Gordon positioning, return leg fitness exercise


The immediate benefit of last night’s 0-3 win away to Alashkert, is that the manager can use Wednesday’s return game as an opportunity to get squad fitness to the required level, without having to worry about qualification.

We have 180 minutes football to get ready for Rosenborg or Valur.  The former are 16 league games and five months into their season.  And you do not need to be reminded, Rosenborg dusted themselves down after defeat to Celtic last season to end Ajax’ interest in European football before the end of August.

Did you notice Craig Gordon seemed anchored to his six yard box, allowing space between him and the defence for long balls to be pitched into?  Not sure what the plan was here but it didn’t help.  There is a newness about the defensive line-up which would benefit from the keeper taking a more active role.

Odsonne Edouard and Moussa Dembele looked a real handful.  Both held the ball and withstood attention from multiple opponents.  James Forrest got a goal and, technically, two assists, although his contribution to the opener was a shot he will try to forget.  James produced the difference between Celtic and Rosenborg a year ago, his experience at this level will be valuable in two weeks.

There will be tougher tests for Lewis Morgan but his directness impressed.


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  1. I am Scottish but have no time for the national team. Don’t mind England. Am I a hun

  2. GUISEPPE67 on 11TH JULY 2018 10:18 PM


    I am Scottish but have no time for the national team. Don’t mind England. Am I a hun





    If you support norn Ireland ….aye!!!!




  3. Gene. No mate Glasgow. I know a few English boys and they r sound. The huns will b sick and that makes me happy.

  4. Watchin the second half of the Rosenborg game on Bet365, no the may west, total pish in fact, I wouldn’t be worried about either team, if we turn up that is.

  5. Roy Keane brings that sense of balance that neutrality brings and now we are saved the OTT Ian Wright crap we can maybe feel sorry for England.






    Deep down, where the darkness of the soul lies – Naw.

  6. Their coming home, England’s coming home…..




    My 🙏 were answered.



    They are pash



    D. :)

  7. Roy Keane getting ripped into the ITV panel for planning for the final two weeks ago when they were only just out the group’s .

  8. Neustadt-Braw on

    James you type with an unusual “something” this evening ….



    everything ok with the special one?




  9. mike in toronto on

    JAMESGANG on 11TH JULY 2018 10:07 PM



    Off the pitch, Roy Keane seems like a jerk… and on the pitch, he could be a jerk as well. But,on his day, there were few better…



    his performance in the CL semi against Juventus (when he pretty much carried man u on his back, even though he knew he wouldn’t be playing in the final) is still one of the great midfield performances in the CL that I can recall.

  10. To highlight the beeb wasteful spending – Yesterday Sophie R was in london – despite having numerous correspondents in Russia today she’s in moscow – wtf

  11. World Cup Final party being planned for Sunday



    Karlovacko pivo – tick


    Slivovice (with honey)- tick


    Laguna Malvasia wine (red|- tick


    Laguna Malvasia wine (white) – tick



    Shopping list:


    prsut (ham)




    sir (cheese)


    truffle pasta


    Istrian stew – everything that ever lived in the sea


    sladoled (ice cream)

  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/orange-walk-future-faces-parliament-12891271



    Copied from Daily Record



    The future of Orange Walks is set be scrutinised by the Scottish Parliament.



    MSP James Dornan said “things can’t be allowed to go on as normal” after Canon Thomas White was attacked and subject to vile sectarian abuse outside a Glasgow church on Saturday as a parade went past.



    Dornan, MSP for Cathcart, recently set up a cross-party working group on religious hatred at Holyrood.



    He has now written to Glasgow City Council’s processions committee and Police Scotland expressing his “deep concern”.



    He’s asked them to consider their positions on future marches organised by the Orange Order following the sickening incident in the city’s Calton.



    He said: “Everybody has a responsibility here. In the first instance, it’s the responsibility of the police and the local authority to make sure that if they are going to go ahead, they have appropriate conditions put on them.”



    The working group will have the future of marches high on their agenda when MSPs return to


    Parliament in September.



    Canon White – who was standing outside St Alphonsus Church near the Barras Market – described being spat on and called a “Fenian b*****d”, “beast” and a “paedophile” as the march travelled along London Road following a rally at Glasgow Green.



    Someone also attempted to hit him with a baton during the incident, which the victim says took place after police abandoned a cordon set up between the march, its followers and the church’s parishioners, who were also targeted.



    Dornan added: “If the police have to guard a place of worship, then should that walk be taking place at all?



    “I don’t see how in a modern Scotland we can have a big part of the city closed for a walk that can bring with it this sort of challenge where a priest or any man of faith is attacked because of what they represent.”



    The Orange Order insist no members of the parade were involved in the incident and condemned the “bigoted” attack.



    However, the Parish Pastoral Councils of St Mary’s and St Alphonsus have called for a review the routes of three upcoming Orange Order parades.



    They said: “While we welcome the statement by the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, condemning the assaults on Canon Tom, as a community we are distressed and deeply saddened that, in the 21st century, we are unable to exercise human rights of freedom of association, freedom of assembly and the right to celebrate our faith in public, free from intimidation and violence.”

  13. How do you say hubris in English?



    I hear you JJ. I really like Southgate, Kane and the team are generally fine.






    Do you know Brexit would have been forgotten and the media would have been beyond unbearable.

  14. GUISEPPE67 on 11TH JULY 2018 10:23 PM


    Jamesgang. Celtic and that’s it.






    I know brother. Me too. Celtic first. Celtic last. Celtic everything




  15. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 11TH JULY 2018 10:26 PM


    James you type with an unusual “something” this evening ….




    everything ok with the special one?










    Absolutely. She’s about to get on a flight from USA to London with a spring in her step!!

  16. MiT



    I remember that performance.


    I’ll also never forget the guy who destroyed a fellow player’s knee and yelled in his ear.


    And walked out on his country at the World Cup.



    Not my kinda guy.



    HH. 🍀🍀

  17. Neustadt-Braw on

    James …awfy braw …..hope you don,t mind my post …



    but her good self being absent ….my curiosity is quenched..



    smiley understandable tetchiness syndrome thing






    pass on my regards

  18. Viz Handy Hints



    Why dont England host the world cup



    and bring in some dodgy Russian refs




  19. Alasdair MacLean on

    When Eng e land got that free kick in the last few seconds I was thinking….if they score here and go on to win on penalties….I’ll be hearing about it for the rest of my life.


    Relief is what I felt on the whistle for the end of the game.


    International football – ever since I can remember….70s?….I had 2 teams. Scotland and whoever was playing England.


    Don’t think anything has changed….I would say I’m not as against them as I used to be.


    Inherrent prejudice? Probably.


    I was the same with club football.


    Whoever was playing Rangers.


    And now…whoever plays Sevco has my full goodwill.


    Maybe if they give me a reason – I might change!

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