Governance and the money that has to be found


Money has always been an issue in Scottish football, there is never enough to satisfy demand for what seems to be needed.  Previously, the requirements have been formidable: safe stadiums, but more often they have been less pressing: better players.

The modern training facilities Celtic and many others enjoy would be marvelled by all clubs as recently as 20 years ago.  Then there are playing surfaces.  Look back at old videos and you will see just how poor pitches were and how far many clubs have come.

All-seater stadiums, pitches with artificial lighting, which allow water to drain and remain mostly green throughout the winter, training facilities with dressing rooms within a miles walk of the pitch have cost the game an unimaginable amount of money in a relatively short space of time.

If you were around when the Taylor Report, released in the wake of the Hillsborough Disaster, mandated almost all top-flight clubs to rebuild their stadiums, you will remember the game itself seemed in jeopardy, needing to spend money it never had.

A causal look at any Premiership club’s accounts will convince you that there is no money for Video Assistant Referees (VAR), but like the stadiums, the pitches and the training facilities, money has to be found.  Society is on a trajectory where greater levels of customer service and administrative governance are expected.  What we put up with in the past is no longer tolerable.  Soon, we will not tolerate freezing our bums off for two hours with a roof providing only partial shelter from the elements.

Premiership managers met with referees and the SFA yesterday and agreed that VAR was needed, no chief executives were harmed at the meeting.  This would be one step towards better the governance we all now expect.

Celtic Charity Football Talk, Xavier Centre, Carfin

Saturday 19 January, 8pm

I am joining Tom Boyd and George McCluskey after the game tomorrow night for a question and answer in Carfin.  We are raising money for Vision of a Blind Golfer, to assist George’s son, Barry.

Tickets are £7 each, call Mick on 07827 975271 to book.  See you there.

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  1. NORRIEM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:38 PM


    So VAR, is going to solve all refereeing probleems





    A PR job. Give them something to talk about and deflect, a soundbite with no substance or commitment.

  2. MiT


    Re the injuries. that is what I was thinking myself . In which case, I thought Sevco were justified in asking for an inspection. Whether they were favoured or not by those making the decision is, I suspect, the concern that which inspired the earlier posts.




  3. UPDATE ON….


    JOBO BALDIE on 18TH JANUARY 2019 7:11 PM


    Oh well, Plan B – Norwich v Birmingham and the hope of at least 3 goals, 4 cards and 10 corners…..





    A really good first half with Norwich going in 3-1. Their main striker, Teemu Pukki, is a bit of a player, scoring the first and being involved throughout. And with 2 bookings and 4 corners so far there’s enough interest for me to continue watching the 2nd half…..

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:27 PM


    GREENPINATA on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:28 PM



    Yes boys.



    Perhaps combined with the underlying underdog status many Tims have felt in the past , often for very good reasons.


    An attitude which currently seems totally illogical when you look at our utter dominance of the domestic scene.


    Instinctively , we don`t wish to be ” the peepel ” but an understated justified sense of superiority to the other mob would not be out of place.



    We didn`t turn up at Ibrox and we lost.


    Had we lost at Aberdeen the week before and won at Ibrox , I feel the mood amongst the CQN faithful would have been dramatically different .

  5. David17



    ( sorry, The TimReaper was just me being ironic given your daily doom )



    Fraid it is all about Sevco, given they’re now second with a thus far creditable challenge just beaten us in the league for the first time, and we’re out of the Champions League so Sevco are the only thing on the horizon with Aberdeen, Hearts, and Hibs. Valencia is just another Cup game.



    Sevco have strengthened but still haven’t paid a transfer fee, yet we have invested £2M with more to follow.



    If you read all of the posts, you’d see we all want new players and ‘reasonable investment’



    P.s. re you’re original post – What can we all see in front of us and why

  6. HOT SMOKED on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:21 PM



    Ssb reported when sevco delegation turned up they weren’t happy with the pitch then, hey presto! Ref calls it off, they then updated it into the decision was the sfa’s Call.

  7. MIT


    Winnie the Pooh



    Just watched Christopher Robin with the grandsons. Thought it was really well done they loved it.

