Governance and the money that has to be found


Money has always been an issue in Scottish football, there is never enough to satisfy demand for what seems to be needed.  Previously, the requirements have been formidable: safe stadiums, but more often they have been less pressing: better players.

The modern training facilities Celtic and many others enjoy would be marvelled by all clubs as recently as 20 years ago.  Then there are playing surfaces.  Look back at old videos and you will see just how poor pitches were and how far many clubs have come.

All-seater stadiums, pitches with artificial lighting, which allow water to drain and remain mostly green throughout the winter, training facilities with dressing rooms within a miles walk of the pitch have cost the game an unimaginable amount of money in a relatively short space of time.

If you were around when the Taylor Report, released in the wake of the Hillsborough Disaster, mandated almost all top-flight clubs to rebuild their stadiums, you will remember the game itself seemed in jeopardy, needing to spend money it never had.

A causal look at any Premiership club’s accounts will convince you that there is no money for Video Assistant Referees (VAR), but like the stadiums, the pitches and the training facilities, money has to be found.  Society is on a trajectory where greater levels of customer service and administrative governance are expected.  What we put up with in the past is no longer tolerable.  Soon, we will not tolerate freezing our bums off for two hours with a roof providing only partial shelter from the elements.

Premiership managers met with referees and the SFA yesterday and agreed that VAR was needed, no chief executives were harmed at the meeting.  This would be one step towards better the governance we all now expect.

Celtic Charity Football Talk, Xavier Centre, Carfin

Saturday 19 January, 8pm

I am joining Tom Boyd and George McCluskey after the game tomorrow night for a question and answer in Carfin.  We are raising money for Vision of a Blind Golfer, to assist George’s son, Barry.

Tickets are £7 each, call Mick on 07827 975271 to book.  See you there.

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  1. No CBs coming in? What about qualifiers in 5 months time,? Hopefully,.we need 2 CBs in asap,unless he’s trying to flush out Aberdeen for McKenna

  2. glendalystonsils on

    “Aye , aye , awright……let’s jist stop 10 in a row first…….then we’ll think about VAR”



    (An SFA spokesman)

  3. Paul 67,



    Reading between your lines. It seems you are advocating summer football.




  4. RE. the meeting in Perth last night, Lenny was quoted by the BBC as saying “There was a lot of humour, a lot of debate at times and I think everyone came out of it feeling better about themselves.”





    My own feeling is that the manager/coach that felt best about himself would have been Stevie Clark because he wasn’t there to listen to that guff. He obviously knew what was coming.







    VAR (Video Advantage Rangers – copyright TheCelticStar), it appears, takes at least 12 months training (to operate play/pause/rewind/play/etc???????), so we can look forward to possibly (just possibly) to it being introduced in August 2020. In some ways you’ve got to sneakily admire the total brass neck of these clowns.







    Someone suggested the other day (sorry, forget who) that every win we have, every competition we win, every league and cup we lift is a dagger to their black hearts! Great quote and one I’ll carry with me to every home game and something I’ll happily shout every chance I get.







    “There’s a dagger to your black heart Madden/Beaton/Dallas/insert as appropriate”.

  5. GENE on 18TH JANUARY 2019 10:46 AM


    VAR is a squirrel – won’t happen – real problem is the standard and impartiality of refs



    Gene, I think the real problem, assuming VideoAdvantageRangers is actually introduced, is who actually operates and decides on the incident. If it is any of the SFA’s current referees (retired) who pronounce on the Disciplinary issues, the whole process is fecked before it starts. Who, outside of Ibokes, would expect an impartial conclusion to a review of an incident IF it impacted negatively on a club playing out of Iboakes or impacted positively on Celtic?

  6. …… it appears, takes at least 12 months training (to operate play/pause/rewind/play/etc???????),



    Eh – Is it Charlie Nic who will be running it ?.

  7. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2019 10:47 AM



    “No CBs coming in? What about qualifiers in 5 months time,? ”



    Goalposts have moved I’m afraid. I don’t think we are considering European qualification yet, as that presupposes winning the league and that is no certainty.

  8. Emeraldbee


    The lack of affordability will be the decisive factor. It isn’t just for televised matches so another 20 or so officials needed.

  9. Overheard in Berlin bakery: “Brexit is like a 97 year old royal behind the wheel. You know it’s a bad idea but are too polite to stop it.

