Greatest fans in the world? You better believe it


Some weeks ago I received a painting of Neil Lennon in the post from US based artist, Joseph Gormley.  We put it onto eBay this week to get our launch our 2012 charity fundraising efforts.  As well as a couple of local charities we will again donate to the Martin Chambers Ecuador Trust and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.  After so many Celtic fans have been touched by three kids, Oscar, Niamh and Vanessa, this year we added The Neuroblastoma Alliance who do research work into the childhood cancer.

The auction raised an incredible £5000.  When I contacted the winning bidder and discussed some of the stories behind the beneficiaries I had to insist he took the painting, he was so affected he wanted to return it for another auction to raise more money.  Joseph Gormley was so inspired by the success of the auction he has already offered to paint other subjects for us and I have a jersey signed by the Seville team in the pipeline.

So, if you were one of those who bid an incredible amount but were pipped at the post (and there were a few in this category), there will be another chance soon.

Running this blog gives me the privilege of witnessing so many great works, most of which come with the request of anonymity.  It’s a real honour.

Well done and thank you.

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  1. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000:



    I’m grateful for all the time you spend putting into English that which so many in positions of responsibility ignore or spin.



    Really enjoy reading your posts. They make honest sense to the layman.

  2. Paul –



    Don’t underestimate the platform that you have created that then gives rise to these events.

  3. FAO Hamilton Tim



    From last article – seemingly so! All good natured (or as good-natured as possible) so I’m led to believe! A few “Rangers till July” chants etc and so on. Wish I went now!






  4. The Token Tim on




    Unbelievable…………..but in a way not surprising at all, such is the response of the Celtic Family when called upon.



    Proud to part fo that Family.






  5. Neil Lennon made two key mistakes in his selection last week, and RB didn’t turn out to be one of them.



    The best Celtic RB in any variation of 4-3-3 is Cha. He has played this role 5 times, once poorly, but outstanding in the other four. The narrow midfield Lenny employs in his 4-3-1-2 demands the fullbacks to create width by getting up and down the pitch, for which Cha is tailor-made.



    That being said, Lustig was one of Celtic’s better players last week, despite previous poor displays, and wouldn’t be a big step down from Cha. He will probably play tomorrow as the coaching team seek to find out his capability (and with the Euros in mind).



    The undoing of Celtic was playing Loovens and Wilson at CB. This is probably harsh on Loovens, who had a very good game, but his partnership with Wilson, untested against Kilmarnock the previous week, is Celtic’s worst. Wilson, like Rogne, is a safety-first defender, but unlike the Norwegian, his positioning is terrible. His aimless clearance, under little pressure, for Hearts’ first goal was all too typical of his play.



    Many had been screaming for Wanyama’s inclusion, but the central midfield we had is our best. The difference I would make is to have Brown on the right. I understand why the manager played him centrally, as he may feel Ki is too weak to act as a bulwark against a clustered Hearts midfield. However, the more defensive minded Brown and Ledley are better played either side, as they are equipped to track back to cover the marauding fullbacks. Ki did not look assured at this, and his passing ability would be better served in the centre, where he can have a much bigger influence on the game.



    For tomorrow, I wouldn’t change the formation, especially when Commons has been playing so well. Samaras and Stokes were one of the better partnerships last time out at Fir Park. Zaluska ought to be rewarded for his early season displays by getting a run-out, and I would also give Izzy a chance to regain some match fitness. Wanyama needs to play, but I have long-argued his best position is in central defence, where I believe he could become a mainstay. Lose Loovens – his time at Celtic looks up – and put Charlie back there to see if they can build on the excellent game they had together v Kilmarnock (which, incidentally, was also Cha’s best game.



