pace for fb or last man defence but can sweep a central area and cover for cbs, leaving Broonie to fire fight everywhere else. Big Nir could be a player if he improves his decision making in defensive areas, ( even Maldini hits row Z when required), as he is the one hope of incisive passing from a deeper area.



    Neither cb is good enough at present to play Ronny’s 2431 system. They need help. Play a system that allows them to dominate their central defence area. Both are ball winners, capable of defending their areas well, but they are being dragged out of their areas to defend areas vacated by others. Getting them settled will also help settle our keeper. Can we have a back four please or at least a 3?



    Makeweights like, Calum, GMS, Ciftci, Izzy, Efe, Janko etc are necessary for squad rotation but never should be first team regulars.



    That leaves us with Griff up front, we don’t have a second forward to play two but could have Kris, Armstrong or Rogic playing off him.



    So play 4231 but have full backs not wing backs. Allow Jamsie or GMS to occupy one wide area if necessary, Griff up top, fill in the other 4 slots with Broonie, then 3 from Armstrong, Allan, Rogic, Kris, Nir and Johansen.



    Adapt and be flexible.



    Barca @ Paradise is different from ICT @ the Tulloch




  9. the glorious balance sheet on

    Does anyone know of a blog or website that publishes timely and impartial articles pertaining to the management of Celtic FC and plc?


    That’s of more interest to me today than goings on in the second tier of Scottish football.

  10. The level of scrutiny and criticism placed on our Manager is unhealthy.



    Are we believing all the hype about what a poor league we play in ?


    Are we subconsciously being sucked into thinking the SPFL is only worthy of winning if Sevco are in it?


    Whatever it is, the level of hysteria that follows a loss will make our current Managers job impossible.



    Give RD a break




  11. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    PG scored a screamer at Easter Road but the one at ibrox that he celebrated was in that game when they went down to 9 men and got a 2-2 draw with us ( their only point against us that season) Unfortunately Peter’s goal turned out to be a Butcher own goal !




  12. My friends in Celtic,



    Can’t agree with Ronny must stay, but I think he should stay ( for now )



    Many of us had high hopes for a new approach, we still have but we are being tested to our limits.



    Make no mistake, if Ronny loses the home fans his time is up. No matter where we sit domestically. Come next Saturday we may not be top of the league ( we play on Sunday ) It would never be desireable to make forced changes when we are top of the pile.



    Hail, Hail.





    My long-time best bud married an Embra lass,moved to foreign about twenty years ago.



    Got himself a fine upstanding career,thirty-odd years in the same company.



    Point being,he took up refereeing when he was about forty. Loves it.



    I wish he had taken it up twenty years previously.



    In Scotland.



    Wi his background,he’d have been a shoo-in for rapid promotion by the fraternity.



    It would have been an absolute pleasure to watch him reffing them or us,and a huge surprise to the suits,as I converted him to the one true football team in his late teens!



    Ah weel,we can think of Christmas past…

  14. Paul 67



    Paul, I hope the PLC are aware of the consequences of letting sevco blatantly cheat…i.e. League reconstruction.


    If this is allowed….the game is a bogey.


    When are the PLC going to condemn this?


    How long do we have to suffer the cheating?




  15. Shocker of a Herald article that Paul mentions today.



    It basically acknowledges that the impact of the death of Rangers caused little damage to top fight clubs. That they are going along quite nicely thank you.



    Yet the case for the new club to join the top flight by any means possible is still made.



    And why? For their benefit and their benefit only. “It is unlikely Rangers will, despite their increased crowds, be able to live within their means playing their league football against the likes of Alloa, Dumbarton, and Queen of the South while banking negligible sums from the sales of their official merchandise.”



    Shameful stuff from a supposedly impartial journalist.

  16. 21.5.1979



    Graham Roberts in goal if I remember correctly, big Butcher must have racked up a few OGs, his diving header at Celtic park was a belter…….

  17. BIG-CUP-WINNERS, you can rest assured on the latter point. Notions that Celtic somehow are better served without title stripping is something only an obscured and paranoid mind could fathom. It is absolutely not the case.

