Great talent deserve a stage, even if its owner is not worthy


I see former Celtic youth prodigy Islam Feruz has been talking to the media. He has taken the Liam Miller football career path, hyped beyond belief at Celtic, disappear into anonymity at an English club, before pitching up at Hibs.

Feruz, who turns 20 tomorrow, is three years younger than Miller was when he left Celtic, so the Somali-born Scotland-eligible player has time on his side, but apart from a bank account which few leaving their 20s could scarcely imagine, and no doubt plenty of life experiences of living as a young footballer in London, the script thus far could have been so much better for the player.

I watched him at youth level and it was clear he had more ability than any of his peer group, but turning a school leaver into a great talent takes more than inherited gifts. It requires work, sacrifice and a willingness to learn. Scottish football’s folklore is full of tales of unfulfilled potential.

There’s no love lost with Feruz. He took what was on offer from Celtic and left the moment he was able to sign for an English club, but I hope he makes it, both at Hibs this season and thereafter as a great player. Great talents deserve a stage, even if its owner is not always worthy.


Thanks to everyone who got the ball rolling yesterday with our Walfrid and Directors’ Box hospitality auction for the Foundation, and special thanks to club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing, who provided the prize.  It’s a money-can’t-buy experience for three people to enjoy, so eat, drink and enjoy – but you’ll need to bid here first.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    beatbhoy on 10th September 2015 10:06 am



    Forgotten faces…………..Ally Hunter.


    Remembered faces…….Kenny`s goal scoring smile.




  2. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    I don’t know how



    “Won 2-1” found it’s way into the end of my post. Unintentional.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Heading out today for a rare early pub crawl, with an ex work colleague. I am not normally a guy who enjoys confrontation, but he is the most argumentative bloke I have ever come across, and I am looking forward to it. Potential areas of disagreement are:



    He is a Sheep supporter



    His “second team” is Manure



    He has taken over my erstwhile position at work since I jacked a month ago



    Socialism is anathema to him



    It is bound to end in raised voices :-)))



    Can’t wait!!!!!! Will try and report later on current sheep wisdom on this weekends game.

  4. TOSB



    It was the end of my post to Tallybhoy!



    If this is going to happen, there could be some fun!

  5. Macjay1



    No problem, friend.



    KK certainly got plenty of practice for his smile!



    Hail Hail!

  6. Will be making an attempt to get along to a development game, hearing from a few excited people Aidan Nesbitt is worth the watching, first team squad ready according to some. Anyone been recently and have any comment?

  7. saltires en sevilla on

    Blog causing a sorts of pop up nonsense on iPhone and then down for a good while



    Hope the IT bods can sort it -the short term pain will be worth the gains



    Right bring on the Dons I cannot wait to get back into games and what better than toe to toe with one of the two teams that fancy their chances



    New defence, so reckon we will lose one first half as they learn on the job , then we claw back to level on the hour


    With a Griff special.



    Jamesy takes advantage of space made as Dons try to keep up their win record



    Celts back down the road with 3 valuable points



    This Armageddon thang is not so bad after all …

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    That’s easy for ewe to say. I probably will end up telling him to flock aff.



    Saltires en Sevilla



    Agreed, I’m getting in to this Armageddon :-))

  9. saltires en sevilla on

    Taking a few days off the weather has been great and garden all fixed Bd only about ten jobs left on my Ms Saltire’s list ( you know the one that doesn’t really exist ..)



    Sitting in the garden watching one of those bliddy ‘ rapture’ movies with Nik Cage as pilot … What utter bollox



    The mini series The Fear with celeb Celt Peter Mullan, got halfway through 2nd episode and couldn’t remember the 3 words either …so switched that right off



    Feart too!!



    Back to Narcos it is then



    did the original Rankers get raptured too?



    Or just ruptured ;-)





    Same problem you had,resolved by switching off JavaScript. Problem being,you have to enable it for other things!



    On the plus side,I’ve noticed the problem only occurs with mobile browsing. So you can leave JavaScript on when using wifi,for instance in the house or pub,etc.






    Above solution works. Go to SAFARI in SETTINGS menu,click on ADVANCED,take it from there. Btw,Pedro has details for 10/10 if you’re interested.

  11. Blantyrekev



    Posted on here a while back singing the praises of Aiden Nesbitt.



    Bhoy is on fire at the moment apparently.



    Remember he scored a hat-trick against sevco in the Youth Cup final at the end of last season?



    I think a few CQNers know his dad.




  12. I see Aberdeen giving us a game on Sat. As they normally do, but I do not see them beating us, the whole of Scotland is waiting for us to get farked, papers, radio, television, all lining up to give it to us in the neck,.


    But what does my nut in is the so called Celtic supporters in here……..ohhhhh I’m worried about Aberdeen…..ohhhh our back four are in trouble……….Browns not playing well……..we can’t afford to loss this game,……..this RD big test (again?)…….they will expose our left back weakness………..we have no strikers……….wtf is that all about eh?