    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Zaluska ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Cha :::::::::::::::: Wanyama :::::::::::::::: Mulgrew ::::::::: Izaguirre



    ::::::::::::: Brown :::::::::::::::::::: Ki ::::::::::::::::: Ledley :::::::::::::::::



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Commons ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    ::::::::::::::::::::::: Samaras ::::::::::::::::::: Stokes ::::::::::::::::::::::::

  6. Voguepunter (From previous)



    I remember the time that me and a frequent poster at the time had a cyber fight over Anjelina……you don’t see him around anymore. Be careful!!!!!



    If I can find the tale of the tug of war (which If I remember involved my Celtic, my underpants, Paul le Guen and a waste paper basket) I will provide a link. :-)



    hail Hail




  7. Decent crowd at the St Johnstone Dundee Utd game. See when teams have the possibility of a Champions League spot.


    Hoping Dundee Utd get to 3rd. Currently 6 behind Motherwell (and indeed 1 behind St Johnstone) but that should be 3 by tomorrow. Got them at 13/2 tlast night to finish 3rd.


    Woo-hoo, goal United!




  8. i had CQN yankee on at Ayr yesterday –



    no joy –



    Bogside (annoy the huns in my company)


    Likeable Rogue (Leader).


    The Knoxs (for Oscar & a winner on the day)


    Kai Broon (Ki Broony).



    still donation to be made for Oscar anyway.

  9. Well done to everyone involved.



    One way you might be able to donate cash to the appeals (which BRTH has championed so magnificently) is this: My car insurance was due for renewal next month. Got a quote from https://www.aviva.co.uk/ (no apology for advertising – I saved one third of my costs with Aviva) saved a bit of cash then donated it. A simple but effective way we can donate without being out of pocket.



    Get your insurance policies out folks. See if you can help.




  10. Son of Gabriel on

    Paul67. That is truly incredible. It really is, all I can do is agree with Jobo Baldie and say that without this site many of these things would not transpire.



    I am obliged once again to praise you on your blissful-Celtic-minded-brain-child.



    Proud to have been brought up a Celtic fan.


    Hail Hail all and god bless CQN

  11. I also backed Higgs Bosun for name reason –



    it finished like a North Korean rocket.

  12. Man Alive – I love these articles.



    Paul67, I’d echo Jobo Baldie’s sentiment. It’s your creation and commitment to it that’s allowed the platform for such excellent works – good on you.




  13. Giggsy



    July?? They’ll no’ last til May!! :-)



    Paddy G



    Only saw your post from the other night when I was playing catch up.



    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals. The future Mrs G is a lucky woman indeed.

  14. Liam McMonagle‏@lmcmonagleReply







    · Open



    Timmy Murphy is riding Super Ally in the 1710 at Ayr this afternoon.There’s a joke in there somewhere but I can’t be arsed working it out

  15. Hamilton Tim



    i was at the Blantyre Celts game last night.


    wee hoops support in fine voice.



    lets just say the orcs were indeed reminded of there current financial plight and what arrangements celtic fans had in place once they ceased to trade .



    i forgot to mention last night , a few of the wee gers fans turned up with the red/black scarves on.Have they found a new gers to support???




  16. Snake Plissken on

    One of my favourite films as a child growing up was always King Kong. Not the stupid Peter Jackson remake (3 hours long For heaven’s sake) nor that daft King Kong vs Godzilla Japanese nonsense or even thon terrible 1970’s version. No; it is the original 1933 film – at the end as we all know when the cops say “Well Denham, the airplanes got him” and Denham says “No….. it wasn’t the airplanes…….. Twas beauty killed the beast” (cue much murmuring and repeating from the assembled crowd).



    Now I come back to this now because a number of posters are commenting that it is Jock Stein and his legacy which has effectively (and now very probably) killed Rangers in their current form. Like all movie monsters they’ll be back in another shape or form but the original company will cease to be which poses the question who really killed Rangers?



    Craig Whyte – the media’s scapegoat now after proclaiming him the saviour.