  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I believe the present Celtic side are much better than many others seem to think.


    I also believe the present Celtic support are becoming more and more like the Rangers/Sevco support .


    Cheerio for now,




  19. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    It was the thirtieth anniversary of the 7-1 game, 2-0 up at half time against nine men to our ten and with roberts in goal. Was totally gutted. I remember that other og from butcher, a belter in a 3-1 victory




  20. FFers opine (again) on the reasons for their demise:



    “What happened to Rangers FC was politically motivated?


    i have a good friend who is in PR marketing and journalism, he doesn’t have any affiliation to us in anyway, however after he found out my Rangers FC affiliations we had quite an extensive chat on the last 5 years history at our club.


    He told me that this is been spoken of in (non Scottish rhat) media circles and he reckons that the witch-hunt to not only cripple Rangers Football Club but to destroy us and everything that our supporters stand for was motivated by those at the top who had a certain separatist agenda within Scotland.”




    “I think it’s much simpler.


    Tims in high places, govt, Hrmc, lloyds made sure we were pushed into the hands of businessman/crooks who would ruin us…..The real enemies are the ones at lloyds, Hrmc and placed within the sfa who conspired, most names are already known and are ALL linked to [Celtic Park].”




    “I’d go further and say it was also religiously motivated.”




    “It was driven by sheer sectarian hatred.”




    “I said many years ago we reformed our religion 400 odd years ago, satisfactorily. But we are about to pay for this big time! And I mean all non RC’s , you atheists included. Papes are now in most positions of influence.”




    “And it was cross-party sectarian hatred at that.


    The most bemusing thing for me though, in all this, was the absolute silence of the Conservatives throughout….. I am sure there are plenty who would have been swayed by the Unionists asking why this single ‘quintessentially British’ organisation was being driven to the wall, and victimised and villified, in the most improper manner.”




    “I would go even further in stating that if anyone who posts on here does not consider that a former Cabinet Minister who is now a peer of the realm did not have a background role in what took place then they must be very naive.”




    “It wasn’t a background role, it was a ‘leading man’ part. It was in order to make the project succeed that he left the Celtic Board.”




    “Dr death perfect example ,self confessed ‘we taig from Glasgow’ reaches the highest offices in the British government yet is still a bitter fenian b*st*rd .the hate for rangers ,Protestantism ,is bred into them generation to generation .”




    “They are making Rangers synonymous with cheating and bigotry and this will not only continue, it will get worse.”




    “I’ve always thought this was obvious, Fenians and Jacobites see us, the Masons, the OO and the CoS as the enemy who must be destroyed.”




    “It sure is and until Scotland comes into the 21st century and stops separating 4 year olds in the education system it will continue.”




    “What happened to us stemmed from the East end. Powerful politicians and business men who support Celtic intent on their team becoming top dogs, using all the tricks in their dark arts book.”




    “IMO it was a mixture of Natzis,Fenians and the Romanist cult.”




    “Life is never simple, nothing is cut and dried and situations rarely exist in black and white.


    Reid is no Union Flag waving Unionist.


    He is a Roman Catholic Republican who like the rest of his tribe stole themselves into the Labour Party because it availed the best opportunity for the grasping of power and it was in Scotland the nearest thing as an ‘anti-British’ political vehicle’ that could be found with a realistic chance of achieving that power……. if he were starting out on the political road again, he would be inside the SNP quicker than a rhat into a field of corn.


    Fenians ruined the Labour Party in Scotland, because they have never understood egalitarianism, equality and national fraternity, they are Irish Catholics ffsake!


    Hatred of the English, hatred of the Union Flag, hatred of the Monarchy, hatred of our shared Protestant past, hatred of the Empire, hatred of everything Great Britain has ever stood for, and to see this nation trampled into the dust of history by division, will see them take control of your party in a matter of a few years.


    Rangers were attacked on more than one front and yes it was politically and sectarian driven.


