Good and bad times to sign frees


Aaron Mooy (31) and Moritz Jenz (23) we’re added to the squad yesterday, one an experienced central midfielder Ange Postecoglou has known for years, the other an unknown to us but whom Celtic have watched for over a year.

There are times to worry about free and low cost signings and times to be reassured.  The time to worry is when they take place on 31 August: we’ve missed our top targets and have settled well down the list.

Only targets high on the list arrive as early as 19 July.

The wind is at Michael Nicholson’s back right now. It won’t always be this ‘easy’ to land targets, but we’re entitled to look forward to the season.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Ha, ha, you couldn’t make it up..



    They’ll be even more deferential and sycophantic for fear of being booted out again.



    Tax payer funded Hun propaganda.



    What a country.



    A warm welcome to the new buoys.

  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    The dispute between BBC Scotland and Rangers had nothing to do with them reporting sectarian singing. It was about Michael Stewart calling James Traynor “a bully”.



    Very telling that their new anchor man on Sportsound is Kenny McIntyre, a staunch Hun.

  3. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH JULY 2022 11:48 AM


    ‘The dispute between BBC Scotland and Rangers had nothing to do with them reporting sectarian singing. It was about Michael Stewart calling James Traynor “a bully”.’








  4. prestonpans bhoys on




    I’m afraid you are wrong, just checked a few Celtic media sites in the last few minutes and they confirm the cause of the dispute.

  5. “The time to worry is when they take place on 31 August: we’ve missed our top targets and have settled well down the list.”



    Eh. Didn’t we quite literally settle for Jota, CCV & GG on the 31st August last year ?



    Sometimes, the ability to trade on our terms takes to the end of the window Paul and if that’s the case, then so be it. I wouldn’t be suprised if we did the same this year with Edouard at PSG, hoping both price to drop and appetite to keep waning in the French capital.




  6. BBC Scotland sport behaves like the output of the state controlled Russian media of the Kremlin,they employ in disproportionate numbers ex Rangers players of the dead club, ex players who had EBT’s from the dead club and pro Ibrox journalists from the media, I’m sure Richard Wilson is the boss in there and a guy from NI his overall boss, so under no circumstances will any other club get fair unbiased equal coverage from them, roll on the day when you can opt out of paying the license fee for this, it is nothing but a fanzone sponsored by every license payer in this country.

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  8. quadrophenian on

    Been a big few days for us on the football front.


    Aaron brings experience and a dogged ability to really care for the ball; bustle is a lot of wot he’s got.


    Moritz brings height and depth; the tallest philosopher wot’s ever lined-up for the ‘tic??


    And QUAD makes it back to 055s training in crisp winter frost tonite, for the first time since the niggly soleus tear was diagnosed and mostly rehabbed.


    Great days indeed ;)

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Decent window so far IMHO.



    Hopefully time, money and space in the squad for one more Biggie.



    The low watermark for transfer windows this millennium has come to be known as the “Willo Flood Window”.



    And it was singularly uninspiring.



    This window is far away from that one …



    .. so am perplexed as to some of the negativity so far?




  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As to BBC – Sevco thing?



    Not looked at this at all today but suspect official versions to be total BS.



    This entire “dispute” was engineered deliberately as a strategy by Sevco.



    Jabba didn’t know where the bodies were buried at Pacific Quay



    But he knew which warm bodies (wearing wedding rings) had been lying next to others.



    Simple approach



    1. Create a public stooshie with management



    2. Use blue nose lackies in house to control the narrative



    Anyone caught off message gets threatened either with



    a visit from jackbooted Nazis


    (supplied with your home address from HR records)






    a text message to your spouse

  11. If BBC Sportsound are biased regarding Celtic ,there is a solution,The board should have the guts to ban them,along with the Hun supporting media,Daily Ranger ,The Hun and Sky another Hun infested organisation,and who from N I is also iplays a part st BBC Sportsound.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Never thought I’d ever agree with Timbhoy163 but ban the lot of them, they can write their sh*te and publish it anyway we don’t need to to accentuate it by participating.

  13. Happy Wednesday all.



    Nice work by MODERATOR around midnight Celtic Park time last night. That post was a full page scroll as well.




  14. Wakey wakey wakey


    Are we learning anything new about The British Broadcasting Corporation?


    Does it alter anything about reporting on the hun as to their bias?


    The states propaganda machine gives us guff like Tories don’t lie,but their attempt at history redaction via it “trust” in 2013 is beyond comical Ali stuff.




