Government allows drinkers into pubs as football fans wait


Yesterday we learned that the Scottish Government hoped to authorise socially distanced outdoor events from 23 July.  Reports today suggest the club “plan” to have 30,000 fans at games by August.

Before that happens, the virus must continue on its current trajectory, the social ‘distance’ must reduce from 2m and the Government needs to give the green light.

When we are back at football, it will feel more like an airport experience, with temperature checks, travel flow guidelines, sanitise stations, masks and the kind of distancing rules that will make the prohibition on horizontal movement look like a swearing ban.

I don’t think there is much sympathy from the politicians for football’s position – they have more important things to worry about, but what Celtic and the SRU in particular have assured, is that football can be as safe, if not safer, than most other outdoor activities, and safer than all social indoor ones.  When the Government allows drinkers into pubs and beer gardens, they will find it difficult to revert to their usual antagonistic approach to football fans.

Still nothing from Celtic on any of this, which is right.  Under-promise when you cannot control events.  And no one is campaigning for a return, wait until we are safe and be fair.

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  1. Nearly a birthday podium – always the bridesmaid



    Thanks for everyone’s good wishes

  2. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..

























  3. Surely fans will just flock to the pubs to watch the games.



    I’d rather be at the game than a rammed Queens Park Cafe

  4. I suspect the SNP will find it difficult to justify stadium closures if stadiums all over Europe are opening up again.



    It’ll be a while to get back to 60K at Celtic Park but I’m expecting partial crowds early in the season.

  5. Happy Birthday Gene……it’s the next few days that will hit you, you’ve turned 70 :O)

  6. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 25TH JUNE 2020 12:04 PM



    Love the idea of Big Bad John coming on to deliver the coup de grace!



    HH jg

  7. All COVID-19 decisions are based on what the stats are like in Scotland and not what’s happening in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Europe and USA. That’s the safest way to make decisions for us who live here, por cierto

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  9. I am torn as I want to see Celtic but I am scared that lockdown is lifted too early the virus will spread. I am somewhat alarmed by people who basically ignore precautions, who don’t socially distance and don’t wear masks. I am still staying home and only going out shopping. It is a bit of an ordeal with peoples lack of consideration for others.



    I won’t be going to pubs or restaurant and will be erring on the side of safety. I don’t want to catch this as I have seen the effects this had on a friend.



    I may take a chance of going to a game but will not be shaking hands and I will maintain social distancing and wear a mask.



    Hail Hail Come on the masked Brigade

  10. Pógmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 25th June 2020 11:58 am



    Wee film from Mary’s Meals with Gerard Butler:








    Well worth a repost and a read.



    Heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure.



    Fantastic worrk being done by MARY’S MEALS.



    God help and bless all those kids.




    I don’t know that much about you but I do see one hell of a fighter there, so hang in there, listen to the medics and hopefully soon you’ll be enjoying a couple of pints.


    Thinking of you and hope all goes well.




  12. Big Jimmy you are in our thoughts and prayers for a good recovery. Happy Birthday to Broonie and Gene. Also Happy non Birthday to Corkcelt. Nice to see you back GFTB.HH

  13. Garngad to Croy on




    The British are immune, they will rule the waves! (with marmalade and Jam)

  14. That picture of Bournemouth beach is terrifying.



    Lang may yer lum reek to the birthday bhoys.



    After much emailing back and forth to the Ticket Office, I managed to renew this morning by a phone call. Sounded like it was to a call centre in India.



    Very warm down here at the moment. Forecast is for thunderstorm later.

  15. Bournemouth Beach……………this will be interesting to see how this pans out.I don’t think it will go well.

  16. GENE on 25TH JUNE 2020 12:49 PM



    New rules in England for pubs – no music – no football on TV.







    Good to hear. Would defeat the whole purpose otherwise!

  17. I dont think we will see a rush to get fans back into stadiums in Scotland.After the shambles surrounding the Nursing Homes,I think that by listening to the FM,she will not be following what’s happening south of the border.Quite rightly so.The pictures from Bournemouth were horrific.I know from experience here,how uncomfortable it is to wear a face mask in these temperatures for any length of time,so the crowds you see pictured there will not be observing any rules whatsoever.Sadly,we live in a world inhabited by far too many morons.


    And Huns.

  18. they English folk would commit murder if they couldn’t get to the beach……they just love traffic jams as well……can imagine them women lying with there bikinis on a wi the faces covered wi a mask

  19. Get well soon ,Big Jimmy,back on your feet for the 10..





    I agree about our left backs.A wee bit of a myth has grown about KT.In my opinion,he was never a great defender.Going forward,immense.Playing in the 3-5-2,both can do a very good job for us.People forget,it was their 1st season.Takes a bit of getting used to.Funny thing is,most fans,including myself,love wee Frimpong.Again going forward,fantastic,but we have yet to see him really defend.Andy Robertson,hardly ever has to defend,very rarely even in his own half.

  20. Friesdorfor, PapaJ & Lefty



    Cheers bhoys






    Spot on, Kieran was tremendous going forward and also had the added advantage of living his dream, Greg & Bolingoli both need to judged over a few seasons and not their first, Greg Taylor has went from a team always defending to a team who defend now and again (in the SpL) so probably a big change for the Bhoy .., I think both have qualities just down to who grasps the challenge … I do think the criticism of both (like a lot of things) are just fans who want (expect) better … and … some who will never be happy anyway :-)

  21. Haven’t been on much for a while but just reading that Big Jimmys feeling better. Don’t know how you’ve been but pleased to read that. Hx2

  22. Left backs



    when i first saw KT, it was his defending that caught my eye. Actual slide tackles with power and conviction. Hadn’t seen that in a full back since Danny McGrain. He progressed into his storming runs and crosses.



    As the team tactics got more cautious and he had to hold the ball up/come inside, we saw some weaknesses in decision making. Pretty minor though; outstanding player



    For Scotland, KT looks a way better defender at full back than Robertson who has made constant errors.


    To be balanced, in a back 3, KT looked like he struggled with high balls and positioning



    I think KT has done well at LB for Arsenal but they are a crap team right now with really bad centre backs and a clown as Def Mid (2 sideshow bobs in one team)



    I think Scotland are blessed to have both players and i think KT at Left back and AR at Left Midfield is a great combination when playing better teams (i.e. most other teams!)



    Replacing KT was always going to be a psychological challenge for a player compared to RB where everyone recognised Lustig was close to the end of his top level career



    will be great to watch Boli and Greg fight for that place and who fits better in a back 4 or back 3



    good to be talking about these things, means we are anticipating real football again👍

  23. So Sevco fans will have to wear masks at games!


    Two things spring to mind.


    1. Will anyone notice the difference?


    2. At last!

  24. Sorry, but I don’t know why some think that I am ” feeling better” Today ? I am quite I’ll with little or no blood and I have an ambulance coming to get me tomorrow and take me to hospital etc. I should have been in hospital before now, and I’m allergic to other patients so I am dreading being re admitted. Thanks again to all for their kind words. HH

  25. KT was a very good, aggressive left back with speed, strength and courage. We’ve had enough eijits in that position to know when a good one turns up.



    Taylor is nowhere near good enough. Too slow and no ability to beat a man going forward.



    Boli is our best LB. Lost form and became a scapegoat. Hope he regains his mojo.

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