Good luck to Ange having to pick a strongest 11


Celtic certainly didn’t have the fluidity we saw at times last season, but they comfortably got the defence of their title underway against Aberdeen yesterday.  The visitors, playing their fifth competitive game of the season, did a decent job of denying Celtic space inside the box, but could scarcely construct an attack worthy of the name at any point during the game.

Earlier in the summer we discussed the need for a central defender to break through the lines, as Kristoffer Ajer did so effectively.  On one notably occasion in the second half, Stephen Welsh carried the ball forward 30 yards, causing havoc in the Aberdeen midfield.  We are going to face a lot of packed defences this season, overloading with a ball-carrying centre half is an important tool to assist.

Stephen’s more important contribution came when he headed home from a corner in the third minute.  He remains our most effective aerial target, as long as Christopher Jullien is not in the line-up.

After that promising start, the expected avalanche did not materialise.  Passing was too wayward.  Threat levels increased when Giorgios Giakoumakis, David Turnbull and Liel Abada replaced Kyogo Furuhashi, Reo Hatate and Daizen Maeda.  The departing three had been unable to make a telling contribution to events.

Delighted with the win; the passing will improve.  Good luck to Ange having to pick a strongest 11.

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  1. Regarding the article, I was surprised at the lacklustre display by the Japanese trio. Having enjoyed the fabled pre-season rest and had a proper pre-season training programme, I had hoped they would have looked at their best right from the off.


    It will come, no doubt about it.

  2. Bada Bing – as was the Tifo, an amazing display and funded by the fans themselves. Didn’t realise they had set up some kind of crowd-funding page for it.


    Maybe someone in the know can tell me if the club helps them with this? The publicity it generates around the world benefits the club from a PR/marketing perspective.

  3. P67



    Picking our strongest 11 is only an issue if players don’t play to their best.



    For about 15 minutes we were close to unplayable but we lacked focus / desire.


    We lack that hunger that comes from realising every chance might be our last.



    The SPL generates a sloppiness that no chance is critical as we will work up another in a few minutes / another will come along and that player will address it with more belief — sometime that belief / desire does not turn up.



    After you Claude in their penalty box is not the look we need.


    AP was right to be angry at our lack of goals.



    First competitive game and it showed.


    We should not be embarrassed to really go for it in the SPL.



    Hopefully things will improve — a game midweek to give more players minutes on the park would be useful.



    MF needs work — more solidity is needed from all 3 not just the lost sheep that is CMcG at defensive pivot. .

  4. DB @ 12.24



    And then they start singing.


    First half was good but the start of the second half was cringe inducing.

  5. Garngad to Croy on

    Great result against a stubborn Aberdeen team who were only interested in keeping the score down. The Bhoys will improve as the season progresses.



    “In Ange we Trust”

  6. Squad — still settling down?


    Not sure that we are a truly cohesive unit yet.


    The pecking order is still being worked out.


    Less CFC experience in the dressing room.



    Plus we seem to realise that the SPL cloggers can play “Buddyball” with impunity due to the standard of refereeing in our games.



    The knee in the back for RH being a case in point.


    The Don’s player sized up his opportunity and then went for it.


    no protection from the MIB / no support from the TV commentary.


    It will be a long hard season.



    50-50’s seem to be a thing of the past — we are not even trying for 55-45’s.


    The squad know what they are up against.

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We were definitely a bit rusty, but once we get into the flow we’ll be frightening. If some are having relative off days, others will step up.



    Thought Aberdeen looks significantly improved. Hope so. They’ll present a threat to Sevco.



    Hugely enjoyable occasion. Great weather and the pre-match was spectacular. Applause to all concerned.

  8. In 3 months I will be 3/4 century old but I must be senile now as I luvved hearing the GB belting out our OLD favourites, nae rebs nae Celtic

  9. Nothing wrong with the choice of songs.



    Other football clubs are available for those who feel uncomfortable with that aspect of Celtic’s heritage.




    ‘on the cause must go, amidst joy and weal and woe’

  10. I wouldn’t worry too much about our starting 11, the finishing 11 will be just as important. Keep the squad fresh and we’ll do well this season. It’s beginning to feel like the first few seasons under O’Neill when we were just a winning machine domestically. If Sevco are to win the league this season, they’ll need to put 95+ points on the board to do it.




    I thought Hatate did well yesterday, I also thought he should have had a pen which didn’t even make a replay, VAR will be interesting when it comes in…

  11. Why do we sing songs that fans in the 26 counties don’t sing?


    Are we trying to be more royal than the queen due to our own insecurity?


    Why now after 25 years of peace — Zulu warrior syndrome?



    We try to talk the talk regarding progressive politics then we descend into cartoon militarism / fetishizing uniforms / undemocratic revolutionary violence — not good.



    And now we have old men forgetting their own lived experience to big up plooky youths — double not good.



    Why were songs about SAM missiles missing from the Seville narrative?

  12. MADMITCH on 1ST AUGUST 2022 12:53 PM


    Why do we sing songs that fans in the 26 counties don’t sing?










    Don’t you mean either ‘they’ or ‘you’?

  13. Our heritage — what did we have before 1916 / 1922?


    What did we have in 67 before the troubles in the 6 counties?


