Government allows drinkers into pubs as football fans wait


Yesterday we learned that the Scottish Government hoped to authorise socially distanced outdoor events from 23 July.  Reports today suggest the club “plan” to have 30,000 fans at games by August.

Before that happens, the virus must continue on its current trajectory, the social ‘distance’ must reduce from 2m and the Government needs to give the green light.

When we are back at football, it will feel more like an airport experience, with temperature checks, travel flow guidelines, sanitise stations, masks and the kind of distancing rules that will make the prohibition on horizontal movement look like a swearing ban.

I don’t think there is much sympathy from the politicians for football’s position – they have more important things to worry about, but what Celtic and the SRU in particular have assured, is that football can be as safe, if not safer, than most other outdoor activities, and safer than all social indoor ones.  When the Government allows drinkers into pubs and beer gardens, they will find it difficult to revert to their usual antagonistic approach to football fans.

Still nothing from Celtic on any of this, which is right.  Under-promise when you cannot control events.  And no one is campaigning for a return, wait until we are safe and be fair.

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  1. and now I want to ask for a bit of recognition for a great celt, a great cqn-er and a good friend



    The bhoy that is






    retires from our work place in a few days. In the bizarre world we are in , there was no presentation, and gifts, no stories , no pub, no dinner, but we did have a Zoom call, with him and his family from 3pm today.


    It was like a last shift.



    It actually turned out good, virtual drinks, good cheer, great laughs, old friends and colleagues, it was really really funny, and heart warming, the roasting and slaggings included. 3 hours later, we were mostly seven sheets to the wind, but in a brilliant way



    So, I met many of you on here through the big fella’s introduction. If he is in your phone book give him a text and wish him well for the next chapter.



    Big Joe, enjoy your retirement.



    Il Presidente – Glass raised (again).



    Glass raised

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    Hunderbirdsaregone terrible news.God bless you.


    Puts silly things like squabbling over football in perspective

  3. GREENLION2 ( I much preferred GREENLION 1)



    All the best mhate ,hope you have a very long healthy happy retirement. hh







    The first week was strange ………….but after that……….brilliant!




    So sorry to hear if your illness. I hope you get to spend some quality last days with your family.



    God Bless.




    Enjoy your retirement, it’s no’ so bad! Took early retirement a couple of years ago, cannae whack it.

  7. Being reported that Southampton want a preseason to assess Forster before deciding in his future. This will rule him out of the start to our SPFL season and euro qualifying. I’m assuming the same applies to Elyounoussi.



    The chances of getting one or both back to Celtic Parl for next season looks remote now. It’s a big blow to us.



    As for Joe Hart – no way Pedro !

  8. Boruc and Hart are both gone…



    Pity about Fraser but having watched McCarthy the other night I’m not surprised. He had a shocker.



    Not sure he will want to look at Moi as much so be good to get him signed up.



    Lennybhoy – Don’t get the Hickey signing. Certainly not a solution to our LB problem next season. I’m hoping we see Boli kick on. Taylor always a strange one for me.



    Need a keeper early doors it seems. mmmmmmm

  9. I have e-mailed JP Taylor ( Liaison Officer ) at Celtic Park to see if he can identify that guy with Big Jock in the photo` posted by St Stivs earlier.


    If he ( JPT ) can, I will let the Blog know .

  10. First choice… Fraz back if possible, outstanding keeper .. don’t care if he canny kick the ball he saves plenty



    If not the big mhan then Joe Hart ? Wages permitting could be an excellent addition ..



    Artur Boruc for the 10 …. :-) :-) :-)

  11. Best wishes to Hunderbirds at this time.



    Greenlion2: enjoy your retirement.



    Big Jimmy: Best wishes and hope you make a speedy recovery.



    Gene: belated birthday wishes.

  12. Almore


    Thanks – had a great day yesterday and into today with the visits of children and grandchildren.


    When you hear the news about hunderbirds you appreciate how lucky you are.

  13. Hunderbirdsaregone


    saddened to hear your news,a wee prayer said for you and your family.God bless



  14. Fred C 9.35pm



    Brilliant … a wee tear listening to that



    Hope you are back on that iron horse soon

  15. Terrible news about hunderbirdsare gone. I also misread posts about Big Jimmy a couple of days ago, thought it was good news and I’m hoping it still is, thoughts with both of you right now. Wee bit out of touch as I’ve not been on much for a while.



  16. Fred C 9.47pm



    Am also looking forward to your post, that and Jobo’s “doors to automatic” are two of my favourite posts :-) It means game time for the Hoops

  17. A wee good news story


    2 season tickets renewed online 👍


    Jenna will obviously miss a few games! But was clear


    Keep those 2 seats, for her 2 Bhoys


    Conor Francis – 1 day old & Jude Ryan – 2 1/2 (got a row for spelling Conor with 2 n’s)


    Bloody Norah, this is going to cost me a fortune 😂



    Not to worry, here we go



  18. Greenlion



    Best wishes on your retirement.Youv done your bit now relax.all the best




  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Glad to see the ghirls are keeping you on your toes with all those grandkids


    Great news mate