Government’s decade of harassing and criminalising football fans


I get that we all need to do our bit to suppress Covid, but we know so much more about the disease now than we did earlier in the year.  We know its transmission rates in well-monitored socially distanced outdoor spaces is significantly less than unmonitored indoor spaces.  Maybe by as much as 1000 times safer.

If the country needs to go back into lockdown, fair enough, but if indoor venues are preferred over football stadiums it has nothing whatsoever to do with the virus or science.  It is politicians who are blind to evidence picking on the same people they have victimised for years.  This Government has harassed and attempted to criminalise football fans since they got their mits of power over a decade ago, it would be a disgrace if they went against the science to stick the boot in one more time.

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  1. Good morning cqn from a dark and quite chilly Garngad.



    AN TEARMANN on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 11:28 PM


    squad for thursday







    Vasilis Barkas, Scott Bain, Conor Hazard, Christopher Jullien, Shane Duffy, Greg Taylor, Jermie Frimpong, Hatem Abd Elhamed, Nir Bitton, Scott Brown, Ismaila Soro, Kristoffer Ajer, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Luca Connell, James Forrest, Callum McGregor, Leigh Griffiths, Albian Ajeti, Patryk Klimala, David Turnbull, Ryan Christie, Odsonne Edouard and Mohamed Elyounoussi.





    AT and blog that is a squad that should really stroll this league. The trick is to keep them all.



    I still want Paddy Robert’s in and a left back.



    Stroll on Thursday






    D :)

  2. Good morning Mick, hope you are well sir.



    Which it was a big game day, wish it was manana.



    D :)

  3. Having said above I would like another couple of players in being realistic and thinking of the current climate and what lies ahead I would not be surprised and happy with the business we have done so far. As long as Eddie stays.


    Ajer as much as I like him could go if cash is right and to balance books.


    Possibly Ntcham as well in my books if cash is right say 15 -17million each.






    D :)

  4. Looks like after the comedy club goons (Sturgy and Boris the buffoon) latest restrictions I might get away at the weekend to Haggerston after all…here is hoping.



    Utter incompetent FOOLS.



    D :)

  5. You just burst my bubble David, thought the game was tonight.


    Had it all planned, a few wee afternoon drinks, a couple hours kip


    and a midnight rise for the game.


    Not easy being a Scuddish fitty fan here, just need to replan for




    H.H. Mick

  6. CONEYBHOY on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 3:18 PM


    Big Jimmy and Melbourne Mick in the pub😁










    Excellent CONEYBHOY…I used to watch those two as a young Bhoy.


    Did you ever get to hear them as the characters “Derek and Clive”….VERY Rude….but funny as feck ?






    Cheers mate….Im glad that I can still entertain Kylie Minogue during this Pandemic in my home….now IF only I can ALSO invite her sister Danni at the same time….


    Im a greedy so and so.




    HH Bhoys.



    Kylie and Danni Minogue are Two very fine “Sheilas”….Double WOW !



    In my previous dental surgery, there was a young Female who worked there and she looked VERY like Danni Minogue….and I remarked that to her when i first saw her…she said that manu folk would make the same observation….She was a Gorgeous Sheila from Glasgow.


    HH Mate.

  8. Big Jimmy – I used to have an LP of Derek and Clive, Adnosium I think was the name of it.



    Funny as feck but very very dirty.






    D :)

  9. Melbourne Mick at 1.24 AM



    You should get a job for the Australian Tourist Board.



    You’ve just painted a picture in my head that has me divorcing the wife, splitting the assets and investing in a oneway ticket to Oz. Celts in Paradise right enough 😎







    MINOGUE, a fine Irish Gaelic name as is Kylie.


    Danni? short for ,or girlie version of Daniel? don’t


    know ,but she has that dark sultry look a lot of the


    Oz Sheilas have.


    Need to get back to the beach soon, burd watchin.8-))


    H.H. Mick

  11. SID 1888



    Only problem Sid, all the ghuys look like feckin Brad Pit on surf boards


    compared to the wee baldy heided beer bellied Glesgy ghuys.


    H.H. Mick

  12. DAVID66 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 6:16 AM


    Looks like after the comedy club goons (Sturgy and Boris the buffoon) latest restrictions


    Utter incompetent FOOLS.



    So whos your pick?

  13. David66


    You have to remember that `Sturgy and Boris ` are just the mouthpieces. The Scottish one certainly presents her case well and APPEARS sincere.


    Off to the golf.


    Cheerio for now.

  14. I disagree Paul67. If Scotland was free and not north Brit the government would be able to go harder and quicker than the thieving con men muppets running the uk. Labour is no different until they embrace independence. I see the SNP response as good as they can within constraints of being part of Westminster.



