Great work by Celtic fans from Kenya to London Road


A group of Celtic supporters ‘Kenyan Volunteers’, who volunteered to work with some of the most impoverished communities in Kenya, reunite at Celtic Park this afternoon after returning from Africa earlier this month.  Volunteer, Robert Bogan, asked me to pass on a thank you from the group to all Celtic supporters who made the trip possible.

It’s difficult to comprehend the utter deprivation some people live with until you hear a first-hand experience.  Robert and the others worked in a community with 20% HIV infection rates, 40% unemployment and where the average wage was around £1 per day.  You can read more about the trip by visiting Robert’s EveryClick page.

Please also give your support to the Kano Foundation for a charity fundraiser at the Celtic Supporters Club on London Road tonight, where a group of hairy men are having their legs waxed.  You can donate by Paypal to donate@thekanofoundation.com, at the gates at the east end of Janefield St before 14:15 today or later at the club.

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  1. Crazy selection by Lennon, should have dropped Big Vic for Bangura and played a 4 – 1 – 5.



    Goal frenzy today Bhoys




  2. Bada Bing


    My family all feel the same as you on the maestro.


    I think he was a true Celt but once Murdo was gone his effectiveness diminished.


    He had world class skill but when you look at his goal scoring and assists they were not great for a centre mid of his ability.


    With better coaching and supporting cast i’m sure it would have been different.

  3. Should have gone for:



    Foster; El Kaddouri, Wanyama, Dan, Matthews; Ledley, Ki, Kayal, Forrest; Stokes & Hooper.



    El Kaddouri wouldn’t be near the team if we had a proper left back but I’d have him there for balance and to allow Ledley into the midfield.



    If you’re going to play Samaras don’t play him in midfield, play a central 3 with 1 striker and 2 wide forwards! (which means Forrest either drops out or is played as a wide forward – a role he could be suited to)

  4. fan a tic – When Paul came in to the team he was a more attacking player,but as the quality of team mate diminished,he was forced further back and ended up carrying the team for about 5 seasons.HH

  5. Police in Nigeria are warning people to beware of an e-mail, scam targeting wanna be footballers. They have released a copy they have intercepted.



    Dear Sone,


    I am the owner of a large football club in Glasgow, UK, however due to unfortunate circumstance’s my assets have been frozen by the courts.


    I am confident that a judgement will ne made in my favour ( I have applied for a change of venue, to Edinburgh, with a jury trial )


    However to continue trading, I need ambitous young footballers like yourself to join me.


    If you are interested please forward your bank details and a cheque for 200k to Craig Whyte. WATP


    Nigerian police are calling it the Glasgow scam

  6. A cautious coach going with who he trusts is the reason Ledley plays there when we have 2 natural left backs on the bench.


    El is not trusted and Blackman untried.


    Our turgid and nervous home performances are a reflection of our coaches approach.


    We lack self belief.

  7. Here’s hoping we can get this one put to bed nice and early without too much fuss. Get Bangura on for some much needed minutes in a Celtic shirt and a goal!



    Hopefully Blackman gets a run out as well.



    Mon the hoops!!!

  8. Bada Bing.


    Agree on that but he developed poor habits.


    When he got injured on a preseason trip to Ireland we played Collins and Fulton in centre and started season really well.


    When McStay returned to team we went on a slump.


    Not because of him playing badly but he and Collins were a poor partnership.


    They often were to close together and frequently got in each others way with little forward movement.

  9. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    What impact will today’s referee Steven McLean have on the game?



    Should Steven McLean have been appointed to referee today’s game knowing his families allegiance to Rangers?



    Does Steven McLean have a conflict of interest considering his families allegiance to Rangers?



    Should Steven McLean have been appointed to referee a Celtic game knowing his families allegiance to Rangers?



    Can Steven McLean referee today’s game impartially considering his families allegiance to Rangers and knowing full well how much it means for Rangers to win the SPL?



    Would any other football association anywhere in the world have appointed someone like Steven McLean to referee a game knowing his potential conflict of interest?



    Who exactly was it that appointed Steven McLean to referee today’s game?



    OH!…and our old friend and MIB Willie Conquer is on the line


    Auld Neil Lennon heid says:



    26 November, 2011 at 11:54








    If we are in any doubts about the mindset we have battling for years this latest news is another indication. I just posted this on RTC.



    Rtc 10:17


    Using those wage bill and tax/NI figures does it mean that in say month three after tax was witheld, players wages in month 3 will largely be funded by the tax/ni witheld in months 1 and 2? Does the cycle recur in month 6?


    Nice scam if it is not preventable.


