Graft and guile need to make a comeback


They shipped three to Dundee and five to Kilmarnock recently but Partick Thistle held it together enough to beat Motherwell last week. They are a team fighting for their livelihoods and bear a grudge over a penalty kick decision when we met earlier this season.

Thistle play the role of whipping boys in many eyes tonight but no game is won before kick-off. Celtic need a response after Sunday’s defeat, which will only come through graft and guile. Patience may be required tonight.

Just as importantly, Brendan Rodgers needs to look at selection. He has three games in the next six days, the middle of which is against nearest challengers, Aberdeen. Freshness is needed for each occasion.

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  1. In that SFTB does not rush into anything without reasonable forethought, his podium is interesting.




  2. SFTB


    Hadn`t realised there had been some criticism of your Uxbridge stuff. I certainly enjoy them so would appreciate the links. Thanks.


    Cheerio for now,







    What killjoy had a pop at the Uxbridge Dictionary?






    PS-my dictionary reference was to your later post wi all the big words,honest!)

  4. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox



    As a man who appreciates puns, plays on words and double entendres I demand that you reinstate the Uxbridge posts.

  5. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on




    Bring back the Uxbridge dictionary!!



    Many a chortle from this and we are only half way thru too!



    More, more, more, more, more….

  6. 3-4-2-1 formation (same as Aberdeen away)



    De Vries


    Ajer Bitton Boyata


    Forrest Kouassi Brown Hayes


    Ntcham Sinclair





    Subs Gordon Lustig Armstrong McGregor Griffiths Edouard Johnstone

  7. Jobo Balde.


    Didn’t think anyone would notice my friend, anyway , its pump the Jags day.


    Hail! Hail!

  8. The Zombies on FF are not happy that we are about to clinch the £300k signing of Lewis Morgan. Everyone’s getting it, the board, the DoF, the non-existent manager etc. How could a ‘staunch’ bear be allowed to sign for ‘them’ when he’d cost very little??

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Just back fae school run, was speaking to a good friend who follows Celtic everywhere his wee Bhoy is in my daughters class, he cannot wait for tonight, never see him so exicited for a game, his wee bhoy is tonight’s mascot, hope the wee mhan has a great night am sure Brendan & the Bhoys will give him a wee victory to remember :-)

  10. Hearing that the Glasgow weather is a bit more conducive to watching footie.



    Subsequently I hope we get a healthy crowd as we press the reset button.



    COYBIG. A new journey awaits.





    Big night for the wee fella. He’ll remember it for a long,long time.

  12. SFTB –


    Your daily Uxbridge posts have usually been the highlight of my normal lunchtime scroll back. So please do reinstate them. I think I had worked out that you’d reach the letter Z by 31 December and was going to suggest that you then put all 26 in a sort of cut out and keep type of post. So I do hope you reconsider. Indeed, I retain more of the Uxbridge words than those posted by clever cloggs VFR;-)

  13. SFTB



    The Uxbridge words are the only thing worth reading that you post.



    The rest is far too well thought out (BS) and not in keeping with the rest of us.



    So keep posting your Uxbridge words and forget the rest of the snash you post.




  14. Morning all



    Wondering how I managed to arrange an annual get together with an old Jambo mate for this week. May have to call on Albert Kidd!



    Obviously interested to see how tonight goes. The team was looking jaded since resuming after the last international break though tgere have been good spells in some of the games. I reckon the ‘reset’ will really come post-break so tonight and the three games to follow could be tricky.



    Mon the Hoops








    Well,since you put it like that,how can SFTB refuse?!!!

  16. ” What are you stupid ? .What did I tell you . Don”t Buy anything ! ” .-Name that film.



    I bought this in December 63 — love it to death





    My other love in December 63 –


    Celtic 3 -Dinamo Zagreb 0 . Humped them . Should have been more

  17. Brendan really building up a host of young talent,with the signing of the boy Morgan.Supposedly looking to sign the Dundee CH as well.When you add in Benyu,Johnstone,Odsonne,if we sign him,Christie,and add these to the youngsters already playing first team,KT,Ntcham,Kouassi,Ajer ,have we ever looked as healthy in that department.Left out Wee Paddy,but you never know this summer.With the great coaching they will receive,the future has never looked brighter.


    Great times to be a Tim.

  18. The next time the scum belt out Rule Brittania,




    Britain has no major warships on operations anywhere in the world for the first time in living memory,due to cutbacks.

  19. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    DESSYBHOY on 20TH DECEMBER 2017 10:35 AM


    Auldheid 11.01 last night




    I hope your scenario does not play out in reality.






    I couldn’t find the post in question. Has it been deleted?



    Can anyone repost it. Auldheid?

  20. Oot n aboot in Sciacca earlier .



    Couple of English tourists in a bar . Both wearing this T shirt declaration –




  21. glendalystonsils on

    TURKEYBHOY on 20TH DECEMBER 2017 11:13 AM


    The next time the scum belt out Rule Brittania,









    Britain has no major warships on operations anywhere in the world for the first time in living memory,due to cutbacks.



    Must be due to a shortfall in taxpayer funding! Oh the irony!-))

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