Green and the interests of Scottish football


I’ve read yesterday’s statement from prospective Rangers owner, Charles Green, a few times now, without really understanding what the point was.  When someone issues an unexpected statement the reason is usually obvious.  Not on this occasion.

Published on the official Rangers web site it once and for all confirmed that Duff and Phelps were acting with the approval of Green when they took the SFA to the Court of Session, thereby bringing the entire Scottish game into a potential disrepute situation with Fifa.

Mr Green will now be fully aware of the ramifications of Rangers court action.  They failed in their attempt to have the matter referred back for consideration to the Judicial Panel and, as Paul McConville pointed out yesterday, cannot be ejected from the Scottish Cup.  They are not currently participating in the Scottish Cup, and suspension from a future season’s Cup is not an available punishment.

His legal advice is now likely to conclude that his actions will soon lead to suspension from the Scottish FA.  There is, however, an interesting theme through Green’s short statement that might indicate why his statement was issued:

“I nor my investors wish to see an outcome that would be to the detriment of Scottish Football”.

“….suspension or termination of Rangers Football Club membership of the SFA. That in our view would be a disaster for Scottish football”.

“Expulsion from the Scottish Cup is itself a very serious punishment which would also have a severe impact on Scottish football”.

We are heartened to hear the interests of Scottish football are so core to Mr Green’s heart.  This being the case, he will possibly protect Scottish football by asking the SFA to impose the now-illegal player registration ban on Rangers and beg them not to refer the matter back to the Appellate Panel. The horse has bolted on this one but it’s possibly worth a punt.

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  1. @ Arty – I wrote a response on the last thread so reposting:



    Not really seen the coverage out width CQN so can´t really comment. However, I am not surprised by want you are saying. It’s disappointing when fans lap up the drivel of laptop loyal.



    I am, of course curious about what has happened. More importantly I hope the situation can be resolved quickly and amicably. I hope both parties walk away with a fair settlement.



    AT is a good Celtic man! HH

  2. If it wasnt so serious it would be laughable,


    methinks mr green, like mr whyte is playing some like a fiddle (no pun intended)


    his goal is liquidation and a resultant newco,


    that day becomes ever closer.

  3. Vmhan on 4 June, 2012 at 15:58 said:


    DBBIA aye mibbe that’s why Derryghirls not as keen :>) anyway it’s the plot what counts Guv!



  4. skyisalandfill on

    Cathing up with the blog.


    Sorry that Thommo’s gone.


    Wouldn’t care to speculate on reasons.


    Is Green’s statement not just what we’ve come to expect from RFC(iA)?


    Arrogance and the unstinting belief that they are needed.


    Hopefully once all the union flags have been rolled up and put in the loft and everyone is back to work the authorities will do the decent thing and put that beast out of it’s misery.







  5. Paul 67


    This is a shambles and made worse if possible by the in -action of the SPL on dual contracts and the SFA practising a mexican stand off, some players have already admitted to having these dual contracts so as a sign of things to come they should be punished for having those individuals improperly registered. Throw them out.

  6. Che, cheers.



    dessybhoy, the sooner they realise ditching the oldco in its entirety is best to avoid the inevitable sanctions from the express train heading their way, the better.

  7. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Hey, big suspenders !!!


    Spend a little time … out the game.

  8. @ whitedoghunch



    The Spanish Civil War is a fascinating subject. I read Homage to Catalonia years ago now and I loved it. Plan on rereading it again this summer now I am fairly well travelled around the Catalan region and the geographical references will mean much more to me.

  9. Paul 67


    Hardly an express Paul due to the ammount of time they are taking to deal with this, makes you wonder about how much we dont know about their wrongdoing.

  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am sorry to hear about Alan Thompson being sacked and also surprised as him and Lennie were great mates so what ever has happened must have been the end of the line for Thommo.I did say when he was arrested for drunk driving that it was not a good example for the young players at the time.This time last year we were talking about Lennie needing a mentor and now we have lost our coach its a funny old game football.I wish Alan Thompson all the very best for his future as to me he is still a true Celt.H.H.

  11. Swisstony made a very valid point earlier, the footballing staff are as of June 1st back on full salaries, some youd guess quite substantial salaries, why is aht? why havent they been shown the door? the administrators are now to all intents and purposes back to square one or worse, they are making no savings, they are running at a greater loss, well D&P arent cos theyre coining it in by the hour, the process of admin in that vile place is a sham, and the biggest losers will be the creditors, big and small.