  8. Norriem @8:38



    ” Did Celtic get to see Beatins match report, you know the one where he mentioned seeing 5 incidents involving assaults on our players, yet though acceptable”



    As someone posted earlier, just why would Beaton have included anything in his report about `incidents` which he had not fell were, in fact incidents?


    Doesn`t make sense.






    P.s. re you’re original post – What can we all see in front of us and why









    Most Celtic supporters are not happy with the level of investment in the playing staff regardless of what Sevco are doing. That was my point.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    NORRIEM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:38 PM



    Can you doubt that VAR will increase accountability ?



    The ref. on the field ” misses ” something.


    The refs. in the VAR studio have no such excuse.


    They can see , as viewing punters can , what the ref. apparently ” missed ” .


    No place to hide.



    It may mean that our players have to follow the tactic of getting in the refs face hun style , but if thats the price we have to pay , then so be it .


    The ref on the field will be put under more pressure to ” do the right thing ” and that can only be to our advantage.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    SOUTHSIDE on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:44 PM


    HOT SMOKED on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:21 PM




    Ssb reported when sevco delegation turned up they weren’t happy with the pitch then, hey presto! Ref calls it off, they then updated it into the decision was the sfa’s Call.



    Sevco? SFA? Doesn’t matter really. Sevco screams for what it wants and SFA makes sure it gets it.

  12. mike in toronto on




    Actually, it was a cunning trap …. people always talk about zombies lurking on here. so i thought I would see if I could find them …



    Winnie is a BEAR!



    And Winnie The Pooh … W TP…






    just joking, my friend …



    I haven’t seen the film, but I heard good things about it.



    I am a big WTP fan…. and for grown ups, Benjamin Hoff has written a few books … one called the Tao of Pooh…which explains Daoism by using stories from WtP.

  13. Bhoys, bhoys…we WILL make another signing before the windae slams shut.


    Because the business understands ‘impression management’ very well; to do enough to appease fan foment. Wonder if Youssuf Mulumbu knew his Tic transfer was just window dressing, without a real chance of playing?


    And what’s really the cause of Compper not getting his boots on, yet being in Dubai as first team member?


    Now if Broony heads to Tarneit, and Oli Goes To Porto…


    Wonder if Brendan sees how the fiscal policy might make him look a bit second-tier himself…?

  14. QUADROPHENIAN on 18TH JANUARY 2019 9:08



    I never knew Compper was in Dubai. Why ?




  15. Celtic please listen on

    Sorry nowt to do with the new club & losing at mordor absolute nonsense, more to do with the so called custodians of our club’s inaction/silence on a wide & varied catalogue of issues. Biggest example Res 12 & Mr Lawell’ s everything is ok at the agm, the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Evidence in abundance but silence, provide the bullets was it not & they would fire the gun. Standard of officiating since 2012 is such we play in a league/environment more like the 80’s & they wonder why the national team is pish ? With the exception of Sevco this year spending money they don’t have, out with us who has reached European football proper not qualification rounds ? We have all seen the comparison/tripe spouted & justified by the msm i give you beerman comparible to KT as an example, third division call ups to the national squad all to justify the over the top brutality.decline in standards since. I could give you example after example, i am not a glory hunter it breaks my heart not attending ftsfa competitions seeing my club in semi finals, finals. Self imposed the last 5-6 years. I have contacted the SLO on four occasions over that period pleading for them to grow a pair or at least on occasion to take a stand, again on a wide & varied evidence based range of things. They again imo are either taking us for mugs or cowards.






    Team moral(e)?


    Positional drills?


    Keep practice games even…



    The man seems fit but mibby deemed unfit.

  17. NORRIEM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 8:38 PM



    So VAR, is going to solve all refereeing problems



    *The NFL is my 2nd favourite sport, it sells itself as a family game, most games are on Sundays while families are having dinner and there’s also Thanksgiving (3 games that Thursday) and the festive season.



    Like the boys of summer they have also cleaned up the personnel and any bad habits, especially WAGs and substance abuse and FGS don’t mention gambling particularly in baseball, “say it aint so Joe still resonates” a century later.



    All NFL games are televised live, although they are usually regional, as such armchair fans have access to multiple replays of all plays, those in the stadium view them on giant screens.



