Government allows drinkers into pubs as football fans wait


Yesterday we learned that the Scottish Government hoped to authorise socially distanced outdoor events from 23 July.  Reports today suggest the club “plan” to have 30,000 fans at games by August.

Before that happens, the virus must continue on its current trajectory, the social ‘distance’ must reduce from 2m and the Government needs to give the green light.

When we are back at football, it will feel more like an airport experience, with temperature checks, travel flow guidelines, sanitise stations, masks and the kind of distancing rules that will make the prohibition on horizontal movement look like a swearing ban.

I don’t think there is much sympathy from the politicians for football’s position – they have more important things to worry about, but what Celtic and the SRU in particular have assured, is that football can be as safe, if not safer, than most other outdoor activities, and safer than all social indoor ones.  When the Government allows drinkers into pubs and beer gardens, they will find it difficult to revert to their usual antagonistic approach to football fans.

Still nothing from Celtic on any of this, which is right.  Under-promise when you cannot control events.  And no one is campaigning for a return, wait until we are safe and be fair.

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  1. Fred C 10.01pm



    Like everything else in life the now we will appreciate it even more … Celtic is our wee escapism from real life, my wee 11yr old loves Leigh Griffiths on “tic-tok” … lockdown has probably got her more into Celtic than her Auld man could … so there are some positives out there :-)

  2. All the best Greenlion, enjoy


    Just think, you can spend more time on the Celtic 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  3. Leftclicktic



    “thanks for being here” is my 3rd favourite post after Fred C on the iron horse and Jobo doors to automatic :-)

  4. Fellas, fellas, fellas…



    Artur Boruc is 40 years old and hasn’t caught in a ball in anger for 3 years…..



    Loved him but can we put his memory to rest.

  5. I reckon Celtic are gonna beast this season.


    Can’t see Stevie G tactic of 100% effort for 60mins being a success. Shocking defense still.



    Records will be broken.



    Run in Europe a bonus.



    You heard it hers first 😁

  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just wakened and shocking news to read about HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE.


    Thoughts and prayers for a great CQN’r and his family.


    H.H. Mick.

  7. Tragic news to read after being absent for ages.


    My thoughts and prayers are with HAG and his family.


    God give them the strength to cope.

  8. Green Lion 2


    Congratulations on your retirement. The first 3 years are the worst,…! Enjoy 🍾🍾🥂



  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Best of luck to BIG JIMMY today, hope you get sorted at


    the hospital JIM and get back to your best.


    H.H. Mick

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’m missing you all, cannae get through on telephone 😂😂

  11. Melbourne Mick on



    Congrats on your retirement, you could always come down


    here to the sun and help me with my young Aussie teams, lol.


    H.H. Mick

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    GL2 is too busy running Greenock Shamrock club to retire

  13. BT 11.46pm



    Our mutual friend SH is missing me as well … would love a pint in the Parkville or the Commercial… I refuse to call it the new name it’s always the Commercial for me … one crazy Sunday night after we beat the Huns Stevie was up the road so I ended up out with your good friend Paul (who I always met at Pittodrie) and one of the other cousins … loved drinking in the Tyre :-)

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    The Commie has a massive beer garden set up for next weeks opening



    Oldtim desperate to hold another hootenanny and buy the drinks all day and night

  15. BT 11.58pm



    I drank in the Commercial when the Rebs were on the jukebox .. for some reason the Auld bhoys, Stevies da, wee Terry the Jolly’s all welcomed me into the company … people think Still Game is funny … the Commercial was a hundred times funnier … terrific days



    One Sunday night I was asked to leave as I had one or two many shandies … walked out one door then into the bar … the same bar man said “wee man do you think your invisible” … I think I said “hopefully” he just laughed and pointed to the door :-)

  16. Was it Kenneth Wolstenhome who said while commentating on Lisbon……………


    ……”without a doubt The European Cup is on its way to Glasgow.”?



    jus wondering




  17. Fellow Celts good night & god bless



    We are living in a different world for now



    Appreciate everything we have



    Hail Hail




    I googled Kenneth Wolstenholme 1966 and got a picture of him holding a football with 1966 , in my opinion looks nothing like him. Maybe BT could ask his dad, as he is the right generation his face is familiar.HH

  19. Taurangabhoy on

    Hunderbirdsaregone Stay strong mate. Thoughts are with you in this difficult time, and with your friends and family. Remember the good times.




    I think that is the doorman! He used to stand outside the main door on matchdays.



    I met him a couple of times.

  21. HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE. Thoughts and prayers for you and the family.



    BIG JIMMY: Take care pal,let the doctors and of course the nurses take care of you




  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I’m meeting my dad this morning , can someone link the picture and I’ll ask if he knows who is in it with big Jock ?

  23. The man in the photo with Jock Stein is the late Hugh Birt. Hugh from Possilpark (County Monaghan background) was a friend of Jock’s (also of big Billy). He was team photographer.

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    My dad spoke about him a wee while ago, he was well liked amongst the players

  25. Good morning, friends from a mild and dry for the moment east Kilbride. 3 more sleeps till the ole Season Book gets renewed ;-)

  26. Good Morning all



    Big Jimmy, hope you got sorted at the hospital yesterday. Thinking of you, take care.