Government’s decade of harassing and criminalising football fans


I get that we all need to do our bit to suppress Covid, but we know so much more about the disease now than we did earlier in the year.  We know its transmission rates in well-monitored socially distanced outdoor spaces is significantly less than unmonitored indoor spaces.  Maybe by as much as 1000 times safer.

If the country needs to go back into lockdown, fair enough, but if indoor venues are preferred over football stadiums it has nothing whatsoever to do with the virus or science.  It is politicians who are blind to evidence picking on the same people they have victimised for years.  This Government has harassed and attempted to criminalise football fans since they got their mits of power over a decade ago, it would be a disgrace if they went against the science to stick the boot in one more time.

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  1. Celtic played Ipswich in the Allan Hunter testimonial Nov 1981.


    Absolutely Awesome experience



    Went to the ground early afternoon and met Alan Brazil & John Wark



    Floodlights failed at halftime, with the entertainment during halftime continuing until they came back on


    An Irish Republican Flute Band 🤣🤣🤣



    Another memory from that game


    Doc from this parish, his Auld man run the Bannockburn bus, anyway, he appears at halftime and issues us all with the republican berets 🤣🤣🤣



    One other point, The Celtic fans took over the town square that day, flying the tri-colour from the town hall. As the fans started to leave for the game, the police asked those remaining to tidy up the square – not a bottle or can was left, square given thorough tidy up


    Fantastic memories being a young Bhoy



  2. NorrieM on 22nd September 2020 8:48 pm



    Hi Norrie I was at that game too. I think it was The James Connolly Flute Band. Half time lasted about an hour what I thought was funny was that when the band headed up to the home end and faded out the noise level in our end subsided until they got back to the halfway line and we could here them again and our support went mental.







    I worked for a company whose head office was in Ipswich, so spent some time there.



    They had corporate at Portman Road so enjoyed a few nights there too.



    Liked the town a lot even though a lot of English lived there!

  4. F.A. Cup qualifying first round…



    South Park v Bognor Regis town and



    Wonder if Cartman gets a game ,and who’s gonna kill Kenny ?😜

  5. Try again





    F.A. Cup qualifying first round…




    South Park v Bognor Regis town



    Wonder if Cartman gets a game ,and who’s gonna kill Kenny ?😜

  6. I see Griffiths is in the squad for Riga.



    Is that so the management can keep an eye on him?



    Asking for a friend.

  7. Gene – I dont know but he was on the telly, the sleekit cheat.



    BGFC – “Bools” that the word i was looking for, my dear departed mother used that term, Big Margaret never minded her words.💚😂💚



    Awe Naw I’ve started a marble bool debate.



    So looking forward to seeing the hoops on Thursday



    D :)

  8. Norrie M



    We used to stop at a Pub called O’Briens, formerly the Gaiety, in Charleston near Lochee. The owner was a big Tim called Danny Reilly. They used to put on Rebel bands in the function suite, there were always 4 or 5 packed buses and plenty other travellers.

  9. Just watched the whole Slavia Prague – FC Midtjylland game, finished 0-0, with a certain less than mobile Erik Sviatchenko marshaling a well organized defence.



    The Danish team was founded in 1999, and promoted to the Superliga in 2000. The owner of Brentford became the major shareholder in 2014, and in 2014/15 they won the Danish football championship for the first time.



    Now this is what rips ma knittin’. Their stadium capacity is 12,000, not 60,000. In 2019/20, they won the Superliga, 14 points ahead of Copenhagen, who drummed us out of the Europa League.


    When Midtjlland entered the Europa, they were gubbed twice by Sevco, for an aggregate of 7-3, yet here they are, on the verge of reaching the CL Group Stage, while we grub around unseeded in Latvia, in a lesser competition. They have a co-efficient of 14.5, while ours is 34. Even worse, one of Ferencvaros or Molde is certain to reach the CL Group Stage. This magnifies our utter failure to plan or prepare for the CL, where we would have been a Level 3 team, with a lesser chance of drawing a Group of Death. We would have endured a few tankings, but earned £30M, which is going to be sorely needed this season.



