Great work by Celtic fans from Kenya to London Road


A group of Celtic supporters ‘Kenyan Volunteers’, who volunteered to work with some of the most impoverished communities in Kenya, reunite at Celtic Park this afternoon after returning from Africa earlier this month.  Volunteer, Robert Bogan, asked me to pass on a thank you from the group to all Celtic supporters who made the trip possible.

It’s difficult to comprehend the utter deprivation some people live with until you hear a first-hand experience.  Robert and the others worked in a community with 20% HIV infection rates, 40% unemployment and where the average wage was around £1 per day.  You can read more about the trip by visiting Robert’s EveryClick page.

Please also give your support to the Kano Foundation for a charity fundraiser at the Celtic Supporters Club on London Road tonight, where a group of hairy men are having their legs waxed.  You can donate by Paypal to donate@thekanofoundation.com, at the gates at the east end of Janefield St before 14:15 today or later at the club.

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  1. SFTB



    As you know, gigantophobia is not something I have!!



    I actually thought Boruc was a decent keeper. Blessing himself was just a bonus:)



    Having never been a big fan of Fraser but he is starting to win me round. If I could feel less panicky when he does the basics such as routine cross balls and kick outs then he may well be on his way to developing into a very decent keeper for us.

  2. ibleed



    Think you have misplaced your humour today.



    The 3 statements at the end of my post cover 3 different bases for disliking our first choice keeper. The smiley was meant to qualify each one.



    Do you seriously believe that I think blessing himself makes him more acceptable? Have I given any indication previously of having such bizarre views?



    Thank you sir,aye if they lit candles on the cake the ole works van would get a call.HH.

  4. Kingoh



    His ability and willingness to come for crosses has greatly improved.



    His kicking still needs to improve greatly.

  5. Kingoh



    There is one thing that makes me more secure about big Fraser and that’s when Wanyama or Kayal or both protect our ever-changing combo of CB’s.



    The ball through the middle has been our weakness this season. Cross balls, though resulting in panic in all of the defence, have not been the cause of as many goals.



    I want Victor back in front of our CB’s for the game against Rangers.

  6. .








  7. SFTB



    I was thinking 4-0 v todays opposition and Zaluskas diving the wrong way/over the ball



    didnt want to do the link as it still hurts.

  8. setting free the bears



    Accusations of gigantophobia are the last refuge of a scoundrel.



    And bringing up the Utrecht game? Not cool.



    How about Braga away while you’re at it?



    Unfortunately, after that you’d run out. All the other games under Lennon where Lukasz has kept goal have been wins. Including the dreadful Utrecht and Braga capitulations, his win ratio is 83%.



    Polonophilia, not gigantophobia (although the latter, I admit, means you win at scrabble).

  9. Off to the game now and I’ll cheer whatever goalie comes out for us today.



    Pity Commons is out, it could be a day for some shooting from outside the box. Both team’s keepers will do well to keep a clean sheet on this dirty day.

  10. Peter Reid might worth a shout if we are looking for an auldheid.Personally it should have been a pre condition of Neil getting the job,would look amateurish if it happened now IMO.

  11. Forster has shown steady improvement and for a young goalie this is promising.


    He made two excellent back to back saves when we were under pressure wednesday.


    He was a big contributor to us gaining all three points.

  12. Just looking at the weather forecast and there is a low pressure reading of 946 millibars.



    That’s what you get in a Cat4 hurricane



    Time to Barton the hatches.



    Oh, it’s a sunny 19 deg in the costa Blanca




  13. The thing is, if Celtic had signed a player from Aberdeen and got the player and his family to pay the 200k fee because the club couldn’t cover it, not only would the media be in a frenzy, the Celtic support would be mortified, embarrassed and asking the club some searching questions.



    But with the beggars on FF, it’s all about “astute business” and “clever negotiation”.



    They have no shame.

  14. Forster v Zaluska debate?


    All about opinions.


    I like Scot Brown and i’m no fan of KI.


    Many on here disagree with me.


    My family and i still disagree about Paul McStay who i felt was over rated.

  15. I’ve been to games in dome right miserable conditions before, but as i sit in the car, ten minutes walk from the ground, I have to say this is looking like one of the worst…

  16. polishturnstile Anthony R. Hamilton


    #Celtic XI: Forster; Matthews, Majstorovic, Loovens, Ledley; Forrest, Kayal, Wanyama, Samaras; Hooper & Stokes

  17. Loovens?



    Where did he come from?



    Ledley at Left back and Samaras?



    We better win Neil or the usual suspects will be banging on and on about Samaras.

  18. fan a tic- its all about opinions mate,you rate Scott Brown and think the Maestro was over rated……mmmm.I remember having a tear in the eye when he threw his jersey in to the Jungle,for what we thought was the last time.I was delighted he stayed but with hindsight i wish he had went to a better team in a better league,he would have hit his peak.A True Celt.

  19. Today’s line-up . . . official:



    Forster; Matthews, Majstorovic, Loovens, Ledley; Forrest, Kayal, Wanyama, Samaras; Hooper & Stokes

  20. Ki drops to the bench.



    Thought he was quiet on Wednesday, maybe still recovering from his illness.



    Looking forward to the game today.




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