Governance and the money that has to be found


Money has always been an issue in Scottish football, there is never enough to satisfy demand for what seems to be needed.  Previously, the requirements have been formidable: safe stadiums, but more often they have been less pressing: better players.

The modern training facilities Celtic and many others enjoy would be marvelled by all clubs as recently as 20 years ago.  Then there are playing surfaces.  Look back at old videos and you will see just how poor pitches were and how far many clubs have come.

All-seater stadiums, pitches with artificial lighting, which allow water to drain and remain mostly green throughout the winter, training facilities with dressing rooms within a miles walk of the pitch have cost the game an unimaginable amount of money in a relatively short space of time.

If you were around when the Taylor Report, released in the wake of the Hillsborough Disaster, mandated almost all top-flight clubs to rebuild their stadiums, you will remember the game itself seemed in jeopardy, needing to spend money it never had.

A causal look at any Premiership club’s accounts will convince you that there is no money for Video Assistant Referees (VAR), but like the stadiums, the pitches and the training facilities, money has to be found.  Society is on a trajectory where greater levels of customer service and administrative governance are expected.  What we put up with in the past is no longer tolerable.  Soon, we will not tolerate freezing our bums off for two hours with a roof providing only partial shelter from the elements.

Premiership managers met with referees and the SFA yesterday and agreed that VAR was needed, no chief executives were harmed at the meeting.  This would be one step towards better the governance we all now expect.

Celtic Charity Football Talk, Xavier Centre, Carfin

Saturday 19 January, 8pm

I am joining Tom Boyd and George McCluskey after the game tomorrow night for a question and answer in Carfin.  We are raising money for Vision of a Blind Golfer, to assist George’s son, Barry.

Tickets are £7 each, call Mick on 07827 975271 to book.  See you there.

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    I knew that.


    But his like have not gone away.


    A name synonymous with all that is wrong with Scottish football.


    A loathsome creature who was rewarded with a huge pay off for cheating Celtic.



    I dontbthink he is sending any message.But fill your boots with some more jibes at the Board.

  3. Bada Bing –


    For clarification, that team is what you have heard rather than anything released officially – correct? Not saying it’s wrong, just curious of the source as not on any other outlets.

  4. I understand Eddie is still recovering from injury and Griff from illness. But putting Burke in as the striker instead of Mikey Johnstone seems odd.



    Though any Celtic 11 should be good enough to beat Airdrie, but it is a cup game…



    So my prediction is only a four goal victory today.

  5. I hope Celtic have a guarantee from Leicester that Benkovic is staying.2-0 down to Wolves at home.Not looking good for the manager.



    Playing young Johnston at ibrox was a terrible error of judgement by Brendan especially as sevco had talked about making it a physical game all week.


    Beaton had previous for being lenient on our opponents and aided their strategy.


    Baffling considering in the game before we played another winger Sinclair who was more experienced and stronger against Aberdeen and scored a hat trick.


    Burke seems a big strong and fast guy so hopefully adds something.

  7. Bada Bing



    Brendan sending P.L a message with that starting line up??



    Again, all the fans that go along today and pay good money, deserve better than psychological warfare between Rodgers and the board.


    The games need to stop.


    Play your best players. Play your best players in their best position.



    Collectively they need to cut out all the bullshit. Or as Packie Bonner stated, they will never be forgiven.

  8. Supersutton


    I think we saw at Ibrox,how Mikey plays as the main striker.The boy has loads of talent,but at the moment looks like Harry Potter.


    From the first movie.


    Needs built up,must be stronger.

  9. Ruggyman, whilst I agree that information about injuries would be welcome, it’s not something anyone “deserves”.



    If Celtic don’t release medical information due to confidentiality, or they deem it may give opponents an advantage, or for any other reason, then that is their business.

  10. Turkeybhoy, good point. Though I think Airdrie would be an ideal opponent to give home some game time with first team regulars.

  11. Tukeybhoy, p.s. there were a lot more players off colour that day, which certainly didn’t help Mikey’s cause.

  12. Supersutton



    We’ll agree to disagree on that one.



    Not sure how it is advantageous to opposition. If a player has a 5 week recovery, he has a 5 week recovery.


    No level of Hokus pokus mind game garbage changes that fact.



    Celtic management teams of old were more transparent with updates on injuries.


    I believe fans do deserve to know

  13. Just about to leave to see Arbroath v Celtic Select.


    I`ll give a report later if anyone is interested.


    Cheerio for now,





    I think we need to get the new guys up to speed with the cheating/physical environment that is Scottish football.


    Let them experience it in a game like today particularly Weah as Burke has at least has experience in championship which is physical.


    It will definitely not be a sport they are familiar with.

  15. My views on 6 month loan deals has been well documented on here.



    How can you make a quick impact if you don’t play ?. Subsequently ,imo it’s no surprise the Burke starts..


    Time will tell if it’s a flawed policy.




  16. Supersutton – at the end of the day all of us as fans just want transparency, as season ticket holders etc we contribute towards keeping the club alive. It pisses me off when we are taken for granted. Regarding the referee summit, I hope alegencies to certain followings, traditions was discussed. This is naked bigotry so let’s not kid ourselves. Would love BR to grow a set and say what we all know. Won’t hold my breath though

  17. All Picks in for Golden Goals 4 (Thank You ! )


    With the game last night between two of the minnows being called off, our contestants are spread over just 5 teams, and not surprisingly, 54 jokers played this week. Top picks are Aberdeen, with 32, followed by Celtic with 28, Hibs with 20 followed by Kilmarnock with 7 and St Mirren with one individual going against the crowds


    Good Luck to all contestants, and thanks for giving me a Saturday afternoon off :-)

  18. Not a sparkling line up by any means but we are playing again on Wednesday, and hopefully Bayo will have completed the paperwork.



    Tim Weah is only 18 and will be eased into the side, big chance for Burke against lesser opposition.



    New RB only days away Shirley .



    Pitch has taken a hammering and looks poor in sections.



    MON the bench CSC

  19. BSR


    Strange that our sooper dooper high tech pitch is in poor condition when there’s been no game played on it for weeks?

  20. Jobo- hope you’re well, i got the team i posted from 2 different sources, could be nonsense of course HH

  21. Fan a tic


    I didn’t know you knew, I was only answering your question, the whole structure of the SFA needs pulling down the amateur and juniour game split form the professional game, with the pro game run by independent capable people recruited through competitive interviews from external sources not from within Scottish football with a rule book that is applied without fear or favour.


    Refereeing should be franchised out as should their supervision promotion demotion and training

  22. succulentlambstinks on

    There will be no change at the SFA until you stop funding them. Don’t pay the ferryman.



    Leicesters centre half’s struggle with pace but are big physical lads


    Bdenkovic is also not the quickest and is not as physically strong.


    Leicester are playing to deep which stretches the field and is leaving acres of space for Wolves quick forwards to run at them.


    When we play higher up the field and compress the field Bdenkovic is excellent as he reads the game very well but when we are to deep like at ibrox his weaknesses show.


    He has the tools to be an outstanding defender but still a bit raw yet.

  24. No official announcement of the team but it’s getting pelters. Looks like taxi for OB before he’s kicked a ball.