    This abject failure is going to burn in the memory for a long time ( and I can remember screaming “No” at John Clark just before he threw the ball to Cesar, with Milan’s Prati lurking, and just waiting for his chance!)

  10. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Didn’t Sammy Nelson do the same at Arsenal?


    There was certainly a time in the 70s and 80s when we were everybody’s choice for testimonial games.

  11. Ken Mcinroy,who signed for Dunfermline on loan for a year came on at half time in a friendly tonight,


    Scored two 2nd half goals, first one after 6 minutes.

  12. FRITZSONG on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 8:37 PM


    The more faux-Gaelic the moniker is on here, the more slavish is the addiction to SNP cant.




    They’re trained up at some butt and ben to attack any departure from Wolff/Salmond/McCaskill orthodoxy



    hahahahaha.i love you Fritzsong. just wrong and wrong again.


    such obtuse snidery from a good labour(new/old) man like yourself personifies your political eunachry.As the good and honest labour men on here know i have never voted for snp,never 2014 i did vote for independence.


    of course i could be wrong and such shitebaggery in posting was not aimed at me.if that is the case just laugh.

  13. SFTB


    You are of course correct. But even if I lived another 50 years, ( I’ll be lucky to make 5), I’ll still remember these two disastrous Ferencvaros goals.😊










    think i need a session to get the impact of that goal out this 6 and half year olds head.its deep.i seem to recall someone posting the italian manager saying that they feared no one after its just the goal goes month without a memtion then suddenly am back greetin lol



  15. Understand Hun-ter was a Hun, as was Wark, who gave us his time to talk to the fans who travelled


    But it worth the visit to see the halftime entertainment




    And Arnold Muhren & Frank Thijssen


    Well worth seeing them play

  16. squad for thursday



    Vasilis Barkas, Scott Bain, Conor Hazard, Christopher Jullien, Shane Duffy, Greg Taylor, Jermie Frimpong, Hatem Abd Elhamed, Nir Bitton, Scott Brown, Ismaila Soro, Kristoffer Ajer, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Luca Connell, James Forrest, Callum McGregor, Leigh Griffiths, Albian Ajeti, Patryk Klimala, David Turnbull, Ryan Christie, Odsonne Edouard and Mohamed Elyounoussi.




  17. SFTB – I was right behind the goal when Prati scored – burned deep in my retinal memory.



    Other abiding memory of that night is someone coming into the bus and offering £40 for a ticket – That was almost a months wages fir a lot of folk – no takers!

  18. Watched Liverpool’s Andy Robertson closely on the weekend telly game. His main strength was tidy ball re-circulation (oo err missus) and tracking back on counter attacks: No foraging runs, no mazy dribbling; coupla teasing crosses. In fact he ran a ‘game plan’ similar to what GT is ASKED TO DO playing with us. The pantheon of world class Celtic left backs is a myth. Gemmell, Tierney.. mibby? The poster who pointed out GT is transitioning from LB to WB was pretty much on the cash.


    Cmon, even the raw, rampaging KT was deified to a point where his defensive flaws (heading, positioning IMO) were glossed over cos he was a fan whose dream came true; who we all dreamed we could mibby be.


    As for a players ability to ‘come good/mature’ within a new system/level, Jamie Vardy’s first top level contract was at age 25 – Madrid’s Felipe had a chequered career before getting his first Pro contract at 22! KTF ghuys.

  19. Morning QUAD



    I’m still waiting to mature/come good, at my age lol.


    Just waiting on our premier now to give us a hint if he’s easing




    Figures are looking good now for an easing, so hopefully we’ll


    manage our yearly Christmas CSC BBQ. this year.


    Hope to see you there, need a decent player for my 5 a side team.




    H.H. Mick

  20. MICK – I’m maturing too; like an auld cheese.


    Despite Dan’s Departmental apparatchiks letting us ALL down, our outlook is sunniest of all developed nations.


    Ms Quad and I sure hope to head down again: Pls send compass and map as I’ve gone lockdown doo-lally HH

  21. Ha..ha just follow those pristine beaches, hoops tops, and


    dark sultry latin Sheilas, right down the coastline 8-)))))))


    H.H. Mick

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