    We made our own heritage rather than import it from elsewhere.



    If we were true to our “heritage” we would be playing aerial hockey in a public park.


    Some people are disappearing up their own erse regarding who we are and what we represent.



    Who speaks for the pacifists now?



    We are becoming a bunch of jaiket holders — fans across the water who didn’t do anything but are desperate to sing about it.

  14. MADMITCH on 1ST AUGUST 2022 12:08 PM


    TB @ 11.40







    Not happy with AP’s post match comments — surely you aren’t going native out their in Anatolia?







    Finding fault with a Greek point of view?





    More interested in banners than football?





    Just like you are more interested in sunshine than human rights …





    Shut up you Tit.Anatolia,that’s a new one.Your grasp of Geography is as good as your grasp on anything else you prattle on about.A complete fool,trying to sound intelligent.Failing on all fronts.You are a figure of ridicule.

  15. MADMITCH on 1ST AUGUST 2022 1:02 PM


    ‘Our heritage — what did we have before 1916 / 1922?’







    The current Celtic Park was opened in 1892.



    Away and check who was invited to the opening ceremony and what songs were sung.

  16. Having watched the St Gilloise game the other night,I have no idea what the Huns will face tomorrow.They are big,strong,fit,not averse to roughing it up,and they finished top of the Belgian League last season,only to loose out in the crazy finale they have there.Still there is something about them makes you doubt them.Not playing at home,as stadium not up to standard.


    Should be interesting though.I will be watching.Huns will need to be a lot better than their weekend slog.


    You never know.

  17. celticforever on

    How can anyone have such a large opinion on singing at the match


    watching it from their armchair



    wow that you tube singing was magnificent

  18. Don’t normally respond to the Master Abbreviator, but he asks about our heritage & asks what did we have before 1916/ 1922.



    Does he not know,

  19. I have no problem with IRA songs (I don’t sing them myself but that is my choice) apart from the fact they kill the atmosphere.



    Good Celtic songs will have 100% potential uptake. IRA songs much less as many fans are similar to myself – don’t take part. As a result when the GB go to the IRA songbook I have noticed a dip in the atmosphere.




  20. Turkeybhoy – I doubt Union SG will be as easy as some expect, they’re a team with significant momentum through promotion to the Jupiler pro league season before last, followed up with a 2nd place finish last season (as you state they were top after the 34 game “regular” season before the top 6 split for the play-off round). Much has been made of them losing 8 players this close season, but most were youth or squad players. The two exceptions being the Belgian top scorer last season, Deniz Undaz, who was already signed by Brighton in January and loaned back, and a pretty decent midfielder, Casper Nielsen, who was snapped up by Club Brugge.



    Despite this they still have one of the best forwards playing in Belguim in Dante Vanzier. The club also has ownership links with Brighton, who sent them winger Simon Adingra on loan for this season. This kid is pretty highly rated, has a decent youth pedigree in Danish football, and scored for Union on his league debut.



    The one question mark against Union is their recent change of manager, they lost the guy who had achieved all in the last 2 years, and appointed a former Belgium international in his first managerial post. If it wasn’t for this last point I’d have more confidence in the Belgians, regardless they’ve started the season pretty well and I still think they’re capable of giving sevco a bloody nose.



    And if they get past Union SG they’ll probably have one of Dynamo Kyiv, PSV or Monaco waiting for them in the play-off. They’ll be hoping for Kyiv I guess, as all kinds of factors could affect their performance. However more on that when (if) they progress.



    SFTB, can you please Post the Bank Account Number of the Walk With Shay account….and the SORT CODE again ?


    I tried a Bank Transfer ONLINE, but MY Bank is advising me that the Walk With Shay Account does NOT EXIST ?


    I wrote down the Account Number a few days ago….but maybe I have copied it wrongly ?


    HH Mate.

  22. EL @ 1.22



    Well why don’t we sing that songbook rather than the militaristic nonsense / commando comic republicanism / missile songs that seem to have some to the fore in the recent past?



    SKY were at it — microphone positioning / volume settings — but our hard of thinking plooky youth just play right into their hands.



    SKY has a local agenda to remove pressure from our friends in Govan and their beyond the pale songbook — what better way to do this than stir up the Burton’s Commandos to sing about / celebrate undemocratic revolutionary violence in the 6 counties and beyond.



    I will ask again where were / are the missile songs in the Seville narrative?


    If they weren’t present then why do we need them now?

  23. MADMITCH on 1ST AUGUST 2022 1:17 PM


    TB @ lost in Asia Minor







    Some light reading to help you understand your location:













    As for the politics — I will leave that till later.





    There is only so much you will be able to cope with.




    I only post this to highlight your ignorance of Turkey.This is 2022,you do know that.?Anatolia is a region of Turkey.Certainly,not mine.


    You Tit.

  24. Holland vs Netherlands — discuss?


    The specific vs The general — outsider looking in.


    Historical vs current usage?


    Local vs external view.



    Anatolia = Asia Minor = Non European Turkey = your current gaff.


    You might be familiar with the complexity of Turkish local government districts.


    But you live there and I don’t.



    So Anatolia it is.



    Still think AP was out of order with his comments?


    Hopefully you opinion is not based on local prejudices.


    Greece vs Turkey / Anatolia.

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