  10. Gene I take your point about the number of officials needed to operate the system effectively. The amount of money available in the top flight should be able to cover such an obviously positive development in the game, (the initial set-up costs being the big stumbling block) as is being seen/appreciated in other countries in other parts of the world. If the will is there the money would follow I would think.



    My basic premise remains, however; how many fans of how many clubs would genuinely and seriously expect it to be operated fairly and equitably in Scotland?

  11. VAR will change little imo and will take years to implement. The refereeing and disciplinary procedures need root and branch reform.

  12. Following our Season Ticket Holder sale, the last remaining tickets for Celtic v Valencia (Thursday, February 14, KO 8pm) will be released on General Sale at 11am today (Friday, January 18).

  13. Off the top of my head,



    1, full time referees



    2, introduce VAR



    3, publish referees match reports



    4, checks into referees backgrounds as happens in England



    5, overhaul disciplinary procedures and rules around retrospective punishment



    6, independent disciplinary panels

  14. Emeraldbee


    I agree if it happens it will not be runl fairly – would any of the Morelos incidents have been referred – I think nought – as the ref saw them and deemed no action was necessary.


    But I can’t see it happening.

  15. GENE on 18TH JANUARY 2019 11:36 AM







    I agree if it happens it will not be runl fairly – would any of the Morelos incidents have been referred – I think nought – as the ref saw them and deemed no action was necessary.





    But I can’t see it happening.




    Go back to the game v Sheep at CP this season, McKenna attacks Eddie chest high,no penalty, Madden seen it (surprise surprise), McKenna got a 2 game ban retrospectively. The rules are being changed on a weekly basis, to suit 1 klub,and stop 1 Club.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    P67 leads of the first great squirrel hunt of 2019, well done, another lesson on how to make no difference at all.

  17. The popular conception of the other teams is that the”old firm” benefit most from refereeing decisions. Explain to me then why we generally are very positive towards VAR although impartial refs would be preferable, whilst over on sevco media there are two pages on the subject with not one post welcoming the technology? In fact most of them seem more concerned that NL is the spokesman.


    I know that mob don’t do irony and to prove it most of their post start off decrying VAR and what a waste of time and money it is. They then quote occasions when we may have benefited from refereeing decisions.


    No wonder Dave loves them

  18. Canamalar


    Would have thought a mention of the outstanding meeting requested by Celtic would have been made – or is last night’s summit it

  19. Unless it’s Messi or players of similar status, what exactly is the point of a 6 months loan deal.?




  20. I am not in favour of VAR. It would impact badly on Celtic.



    If say Bobby Madden were to refer a decision to the VAR. It could only be a current Referee or more likely an Ex Referee who be the VAR.



    Now if you look at the way the Refs are selected then VAR would be selected in the same way. So its likely Madden would refer to the VAR, who would someone like Kenny Clark who would of course be in a private Video room and who no doubt recommend the relevant decision against Celtic.



    What’s worse than Hun minded Referee?



    Two Hun minded referees

  21. BADA, BING,No new centre back or right back coming in this transfer window,Well surprise surprise,I have said for the last couple of years,that our club needs big changes, starting with this present Board,also you can be pretty sure Brendan Rodgers will be away in the Summer,and that’s a cert

  22. Why was a right back CH not be lined up for 1st Jan? Still scrambling for a cheap loan? Boyata could easily leave before end of window and so could benkovic if LC get a few injuries before then. Also need an experienced CF. LG won’t be back for a long time, if at all. KT will also be out for an unforeseen time. So being cautious we need a LB for rest of season

  23. did one of the sports channels not offer a form of VAR free for a season to test it?



    If the sfa can allow beaton to see and condone at least 3 assaults then i agree they will just put in a proper minded hun to run the var.Put your house on it.



    photo shop / AE anyone?

  24. we can’t just announce ninth best attendance across Europe and then not sign a centre half and right back. can we?

  25. A quick look.We now need a CF.Where is he going to play?We need a CH.Where is he going to play?Does anyone listen to Brendan?.He as good as said today,we cannot find a CH that suits this window.


    Anyway,what does he know.



  26. Even an imbecile watching the game on 29th dec could tell you the ref is wrong.EVEN AN IMBECILE. which is what we are if we move on. Do the celtic players agree with this? so the next time somebody gets seriously injured. career threatening? Seriously, we deserve all we get if this issue isnt faced. If i was a betting man, my money and my house would be on rangers winning the league.There is none so blind as those who cannot see.