  12. neil south uist on

    for nearly 4 months we ve read about the huns imminent downfall and still not happened i for 1 getting bored with it ! lets talk celtic cos they ll get a skelp on the bum and be told not too do it again ! HAIL HAIL

  13. Green and Whyte a double act of rangers hunskelpers indeed asset strippers of extraordinairre proportions.


    One day they will be awarded freedom of the city for their services to the good citizens of Glasgow.



  14. This is always worth a re-post:


    “Hector can raise an injunction to prevent Ibrox and Murray Park being sold to the Newco for £5 million on three grounds: (1) It has been proved that none of Whyte’s own money went into the purchase of RFC. The argument which flows from this is that he cannot have any rights “in the goods” from a Scots Law standpoint, meaning they should have stayed in the Oldco. (2) The Phoenix principle via which any action to move assets between entities so as to deliberately deprive creditors of what they are owed is not allowed, in fact its also gives rise to criminal proceedings for fraud. (3) By allowing this the administrators are failing in their statutory duty to do their best for the creditors. The net valuation is a clear fiddle. The redeployment value was established at £20 million in late February.”

  15. Neil south uist. Do you have a brother Roddie and have you watched games from section 405?

  16. Neil in South Uist.


    No mate let’s enjoy a long slow demise of der Hun whilst having the craic about Celtic etc.


    Multi (enjoyment) tasking CSC

  17. fanadpatriot on

    So Alan Thompson is away,I don’t know anything about his personal life,so I will leave that out.


    The last two seasons we have won a Scottish Cup and the League,two trophys in two years.Now over that time various people on this site,have given their opinion on why we lost important big games,remember Lenny can’t win the big games comments.It seems that we do need another coach,with fresh ideas.As much as I am sorry to see Alan go,I think it may ,if we get the right guy,push us on to a different level.


    Does anyone think John Gorman could be the guy.

  18. Neil South Uist


    Any thoughts/ news on Paddy McCourt, I hope Celtic keep him, he’s skilful in the old tradition and is a fans favourite, I hope we can find a place for him.



  19. Vmhan



    You are crazy, that is white and green fact. Crazy but I like you aloater.



    South of Tunis



    There will be no fights here.


    Game Poland versus Russia is the event with huge level of tensions and wars in the media for many years. I speak about all football games in world in years.


    Russian supporters are coming to the city (Warsaw) where you can find many signs of bad relations Poland vs. Russia and USSR. Soviet Union aggression on Poland in 1920 and war. Aggression in 1939 (hand in hand with Hitler). In 1940 they killed 24 000 Polish officers in Katyn. In 1944 when Warsaw fought against the Germans, Russian Red Army stood on the other side of the river. About 200 000 people died in Warsaw in these times.


    Occupation after WWII.


    Crash in Smolensk in 2010 did not help. Our plane is still there under open sky and they don’t want to give it back.


    Sorry for telling these things again. This might be boring but the history is a part of the atmosphere before that game.


    Russia team stays in the hotel 50 meters from Presidential Palace where the Poles still leave flowers for Kaczynski. Some crazy Poles demonstrate in front of that palace on 10th every month.



    Promoting symbols and ideas of Communism is against Polish Law.



    Russian FA President Fedun told Russian fans to go to Warsaw in red T-shits with sickle and hammer symbols. He made that wonderful advise in their main media.



    Can be worse before the game?



    BUT… There will be no fights.



    Oh. The Englishmen are not coming over?



    There were estimations few weeks back that 800 000 guests will be here for the Euro. Estimations from last week is more than 1 million visitors.



    The BBC journalist would say, that those 200 000 are coming because the Englishmen stay in England.



    Only joking.


    C’mon the Englismen, come over to visit my country.

  20. glasgowghirl on

    Happy Birthday to Glasgowbhoy who is 44 years old today. It was good of the Jelly Bean to give him a bank holiday to celebrate!

  21. Fanadpatriot aye possibly, I think NL will have someone in mind and we’ll find out within a few weeks I’d say.



  22. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Paul67 on 4 June, 2012 at 16:07 said:




    Che, cheers.



    dessybhoy, the sooner THEY realise ditching the oldco in its entirety is best to avoid the inevitable sanctions from the express train heading their way, the better.




    Did you just mean Green/Rangers or Doncaster/SPL?



    The penny is surely dropping by now?

  23. John Gorman might be a shout. Steve clarke for me tops the list, however, roy aitken, billy stark or even davie hay might be a shout. Bit of experience beside lenny

  24. Employment law states. An employee can not be dismissed if they have a alcohol or drug problem.

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