    Here is a sketch of how challenges by the coaches’ are made:



    At any time before the two-minute warning of each half or overtime period, the head coach of either team can signal a challenge by throwing a red flag onto the field.



    He’s allowed only two challenges per game, but if both challenges are successful, he’s given a third. He must issue his challenge before the next snap of the ball.



    If the coach’s challenge is successful, that is, the ruling on the field is overturned then his team isn’t charged with a timeout. If it’s unsuccessful, it costs the team a timeout (each team is allowed 3 per half and 2 during sudden death overtime). A coach can’t challenge any ruling if he doesn’t have at least one timeout remaining.



    The coach must consider his options carefully. Should he save a timeout so that he keeps the option to challenge and should he risk a timeout on a challenge that may not be successful.



    He must also decide quickly. He usually hasn’t seen the play clearly from the sidelines. He may receive advice from an assistant coach in the booth who’s watching the network television feed. Or he may heed his players who were close to the action. Knowing that the time to decide is limited, an offensive team receiving a favorable call might snap ball quickly to close off the possibility of a review.



    Once the coach issues his challenge, the referee goes to one of two or three shielded television monitors near the field. He looks at the play from all relevant angles that are available. He has 60 seconds to review the images; then he must make a decision.



    • He may overrule and change the call on the field. In this case, he might make other revisions, such as resetting the clock.


    • He may confirm the original call, meaning that on replay he sees the call was correct.


    • He may rule that the original call stands, meaning he did not see enough visual evidence on replay to either confirm or overturn the call on the field.



    As stated above prior to the 2017/18 season officials could review contentious incidents on a covered monitor at the ground and then address the crowd and viewing audience of the outcome via pa system, in fact most decisions are broadcast that way. Customers are NEVER left if the dark (ages)



    In an effort to reduce the amount of time spent on replays the NFL commissioner wrote an open letter to fans (there’s a novel idea) and said the league was going to try and reduce this.



    Instead of a fixed sideline monitor, a tablet will be brought to the Referee who can review the play in consultation with our officiating headquarters at “Game Central” in New York, which has the final decision. This move was to improve consistency and accuracy of decisions and help speed up the process.



    I used tae think that with the increase in technology historical events like my da and older relatives often spoke about, the Tully/cox incident comes tae mind, would dissipate and we would at last have a level playing field, not so, as we all know, the arrogance of the small minded trooser lifters is unfathomable.



    Will VAR work in the best wee bigoted country in the world, nae chance as long as the craft are ruining our national sport.

  18. Don’t understand why BR went to that meeting last night let alone sit in the same room as those bigoted bastards. BR too smug for my liking, the sort that is everyone’s friend. We’ve let the cheating bigoted bastards off yet again. Call them out like Lenny does, mind you he seemed to enjoy himself last night by his comments

  19. DAVID17



    I’m not sure most Celtic supporters are unhappy with the level of investment, there is the silent majority in the 60,000 for starters? – thousands and thousands, more in the diaspora.



    A lot of Celtic supporters that post on the internet say they aren’t happy with the level of investment, and certainly more post that they are unhappy, than those that are, thats the nature of the internet ‘ happy clapping’ and ‘ mineshafting ‘



    Some who post don’t or can’t qualify with facts and figures, but instead post cliches and one line statements, like ‘ they have no vision of what we need ‘, most definitely don’t understand about the level of investment that Celtic do make, and make every day but want to see plain old £20M in, therefore £20M out.



    When that becomes the only measure of investment / spend, things are bound to be misunderstood, I’m happy to leave that, and so to are many, many of my friends including those on CQN for Celtic in figuring out, because we employ them to do that as they are experts in their field.



    It’s the only way to go supporting Celtic.




  20. BSR-D17


    It depends on how investment is interpreted, personally I couldn’t give a flying duck if we never paid a transfer fee again, I would spend more on the academy and employ the best coaches we can, and I would invest in wages for players rather than transfer fees.


    In La Liga here the average wage is £25K a week, if you take into account those from Barca and Real where they command huge wages the average drops below £20K a week, that is well within our wage structure, we could do well by scouting here and France is even lower, yet we fart about elsewhere, some will tell you we are a very well run club, the best in the land even, what a crock of crap, we don’t have a clue when it comes to getting value for money, all the deadwood is your answer, we can’t get rid cos we pay them far too much for doing feck all.