  15. Huns banned the BBC after Chris McLaughlin reported sectarian singing from the Hun end after the Hun pumped Hibs 6-2.



    They wanted the reporter banned from Ipox , BBC told them to foxtrot Oscar



    …. As far as I can recall CFC

  16. AIPPLE 👆



    Agreed. It’s like preseason training for the ranger



    Hail Hail to you

  17. This is a BBC Scotland climb down to blackmail. It is a Scotland level decision.



    The BBC at UK level is being infiltrated with Tory placement whose job is to get it more “on message” but they do not give a flying one about Sevco and BBC Scotland.



    This was and is a Scottish level issue

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    Didn’t BBC Pat Nevin and Rob McLean call out sectarian singing at Hamdump?……. Editorial standards Oh Wait

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Saint Brendan and Lee Congerton hit massive doldrums, maybe a Chinese whisper?

  20. FAO SFTB….


    I am hoping to Register with the ” SUPERBRU” Competition ASAP, but can you advise if its ONLY SPL Games that I must predict on, or does it include Cup games in Scotland.


    How do I make my predictions ONLINE prior to games ?



    Will I need the help of some 7 year old to assist me ?




  21. AN TEARMANN on 20TH JULY 2022 1:01 PM


    Wakey wakey wakey





    Are we learning anything new about The British Broadcasting Corporation?










    We already knew that in relation to football the Scottish element of the BBC is rancid.



    We’d be better off if Scottish football was dealt with by BBC England.



    In fact we’d be better off if all media coverage of Scottish football was done by English based journalist, commentators and pundits.

  22. IniquitousIV on

    Huns shopping with Bassey money already. Bidding for Yilmaz, Besiktas and Turkish international left back.


    Rumoured price ( pinch of salt ready ) £4M.

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    Its so EASY to DOWNLOAD Games, and even a EEJIT like me has been able to do it without any problems.


    If Computer games are NOT for you, then fair enough, but maybe your Kids or Grand Kids will enjoy them should they come to visit ?



  24. SFTB



    You don’t think that ” on message” extends this far north?


    It stops dead where? Especially in the current political climate?


    And it’s a solely a Scottish issue within The British Broadcasting about the symbol of the union in Scotland and how it is treated? mmmmm that would be nice to believe.Would disagree .



    The beeb are all over the place ,it’s place in the story and not the reporting of it show there’s no impartiality,no reporting.succumbing to blackmail as you say.’running it by Minty just continues.Back to the days where it Rugby and the deadclub score are all that matters.Its weird watching it,nearly puts me to noooznoo.



    See you Saturday :-)




  25. IniquitousIV on




    “The Govan Galacticos will be getting some pumping up now. Already started, Moyes



    “We just could not live with them”



    There’s your starter for hunners,and hunners.”




    Just watched the Moyes post game interview. I didn’t hear him say that, but he did say the Orcs were “Faster, fitter, quicker.” He was more focused on how poor his own team were, and seemed pretty depressed about it.

  26. Whilst Richard Gordon was anchor there was a slight hope of impartiality with bbc radio.



    The rest is long gone.



    That said with cut backs and desire to balance age and gender of reporters rather than offer the best possible capability to their audience, the BBC locally are a completely busted flush and really not worth concerning ourselves about.



    They really don’t form or shape opinion with anyone who matters.

  27. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 20TH JULY 2022 1:47 PM



    This too shall pass.

  28. Transfer window — we are making progress slowly.


    Hopefully we are still in the market for a few more starters / substantial signings.


    AM / MJe moves = good cash management / tracking for a while / saje choices.



    Given our financial position / squad we should be good for at least one other big spend.


    Hopefully we are delivering better value on the wages front than we have in the recent past.



    Then we can get the squad streamlined and the hangers on / wallflowers can be encouraged to try their career elsewhere. And then you have the U18 angle where we need to get players in with a good chance of making the first team squad so that we can cope with CL squad issues in season’s to come.



    Even with the requirements limited to 4 club trained / 4 SPL trained we are scraping the barrel for bodies to fill the CL squad with so we need to prepare now for 2/3 years down the track — plus it fills the gaps in the St N’s cohort and fires up the B team squad so that they can move to the next level.



    At least AP seems to be working all the angles he has at his disposal.


    Looking forward to seeing a more cohesive / structured MF.


    No more AM’s pushed into DM/ pivot holes.

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