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There was a time not so long ago when Jackie McNamara was the next big thing in football management. His fall from a pedestal at Dundee United to inglorious resignation this morning at York City came swiftly, precipitated by the loss of three players to Celtic in 2015.

Stuart Armstrong, Gary Mackay-Steven and Nadir Ciftci were brought to Celtic last year by Ronny Deila. Their departure precipitated United’s fall from competitive a SPL club to relegation candidates a few months into last season, costing Jackie his job in October.

As with a lot in football, there’s more Magic Circle than centre circle going on. What you see happen with players distracts the eye from what’s going on behind the scenes. In April 2015 Dundee United went so far as to issue a statement confirming bonuses were payable to their manager on recent transfers. A manager’s contract is none of our business, it’s exceptional that it was made so, but this gives us an insight into what was going on between the McNamara and United at the time.

Jackie was finished at United from that moment, not that he was blameless. In a few years he took a club brimming with potential and put it on a path to relegation. They will remember him at York City as an unmitigated failure, with few redeeming features.

Resentment brewed at United in the months between Armstrong and Mackay-Steven leaving, and that April statement. He should have left at the time, and should only have made trips to York as a tourist (go, it’s a great city).

His early work at Partick Thistle and United marked him out, but his choice of mentors and collaborators didn’t do him any favours. That United contract worked for him on paper, but it was a burden on his career.  He’ll be lucky to pick up as high a profile a job as Thistle or United, which is a pity, as he’s a better manager than his CV currently suggests.

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    I would be the first to admit that my comments sometimes needed moderating. Indeed,some have been,and I even asked you personally to remove one



    I remember it well,I use it as a ‘gonnnae no dae that’ moment.



    Good luck. I’ll see you all again when mod rights are withdrawn!

  2. BMCUW


    Good idea, I will continue talking to Glasgow as they initiated the discussion but if dissatisfied with the result (as I expect) I will inform them and then copy all to the headquarters.

  3. Good to read there is more moderation on the site. It is depressing reading site after site of neds aggressively hounding people. We don’t want to buy newspapers, but we want our replacement reading to be free of bile.



    Cheers Paul

  4. Yep, Jackie McNamara had a rapid fall from grace. It will be difficult to recover, but I wish him all the best!




    FAC the Act




  5. Turkeybhoy on 10th October 2016 12:20 pm



    GREENPINATA on 10TH OCTOBER 2016 11:02 AM


    VFR800A @ numerous this morning.



    I dont agree with VFR s figures.Anyone can use figures to prove their point.



    Going by these figures it means that 4 million did not vote to leave.




    You cannot disagree with the figures; they are factual and accurate.



    You are, however, free to dispute the way I interpreted and presented them this morning. I did say that I was using the statistics in response to a way in which others had used them; that’s how, IMHO, statistics are used: to validate a particular argument. If the statistics don’t validate the argument, don’t use them OR, as I did, manipulate them to validate your argument.



    There were 3,987,112 people eligible to vote; 1,307,599 didn’t vote. I used them in my statistical argument to say that 2,325,921 people DIDN’T vote to remain in the EU.



    That viewpoint is factually accurate. However, what I also said is that I agree that I cannot extrapolate the views of the 1,307,599 who didn’t vote. It doesn’t, however, make my argument any less cogent.




    FAC the Act






    From the last article, the Huns are organised to flood emails, we aren’t.





    Anyone else been invited to a tea and cakes with the Herald in Glasgow to discuss why they no longer take the paper?



    My reply to







    “No thx, I’m sure your editor is already aware of the problem. It’s not a difficult editorial process to provide a more balanced coverage, but, is there the will?”




    Maybe a few more emails would help get the message over…..



    And a later email to them …



    “I emailed the link and content of the Etims article to the Herald. I’ve been in correspondence with them re reasons I no longer take their ‘paper’




    My comment to the editor…..




    Your editor should read this article which appeared today on a Celtic fans website.



    I and thousands of other Scottish football fans would be very interested to hear his response to the criticism directed particularly to the Scottish media.”

  7. The boy Connor Hourihane who we are supposed to be interested in,looks,on paper to be a very useful player.Captained his last two teams,scores a lot of goals,and was Championship player of the month last season.


    The only downside is he has not featured for Ireland since under 21s in 2012.


    I would have thought he would ,going by his record,be a stick on for MONs team.





    You can’t say that a democratic majority is undermined by the fact that fewer than a majority of voters voted for the winner.



    That’s lies,damned lies,and statistics.



    Democracy entitles you to vote or not. I’ve never voted anyone but Labour. I refused to vote for Blair. Does that mean I voted against him?



    Of course not.



    Count the votes,anything else is just a bloody stupid argument.