    Celtic supporters? An none of the usual pash….aweeeee that’s others opinions, well! As far as I’m concerned you can stick those opinions right up your rectum, I’ll say it AGAIN, Celtic supporters?


    Lurking HUNS…GIRFUYs

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    I sense an upbeat and reinvigorated Timdom.



    “Once more unto the breach dear friends.”



    Sheep to the slaughter.



    How no?

  14. saltires en sevilla on




    10/10 is a maybe mate, I’ll know more about my plans by tomorrow.



    Thanks for option to fix. The problem is intermittent, ice taken no action and it is working fine today on both phone and pad



    No issues on any other sites



    Sooo I’m sensing it’s a Cqn site issue and the guys are grafting away and solving it.



    Enjoy your day buddy



    PS how about D for Dundonald?

  15. Winning Captains/Paul67





    the pop ups and window pingin is making the site hard to enter for some reason,i first noticed last fri an o2 window as backdrop to the site,most of this week when attempting to get in my log in details are rejected or i am spun oot to skybet windows.


    i am not techi minded now but my query is



    can we have a cqn window?



    like this/or scott allen story/or Celtic stories one,


    to be used so bloggers can give feedback to the site and see feedback from yourselves on what is going on re tech changes.


    Congratulations on the increased traffic btw it just appears regular users are havin difficulties gettin on regardless of what they are using.



    hail hail

  16. What’s the story with our new Croatian CB? He seems to have become invisible, not heard a dicky about him since he signed – he has signed?? Curious CSC What’s his squad number?





    10/10 is go,mate! Be good to see you again,you can help put me on a train later!



    Dundonald-naw! We dredged the depths wi Dalmellington and Drongan. Besides,dundonald thinks it’s a suburb of Barassie now,doncha know…

  18. saltires en sevilla on

    TALLYBHOY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2015 11:22 AM



    Aye the Bhoy’s Celtic Pedigree is well established.



    A skilful player who knows where the goals are.



    Very High hope for Aiden

  19. We’ll pump the sheep on Saturday.



    All the SMSM bollox in the world can’t disguise the fact we’re a class apart and will clean up in the last half hour.



    3 or 4-1 to the Hoops.





    If Aberdeen think they can beat us because we are at a low ebb wi injuries,short on confidence,team not settled,etc,so what?



    If they do so,no problem. The season is a long one,it doesn’t finish in September.



    But if they can’t beat us despite the advantages outlined above,it will do their own confidence no good whatsoever.



    So bring it on,three points tyvm,there’s yer dinner,cheerio!

  21. saltires en sevilla on




    Just jokin’ about Dundonald – worked down there for a few years and met some good Celts



    Aye -I’ll probably be on the same train but getting off a few stops before you -my Ayrshire Visa was revoked ..

  22. I was looking at the King and sleekit where going to have a wee meeting about a settlement and walk away money for the sleekit one, looks like he is taking a wee drop in his contract money, with just three months left it it of course.



    A wee severance with a 25% cut in the last three months for sleekit, makes him a good guy with hoards and his admiring media.



    A wee job in the pipeline with Sky/BBC/BT starts right away and he’s in the + already, no flys land on that little rat.



    And for those who will say why are you bothered about what goes on with them and McCoist? “I haven’t a clue about what’s going on over there, but I’m loving every minute of it”…. Now where did I hear that?


    Lurking HUNS GIRFUYs.

  23. Good luck to Jeremy Corbyn today in his attempts to get the Labour party back to representing what should be its core vote but alas is not now. Boaked at the war criminal suggesting a vote for Jeremy would make Labour unelectable forever,personally i think he did not like the competition.Corbyn has more truth under his fingernail than the liar had in all his years of power.







    Ayrshire visa is a real problem for you well-spoken Renfrewshire types. Sticking your pinky out while downing a pint disnae help much either!





    If the UK electorate decide Corbyn isn’t for them,so be it. At least they will have a decision to make. Labour chased the centre so the centre moved right. Hopefully Labour can now recalibrate itself along its original tenets.



    FWIW,I don’t think Corbyn is the way forward. But he might be the way back to our fundamental beliefs. So it’s a start.

  26. Winning captains



    soz i cant today,gotta head of,irony is i get on no prob with my ancient nokia but cannae post, lol


    take it easy



    have a good day Celts








    WEE OSCAR and



    GFTB’s pride and joy!!!!!!!!!!



    Jock,just thanks…





    Do you mind?



    That title is rightfully in the hands of Kilwinning. Accept no substitutes.



    See Tom Shields diaries for proof.

  29. saltires en sevilla on




    Ayrshire is a great place



    Saw the Jam at Irvine town hall in 80



    Oasis in a marquee in Troon 95 they were rehearsing live shows for 2nd album tour



    THE Rock capital of the world…