Government allows drinkers into pubs as football fans wait


Yesterday we learned that the Scottish Government hoped to authorise socially distanced outdoor events from 23 July.  Reports today suggest the club “plan” to have 30,000 fans at games by August.

Before that happens, the virus must continue on its current trajectory, the social ‘distance’ must reduce from 2m and the Government needs to give the green light.

When we are back at football, it will feel more like an airport experience, with temperature checks, travel flow guidelines, sanitise stations, masks and the kind of distancing rules that will make the prohibition on horizontal movement look like a swearing ban.

I don’t think there is much sympathy from the politicians for football’s position – they have more important things to worry about, but what Celtic and the SRU in particular have assured, is that football can be as safe, if not safer, than most other outdoor activities, and safer than all social indoor ones.  When the Government allows drinkers into pubs and beer gardens, they will find it difficult to revert to their usual antagonistic approach to football fans.

Still nothing from Celtic on any of this, which is right.  Under-promise when you cannot control events.  And no one is campaigning for a return, wait until we are safe and be fair.

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  1. Philbhoy on 26th June 2020 3:20 pm



    Just got an email from HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE’S daughter.



    Stevie was in a hospice however, he is now home to spend his last few days with his family.



    I’m sure you will spare a thought for Stevie and his family at this terrible time.



    He is such a gentleman and will be sorely missed on here.



    YNWA Stevie.






    Thanks for the update Philbhoy must have been hard to post that.



    Sickening news for Stevie and his family Gog bless them all.




  2. Terrible news about Hunderbirdshavegone thought with the family at a difficult time

  3. Very sorry to hear that news re Hunderbirdsaregone.


    His blog name alone made me think of him as a good humoured, gentle soul.


    Some posts suggest that was an accurate impression.

  4. Hunderbirdsaregone


    Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family,


    hopefully offering you all some comfort and support you all at this time



    Keep the Faith, and know You Will Never Walk Alone

  5. Very sad news about Stevie, The Roll of Honour of our departed brothers & sisters grows longer as the weeks pass by.


    I can only hope that there is a better place after this life is done,

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Can someone explain why there will be a ‘fixture pile up’?



    Is the league kicking off earlier than normal?



    Is it to accomodate the SFA’s ‘national team’?



    I always shook my head when Celtic players and management would wax lyrical about how the winter break ‘was great for us’.



    That being the case it was always a matter of time before it was scrapped.

  7. The Blogger 5.30pm



    I think the fixture pile up will be late start to European campaigns and also Euro 2021 starting early June … with our own Scottish Cup 19/20 to be concluded … and Euro playoffs to fit in as well




    Sorry if my earlier post seemed abrupt, but I was pretty upset.



    I noticed Stevie hadn’t been posting for a while and got his contact details from BMCUWP.


    It was covid19 I was worried about.



    I emailed Stevie and he came back straight away.



    He was diagnosed with cancer at the end of April this year. He was told then that it was advanced and aggressive and following a short course of radio therapy he was to have a consultation with the hospital about the second week in June to discuss the way forward.



    He asked me to put up a brief post on CQN which I did.



    I emailed him just before his consultation saying we were all with him and wishing him the best, but got no reply. I emailed him at the beginning of last week, but got no reply. How far do you push?



    Then out of the blue I recieved the email from his daughter.



    Tragically his illness progressed quickly and he spent a short time in a hospice.



    However, your posts and good wishes to Stevie were very supportive and were appreciated by his family too, even if, his daughter said, they made him a wee bit emotional!



    I met Stevie at a couple of Hoots and he was a gentleman, a lovely ghuy, who loved his family and all things Celtic.



    I will keep the Blog updated with any news I get and will keep Stevie and his family in my prayers.



    God bless you Stevie, you will never, ever, walk alone.

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Terrible, sickening news Stevie


    May God grant you comfort and peace to spend some quality time with your family




    May I add my prayers and best to Stevie and his family . YNWA.




    Stevie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family. God Bless you.

  12. Tobago Street on

    “We are such stuff


    As dreams are made on…”



    His revels ending, HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE will be sadly missed


    and I cannot be cheerful.




  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Apologies if my post seemed insensitive, it was done to log in and I wasn’t up to speed with the thread.



    You are in my thoughts Hunderbirds.

  14. Philbhoy 5.46pm



    Even though it’s terrible news thanks for letting us know



    Cqn is a very special place … football is just football



    Hail Hail

  15. Hunderbirdsaregone


    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family at this very sad time. God Bless.



  16. glendalystonsils on

    I never knew HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE other than through his posts on here but am greatly saddened to hear of what he and his family are experiencing . Thoughts are with all of them.

  17. Hunderbirdsaregone



    Thoughts and prayers with you Stevie as well as your family and friends.




  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    A sad time for the blog, waving farewell to a familiar poster.



    I don’t interact often but I remember Hunderbirds as a poster who preferred to use half a line instead of a full one and told himself, why leave one space when I can leave two?



    Both good qualities.



    Peace be with his family and friends.

  19. A very sad day for Glasgow and the CQN Gang. Thoughts and continuing prayers with Hunderbirdsaregone.

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