    David Murray and the old board – who created the masses of debt which promted the handover to CW





    Jock Stein – the greatest manager Scotland has ever seen who took Scottish football to heights it has never seen since and who won the European Cup, played in another final, 4 semi-finals, several quarter finals and won 25 trophies altogether home and abroad. Unparalleled, unmatched, unbelievable.



    In their hatred of Celtic and Jock Stein they spent money they didn’t have to try and match his achievements and beat his record. It still stands unbeaten and it hurts them more than anything. There was no European cup win (and Marseille didn’t bribe the refs in Europe, it was players in France who were bribed that one time the got close with the luckiest run ever witnessed – see Scott Nisbet goal for evidence – just to put an end to that Myth). They got 9 in a row but under what pretenses? We know of Farry/Cadete and it is a fact (surely a tainted title to use the parlance of our times?) and Hugh Adam has said the financial irregularities started in the mid 90’s (midway is 1995 just as Fergus comes on the scene and starts to turn Celtic around). Huge question marks should be placed over everything Rangers have won since Murray came in the door given what we know now. Will we ever get the truth? Probably not because that’s how Scotland operates – Farry was cleared 3 times by George Peat through internal investigation so I won’t hold my breath.



    But to the most important points:



    Jock Stein’s record casts a huge Shadow over Rangers and they know it. Even winning 9iar for them is not enough because they cannot beat it. They cannot say they are better and that is their entire raison d’etre – they are the peepel afterall – triumphalist, supremacist mentality is truly and ugly thing. They cannot accept being number 2 and they will always be number 2 to Jock Stein and this prompts their disgusting chanting about the man after he has passed on – oh the dignity. At the times when the filthy chant (you know which one) started, Celtic went to Ibrox and unveiled the greatest banner I have ever seen – Jock Stein with a shadow of the European cup as his own shadow with the immortal line – Is it cold in his shadow?



    Let me tell you, it’s Siberian winter for these peepel and for that club. They try to mock the win but deep down it doesn’t matter, they know they cannot. Even when they say the Champion’s League is a different trophy and harder to win they know this is rubbish as well. In their world Liverpool don’t have 4 extra wins and Real Madrid aren’t the record holders in the competition. Try that line in Liverpool or Madrid and you’ll rightly be laughed at and we’ve been laughing ever since. The “it’s harder to win it now” line? Leeds united lost their first game 4-0 in Barcelona in their foray into the tournament in the early 00’s. In the old style home and away competition a 4-0 away drubbing meant an early exit.



    Try as they might they try to belittle Jock Stein and Celtic’s achievements but when the full truth about double contracts, EBTs and tax avoidance comes to the forefront we’ll see how many of their great title wins they really deserved or have left. We cannot prove that referees have cheated us but the devil will be in the detail and that frightens the hell out of them.



    Striving to beat Jock Stein has brought them a lot of trophies but they have not and will not beat him and with liquidation they never EVER can. They now need to take a step back to say “was it worth it?” Live within your means and win occasionally or live beyond your means and die? Hell of a question. Wonder what the answer would be, especially as they face extinction never having beaten Jock Stein.



    So the next time they blame CW, just tell them that Jock Stein killed Rangers.



    I’m sure they’ll not get it but it will be the sense of satisfaction you’ll get when you see the look on their faces.



    Jock Stein’s claim that Celtic won it playing pure beautiful inventive football was true and remember everyone – Twas beauty killed the beast.

  17. Paul67



    Very proud to be a part of this community, thank you for giving us all the opportunity of being togrther here on your wonderful forum.



    many congratulations on the CQN success story







  18. Good afternoon all



    Well its a lovely liquidation free day!!!!!! (the countdown is on!!!!!!)



    Just wondering if any of you good people are off to Hampden on Monday night to cheer on the young lads and have a party at the same time?

  19. Son of Warsaw on

    1305  BBC Scotland’s Alasdair Lamont “Paul Murray confirms to BBC Scotland that he and his Blue Knights are working over the weekend to ensure they have a bid for Rangers on the table by Monday.”

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