    To beat the virus, if you really want too, you need to stop the vector and then close the avenues for new infections. The UK did neither and it is no surprise that you live in Groundhog Day.



    This leaves the herd immunity conundrum. We all have to get it one way or another, no matter where we live. The economic well-being is linked directly to the health well being. If we can’t vaccine this, we may need to learn to live with it. It will go away one way or another , eventually. Football will take a back seat. I hope that Scotland goes full lockdown, restarts and manages this crisis.



    Hail Hail

  15. One positive development from wee Nicola’ s post Boris broadcast yesterday is this;


    If you want to become a a hermit, you don’t have to go and live in a cave as in the past, no,


    you can live in your own hoose!

  16. Restrictions are nothing to do with a virus . They need to give the economy an extra kicking. Then the people will welcome in the Great Reset. A wonderful new world. Except it wont be. It will be a world designed by the elites for the elites.

  17. BAMBOO



    Did you see Trump’s address to the UN yesterday?



    There will be no world left and it won’t have anything to do with covid19.

  18. AURANGABHOY on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 8:04 AM


    ‘I disagree Paul67. If Scotland was free and not north Brit the government would be able to go harder and quicker than the thieving con men muppets running the uk.’







    A bit akward if you live in Dumfries and work in Carlisle.



    The Scottish government has a lot of powers at its disposal. They’ve chosen to go down much the same road as Westminster.



    Which is probably what an independent Scotland would end up doing through necesitty and expediency. I appreciate this might be of more interest to those of us who actually live here and might be directly affected by events.

  19. BAMBOO on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2020 9:00 AM


    ‘Restrictions are nothing to do with a virus . They need to give the economy an extra kicking. Then the people will welcome in the Great Reset. A wonderful new world. Except it wont be. It will be a world designed by the elites for the elites.’






    Who is ‘they’?



    The Jews? The Masons? The Jesuits? The Shape Shifting Lizards? the Stone Cutters?



    And why isn’t Donald Trump introducing more restrictions? Is he one of them or one of us?

  20. Taurangabhoy


    Almost agree fully with your post, apart from the praise you give the SNP. It is just a pity that they are the figurehead party for Independence.


    I suppose we can use them as a means to an end, but I cannot see them as a party to offer a Republic of Scotland, which is my ultimate political desire, for my children and grandchildren.

  21. ERNIE



    I said “the elites” – the 1%. The NWO. You will have to research.


    Way back 10 years ago the Rockerfeller Foundation spoke of the very scenario thats playing out today.


    A pandemic that will be used to change the world system.


    Did you check out The Great Reset on the World Economic Forum web-site yet?

  22. ERNIE



    Trump is the enigma. It appears he’s not onside with the plandemic.


    Deep-state want him out. But he is an unlikely saviour.

  23. My sense of the Celtic family being a very broad church is being challenged by the day.



    Far removed from the sorts of conversations we use to have on the Larne : Cairnryan boat early on a saturday morning, skulling pints and playing poker.



    Funny old world csc.

  24. AN TEARMANN on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 6:35 PM



    I don’t think Paul is out of line to point out the SNP government’s previous antipathy towards football fans. .



    i think Paul is shallow in his blog today.ably summed up in your paragraph



    shallow as f… i lump what is going on with Covid and somehow bolt on snps behaviour towards fan is a total nonsense.



    You may not be saying that in oct if the figures pan out. Try be a little less death by this virus is one and life is above Celtic.






    I wouldn’t say its shallow. At the end of the day, if a government has previous for targeting a group with unjust legislation I don’t see how you can look past that when it comes to dealing with that group again.



    Compare her words regarding the footballers who broke the rules to how she described the behavior of her own chief medical officer who broke the rules.



    Very different. Always trying to grab headlines at the expense of football.



    To dismiss this governments previous persecution of football fans as irrelevant when dealing with football fans now is pretty shallow.



    As for my selfishness costing peoples lives.. wheres your outrage at people having to return to work as teachers, taxi drivers etc. in less safe environments than a 90% empty football stadium?



    Pubs open. Restaurants open. Cinemas open. Clothes shops open.



    A government that allows this to happen isn’t one that puts safety first all the time.

  25. Delaneys Dunkies the SNP are the only vehicle for an independent Scotland after that people will be free to vote for whoever they want. I have no idea what other policies they have but like I say they are the only party that actively works for independence. Ernie you are are a funny man. Your posts make me laugh.

  26. Spectators should be allowed to attend events of the wish. But they should not complain if they get Covid

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