    Roman Catholicism in the United Kingdom hates Rangers Football Club, because this creed of that church is rooted in Ireland.


    Rangers are thus seen as a bulwark of Protestantism in Scotland and the UK and one that is associated to the Protestant community in Ulster who have stood against the aspirations of a United Ireland.


    Yes delusional as it may seem, this has been a hundred and more year cumulative grudge manifesting itself in naked hatred where the sporting element of winning a game of football became secondary to the aim of a final solution.


    Wiping us off the face of the earth as a sporting club is now that which consumes them.”




    “We are hated because of our success and also for our unionist standing, jealousy is also at the root of it, sad really.”




    “Make noi mistake [Reid] is the man who set up and orchastrated our problems regarding EBTs.


    Rangers were then the victims of a criminal conspiracy, to utterly destroy the club.in which he may also have played a part. Green and Whyte, oh how they must have laughed.


    Make no mistake DK getting his hands on the Laxey shares, and wining the EGM, saved [Sevco] from the intended fate.”




    “I suggest you all go onto you tube and read a Jesuit`s oath.


    this is what we are all up against, it`s frightening. but we are the good guy`s, we are the people.”




    “The papists have taken over the decision making.”




    “Why did HMRC sanction the NewCo sale of the club and not just fully liquidate everything if they wanted us dead?”




    “What you must understand .


    [Sevco] hating is a form of acceptable sectarianism


    in scotland.”

  21. Good morning all. Just thought I’d pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Popping out again. HH

  22. Blatter and Platini have been banned for eight years….FIFA is crumbling.


    So why cant we confront these people at the SFA.


    It is beyond belief that Ogilvy, Duncaster, and Regan are allowed to distort football in this country, and nothing is said.




    IMO…if the cheating isn’t confronted….we will suffer the consequences.


    Ive had enough of this bs.


    Celts, stand up against this blatant attempt at hunguffery.




  23. lennon's passion on

    Ronny is going no where. So Ronny has to do either buy players that suit his system or change system to the players we have. Not sure about transfers who signs them. Not PL more likely Park. Don’t think Ronny has it in his locker to change formation.

  24. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    After more than 100 years without signing a catholic they believe theyre on the end of a sectarian conspiracy, and they really do believe that. Theres no arguing with them. Find it quite ironic that they associate us with “natzis” (sic)




  25. JJHS



    I think you have lost the plot there.


    Celtic supporters becoming sevco like…..no, I don’t think so.


    But if you care to examine the members of the Celtic board…i.e. Tories, Lords, and Masons.


    Then you might be nearer the mark.

  26. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 21st December 2015 10:51 am



    I too took up refereeing early 40s so too old to reach Senior List (but still picked up 4 gold medals from SAFA for major finals) and did get elected to Edinburgh Association Council under Dougie McDonald’s presidency.



    Let’s say I fought the good fight but watched as up and coming referees were promoted from nowhere to key positions on Council and when I challenged this (I was a real thorn in their side including the supervisors) I was told they “didn’t think I could do the role” (?) and after 3 years was subsequently not re elected.



    I once asked George Cummings, then head of referees, a question in an Edinburgh Q&A session about the advantage rule in football and how we might learn from rugby.



    His response .. ” Can’t do that because there are people in football don’t understand rugby” ! Still astounded of forehead about that answer years after the fact !



    I suspect my lack of unquestioning respect for the institutional hierarchy or membership of the right ‘club’ had more than a little influence. Not surprised with content of Paul Larkin’s book let’s say.





    Lordy,there’s a few on there opinions that they’re hated and offering their own particular and peculiar reasons for that.



    None suggested that they are and always have been a blight on the game,bending it to their own will,and riding roughshod over all others.



    Nor that they’re a buncha thieving cheating bassas who wouldn’t recognise fair play if they were slapped in the teeth wi it.

  28. Monaghan 1900,



    Keep on posting.


    Re-emphasises why Jungle Jim Hot Smoked is sooooooooooooo wrong to compare the current Celtic support to them.



    Hail, Hail to you.

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