    Just the way I see it.

  21. So my friends, Celtic the ninth best supported team in Europe.



    Let’s also see the TV payments so we can get a reflective view. Maybe even a reality check.



    Anyway Celtic. Magnifica COYBIG.

  22. CAMBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2019 9:32 PM



    Don’t understand why BR went to that meeting last night let alone sit in the same room as those bigoted bastards. BR too smug for my liking, the sort that is everyone’s friend. We’ve let the cheating bigoted bastards off yet again. Call them out like Lenny does, mind you he seemed to enjoy himself last night by his comments



    *is that the same Lenny that recently stuck up for beathun

  23. THE EXILED TIM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 9:44 PM





    Wouldn’t disagree with that. Without question we are not anywhere near our potential as a Club. Salzburg showed us up badly not just on the pitch but as an example of how to run a Club and what we could achieve. Essentially they took our model and placed it in the shredder.

  24. For the sake of repeating myself


    VAR in football, is to look at goals and goalmouth incidents



    No to referee a game and make calls on fouls or not or to judge if a referee made correct decision on assaults.


    Thats why have a FtSFA Compliance officer.


    To make judgement on potential missed or un- reported in their written notes, we then have to have three ex FtSFA refs make judgement on items like a goalie assaulting players, oooops no he didn’t, they thought it was ok


    VAR does not and will not help with these issues



    And I am a dan that is frustrated Brendan took part last night


    Brendan your attitude towards refereeing in Scotland, is supporting and allowing our team to be treated differently from all others


    Kieran Tierny wiped out at tynecastle playing in a cross, Willie Collum, no penalty


    Was the same rule applied with McGinn at recent game at pittodrie with same ref


    Did you ask for an explanation to that Brendan

  25. D17


    I would have thot that anyone who was on the ball would see that others with less income than we have are doing better and adjust our model to suit, seems like the policy is not for changing.


    All we can do is moan cos we sure can’t change it, same with the powers that B, they are taking the piss and we are letting them, we can change that right enough, but we don’t, we just give them more money to take the piss, you know, the sort of thing we laugh at the huns for.

  26. GREENPINATA on 18TH JANUARY 2019 9:57 PM



    The same Lennie that was the managers spokesperson.



    *was he the spokesperson for broth mooth slippy

  27. Norrie- These are assaults that the manager has to flag up after every game,we never put any pressure on referees when its a blatant red card,and an obvious danger to a player. When interviewed, put pressure on the TV monkey to replay the incident, it’s the only way IMO

  28. TONTINE TIM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 10:09 PM



    NFL was the managers spokesperson the other night. No slagging from me, just stating a fact.




  29. !!BADA BING!! on 18TH JANUARY 2019 10:12 PM


    Norrie- These are assaults that the manager has to flag up after every game,we never put any pressure on referees when its a blatant red card,and an obvious danger to a player. When interviewed, put pressure on the TV monkey to replay the incident, it’s the only way IMO




    I agree Bada,some (most) of the tackles on KT we should have given them hell.hh

  30. Bada/VogueP



    We are seeing the FtSFA referees response to Brendan’s softly softly, mr nice guy approach


    We are back in Tony Mowbray refereeing territory



    Time we were challenging


    Why has there been 3 occasions this season, now where retrospective action has been taken against players post a Celtic game


    What is this telling FtSFA ?



    Was the Shinnie penalty reviewed? In fairness Brendan did call that one out

  31. THE EXILED TIM on 18TH JANUARY 2019 10:06 PM



    As long as we keep winning in domestic football nothing will change. We’ve become happy to stay ahead of the Hun. Rather than looking at a strategy that would blow anyone else out of the water, we are instead only just in front. After all the Huns have dropped 21 points this season, a Celtic side on the ball should be 10 points clear without having broken sweat. The pendulum has swung in the wrong direction, we await until January 31 to see what happens but so far there are no indications of a change of strategy.

  32. VP-Norrie- hope you great Tims are well,when BR is getting interviewed post game,ans showing hoals,he should say can you show the tackle on KT etc,best time to call it out IMO. As long as we don’t, it will continue…HH