  9. BMCUW



    I will copy all correspondence to the head office but my last email to Glasgow will be headed.



    “I thought you were seriously trying to address your falling readership problems…”



    And Glasgow will be told this before their head office receives the complete correspondence trail.

  10. WEEMINGER – previous thread .



    My brother uses a Battaglin Columbus Aelle he bought for peanuts on Italian EBay and had couriered to Glasgow . He likes it a lot . His good bike is a Bianchi – that didn’t cost peanuts ! .



    Off oot to a beach and a warm sea – on a bike !

  11. Stats are amazing, I saw a stat many years ago that went through the population of the UK and excluded all those who weren’t able or eligible to work, pensioners, armed services etc, etc, they ended up with one person who was eligible to work in the UK, looked for it but sadly couldn’t find it and it was hard to argue with how they came about their conclusion.


    As for the US election, sad that the best they can come up with is those two, and I agree evil is evil, lesser or not, but given the choice of a lying warmonger or an arrogant scumbag, give me the arrogant scumbag any day.


    Great to read that we now have proper mods on board.

  12. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 10th October 2016 12:50 pm






    You can’t say that a democratic majority is undermined by the fact that fewer than a majority of voters voted for the winner.





    I can and I did; I also openly admitted that I was manipulating the statistics. It’s what happens when people make sweeping statements like:



    Scotland voted against Brexit; it didnae. Scotland wasn’t independently voting for anything. Britain voted for Brexit.



    If one region can say they deserve special treatment because they want to undermine the democratic outcome, I can surely use poetic licence to argue against it.



    I agree that there are lies, damned lies and statistics; I didn’t deny I was abusing statistics.



    coolmore mafia on 10th October 2016 12:51 pm – ditto.




    FAC the Act




  13. tonydonnelly67 on 10th October 2016 12:55 pm



    Are we getting a heads up on who the moderators are?




    I would assume not; but my gut tells me it isnae you or The Green Man :>)




    FAC the Act




  14. TD67 –



    You mean as in Ally’s “Who are these people” rant.



    I have no idea who they are but I do welcome the move.







    That was my point.Thanks.


    If you listen to the talking heads from Whitehall,two of them can take the same set of figures and mould them into supporting their argument.


    FPTP is all that counts.If one side wins,the rest go along with it.Democracy.





    Why worry who it is?



    Abide by the rules,not a problem.



    I’ve transgressed them,took the moderation as a word to the wise.



    No worry,don’t do it again.



    Have a look at the language on Rangers sites,in fact have a look at the language on E-Tims. It’s not pretty.



    Have the arguments about everything under the sun,it’s what we do. We should though show respect for our host’s very simple rules.

  17. Good to see so much peace and tranquility on the blog today.



    So much so that I think I’ll treat myself to some roasted cheese for my lunch.




  18. I demand to know the names of these people.A right good threatening would not go amiss.



    ANGRY,from Rangers Media.

  19. Paul67



    Good move on bringing back moderators. It is a chore and a half and I hope they do you proud.



    Bit of advice for mods. Keep The Faith guys you are going to need it.



    TD67 – why do you need to know who the mods are? They should remain anonymous in order to do the task without pressure from their friends and\or their enemy’s. If you ever have a problem with them then just email Paul67 and I’m sure he’ll sort any issue you have out without fear or favour.




  20. Great one liner from the brilliant JJ site today regarding “Joey”.


    However he has been useful in adding circa 6,000 to the ST gate and in selling Rangers supporters the myth that they are going for 55 when the best they can hope for was avoiding going for a Burton.



    His latest piece,not about football,truly harrowing.A must read.

  21. Jesus H C, I only asked a question? Don’t get yer knickers in a granny knot, and as for you BMCW, care to clear up that swipe you had at my brother a few days ago, you never got back to me?

  22. As one of the new moderators i’d just like to say that i’ll try and be open-minded and even handed to all bloggers.



    I have been busy today blocking all of Neganons posts and my Mr Pastry filter is set to MAX.







  23. I’m gonny get anyway, they prob. Looking at me posting the word knickers, I’m afraid it no longer is P67s blog now, more like the evening times and the daily record IMO.


    All the old fish wife’s in the CQN clique must have been doin P67s nut in.

  24. Paul67



    As well as Moderators can you instill a Speaker of The House so we all know when someone is asking a direct question of you and therefor we should not answer, or a question of anyone else for that matter. The Speaker of the House can then organise us and return to you for reply. Seems it’s needed.






    PS The person may also need to read minds in order to know if the question is being asked of Paul67 or another since reference may not be direct .

  25. As it was Paul who picked the moderators and only he would know who they are, and this is only me, but if anyone else had asked the question I asked, I would assume it was P67 they where asking and not me, ? It’s not rocket science?