    Wonder how they will get around tax not paid at 31/12/11and overdue by 31/3 /2012 liencing rules this time, for they are experts at using the rules to avoid what the ruled were supposed to prevent. They are quite scrupulous (or unscrupulous depending on which perspective is taken) in this respect.


    To requote – for a mind that sees no wrong, there is no wrong





    I spotted that as well,AULDHEID. They are using OUR money as day-to-day business expenses. Pays their lawyers,I suppose.

  11. More good work from Ledley to Sammi who takes it forward, out to Stokes, low cross in to Hooper for a tap in





    What can we as fans do apart from organise an awayday boycott? The board seem to tell us they “have the goods” on the corrupt cu(sorry)couple of organisations involved,i.e. SFA and SPL,but we still make no headway.



    The only way forward is to break into Jack Irvine’s black vault and use it in our favour,the same way that poisonous little git has used it against us.



    Otherwise,I agree with you. We are screwed. Whiter than white,against a nest of vipers-copyright a very decent man who very nearly had his livelihood ruined by the corrupt cheating which is endemic in Scottish football.



    IMO,this league is worse now than the Soviet bloc in the 80s.



    Only problemis,if we kick down the wall,those masonic b….ds will rebuild it!


    NEGANON2 1216



    How you doing,bud?



    Any joy on the relocation?


    Lurgan 53 says:



    26 November, 2011 at 13:00



    Hamiltontim / Parkheadcumsalfored.



    Peter Robinson was speaking at the DUP conference where today he is expected to reinforce his support of integrated education.



    I’m really enjoying watching him and his party squirm as they try to “cosy” up to the nationalist and Catholic communities. Their big fear – as discussed by Brian Feeney in the Irish News (articlle posted on here midweek by Ard Macha) is that they now realise that the Unionist community could in the foreseeable future become the minority community in NI. This support for integrsted education – laughable given the DUP’s and Robinson’s past – is just a part of their charm offensive.





    They realise that they will soon become a minority,and even worse,have a fractured electorate. By bowing to the inevitable,they are trying to get something out of it-no more Holy Cross,for example,we have learned our lesson-but the Nationalists should treat this with suspicion.



    There are a lot of reasonable Unionists in NI,for the simple reason that the lunatics have been shipped out.



    To Scotland.



    Those that are left are trying to make a decent fist of their country for future generations,and fair play to them.



    They have come a long way in 14 years,42 years,321 years or 800 years,depending on how you look at it.



    In the meantime,they have dumped the problem on Scotland,the last hope of the renegades.




  15. Another excellent first-half from Celtic. Samaras man-of-the-match so far with 1 goal, 1 assist and creating chances for his team-mates.



    We need the third goal just to put it to bed.



    Looking good Celtic.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    26 November, 2011 at 18:55


    I dont want to be negative after such a good result but we should enjoy watching big Victor when we can.If this young man continues to play as well as he has been doing he will be purchased for big big money from on of the European giants the young man is that good.H.H.



    couldnt agree more mate, and the performances of young adam Matthews will be attracting the epl, but im sitting here with the biggest smile on my face – today we got our Celtic back



    athletico 1 up at madrid

  17. Frazer Forster – getting better every week – love it when the papers try to put pressure on him and he says nothing and keeps making saves – value £3 million.



    Adam Matthews – great footballer – value £3 million.



    Mark Wilson – our manager’s lieutenant will play 150 more appearances for us because he’s a guy that will go through a brick wall for Celtic – value £1 million (that’s now – in 50 years we will value him at £10 million).



    Emilio Izzaguire – it is a mutual honour that we have Emilio play for us. His goal and celebration last season is something I will tell my son ‘that is Celtic’. A brave young boy that came to a new continent to work – an absolute gem. Value £10 million.



    Kelvin Wilson – hopefully will end up a mainstay of our team – value £could be loads.



    Big Dan – would love to see him show the press his SPL winners medal -value $1 million.dollars



    Victor Wanyama – check his public quotes – good guy – hopefully a constant in our defensive midfield role – a genuine find – value £3 million (now) – £10 million (in 1 year).



    beram kayal – better offensive player than he thinks . value £5m



    james forrest – what a player – when coming inside there is no more dangerous a sight for opponents – value £10m



    joe ledley-absolutely love joe ledley value- i think he should be captain £7m



    gary hooper – best finisher since the great man . value £29m



    tony stokes -if he works on his headers he’ll be up there with jimmy bobby and henke value £10m



    mulgrew , samaras ,commons and mc court -£10m



    Neil Lennon – it takes a big man to be a successful Celtic manager – and we have


    a true leader of men .



    The green brigade-we are honoured to have brilliant ,intelligent,energetic and passionate ultras – they are attracting young fans which is massively important.



    God bless every Celtic fan.

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